I want my BlackBerry Q50 to have this design

I want the no compromise qwerty phone - tall display, and physical keyboard. Preferably without the need of an accessory to make it happen :)

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2014 10:47 am EST

A week ago on Instagram, I posted the photo above with the caption:

Spotted: BlackBerry Q30! Oh wait, no, that's a black iPhone in a Typo. #gettingsued #ces2014 #ripoff

In the moment I was just being silly for my social followers, but if you look at image above, it looks a lot like the dozens of "dream BlackBerry concepts" we have seen mocked up over the years. A good chunk of CrackBerry Nation has been wanting a bigger and taller screen on their physical qwerty devices for years now.

With the BlackBerry Q10, we did get a BIGGER 3.1" high resolution display (thanks BB!), but it came to us with a 1:1 aspect ratio. In other words, it's a big square. There are two big drawbacks to the square display design.

First, you see a lot less than you do as compared to full touchscreen devices. Less rows of icons, less of a webpage you're browsing through, and there's less real estate for apps to make use of. Apps that feature a lot of streaming content feel especially shortchanged by this aspect ratio. 

BlackBerry Q50

Second, the 1:1 display introduces fragmentation into the BlackBerry 10 app platform for developers. Depending on the types of apps you're creating, it's a pain in the ass to support this second resolution - especially if your app uses a lot of fixed-size graphics. In practice, some devs simply won't put in the time and effort to make their "tall apps" work for the 1:1 ratio. It means going for the physical keyboard is not just a compromise over screen size, but also a compromise on apps.

Over the years, I've always justified having a smaller screen on my phone as the acceptable trade off to always having a physical keyboard there under my fingertips. In other words, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

What's ironic, is that my recent use of the Typo keyboard for iPhone has made me realize you actually can have your cake and eat it too. With the BlackBerry-like Typo strapped on to the iPhone, I actually have that tall aspect ratio display, and a physical keyboard. 

BlackBerry Q50

The more I've played with the Typo, the more it's made me realize that BlackBerry should come out with a physical qwerty phone that takes this design form factor to heart. I think BlackBerry could give me a Z10-like display with a Q10 like keyboard, and make it a friendly-to-use device. The Typo is a band-aid solution that works pretty damn well. As a band-aid solution it looks a little janky, with a harsh edge at the top of the keyboard dropping down to the display. But there is some cleverness to the design too. If you flip the Typo over, the "chin" on the phone is hollowed out. This keeps the weight of the unit down, while allowing access to the iPhone's original ports. 

BlackBerry Q50

A lot of people have asked me about the balance of the Typo / iPhone combination, thinking that the phone would feel to bottom heavy. To that say, yes, it's a little bit heavier on the bottom, but I actually think that's a good thing. Top heaviness is actually more of a problem on a cell phone than being bottom heavy. Think back to the BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810, which was a top heavy phone when the keyboard was pulled out. If you lied flat on your back in bed with your arms above you typing, you had to really grip the phone or else it would fall down forward down on you (I bumped myself on the head with my Torch countless times). Being a littl bottom heavy doesn't have that same effect. Considering you're normally typing with your phone at 45 degree angle in front of you, a little extra weight lower down feels natural. And if you are lying in bed typing with arms outstretched, it actually helps keep the phone from bonking you in the face.

BlackBerry Q50

So there you have it. I want to have my BlackBerry cake and eat it too. Thinking along BlackBerry's naming conventions of late, I figure like the Z30, the Q30 would be a slightly bigger and beefier Q10. Q50 sounds alright for the first stretch qwerty BB.

What do you all think? Go big or go home? Or do you love your 1:1 qwerty as it? Be sure to sound off in the comments!



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I want my BlackBerry Q50 to have this design



If they extend the screen more upwards and remove that big chunk at the top, sure why not..

Still want a slider.

What if BlackBerry just made full touch screen devices and really high quality keyboard cases like this? Then everyone would have the option.

Posted via CB10

+1 ... a slider is a full screen with a keyboard. a cool option would be having the keyboard flip to the back when not needed... not sure if that's mechanically possible though.

Posted via CB10

I'd agree, that photo is hideous. Only way to make a phone with a keyboard and a decent screen is a slider. And I would think a horizontal slider would be better than a vertical one like the Torch series had.

Could you imagine a Z10 with a keyboard attached at the bottom? You would need pockets down to your knees to carry that thing around.

Posted via CB10

That's exactly what I was thinking. That white phone looks like a hideous kludge next to the Q10. Just extend the length of the Q for a rectangular form factor above the keyboard. Build a few in trial and send them to the CrackBerry guys and ladies to do the field testing proof of design concept. They wouldn't tell anybody what they were doing!

Posted via CB10

At times I wish the Q10 had a taller screen, but I often find myself holding the BB in the same hand that I'm using for typing. I can do a little bit of swiping in this position, but I'd not be able to reach the top of a taller screen in this mode. I face a similar problem with my other large touch screen devices.

The Bold was pretty nice this way. I could reach the whole screen one handed with the touch pad. I occasionally pull out my Bold. Boy is it great to hold and was great to use... but obviously the screen was pretty limited for viewing. It's no wonder these devices were referred to as Crack-berry. I now carry a Q10 and a Galaxy S2 w/wifi. I'd carry the Bold with the Galaxy if my Bold were still supported by my carrier. For me that pair would be nearly the best of both worlds.

Myself I'd rather see a Torch style. z10 or 30 form factor with a slide out keyboard like the torch.

Agreed! and not just because Transformers are cool! I love the physical keyboard but for me it is becoming a sometimes thing that i only miss occasionally when i have to type out that big email. What i really want is to see some incredibly hardware innovation come out of BlackBerry to creatively solve this problem

Exactly, I still stand on the point that the torch slider form factor is the best way to go for a BlackBerry 10 device and gives end users both experiences on the same device.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. The torch slider phone is better in every aspect over Kevin's Bastard love child, lol.

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I want my qwerty to remain 1:1 A landscape qwerty reminds me of the nokias of past where the keyboard slid out from the bottom. Please BlackBerry, stay original and true... keep the 1:1 ratio for qwerty devices.

I'm actually still intrigued by the smaller form factor of the BlackBerry QWERTY devices, especially the Q. I wouldn't want more than a 1:1 screen ratio on it. I understand the hassle for developers not wanting to resize their apps and it's a trade off I'd happily make.

I have not seen one design with a QWERTY and a long screen that appeals to me. It's all so bulky, even the iPhone with a TYPO. I'm really sceptical towards it. On the other hand, if BlackBerry were to make one, I'd be curious to see what they made of it. I also never thought I'd go all touch, so we just have to wait and see what BlackBerry comes up with.

I appreciate this commend. I went from the Q10 to the Z30 and I really miss having something that I can comfortably keep on me. I am constantly leaving it at my desk and missing it.

There is something to say for small size too.

Yes, it's bigger than the Bold, and the high-dpi AMOLED makes it easy to zoom in on something too small to read by pinching.

For communication, I would NOT want it any other way, because I can easily and ***effortlessly*** reach the top to pull down the settings menu without stretching or straining the slightest bit. It's so fast to get anywhere and everywhere, in fact faster than anything I could do on the Z10.

Vertical space is nice for media consumption, and means less scrolling. But less vertical space also means less travel time between top edge and bottom edge. Definitely helps to get stuff done when using it the Q10 as a communication device.

Sure, you will sometimes miss vertical space, but when I pick up my Z10, I realize what a difference it makes. Just trying to reach the physical top edge of the Q10 causes me to stretch, I imagine if the screen was extended to that size, I would end up with a sore thumb tendon when using it one-handed. My hands are rather small.

Sure, I would like to see a bigger Q and would probably like and buy it. A final verdict I guess, can only be made when actually using it.

How many serial / alternating top to bottom swipes do you actually do on an iPhone?

Say: Kevin's tyPhone not a real comparison.

(sorry for being lengthy)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

obviously... but I still think its getting too much publicity here; it will be very sad if BlackBerry somehow doesn't capitalize on the law suit.

How dare you! "I'll refer to Typo as often as I want and need to in order to support all the things I want to write about it"

The long aspect ratio with the keyboard looks really ugly. 1:1 is pretty sexy. It could just be bigger overall in the future

Posted via CB10

Yea the next complaint would be that the keyboard is in the way when using apps/games. In landscape with a 16/9 screen

Posted via CB10

This actually is a pretty good point...
Why didn't anyone think of that.. the big screen will only be good for movies but playing landscape games would need really long thumbs..

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/

Any publicity is good publicity.. and too agree that Typo has had more than its share!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10SQN100-3/

as crackberry NATION, things should not go too personal. personal emotion even worse in articals

Posted via CB10

If it gets BlackBerry to actually make a QWERTY with a modern-sized screen, then it will be worth it to cover the Typo!

I wish the original Q10 had a big screen in the first place!

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

My thoughts are to make the screen taller, but not that tall. Make it tall enough that it would actually be useful to turn the phone sideways for a landscape view. If it gets too tall, then you loose that "1 handed ease of use" that I personally put a lot of value in.

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

The more I think about it, the real solution might be a slider that is the same size as the Q10, but a near the same size physical keyboard that slides out. Then the screen would be good enough for me. :) Not that it isn't already, I choose this phone for a reason, and not just that it's all the BB10 Sprint had to offer. :(

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

Maybe a drawdown and pause for a second feature like I've seen on some phablets. Keep the width of the Q10 but make the screen a little taller and try to make the bezel thinner. You would have a bigger screen with a one handed assisted feature. I don't think it would be much taller if they really wanted to do a good job on the top speaker and and things. Like you say. Still has to be easy for one handed.

Posted via CB10

People have mentioned a slider. I think why not all 3 form factors. There isn't enough choice now. Devices are getting boring.

Posted via CB10

Na, put that beast in Simon's hands and he will make it look small.

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

See, I would prefer it to be a tad wider. The Q keyboard is an absolute dream and the Typo seems narrower.

Posted from my awesome Q10 via CB10.

+! I wouldn't want it narrower than the current Q10. If they want to release one that's the same width but just taller with a taller screen, I might not mind that, but right now the 1:1 screen doesn't bother me and I love the overall size of the Q10.

I wouldnt go for a very large screen qwerty berry. The size of the Z30 or an S3 is too big for my pocket. Big ain't always better (unless you are from Texas :))

Ideally i'd go for a Q30/50 that has a slightly taller screen but not by much. I don't know what's inside my Q10 but the bezels below the keyboard, between keyboard and screen and above the screen are quite large and if hardware designed allows it they could have narrowed each of these and with a very slight increase to current length added an inch to the display. And I guess that's what most Q users would be happy with:
- an extra line of icons in the app screens
- 2-3 extra lines of notifications in the hub and when reading mails/browsing (depends on font size selected)
And still be able to operate the Q one-handed



Actually physics will say that this would survive a drop test far better than just the iphone by itself since some of the energy of the impact would be absorbed by the two halves of the typo case separating from the iphone. Of course, that's not to say that the typo case wouldn't separate into more than two pieces, then you'll have a problem, lol.

A Q30 or Q50 would be the killer phone out there. As a z30 user I do love the big screen but still can't stop thinking about a qwerty keypad. This would go extremely well with corporate users.

Posted via CB10

That thing looks ugly. Kevin, are you going nuts. I would never buy a BlackBerry with that design.

i like the concept, but that actual design is horrid. being bottom-heavy is the least of its problems.

I would never buy a phone like that either. The only solution for me is a Torch

Posted via CB10 with my crazy beautiful Q10

Not for me. I would prefer a slider phone over this design. I love my Z30, but part of me still longs for that physical QWERTY goodness.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10.

Agreed, a slider would add an option, that's not on the market right now (BB10 phone) .

Only drawback, I don't quite like the low-sitting keypad in that recess on my T'9810, I find it awkward, the flat Q10 is so much better for typing.

Hope they find a solution for that when making a slider.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

So sick of physical keyboard, however my opinion is that BlackBerry should designated and manufacture a touchscreen phone similar to the Z10 or Z30 and also design and manufacture an optional keyboard that can attached ND scrap the Q. and never going back.

In other words, your opinion is pretty much completely off the mark. This will NEVER happen.

Posted via CB10

Ah, so because YOU are sick of a keyboard, you think the always there physical keyboard phones like the Q10 as a whole should just go away? So please tell us, how else would you like the entire world to be shaped to your own personal preferences? I mean, forget the preferences of other people, psshhhh, crazy talk...

I'd still love to see a GREAT implementation of a slider. That probably is a cleaner and more friendly solution. The assumption in this article is that I'd like to see the next front facing physical qwerty be taller.  That doesn't mean I wouldn't also like to see a kick ass slider.

I think you're spot on. I don't know why BlackBerry didn't roll out a slider as their 3rd BB10 phone. It just seems ideal, given that the shortcoming of the Q series is the small screen, and the shortcoming of the Z series (from a typical BB fan's perspective) is the lack of a keyboard. If there were a Z30 produced next month with a slider option that my carrier would accept, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'd buy it even if no other characteristic of the Z30 had been upgraded.

Add another 5mil to the Q10 in height. Move the speaker and sensors up and reduce the bezel to increase the width of the screen. Modernise the overall look and you would be pretty much there I guess

Posted via CB10

I would've liked that BlackBerry logo to be placed where it is on the Q5.

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

I have to admit if the materials had been more premium I may have bought one. I actually prefer typing on my son's Q5. The style and layout is great I think. I really liked the visual style of it from the front too.

Posted via CB10

That would only be doable in 4:3

(iPad's screen ratio, not the iPhone's movie-style16:9;
that would add another screen ratio to be catered for by BB10 devs, but I guess a lot of iPad stuff would be recyclable)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I think the form factor of the screen on the 4s would be the most realistic on a new Q series. I used a 4s along side a 9900 for 18 months. The panel from the 4s would do the job very well.

Posted via CB10

I love the 4:3 ratio. Main reason I have an ipad. Shaped like a book. A keyboard below a Z10 is too long.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I don't think a phone as tall and as narrow as the iphone makes sense, but I do think something like the Z30 or S4 with a keyboard at the bottom would be great for the keyboard folks. I also hope they lose some of the flushness of the Q10 keys. I personally feel a bit lost on it compared to the bold.

Posted via CB10

Yah the iPhone 5S is the worst example of a phone you could use for this. I don't think therre is any other flagship phone on the market that is so tall compared to its width. An S4 or Z30 sized device with the bottom portion as a keyboard would work really well

Posted via CB10

Ive been sayin this for a long time too, i like my Q10 but the screen is just to damn small give me Z30 with keyboard and maybe even make the keyboard look a little more 2014 ish and not so 1997 ish

Posted via CB10

That combination would be unwieldy at best. Small (1:1) screen and keyboard is a far superior device than an elongated screen and keyboard.

Posted via CB10

It does limit the number of apps brought over because of its screen resolution though. Since more and more people are now using their smartphones for both work and play, it makes sense to have a widescreen for entertainment. The additional real estate helps for work too, showing you more of your work docs/emails in one view. That's where a slider, if done right, would be an absolute killer.

I agree. That's why I'd like to see a Q10 slider. Keep the size and form factor pretty much the same, but where the keyboard is now, extend the screen and give me a slid out keyboard, as close to whats on the Q10 now.

Almost No one wants hardware keyboard, BlackBerry should make only full touch screen phones..that's trendy!huge screens and low price

Posted via CB10

I think I'd still lean towards a sleek looking slider. I agree Kevin as far as the bottom heavy part goes. Without looking at the phone you will naturally know the position of the device in tour hands where I sometimes find myself with my Z10 in my hands upside down because of the weight being distributed evenly.

Posted via CB10

Kevin!! How about the Q30 comes with its own detachable keyboard!! We can pop it in and off when needed. Sometimes I would be okay with the virtual keyboard, but on busy days.. well.. gimmie my physical keyboard!

Definitely would be losing it frequently. BBRY would make a killing selling spares!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Love my Q10 with 1:1 ratio. Easy to use and the right proportions. Any longer and it would be clumsy.


If I could get a z10 with a full keyboard...I think I could surrender my Z30 for that layout...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Perhaps if the keyboard Flipped out, or slid out.

It's a form factor I would like to judge after experiencing it.

I'm really curious as to why Kevin hates good design. I mean, typo may be useful but makes you carry piece of shit (literally) in your pocket.

Posted via CB10

Because I'm valuing the UTILITY of the design. I'm saying the Typo is Freak'n UGLY. However, the utility factor of the Typo form factor / design is great.

So I'm saying you could give this form factor a great design if it wasn't an ugly bandaid solution.

Ah I'm so glad to finally hear that from you! For a week or so I thought you genuinely liked the design of the Typo whew.

Posted via CB10

Cut Kevin some slack. There is nothing absolutely wrong with loving and using multiple platforms. To each their own.

When you are crackberry Kevin and all you can do is prompt iphone discussions on a so called BlackBerry site, well profiting from accessories sold, ya I think there is an issue. There is BlackBerry news that needs to be dug up and shared. Articles here are old news on other sites. Honestly I think Kevin should get back to work and being viable BlackBerry articles back or sell the site to someone else. If i wanted iphone news I would go to a different site. It's only the name of this site that keeps it going. It's journalism is fading.

Posted via CB10

I feel we're not really discussing the iPhone or its copycat accessories here, but this typo thingy is the closest thing to what A LOT OF PEOPLE ON CB are asking for or dreaming of.

If that is not BB related, then I don't know what should be posted or blogged about.

(It's useful in a way to give us a taste of what to expect, and an idea of what could be improved on when they make an actual extended Q, therefore a legit to post about and no real iShilling)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Umm no its not the Closest thing to what alot of people on CB are dreaming of. Not with that awful ridiculous and hideous iphone aspect ratio. When did we start liking the long narrow screen of the iphone. That's screen compromise in and within itself. There have been many conceptual designs thats worth more praise than what Kevin has with this Typo thing. Ive seen TK justice concepts that are 10x better than this ugly iphone accessory.Playbook007 is right, this is starting to feel more like imore with Kevin and his obsession. If you google TYPO kevin and his articles are the first to show up on a BlackBerry site. Enough drooling over it already. Indeed journalism is quite lacking on this site, especially Blackberry related. Crackberry is always last with valuable BB news. Enough already about this Typo crap.

Sorry, need to correct myself:

The closest thing IN EXISTENCE that

1) has a large touch screen (content consumption)
2) a totally BB-style keyboard (text entry, productivity)

Just these two points are what a lot of people have been asking for in any potentially upcoming Q30 or Q50.

It allows a hands-on test to check out what's practical (design comes later).

All the wonderful concepts you are talking about are just AIR. No doubt they look better, and might have a more suitable aspect ratio. But: Can't touch them (yet).

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Cut me some slack. LoL It was a play on words. "Hooked on Phonics".

Hooked on Phonics was developed in the 1980s by a father who wanted to help his son overcome his reading problems.

well when it comes time to move on to the next one from my z10 the machine, I would look at the z50, but I like the touch screen to be honest

Yes most definitely! The iphone 5S is the worst example for this idea tho because its 16:9 ratio makes it much too tall. I think a 4:3 ratio would work perfectly because it wouldnt get too tall. The 1:1 ratio is one of the dumbest decisions BlackBerry made on the Q10. Such a worthless aspect ratio.

I made a concept phone thats exactly what you want Kevin, called it the Q11 in the forums. Reduce the huge area above the screen with the "BlackBerry" writing and make the screen 4:3. Adds a row of icons and you can use it landscape for videos and gaming. Using the keypad for controls on one side and virtual buttons on the screen on the opposite side.

Alot of people are whining now about the look of this kind of device, but if it was released they'd eat it up in no time. That "top heavy" balance stuff is way overblown. In total a phone like this would have a similar footprint ratio to the 5S and nobody complains about the 5S being top heavy.

Posted via CB10

Physical keyboard + a device using landscape/portrait mode = ridiculous idea.
That would make the device totally unwieldy and would defeat the purpose of optimising apps for the 1:1 display.

Even a slider would still face this problem, as a physical keyboard is only usable from a single position.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Defeat the purpose of designing for a 1:1? There should never be a purpose to design for 1:1. Its a dumb ratio to begin with. There isnt a single other phone out there with this crappy ratio, and for a reason

Posted via CB10

My bad, I did not mean they should stick to 1:1, but I did mean I prefer devices where you only use a single orientation. So they can go whatever ratio they like, I just do not see the purpose of a device where you can only use the physical keys for one orientation, and then (hypothetically) need a digital keyboard for the other one (in this case landscape).

I know people use the landscape mode mostly for media of course, but I think the 'niche' for users that want both physical keys ánd a full-screen display is too small for BB to start catering too at this point. Same goes for a slider version, altough I can see how that might be a bit more popular design wise.

I would not be sliding out the keyboard when in landscape mode, but rather use it like a Z10.

That's the "Qool" thing about a slider.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Agree. I used the keyboard on my Torch for writing and landscape mode for browsing the web. Ridiculous idea? Nope. Totally logical.

Look at the form factor of a Dell Venue Pro. Why wouldn't you want to have something like that instead?

I totally agree that a phone with a physical keyboard also needs to have a large screen. But when you aren't using the keyboard, being able to tuck it away is really nice. For example, if you are using the phone in landscape mode, do you really want the keyboard to jut out on one side?

If you build a detachable QWERTY Keyboard(s) for the Z- line as well as for iPhone and Android devices you have an additional revenue stream. Some users on other platforms are never coming back. They're too integrated (iphone, iPod for kids, iPad sharing apps) but would buy a QWERTY snap on keyboard.

Does BlackBerry have the money and resources to make a slider that will have a limited user base?

They need a QWERTY keyboard device with a minimum 4 inch screen IMHO. Obviously it will need to be more attractive then the iPhone typo combo. Whether it's a slider or not we shall know soon enough.

 BBZ10

I would prefer the Z50 or whatever it might be called to be a Z30 slider with quad core a full HD display. But to be honest, I love the Z30 and likely will never go back to a physical keyboard because of the speed and accuracy of the virtual keyboard of BB10. Just my 2¢

Kevin, I'm curious. Can you please post a picture of a Q10, Typo-ed iPhone and a Z10, using the bottom of the screen of the touchscreen devices and the top row of the keyboard to align eveything?

Well I think the cake is just fine! I have always love the screen size of blackberry. And I know that is pretty small but it's different. I am so tired of those phones at existing market. They are going big and wide. It's boring in some level.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't thus feel a bit strange in landscape mode? Having the keyboard on the side would mean you can't use it. You would need to bring up a virtual keyboard. Playing games in landscape mode would feel awkward also.

Posted via CB10

Read the post. I talk about balance. It's more balanced than you think. Don't knock it till you try it. Top heavy is a problem. A little bottom heavy is better. 

I think I agree in most points, however there is one great thing about the Q10 the way it is. And that is it is such a beautiful one-handed device, everything is so reachable with one hand. I really notice this when I jump to my wife's Z10 or a Galaxy or something, its just not as ergonomic.

I couldn't agree with this anymore. Call it the Q7 and go with a 1366/768 display. Go back to the arched keyboard. I actually drew what my dream BlackBerry would look like but you can't post pictures in these comments :(.

Posted via CB10

Please make it available on the forums, and post a link here

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

It's very doable! I'm thinking if Chen says he's stocking with keyboard versions it's a no Brainer for sure! As much as I love the Z30 I would grab one of these for sure! Who am I kidding I buy all the new models that come out anyway!

Posted Via my Z-30

Nope not interested, the Z-10 predictive touch screen keyboard has won me over! Never have I been able to piece together wording so quickly thanks to the swiping up of the predictive text, it's just to cool.

Posted via CB10

No likey kb, no care. The Z30 is still King of the Castle and the way forward.

If a BlackBerry fan could wish ANYTHING for BlackBerry, it wouldn't be a redesign of the kb, it SHOULD be for the company to become a major player once again in the smartphone world. Typo is catering to a small crowd with backing from Mr. "I've got too much money and need a tax write off". We need to bring excitement BACK to owning a BlackBerry!

Don't like it. I agree 1:1 resolution is not that good for gaming, but as far as I can see,almost all apps designed for 4:3 or 16:9 resolution can easily work on a 1:1 screen. It would be nice to have the Q10 "without" the "big" upper bezel and the keyboard moved a bit under.. Screen will be 4:3 I think and the phone will not be huge. Problem solved probably? ;)

Posted via CB10

Yup. You nailed what im thinking. As for the slider,i've had my experience with those and its quite expensive when the slider breaks. So for me,a slider is a no.

Posted via CB10

I don't know if it's the fact that I love my Q10 with its 1:1 ratio screen or maybe I am used to it. But I'm fine with it the way it is. It is the perfect size to type with one hand (or two), fits in your pocket with a lot of room to spare, and it's a nice balance of height & width to where it's not top or bottom heavy. Paired to my PlayBook I guess I pretty much get what typo is trying to achieve with the iphone keyboard they made.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to have a big screen with a physical keyboard however the iPhone isn't wide enough. Adding the typo keyboard makes it look even worse.

I have a z30 And a note 2. Z30 is better over all bit the size of the note is perfect FOR ME.

Posted via CB10

I'd go for a slider the size of the Z30. Nice wide and long screen for reading, along with full choice for a touchscreen or physical keyboard. No need to make hard choices. Touchscreen for speed and one-handed flick typing, physical for typing blindfolded or when walking.

I suppose the only drawback of a slider may be thickness and weight, but I wouldn't care if it has the battery life of the Z30. Then again I'm heavily biased coming from the 9810.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

That design is UGLY!!!

You need to thin out the bezel (G2).

Before we even get into that a consultation with developers wouldn't go a miss.

Look at the difficulties in designing for two screen ratios.

Posted via CB10

I think they should make a great slider again. Best physical and virtual keywords in one device.

Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!

From a design aspect I would prefer the Q30 or whatever it will be called to be a bit wider. Looks are nor appealing. Fix all the BlackBerry 10 OS issues (formally) and release updates direct and I'll be first in line to buy one. Recently went back to my Bold 9900 (from my Z10) for everyday usage and email management. Use the Z on wifi @ the house at times.

Posted via CB10

Forget a slider. Useless with a mechanism that would fail over time. My torch was probably the worst design of all my BlackBerry I have ever owned. Disliked it with a passion. The weight balance was brutal. Very top heavy.

Posted Via my Z-30

I want that. Exactly that.
I Z10 screen, with a keyboard, removable would be a + for movies and gaming.

But It has to be bb10, not going back to iphone

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It's a great idea Kevin but don't you think 4 inch is a little too much for a qwerty phone, I mean I think a 3.7 inch screen and a little wider than the iPhone is better, what do you think?

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Nope, I don't think 4" is too much. This Typo / iPhone thing is ugly as hell, but it's easy to use (and my hands aren't that huge.. they're "normal").

A little wider could be great... as long as it's still friendly to hold and use with one hand.

Probably the exact "5in" (all inclusive of the KB) like the Z30 with the exact width frame of the Q10, should be ideal.

I would buy it.

Love my Q10, but find myself wishing the screen was bigger. The ability to see more of the screen without scrolling would be a VERY welcome thing to me, and to me there's nothing more satisfying than typing on a qwerty keyboard.

Even more of a niche product than Blackberry already is, but I think the market is there.

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yeah,, except the iphone 5 is already a tall device with a unusual aspect ratio, therefore it looks weird with a typo attached. But if you take a motorola pro + or a LG optimus pro as an example, it looks just as normal as a q10 + the bonuses of a longer screen.

Just make the new kick ass Z-50 that supports Android apps and we are good to go as long as you advertise right.

After using this awesome new touchscreen I don't miss the keyboard.

That's just my opinion.

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Want a keyboard yes but sacrificing dedicated space is a no go. Has to be a transformer..

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Completely agree Kevin. With the popularity of phablets, it's not even a large phone comparatively. It also allows for a thinner phone than a slider but still the benefit of a full screen and QWERTY keyboard.

And most importantly, it can allow for a huge battery and great battery life.

I'm interested. It would be something NEW. A new from factor.

I would want a Z30 size screen: Shave something off the top and replace everything below the end of the screen with a keyboard. It wouldn't be too much bigger than a z30.

Plus, put a bigger battery under that extra space.

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All they need to do is increase the height of the Q by half an inch, remove the BlackBerry logo, shift the screen up to just below the speaker and you've got a huge lovely screen.

Keep the keyboard exactly as is.

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Slider for sure, I loved my torch! You get the full screen real estate, and when the keyboard is out the on-screen keyboard doesn't pop up taking away from the viewing area! Please no taller than the z10 - I'm ok going a bit thicker to accommodate a bigger battery and the keyboard, but the z30 is way too big for me length and width. And if it's not too much to ask, keep the battery removable and add charging contacts.

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Oh God. That's so ugly. I hope they make a slider or something. That would be better. Just slide the screen up. They can do it.

It would be too long! A Z10 size display with the keyboard underneath would look ridiculous...

Maybe make the screen 3.8 inches max in length.

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Well, not the full screen of iPhone 5.. BUT, they can stretch it to 3.5 or so.. 4 inch would be too big with a keyboard

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Kevin, that's a butt ugly design and it's really disturbing how much you're posting that skinny turd on this site these days. You're someone I always looked up to for having great style, but now I'm starting to wonder.

Would not be something for me. If I'd want a bigger display combined with a qwerty, I think I'd prefer a slider.

I absolutely agree with you, Kevin. I'd even prefer a tall phone like this over a slider, just because it would have fewer moving parts. I could deal with the size and I'd love the big screen. We could call it the Big Berry.

Fugly looking phone and really can't see it being a hit other than the diehard BlackBerry fans. A 4" screen with a keyboard on the bottom is just meh to me.

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a 3.5 to 3.7 inch screen would be enough. That phone looks ridiculous and ugly top say the least. And get rid of the 1:1 aspect ratio. Put an huge battery in<, beautiful leather back, up the specs, and bring it for the holidays. If you go 4 inch above for qwerty, the one hand use is compromised too much. Now if you bring back the trackpad, you can go 4 inch and above. But 3.5 to 3.7 should be adequate for most qwerty fans.

How about an S50 which gives us Z30 size touch screen with a slide out qwerty like the 9800. To me that would be the perfect BB since they would have all that real estate to put in an meaty physical keyboard while still being able to enjoy the nearly flawless BB10 touchscreen keyboard when physical isn't needed.

A slider would be interesting too, but only if BlackBerry is releasing 4 or 5 phones a year. I still want a strong premium keyboard and premium full touch devices every year. Foxconn can build cheaper devices to stave off cheap Android competition.

Yes the Q10/5 are just horrible devices as is the bold 9900. The screen size and aspect ratio are not practical and frustrating as hell.

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Most people don't buy them for media consumption. Let's face it. Even on touch, when your typing the screen is taken up just as much by the keyboard.

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The need for a large screen qwerty phone has been around and right there for the taking for so long...just another of the rather obvious moves that BlackBerry failed to see. And yes, I love my Q10 but the Q30 or Q50 or iPhone+qwerty model is OBVIOUSLY the best phone form for people who want a keyboard. If I didn't hate Apple and their sheep (customers), I would grab that typo keyboard right now.

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I have been saying this all the long, as my other BlackBerry compatriots have as well.

The Q10 was a phone made by chickens trying to keep the form looking like it's last hit they had, 9900. Bigger screen with a keyboard would have faired much better in the market.

I hope this new management team starts giving us what we want and better yet, start producing products that people think they need!

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Another Typo coverage??? And iPhone???

I hope this great site won't change the name into AppleBerry or AllDevicesBerry...

Gimme a break..

I'll write about Typo as often as I need or want to in order to support the editorials I want to write. This post wasn't about the Typo. It was about a new BB.

I never understood the physical keyboard crutch. It's slower than an on screen keyboard and takes up valuable real estate. Give up the crutch.

Reading some of the comments, which truly reflect the various preferences some people have. Why not go Motorola? Have 3 base phones, and give modular freedom to everyone. Small screen/keyboard, bigg screen/keyboard...

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I like the Q10 so far, but perhaps a little bigger is a bit more comfortable yes ;)

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I like the 1:1 ratio on my Q10, because it fits great in my hand. If they can design it so it still feels great in my hand and gives me the ability for one hand use then I won't appose a longer screen. Regardless, I would like larger screen, maybe 3.5 inches? More importantly I would like a better battery door design. I don't mind the material, but the back will slide down on it's own.

As quirky as it might look, a Z10 with a keyboard would actually sell well. I agree with you K - this is what the Q30 should be!

Could you have a swappable touchscreen front plate and keyboard front plate? That way you could have best of both worlds without any sacrifices.

I have a Q10 and wouldn't want to change the screen size. It's perfect for productivity and one hand touchscreening. I sometimes need the full screen for any multimedia purposes (showing people videos, photos, full screen apps).

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Long and skinny is for Apple and that certain genre of adult entertainment; real men and women know that you need both length and width.. I want both taller *AND* wider- taller on its own is no good as you're still zooming and panning, but if you make things a bit wider, you make things more readable without zooming and panning, and it also improves the typing experience.. I find iPhones too narrow to type on comfortably, and I have small hands.. The Z30 is just about the right width; it just needs a higher res screen.

I agree 120% Kevin. This is the phone I have been waiting for! And keep the ports in the upper part of the phone. Z10 ports are in the way when connected.

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I miss the physical keyboard, but I love the large screen on my Z10 too much to compromise with a Q10.

Happy to be Canadian. Eh? :)

I have been BlackBerry since the thumb wheel and spent hours deciding between the Q10 and Z10. While my original plan was for a Q, the great BlackBerry 10 Z10 keyboard and larger display won me over and I have never regretted my choice. I am done with QWERTY devices so long as I have my BB10 virtual keyboard.


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