iBerry 2.0 Today Plus Theme and More from Bplay!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jul 2008 02:38 am EDT

iBerry 2.0 Plus BlackBerry Theme

Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!!! Not only did Bplay bring back the Crossbar theme from limbo, but they've gone ahead and added a near whack-load of awesome "Next Gen" themes to their treasure chest of BlackBerry goodies. Pictured above is the iBerry 2.0 Today Plus theme. As you can tell from screenshots, the Today Plus style themes pack a LOT onto the homescreen. You can also pick up the Today Plus themes in Reflex and Tickled Pink stylings. PC users will want to check out the Explorer theme and Mac fans the Finder theme. Get a sneak peak at each after the jump! Like I said... Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!!!

 Next Gen BlackBerry Themes from Bplay
 iBerry iBerry 2.0 Today Plus Theme
The ever popular iBerry 2.0 now features all the functionality of a Today style theme, with a popup set of 5 customizable zen style icons at the bottom.
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 Reflex Reflex Today Plus Theme
Like slipping on an evening jacket, the Reflex theme adds a touch of sophisticated cool to your BlackBerry. Even cooler is the addition of a set of popup zen style icons at the bottom.
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 Tickled Pink Tickled Pink Today Plus Theme
Brighten your day with Tickled Pink, the mood-enhancing theme for BlackBerry. The today style is perfectly complimented with 5 customizable zen style icons at the bottom that popup when needed.
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 Explorer Explorer Theme
Take your PC Desktop to your BlackBerry with Explorer. Features a unique interface, with a PC-like bottom toolbar, pop-up menus and a full icon set.
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 Finder Finder Theme
Bring your dock to your BlackBerry with Bplay's exclusive Finder theme. A fully customizable set of clean custom icons are set at the bottom of the screen to keep everything nice and neat.
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 Crossbar Crossbar Theme
Break the boundaries of traditional themes with Crossbar. A unique scrolling bar of crisp icons keeps everything you need at your finger tips, and messages and calendar items keep you up to date.
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Reader comments

iBerry 2.0 Today Plus Theme and More from Bplay!


Looks like I'm gonna have to step up my A-game.

We'll see what I can pull out of my bag of tricks in the coming days.

I love it. It's a theme developer war. Only means good things for BlackBerry Addicts.

What's the theme on my Berry you ask (well..you didn't, but I'll say it anyways). I'm in love with CorkBerry. All you Zman. :)

I downloaded the "explorer" theme and it's not working!! I contacted CS and they "tried" to help me. We were going back and forth in emails for about 20 minutes. They sent me the iBerry 2.0 theme to see if that one would work and it did. After that, the emails stopped and I can't them to respond to me. I want the theme I paid for not the one they sent as a test. If I wanted my BlackBerry to look like an Apple product I would have purchased the iPhone!!! This wasn't the first theme I've purchased from bplay but it might be my last if I can't get some support!!

**thank you for reading my rant**


I'm sure Bplay will get back to you soon. They have pretty solid customer support.

I take it you did a battery pull and all the standard jazz to see if it helped?

Customer Service finally resolved my problem... 3 days and 2 pissed emails later, I finally have my correct theme!

I like this theme - very nice, sleek and easy to view. I haven't been into the iPhone themes much before, but this one does look good.

Now, if we could get the iBerry 2.0 theme in Crossbar format! That would be the best of both themes. :)

I don't download a lot of theme's, but this one is really nice. My only complaint is that a few of the icons are hard to see... Overall, A+++

I love these themes. But, something just doesn't seem to fit.

With all the Blackberry -vs- iPhone wars going on, why is there so much effort in trying to make the Blackberry look like an iPhone?

I would have thought the exact opposite. Try and get as far from the iPhone look as possible; or is there more to it than meets the eye...Hmm?

Just one of those curiosity killed the cat things.


I like the LOOK of the iPhone icons etc. but I don't WANT an iPhone I wanted a Berry! I think it's just one of those wanting the best of both worlds...I have the free Bphone theme on mine and love love love it!

does anyone know if its possible to change the MESSAGES, CALENDER, CALL LOG to something else or is that a set thing.

i would also like to know too. also, i don't see any sub-messages under Messages like i do in Calender...?

this is great! i thought i'd have to live with verizon's hideous cartoonish curve interface forever. don't know why it never crossed my mind to look for themes. now if i could just get a better trackball...

Just got the Today plus theme....i like it, but have a quick question:

in the pictures above, it shows the front page with the messages/calendar/phone log headings and two or three things underneath each heading. on my phone, i'm not sure how to get the two or three things underneath..it's simply messages/calendar/phone log....nothing else.

please help!

Icons at the bottom only show up when you move "cursor" down to the section. They are hidden. You can pick first 5 icons in the menu screen - you need to move around icons to customize them.

I always wonder why both "Messages" and "Call Log" are always in the main page of any themes. If I miss calls, it shows up in Messages anyway I prefer having something else instead or larger Calendar section. Well, no biggie. Love this theme, though.

The two or three things that show under messages and phone log are only NEW messages or log info. Previously viewed/old messages won't show. Under the calendar heading, do you have any appointments scheduled in the near future on your calendar? Those should show until the event passes.

I purchased the iBerry today plus but have been unable to download (os The first couple of times I tried to get to the jad from my BB, I got a weird message stating that I use the url on my device (??). A few minutes later it told me my purchase had expired.

Update: Just got a message from bPlay and successfully downloaded. Assessing now.

It looks absolutely great but before I purchase it, can anyone tell me if they've made the font size any bigger? In the older version I can barely read stuff.


I downloaded the crossbar theme for my Pearl 8120 and am not happy.
Its an inferior theme to some of the freebies out there.
No wifi indicator, no PIN messages in red text.
I had both of these features on crossbar for my Curve 8320.

I emailed BPlay to ask about these features and got a response saying that they will pass them on to the developer but that there may be resrictions on the theme builder.
I have emailed again but no repsonse yet.

I would like my $6.99 back until they can give me a theme that is not a backward step.

This theme didn't work for me on my 8830 BB. I have emailed bplay to see what they have to say about it. I did the battery pull and all. It shows as a application but not as a theme. Got me.

Traded e-mails back and forth with CS Rep that ended up sending me the same link....and the DLed theme still doesn't work after a Battery Pull. Tomorrow is a new day.

I reloaded the at&t dimension today theme > Reinstalled the Reflex Today Plus Theme > Battery Pull. Theme issue resolved:)

Excellent theme. One of the few I do like and went on my 8130 without a hitch. OTA installed and Soft Reset was all it needed. It is really worth the 7.99.

Well I read all the info but had no idea that the icons were not on the bottom all of the time. So I have requested a refund, doesn't look good. I try to do the footwork before spending money but I just don't like it and requested a refund less than five minutes of installing. No reply...nada... nothing. On a fixed income that's a gallon or so of diesel and I don't have it to flush away. Any constructive ideas? -Boomer

Don't goof up the download: I purchased this theme a week ago, and it would not work on my phone, for whatever reason. I contacted BPlay tech support and gave them information regarding the purchase, and asked for a new download. They have yet to reply to my request.

I just bought the Crossbar theme, it looks nice and doesn't suck resources like the Reflex Today one, but they used a mix of Alpha Sans and Casual fonts, which is a bad combo. The Casual font makes reading emails way too hard and the text is clipped in the inbox. Had they just stuck with one clean font it would have looked nice, but they had to crap all over the theme and use Casual.

I just purchased and installed the iBerry 2.0 Plus today theme but my today screen icons seem too big and are getting cut off. Any suggestions? I did a battery pull restart and that didn't seem to help any. I have an 8120 Pearl.

Love the theme, but hate seeing all my messages in the same font. Need to be able to bold the font for new/unread messages. Would be nice if you could color highlight text messages as well. Anybody know something that could help ?