If you're still rocking a BlackBerry 7 device why not build yourself an Ice Age Village?

Ice Age Village
By James Richardson on 5 Feb 2014 06:48 am EST

For those of you still rocking a BlackBerry 7 smartphone you may well be interested to hear that the hit title from Gameloft 'Ice Age Village' is sitting in BlackBerry World ready for playing. Free to download, the game is much the same as it is on BlackBerry 10 and although I tested it out on my Bold 9900 I'm not sure how the experience will be without a touch screen - although it is available for the Curve devices. 

The game certainly isn't my cup of tea, but I took a quick peek on Google Play and it shows not far off a million reviews so I can't even imagine how many downloads it has had on all available mobile platforms. 

If you fancy creating your own Ice Age Village, hatching babies and growing families then this is the game for you.

*Disclaimer* - Here at CrackBerry we take no responsibility for any addictions that may occur from downloading such games!

More information/Download Ice Age Village for BlackBerry 7

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If you're still rocking a BlackBerry 7 device why not build yourself an Ice Age Village?


Do you believe you are cool and think you're the hottest thing in the world?? No? Then stop it! It's not cool to post first.

still haven't learned your lesson have you? Why do you insist on the name calling when I know you have been spoken to?

His desire to speak to the First posters is just as strong as their desire to First post. Equal opposites.

Posted via CB10

Like an acid blot, he has to lick the paper.

Talk about addictive here....

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Totally agree, can't stand when I see "first" as the first comment! But only because I know I will see an over-the-top comment from quicksilver bitching about it

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Too late for millions of hooked "users", lives already destroyed by F...ing Bird. Google it, it's not funny. Like an epidemic or Krokodil drug in Russia (well, not quite that horrible).

CrackBerry is bad enough. Praise the Lord if have been able to resist the new bird on the block.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

My youngest has my old Torch, and hopefully this will take the pressure off of me to get him a Z10.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Still would rather see the simpsons tapped out come to BlackBerry World, but I can live with my android download for now.

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LOL I thought the post was a jab at BB7 users. i.e. if you are still using a BB7 device, you are still living in the ice age :)

I've changed. I've moved forwards with the world and just ordered Z10 from BlackBerryshop in UK for 149 pound inc VAT! At that price I shouldn't still be watching the chequerboard and cursing all day...

I'm soon BB10!

If you are rocking a BB7 Device why in the blue hell aren't you rocking a BB10 device? Only about 70000000% better than any blackberry of any era.

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Only trouble on PlayBook just as you get seriously addicted it wont let you add any more. Oh and rambling Sam you will love the Z10 you will probably find the touch key board a little awkward at first as it requires a completely different approach to BlackBerry traditional boards but in a couple of days you will be tapping and flicking in wonder at how the fuck it knows what you will write be fore you!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

I wanted to get this game but it's not appearing in search results in Blackberry World, which usually means it's unavailable for whatever device you're searching on. I have a 9350. Did anyone else have these issues?