Ice Age Village from Gameloft now available for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 21 Feb 2013 02:25 am EST


If racing games aren't your thing and you're not quite ready to die of dysentery of the wild frontier, Gameloft has released something a little bit more cartoony as well. Ice Age Village is now available as a free download for BlackBerry 10 devices wherein you can play along as that saber-toothed squirrel Scrat.

  • Build the most beautiful village for all the creatures of the Ice Age world
  • Level-up to gain access to new animal species, cool buildings, unique decorations and much more
  • Funny quests, side missions and additional daily challenges keep your village bustling with activity

In total, you'll find 13 levels to play through along with all sorts of mini-games that span across 5 different continental drift environments. Just be careful of those in-app purchases, they can be quite addictive if you really get into the game.

Download Ice Age Village from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Ice Age Village from Gameloft now available for BlackBerry 10


It doesn't appear to work... it loads as far as a flash of the menu background and crashes... any suggestions?

I've been playing this on my android phone for a while and I was hoping it would come to Playbook but no such luck (until/if we get BB10). There are quite a few cheats and tips about. The most obvious one is to change the date on your phone then resume the game. This gets you all your daily bonuses, plus achievements, the all important silver coin for playing the scrat game etc. Its also good for hatching baby eggs immediately as some take days to hatch. Then change the date back and resume playing as normal.