iBerry Theme For Storm, Bold, Pearl And Curve Devices

By Bla1ze on 8 Jun 2009 05:20 pm EDT
iBerry Theme For Storm, Bold, Pearl And Curve Devices

In case you haven't heard, the new iPhone 3G S was announced today at the WWDC and needless to say the good folks over at theiphoneblog have been bringing us all the latest and greatest news. So, in honor of the excitement today we have a stylish iBerry theme for you from Lunars Edge, currently available to Storm, Bold, Curve (83xx) and Pearl devices.

iBerry has crisp graphics which fit the theme nicely, all of which are user customizable as it's made with the latest version of the Plazmic CDK. I tested this theme on my Bold and Storm and it flowed very well on each device with no lag (which is always a bonus in my book) Overall as an iPhone theme this one is great - be sure to check it out it for only $6 at ShopCrackBerry.com.

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iBerry Theme For Storm, Bold, Pearl And Curve Devices


First, $6 for a theme is absurd. Second, there are free ones that trump this one. Third, who the hell still wants an Iphone theme? They've been done to death. They're simple, they're boring, and definitely doesn't warrant a $6 pricetag. C'mon now.

This is just sad. It's bad enough that I have to hear over and over how the iPhone rules the world and now I want to make my Blackberry look like one??? WTF Crackberry. You should be helping fight the good fight, not promote sameness. With all this pressure and the inability of RIM to come up with anything groundbreaking, its only a matter of time before I give in and join the masses.

I went on the comments section to write exactly what you just said above... THIS IS SAD...!

I love RIM/Blackberry but hate my STORM.. HATE IT... This is my 5th BB device and what a mistake it was.... This is very hard for a loyal BB user admit but Storm sucks... Battery pulls every 4 hours, hunting and installing leaked OS's, checking free memory so that I make sure I have emails from more then 2 days ago... Reliability of email service is a must have for most BB users and abusers but I wonder if I would rather get emails on iphone once every 15 mins (non-push, pop email) but have them forever thanks to 32GB on board memory and I dont know, maybe 50,000 applications (not a figure of speech but a fact figure).

Sad and oh my is it so sad...

iphone theme at 6 bucks, I'll pass.... WTF...

wtf are you doing to your phone than? My ORIGINAL release date storm is running completely flawless. Sure there's been an occasional hick-up, or quickpull app ran. But all my apps (3rd party & legit) email, browsing etc ... are great!

I dont have that many 3rd party apps. Memory leakage has always been the issue not with only my storm but bunch of others as well...

google sync
facebook 1.6
google maps

I exit all apps once I'm done with them. My start up memory is around 25mb. I have 4 email accounts from of which I only keep emails in one account. I get about 40-50 daily work emails. Thats not really that much... I never had problems with the emails on my old curve.

I just got the meterberry program and the with the phone just sitting there, the memory leakage is logged.

you need to upgrade to the new os...after I did that, it is like having a new phone. I have a lot of apps on my phone and just have quickpull scheduled every morning to do a reset and I haven't taken out my battery since I got that app. Haters on BB really either have an iPhone or want one.

Current OS ver.148
Previous beta versions; .83>.85>.90>.113>.122>.132>.141>.148

My meterberry has reset scheduled for 2am every day.

Since .148 my Storm overall runs great and has incredible memory management and battery life. If the Storm had been released with this OS I think the mentality around the device would be completely different today.

I don't see the point in buying a BB and make it look like an iPhone! Those you truly love their BB will stick with the way it look and feels...

Screw Apple and its toy! Power to the RIM Nation!!!

Knockoff themes is what makes the BlackBerry nice in being able to make our phones look like whatever we want. If you don't like the iPhone you are entitled to your own opinion, but don't take it out on a theme that makes owning a BlackBerry that much greater.

This is by far the best iPhone iberry app. For those who think this app slows down your phone, you need to learn how to use a BlackBerry. This theme is very fast on mine.

So you've said..twice!

Do you know the other folks who bought this theme? Is that how you know they don't know how to use a Blackberry? Do you understand that others can have differing experiences with the same apps/themes/hardware?

I guess my point is why are you trying so hard? I've seen different opinions but no one that have specifically attacked your comment, your opinion, or you level of BB expertise.

I checked out the new iPhone specs, not bad. Personally I do like the iPhone as more of a social/fun type phone and would use one as my secondary. I've got the Touch 2G and find it a blast to use and cough jailbreak. Though, business/profession, my blackberry is currently #1 :)

Terms of the wallpapers, heck i use the iVista Theme lol cuz i like it, not cuz i want my BB to be Windows.

Check out recent Blogs, themes for HTC, MAC, iPhone, PSP, Xberry, who cares, if you like it buy it! If you don't then stfu and be happy with your Precision Silver/Zen ;)

Why in the world would you want to have a theme that looks like an iphone? I don't get it. If you want an iphone,buy an iphone - period. 6 bucks to make your Blackberry,far more superior,look like an iphone. Absurd. Iphone's do not in any way compare to a Blackberry. If you're serious about emails,and business related issues,then Blackberry rules - hands down. The iphone is not made for this. It has a lot of cool features - for play. Otherwise, it's useless. An iphone theme.Gay.

Knockoff themes is what makes the BlackBerry nice in being able to make our phones look like whatever we want. If you don't like the iPhone you are entitled to your own opinion, but don't take it out on a theme that makes owning a BlackBerry that much greater.

the iphone theme is just for fun..not to make you think you really have an iPhone....when you are stuck in contract for at least a year..why not have the chance to change it up. If you are hating on the iPhone this much, you must really want one..

First, why would anyone who chose to NOT CHOOSE an iPhone want to make his choice of equipment look like one?

Second. The iPhone is a nice toy for the study hall crowd. So far I've not found a lot of professional business users who have regretted using BlackBerries -- INCLUDING Storm users.

Third. I HAVE found professionals who wanted to look cool and jump on the iPhone bandwagon who have regretted their decisions.

Last, I have a Storm. I like it. I've tried the iPhone and decided I don't want my income to depend on a fad. I need a lot of dependabilty -- like being able to chuck in a fresh battery when I need one. I need to be able to kick in a GPS function when I have to get somewhere quickly. I need a secure email system with PUSH technology.

In short, I need a BlackBerry, not a toy. And again, why would I want to make a professional business tool look like a toy?

Yes, iPhone is childish and toyish.

I had it for a while when it first came out. It got old, it got boring, it had all these features; but, couldn't just be a phone. Not a fan of the touch screen.

I did try the Storm as well before I got the Bold. When I tried it my 2g worked quicker than the Storm OS.

Just not a fan of the touch screen thing. Besides, how do you type without looking at the phone with touch screen. What are you touching?! L O L

Didn't your mother ever tell you to keep your fingers off the screen?

All this iBerry crap with Storm...you storm users jus need to stop with making love to iPhone by downloading the iphone themes, ringtones....touch screen this!! Go Apple if you envy it so much.....

Why you ask? Because we can! This is what makes the Storm, and any Blackberry for that matter, so great. We have the ability to replicate whatever device we want. It is the same thing as wanting an HTC theme, or a Windows theme.

I've paid $14.95 for one piece of sofwtare, and less than $5 for everything else. No way I'll ever pay money for a theme.

The iBerry Slide theme looks so much better and is a lot smoother than this knock off. Best part, it's free.

I run a iPhone type theme and my Storm runs smother and faster than the original theme which was factory installed. I got for free but I would never pay for a theme, EVER. Themes should always be offered for free. Especially since they are easy to design.

Nothing is free, even if you do come across a nice free theme those developers have a DONATE link for a reason, so that they can be compensated for their time spent on a theme that you are using to your amusement. If you are downloading free themes and not donating shame on you. I have gotten free themes myself and every time I donate at least a few dollars. If themes are so easy to make as you say, why use a theme created by someone else? Don't be a freeloader!!!

I liked it, bought it, and downloaded it because, wait, that's right, I wanted to. After a decade of using BB, I think I can use whatever theme I want...

But, a photo of a fish in vibrant green sea plants pops up when I screen lock...which I don't want, and no its not in the photo file. How can I lose the fish and keep the theme? I tried saving another photo to wallpaper which works until I screen lock. Hello fish. Help!

I agree the theme is great! Except for the fish. When I had my pearl I did find it free. But now that I have the bold I can't find it for the bold or free.
I am using another version if Iberry and have to say it's not too bad and it DOES NOT have the stupid fish!

My first theme change. Great quality images. It's just fun to look at now and it's worth every penny.

I am sick of reading from so many people why are you putting this theme on your blackberry, if you want an Iphone go get an Iphone. Maybe people really enjoy the simple but vivid colors of the Iphone theme. The icons are also fantastic. Also it is a theme, it doesn't turn the awsome functionality of the blackberry into an Iphone. I would never own an Iphone because blackberry's have much more to offer. But I, and like many others, enjoy the Iphone's theme and want it on our blackbery's. No one is trying to turn their phone into an Iphone. If they wanted an Iphone, they would have bought one. But I think no one buys a phone based on a theme. I think they choose a phone that looks appealing to them and has great functionality.

I'm not saying that you have to like the Iphone theme, but I am saying stop being close minded people. Imagine the world if everyone were like you.