Real iBerry Blocks Today Plus!

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2008 05:37 am EDT

Hope everybody's week is off to a good start. Just wanted to do up a post and let you all know that one of the most popular themes in the CrackBerry Store got another wicked update a few days ago. The Real iBerry series is now available in a fresh new Today Plus version for the Bold, and this time around you have all the features of a Today theme but now you also have an animated zen bottom dock. The bottom dock is hidden until you scroll over top of it, then almost like an elevator it pops up and displays your shortcuts, which are animated as well, and give you a nice "jiggle" effect when chosen. Icons, as always with JC Designs themes, are nice and crisp and just feel like they belong. Enjoy this one folks.

The Real iBerry Blocks Today Plus Bold theme is available for $7 and can be purchased in the Software Store or on your device at

*UPDATE*-John has updated this theme to be compatible with other devices, with slight differences and added a new "crossbar" style as well.

You can check out the new revisions in the forums, with 83xx,88xx and even 87xx devices being supported.

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Real iBerry Blocks Today Plus!


Too bad my Bold didn't come with a default "Today" theme.

Btw, 2136 unread messages? How long have you had your BB? 300 years? :D

I just picked up a copy... and OMFG.. love it!! Top notch!! And I second the 2136 unreads hahaha.. At least it seems like the theme has been tested to the max before you released it haha!! Great job!

Hi everyone, I hope you like this theme, as it is one of my favorite creations. I spent alot of time tweaking it to make it perfect, I just made an update which fixes the number 5 icon on the bottom dock, it was one of those errors on my code since I didnt finish coding it till late in the night. It now points to the correct icon instead of the number 1 icon. So if anyone didnt get an email for the update, please email me at along with your order number and I will get an OTA link setup for you.

PS. For all CURVE users, yes I have a Today Plus version and something the BOLD users dont yet.. the CrossBar version!!!


JC Designs -

I have a question CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?!?!?!

1. Lets say i buy the Blackberry Bold, and purchase the unlock code.
If i upgrade the firmware, will it be re-locked again
(similiar to the iPhone ) ???

JC Design:

Wow, awesome work, looks incredible.

Let me ask you a question, I am waiting (like a few other souls) for the VZW Storm. Can you design this type of theme, but in Storm colors and icons (not an iphone envy kind of guy) for the touchscreen??? I love an enhanced Today screen and your icon animations and the smooth way they appear on the screen would be awesome on the larger Storm screen.

I would be more than happy to pay for a custom theme; TBD. If this is something you would consider, please post here to Jeff B with email or website and I will reach out to you.

Again, incredible work.

I still don't have my BB yet, but will be getting the Storm shortly after it is released. Unlike some who do not like the iPhone look, I do... Looking forward to getting my Storm and your application.

Best of luck,

Since the task icon doesn't display like the others, can that be switched to a different application? I don't have bold yet, but this definitely will be one of the first purchases I make. It would be cool to put a different application in that spot like the browser or contacts.

After using it for a day I've decided to changed back to my old theme.

I like some of this theme, the menus, the way things display on the today screen but I don't like the icons, i don't like the shakey bit, I don't like that it won't display email items once you have been into the inbox, I don't like the default 4 on the today screen.

I like the basic theme idea, just not the visual part of it.

Purchased the theme and it's great! I appreciate the fact that you can view so much information straight from the home screen without having it cluttered up. John/Gadgetbean's customer service is incredible! Prompt replies and great service. I'll definitely purchase on another theme in the future.

1. On the home screen (where it lists Messages, Calendar, Phone Log and Tasks) for some reason, it doesn't list my phone calls like it does my email and calendar appointments. It's blank. Is there a setting I need to change?

2. I think I maybe the only person in the world that doesn't use Tasks. Is there anyway I can substitute that for something else? For me, it's just wasted space right now and I'd like to utilize it for something I actually do use.

3. This is pure cosmetic, the Calender button (both on the Home Screen and when you hit the Blackberry function button and you see the Calendar button with everything else). How hard would it be to actually put the date on the button? Right now it's blank and it looks unfinished. Just a thought. I'm sure other people feel the same way.