#IchooseBlackBerry10 - Be part of the movement today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Sep 2013 12:58 am EDT

If you've been in a funk lately due to uncertainty surrounding the future of BlackBerry THE COMPANY... it's time to snap out of it and focus on the now as we've got some serious BlackBerry 10 love to spread throughout the land. 

Following in the footsteps of the #BlackBerryByChoice and #BB10Believe twitter campaigns of the past year, members of the CrackBerry community took to the twitters with a new hash tag this weekend in #IchooseBlackBerry10.

Watching the tweets roll in and seeing the passion of BlackBerry users out there rallying behind the new hash tag, I know it's helped snap me out of my funk. It's not blind fanboyism driving this. It's BlackBerry users being champions for the product they love as it's best for their needs. It's not about hiding from the business challenges and work to be done by the company, but focusing on the product available now and the awesome work that has been done.

#IchooseBlackBerry 10 because the Hub is the shiz and the CrackBerry community is the BEST!

I know I've been in a bit of a funk lately as I wrap my head around the BBRY business side of things, but the passion for BlackBerry shown by guys like Kris Simundson and James Nieves and tons of other BlackBerry owners out there in recent days has reminded me of what got CrackBerry launched in the first place. It was pure love for the product. Heck, I owned a BlackBerry for two years before I even found out it was made (at that time) by a company named Research In Motion.

The mission on this one is simple. Take to twitter. Take to instagram. Take to facebook. Take to youtube. Take to whatever social site you frequent and start using the #IchooseBlackBerry10 hash tag on your posts. We're not making this into a contest (it's a movement!), but we will be watching contributions and recognizing the ones that stir us the most.

The Memes are Starting to Roll in too.... keep em coming! And let's see some new fan videos too!!

I Choose BlackBerry 10

It only takes a thousand people to start a big movement, and there's many times more of us here than that. So go forth my friends and spread the hash! :)

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#IchooseBlackBerry10 - Be part of the movement today!


Yes. Support me and my channel (in sig). Do it for BlackBerry because I choose BlackBerry.

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Man you keep plugging your channel every time. I'm fine with it but some other folks might start getting a lil' annoyed

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BlackBerry 10 is such a great os, but sadly the management (hi cmo) is poorer

Whatever happens, I hope this os is in good hands

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You've been misinformed. Canadians are lazy and too busy drinking beer to build anything other than a pile of beer cans and bottles. On the other hand, the beaver, long a symbol of Canada, is an industrious critter capable of building a lodge in a matter of hours in the worst case a couple days.

I would rock a shirt!

On my sweet Z10 with CB10 | Member of BerryLeaks | @PilarDanielle | STL100-4

I hope BBRY weathers this storm. I couldn't imagine using a different platform! I'll probably protest and go back to having a pager. Do they still make those?

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I feel you man. That's ok. At least you are still BlackBerry :) Maybe in the future when the prices go down.

Yes. #teamBlackberry no matter what. Wish I could win something here at CB, but I am not the most lucky person haha.

Thanks. Why would I even lie? I'm just being me. Maybe a date with Kevin to see if I'm legit? Haha. #TeamBlackBerry

I am on BB7 right now too because I cant afford a new BB10 device and Verizon decided to do away with the 3 month early upgrade so I am not due for a new phone until Feb 2014.... I feel your pain. #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryByChoice

BlackBerry 10 for life. I'm completely down with the platform. I don't care about stupid terms like "fanboyism" or anything like that, I just love BlackBerry's, especially now that BlackBerry 10 is available. It's only been about 6 months since availability I think and I have all three devices. That's part of how I support the platform, by actually using it all the time - for pretty much everything. Because it's the best platform for me, that's my educated opinion.

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+1, definitely.

Isn't it wonderful that bbry now has a marketing campaign? Coming from the grass roots, even better. I'm pumped.

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I already made my tweet... one of the millions that it could be... be part of the movement and proudly say #IchooseBlackBerry10

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I hear you Kevin...I too have been in a "funk". Usually on Crackberry 10+ X a day, the last few weeks maybe only a few times daily. What!!? Ever since the "November article " I've seen so much business negativity instead of just enjoying what we have in BlackBerry 10! It's tough not to ride the highs and lows of your "Smartphone Company of choice " because we put so much love into our devices. Let's just continue riding the waves I guess and hope for continued success from BlackBerry!

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Been tweeting all day. All in with Team BlackBerry and CrackBerry Nation! :-D

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Bb10 is by far the best mobile platform, to everyone that doesn't own one and disagrees : you just don't know how go it is until you have it, and if your a busy person there is no better tool

All I know about hashtags is that they resemble irc channel names and are related to twitter.com, is that right?

Can I contribute to the movement without opening an account with twitter.com or facebook.com or plus.google.com or instagram.com etc?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Lots of love for BB10 all the way from the Middle East! Through thick and thin, we will keep moving!

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By the way Kevin, love the passion you got here! Please check your Facebook messages - sorry didn't know how else to contact you there seems to be no 'contact crackberry host' on here :(

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I see two pics I've posted on twitter here. One from BlackBerry and the other is a pic I made using PicStory.

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Anyone else thrown off by the temple picture and the cystic fibrosis pic?

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

The problem is with the damn marketing strategies of other companies, a phone is not a phone anymore its a playground... when I see someone with IOS I always bet in my mind that the idiot has shitloads of apps that he doesn't even need!!! when I see Android user I feel he's an IT/Tech guy that he needs to prove himself that "Its easy to use a techy phone"... When I see a blackberry user I see a loyal customer.... Hope RIM's people are reading all the posts on this forum because loyal users needs attention not neglect-ion

I'm in a funk because my wife just got herself a Q10 and I can't afford one for myself.

#wishIwasBB10 #thisandroidsucks

#IChooseBlackberry10 #IChooseBB10

Will be tweeting this as well! @D_Dragomautz38

I hope Blackberry can find a way to come over this big slump. I live my phone, and this OS is seriously greater than any other.

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I think I'll wait and see if Sprint gives us the Z30 at the end of the year if not I'll get the "Q". BlackBerry all the way.

I've been waiting for you to assert some leadership in this direction...
you have come through.
i've been thinking,"what if BlackBerry did go down?"
so, I went back and looked at everything else out there - again.
and I realized - again...
BlackBerry 10 does not suck.

I've been playing around with my old iPhone this past week,and I gotta honestly say I feel more organized and productive when using my Q10! The thing I missed the most was the Hun which is simply amazing. #ichooseblackberry10

Posted from my bangin Q10

iPhone5S or BlackBerry10, #IchooseBlackBerry10 all the way. Because the home button is so 2007 -_-

Hi folks, I'll be part of the BB10 movement as from tomorrow ! I finally decided to buy a Q10 ! It should be delivered on Wednesday. The Q10 will be my primary and business device, while my Noka N9 MeeGo will now be used as a secondary holiday device (for taking nice pictures, surfing the web, discovering Italy with the offline maps, e-book reading). Can't wait to handle stuff with the Q10 and send my first email using that awesome hardware keyboard, I'm so tired of typing on a touchscreen you know... So, I guess you're allowed to congratulate me ;-)

Once you realize what you have you will be down to one device. I take all the photos for my wife and I now because our camera is better, I do all the Web searches because our browser is faster. I give you two weeks before you Ebay the other.

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There needs to be more retweets going on. There's a lot of great tweets out there that need to be uncovered not to mention the more the better.

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Only you've been in a funk, Kevin. And it's due to the Winnipeg weather. Winter is coming. You can smell it in the air.

Snap out of it. Today will be sunny.

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support BlackBerry by buying the product, but I can't push products to others for them anymore. Did this with the BB10 is coming and looked foolish because of over a year of delays. Pushed people to the PlayBook with the promise of BB10 in its future that would resolve the shortcomings of the product and was made to look foolish again. Being in the tech and IT industry simply can't afford the continued tarnished of my credibility due to BlackBerry's continued pattern of over promising and under delivering. Good luck with your campaign and hopefully one day BlackBerry will join you in the marketing of their products!

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I get my things done with BB10 on my awesome Z10.
No other device I tested comes close. Smooth silky and responsive. No crashing no battery pulls no BS.
BlackBerry for life.

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Blackberry's loyal users have created quite a stir with their support on blogs, videos & movements on social networks.
Blackberry is in the limelight now & is putting on a great show with the brilliant BB10 platform!

BlackBerry 10 is the Best for my daily life, my Job and my activity! Q10 team BlackBerry

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I got called a douche this morning for posting stuff like this on facebook. It was a fun heated discussion... with my cousin

Like my man KM I was in that funk and being a Debbie Downer about the whole BlackBerry situation. I too, had to snap out of it and jump on this bandwagon. And if the wheels on the wagon fall of I will be proud to say I was there. So join me and let's get to work. I might even buy a stock or two. It's the opportunity cost for a night out at the bar with the lads. I'm in this 110%

You know, the intern arrived in my office last week, and he saw my Z and asked about it. "That’s a BlackBerry? You stuck with them?" and the most amazing rant came out of my mouth about how much I love my phone and how much it makes my day go easier. The flickety keyboard that can actually predict accurately! Real multitasking! A baked-in map app that works! The community of thoughtful fan sites (particularly this one)! We don't work in tech, and for various legitimate reasons he doesn't even have a phone at all, but I was just a little taken aback by how much I really, really am invested in this device. I've had BlackBerrys for ten years now, but this one is just too sweet.

(I know. It’s a device. Why is anyone passionately attached to a device? )

I'm not on any social media where I can do this, so I will take my one chance here: #ichooseblackberry10

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Someone assist me in making one of the pictures shown above I want to get on the train with the rest of the family what photo app is used to place text in pics???

Posted via CB10

If you search for "meme generator" you will get a ton of results for this kind of app. There are at least a couple on BlackBerry World also, but I can't speak to how good they are.

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Blackberry still the best for me... very suitable for work and also for games... now my Z10 have instagram, path, ruzzle, instaplace and almost all android application... No need buy android phone anymore... GOD SAVES BLACKBERRY.......

Kevin (and everyone else): You guys do realize that, odds on, you have now, already, bought your last Blackberry, right? Oh, maybe someone will buy them... maybe those folks will choose to support those legacy devices as they switch people over to... whatever it is that they want to switch them to, but Blackberry as a real, live, stand alone, phone and phone operating system is now gone.

This is like most any other death one might see in our lives. Sure Grandma (Blackberry) is right there, in the bed, softly breathing. But you know, the tubes are out, the monitors are gone, it's just a matter of time now. Oh we stand here, in her room, we talk to her, hold her hand, we remember the good times, the heady times. But this is all for us, not her. It is we, the living that will need to go on, as she goes gently into the good night.

And go on we shall... because we must. All good things must come to an end... and for Blackberry it's end has come. Let the grieving and the healing... begin.

Hey... it could happen. Really it could. Just like Alessandra Ambrosio, and Joanna Krupa could be waiting at home for me to pleasure them both.

Hey... it could happen. But it won't.

So I finally created a twitter account just to join the campaign!

#IchooseBlackBerry10 #ZedTen #CB10 Channel C00123045

Here here!

I like how Kevin pointed out that BlackBerry is the best device for HIM.

I too feel that it suits MY needs the best, and I have used them all.

BlackBerry all the way. When times are good or bad, happy or sad. But it says something when a tech blog comes up with more compelling promotional ideas than the management of BBRY itself. #Ichooseblackberry. Too bad I can't choose the management team.

I was part of the movement twice! I'm gonna use Balance to have two accounts so it makes sense to. ;)

Its really going to suck if BB sells and the last BB phones we ever have is the ones we have now. I really hope all this love we are giving to BB makes some sort of a difference. BB til the end!!

Those who have anything negative to say about BB10 probably haven't used it yet.

These folks are probably better off with their Androids because they lack the imagination needed to use a real operating system.

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Nowhere as clever with words or graphics as some of these others...but oh, yes, I too escaped Android world...IchooseBlackBerry10 !!!!