I wanna know... does price difference fall into your own Z10 vs Q10 decision making process?

Z10 vs. Q10
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jun 2013 05:27 pm EDT

When it comes to the great debate of Z10 vs. Q10, I'm still personally undecided. Honestly, I like both. A lot. I've been switching back and forth between them every few days and I get along just fine on either. Each phone has its benefits over the other of course. People who love having a physical keyboard are going to be drawn to the Q10 no matter what, but I love the touch keyboard and bigger display on the Z10, so the decision isn't as simple for me.

One factor I haven't really considered before in the Z10 vs. Q10 decision is price. Walking through some local cell phone shops on the weekend, it jumped out at me just how BIG the difference in price between the Z10 and Q10 can be right now. Per the photo above, on contract Telus is currently selling the Q10 in Canada for $199.99 vs. $49.99 for the Z10. Over the monthly cost of a three year contract, the $150 difference is pretty irrelevant, but it's hard to ignore the difference when it's upfront at time of purchase. 

I pretty much spend all my money on electronic gadgets, so don't really worry about price when buying a new phone. I just buy the phone I want (and to be honest, normally just have to buy outright vs. sign contracts as I buy too many). I fully realize this is not normal behavior. Most people I know definitely look at the upfront contract price when buying their new phones.

So I'm just wondering... as far as the Z10 vs. Q10 debate goes, for you would the difference in cost play into which phone you ultimately chose if you're still on the fence? If you were originally thinking about getting the Q10, would being able to pick up a Z10 for $150 less steer you to going all touch? Or would you just pick Z10 or Q10, and pay whatever you have to pay, whether it's more or less? I'm really curious, so let me know in the comments!!

SIDE NOTE: I still hate tie wraps. You'll notice in the photo above, the Q10 is missing. Apparently somebody stole it from the local best buy. And below, notice all those Z10s and Q10s are under tie wraps. That's at a local Rogers store I visited. I asked them why the hell they still have tie wraps on the phones -- which makes getting a good demo next to impossible -- and they replied because people keep stealing the phones. Crazy. And annoying.

I still hate tie wraps

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I wanna know... does price difference fall into your own Z10 vs Q10 decision making process?



Those who claim that they're hardcore bb fans and loyalists should buy two and help out bbry's bottom line. Buy two one for each colour per model.

Trust me, if I had the money I would most definitely have both! And my family too! They're all still rockin' 9900s, a 9780, and a 8700... lol

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Well at least I was dumb enough to drop my first Z10 so hard it shattered the glass. Couldn't find a quick repair so bought another, as I've come to rely so heavily on my BlackBerry that I can hardly go a day without it. And now my best friend had it fixed and is using it. Loving the hell out of it.
I chose the Z10 because it was available when I needed a BB10 phone, and the Q10 wasn't. While I can't afford to keep buying phones every few weeks, the price was of lesser importance. If Kevin had warned me that the Z10 keyboard was below par, which it definitely isn't, then I would have waited for the Q10 and shelled out the money for that beauty.
As it is, the screen on my Z10 is popping eyes all over the place. When I play the PlayBook hidef demo, the sea-turtle always earns a gasp...

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I'm worried that with high Q10 adoption, developers won't care about developing for the Z10 :-(

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Doubt you'll have to worry about that. Other platforms are all about full touch screen phones, unless it's an exclusive BlackBerry App (in which case, why aren't they developing for both devices) you'll always see the z10 and its future iterations get updated first or preferences due to its similar form factor. Skype was an interesting beast due to its starring role for the q10 release but it made its way to the z10 pretty quickly afterwards

Woah 49.99?! Here in the States, or at least my city, the phone is still 150 for the Z10! So the price is the same for both the Q10 and Z10 or they only have a 50$ difference. So money isn't part of the problem, for me.

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In my country (in Europe) 295€ and 2 year contract (30€ per month). I bought Z10 and loving it.

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I have no contract with Tmobile but have to pay full price for the phone.. i get unlimited everything for only 50 a month so not complaining

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The I work at had one of the Z10s almost stolen, guy waited around and cut the tether and was waiting around for us to leave so he could take it but we got suspicious and approached him and he left without taking it and realized it had been cut so we took it down

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Unknown for now. Lots of speculation...

Done right, it would be a huge hit.
Done so-so, would just be a clunky addition to the BB10 lineup.

This is how you CB10, son!

I agree. My wife and I had 9810's and to say the least I wasn't terribly impressed. It wasn't like my 9700. Although the os was an upgrade, as was the internals, the way the phone was put together cheap and slip-shod. My z10 is the upgrade I was hoping for.

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I had a 9800 just for the reason that I wasn't sure if I wanted a touch screen. I ended up using the touch 95% of the time so I now have a Z10. And as for slipshod I disagree that was the sturdiest phone I've ever had. It fell 18 feet onto a concrete floor and it bent the slide but still worked. If z10 was more money I think I'd of still got it.

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I couldn't agree more with your 9800-comments. Dropped mine more times than I care to count and only the finish is chipped/scratched. Sliding out the KYBD - easily - 6-10 times/hour every day and over 2 years into using it "it's perfect" ...
IF a BB10-version Z10-sized slider comes out, I'd be ALL OVER two units for this house & business. As it is, I'm not eligible for an upgrade until early December anyway, so hopefully we'll know more by then (I also don't expect the Z10 to be carrier-available anymore by then anyway).

I would love to see one. I had none of the aforementioned 98x0 problems. Mine worked perfect and I loved the slider function.

There's no such problem in UK as the headset price is distributed over a 2 year contract.. speaking about the difference, a £3-5 difference would not influence my choice as this is silly moneys on a monthly basis. If I was to pay £100 less for any of those phones... I'd go for the cheaper one as I do not favour one over another. I'm very happy with my z10 anyway!

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I would just wait to by the Q10 I'm sure the price will take a nose dive like the Z10. I love blackberry but their not worth no more then 100 dollar for any phone

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In my opinion, the z10 is definitely an exception to that thought. I would have agreed otherwise, however, I feel I got my money's worth

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The fact that carriers are charging a premium for the Q10 over the Z10 factored into my decision to buy the Z10 over the Q10, as I was buying the device outright instead of on the installment plan. At the time I bought my Z10, there were rumored street dates for the Q10 on T-Mobile, but nothing concrete and of course a few days after I get my Z10, T-Mobile announces a street date....

I own a Z10. And have friends that have the Q10. Got mine for the screen real estate. They wanted the physical keyboard. That was the deciding factor for us. Personally I would have paid double for mine. I love it

By the way, the difference in price relates directly to the demand for both headsets. Simples

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As odd as it might sound, I think the fact that people are stealing them is a good sign lol. The demand is just that high that people are willing to go to prison for BB10. :)

Not sure why Q10 is so much more expensive than Z10. I. A long term qwerty BlackBerry user who went Z10 and don't regret it . I found I can type faster on Z10 than I ever could on a qwerty

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Price is usually dictated by demand. The q10 is in heavy demand by the traditional BlackBerry users.

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Not a good sign the Z10 is down to $50. I bought from Telus in Feb for $149. I guess the rumours that the z10 sales have been disappointing may be true.

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Well, need to look at carrier vs. carrier pricing too. Everybody in competition and always playing with numbers. When I took the photo above, Rogers had the Z10 at $99. 

A lot of US carriers are offering $100 for your old device or a switch in service. The ad features the HTC One, S4, and Z10. All three are on level ground.

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I got my Z10 at T-Mobile for $99 and then $18 a month and after it's paid off then goes back down. No contract to tie me down. So if a newer Blackberry comes out I can switch at anytime. :) I have been happy with they way T-Mobile has helped me get problems fixed and the Z10 is working nicely. I have had a few curve phones for a while. I had the Android Evo and it just over heated and the battery just dies to fast. Z10 stayed cooler when running games and apps. If the Z10 wasn't around I would have gotten the Q10 for sure.

Love both devices and be glad to have them both here in Germany! :-) Have the Z10 from the job and - personal, as my own and as my primary device - the power-tool Q10. It would not be so easy to choose for one, if necessary, but in this case I would go for the Q10.


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Kevin everywhere I go around Peg city, it's the same thing. tie wraps lead to unsuccessful demos which infuriate people.

And $650 for a Q10. Wow... I thought about picking one up, outright to toy around with but I'm more than contempt with the Z.

RIM's thinking of having physical keyboard has to sacrifice screen size is wrong. Let's wait and see how competitors give both, very soon. RIM may well be late once again.


IMO if you have a full physical keyboard and a screen the size as the Z10 you might as well get a net-book

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The conceptual BlackBerry Blade would have been the ideal marriage of BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 in my opinion.

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YES!!! - kill_9

@ stbernard306 ... sure, just try holding one up to your ear to make a phone call
@ mobilesync - I fear you may be right, but hope beyond all hope that you're wrong

I agree. The Q10 screen could have easily been another cm or two taller. 4:3 isn't so bad for the Q10 form factor, but a 16:9 portrait slider would be even better. Not sure other vendors would dabble with physical keys, maybe samsung, but definitely not apple.

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Q10 wins. The physical qwerty keyboard makes it stand out no matter what you say about any virtual keyboard on any device
It is the actual and closest feel of the buttons on a phone, the love and the addiction for it surpasses all. It's also newer as it is released after the Z10 and the perception of anything just released is that it is better with more features and gimmicks which everyone is looking for. It's 4G out of the box. I know more people getting Q10 than Z10 and they don't care about screen size and they are making fun of me that I have an older phone in Z10.

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Sounds like you need new friends...lol. Anyway, even though the Q10 came out after the Z, the only major difference in features may be the operating system in some regions (which can be changed via leaks if you're desperate, or in waiting for the official upgrade), in addition to the physical keyboard vs. screen real estate and virtual keyboard. So your opinion is just that. An opinion. Maybe try breaking it down for your "friends" in that manner and enjoy your Z. I mean, you can look up and compare the specs if you need to. Not that many differences b/t the two devices. It just seems silly to let friends giving you a hard time be what influences your decision. As for the topic of the article, my answer would be, "No, price would not have played a factor at all." This coming from a former diehard physical keyboard user who couldn't be more thrilled with the Z10. It gets work done, and does it well.

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No, I buy based on how the product meets my needs. The more productive I can be the better. BlackBerry provides that for me. Z10 in this case.

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BlackBerry should create a z10 slider. Something like the palm pretty. You know... webosnation.com

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I'm all about the z10, altho could definitely live with the q10. Price not an issue, I always get the best phone for what I want to do.

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It's 50 euro difference where I live. I got the z10 when q was not around and I'm glad I did. Wouldn't pay the difference.

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Developers and mobile professionals can tell that the screen size of Q10 is indeed a flaw. An opportunity missed, once again due to lack of courage and innovation. I bet Apple and Samsung and Moto will soon pump out devices with physical keyboard and large screen. By that time our BlackBerry fans party will be over. So will be the BlackBerry as a company. No worry too much though, BlackBerry and QNX will stay under the control of an U.S company.

RIM! If you want to survive as a standalone company you better make a device with physical keyboard and large screen as soon as this calendar year. No clumsy slider though. Think out of box; Innovate.

For professionals who truly need mobility and for corporate users, price is not a matter at all here. Make a device with both physical keyboard and large screen. We will pay +$1000 to buy.

I am a keyboard user since 950 in late 90s and decided to use Q10 as main device because of the decision of cross platform BBM. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to decide because of the Sxxxxx Q10 screen size.

RIM must "Keep Moving" rather than staying in the past.


Correct! And how shall such a beast with a physical keyboard AND a large screen be used one-handed without having a thumb augmentation surgery? The Q10 is optimal in its formfactor.

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I would pay 1k too, but I want at least 64gb internal memory, biggest battery possible, best glass/display and speakers possible top of the line processor and about 4 gb of ram. Until then I love my z10

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Well since Verizon no longer has their unlimited plans. I will be buying the rest of my phones outright till they force me to change my plan to limited data. Once I get back to the staes next month, I plan on getting the Z10(white) for my self & a Q10(black) for my wife. I will be passing my torch down to my oldest daughter.

I am like you Kevin. I buy what I want. Price is usually not the issue. I love my Z10 and will be adding a Q when Verizon launches. I think that will satisfy my Gemini needs. Lol

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Base on the two pricing you provide, no, it will not make a difference for me. Regarding the display of phones, unfortunately thefts are ever the increase cost of running a business this days. Base on 2011, in Canada alone it cost retailer $35 billion!! Regardless if 45% were inside jobs and 25% attributed to outsider as well as organized crime. It still a staggering figure. Most retailers will not attached more expenses of hiring more staff or security rather go the other way to further cut labor hours to lessen the loss. It is a crazy crazy world we live in.

Using Z10 now typing two thumbs with no problems. However, no question the Q is faster and more accurate. However, the extra screen size of the Z is nice to have. I'm leaning more Z I guess.

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Nope, cause you get what you pay for. And for having a discount on a premium device is icing in the cake.

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Price wouldn't affect my decision. More knowledge before hand certainly would have.

Steve, Posted via CB10

I have the Z10 but I don't know why the q10 gets my attention at stores. I love the big screen but miss the keyboard. But find myself typing faster on the z10.

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Even without contract the price difference remains the same: I bought the Z10 at €549 and the Q10 at €639.
So to answer to the question, I don't think that the price difference may influence the choice between Z10 and Q10. However, I wondering myself before to buy the Q10 because its price is higher than the unlocked HTC ONE and Galaxy S4... I chose Q10 only because I needed to replace my 9900. But I'll recommend this choice only if people are already BlackBerry user.

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I am a Z10 guy. Whatever the price. My wife is a Q10 fan. Price is not the factor, Keyboard vs large screen is.

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No. I was just so sick of my 9330 I bought the Z10 as soon as it was available. But 49 vs 199 is why I got a 9330 instead of a bold. If I had the choice again I would have probably have done the same thing.

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What I really want from blackberry is once they become a big company again is to be more ethical and do more community work and have their bod more accountable and not take away excessive revenues as their salary. Let's make BlackBerry the best cell phone company but also gain respect as an ethical and socially responsible company.

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BlackBerry is already the most ethical of all the phone manufacturers. They give $millions to the University of Waterloo as well as science and math programs. I can't think of a less ethical company than Apple, but their unwillingness to part with their cash to benefit society hasn't exactly hurt them.

Oh, and I bought the Q10 even though the Z was cheaper. I buy what I need, never settle.

@ blackberry008:
"ethical" can be measured 1000 different ways and means 1000s of different things to everyone.

I'll BET, though, that - unlike the other fruit company - RIM/BBRY are indeed paying ALL their taxes and not keeping $ billions off-shore just to avoid paying them.

Also, if you want some community support evidence, watch this: http://youtu.be/C60ECCJO900

... and THAT's just barely scratching the surface.

What I'd like to see a little more of is honest-to-goodness humility and a cutting-down of all the "better-than-you" ego their senior people just ooze.
Want to know what I mean? Go to the AGM & you'll FEEL it when you walk in ... no-one's s#*t stinks yet everyone's got their noses so high up in the air that they don't even know what anything below the horizon looks like.
THAT is where the underlying problem lies at RIM/BBRY; too much ego and (because of it) too far out of touch with "average consumers."

The pricing is due the fact the Q10 is geared towards business users. Business users care about the performance and conformance quality about the product eg qwerty keyboard thus the price won't have a (huge) impact on their decision.

Whereas the Z10 has a broad market and has to compete with other dominant touch screen handsets aka iPhone, S4, HTC One ~ unlike the Q10 which is the only real player with basically no competition in the QWERTY game thus able sustaining the higher price point vs. Z10 which is competing with established players

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Good observation. Totally agree. I already have the Z but now I also want the Q. I am a bit price sensitive, but well I can manage the cashflow.

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I have the z10 and was going to trade a guy for his q10 on Kijiji today but he wanted $150 with it? I said absolutely not. So I think price does affect my decision. They are both top of the line BB10 phones. There's nothing you're getting form the q10 for that $150 that the z10 doesn't have. Waste of money in my opinion. Overall Z10>Q10 in my opinion.

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Virtual keyboard on z10 are great! It feels just like home. If i have to.do it again i will still choose z10 even if the price is the same.

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I bought my wife the Q10. She wanted the white phone with the buttons. My old bb just died this weekend so I will probably get work to get me the Z10. Then our household will have both. 3 year contracts are the big cost so the initial cost isn't as big a deal as finding a good monthly price.

Price is a factor now because I'm no longer single and my wife is not a serious smartphone person (she uses manual pull to get her email).

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I'd buy both,- got a black Z10 on Feb 26th (day before my birthday) and technically since I didn't pay for it, I'm free to buy the Q10 ( in white so it's different and sort of justifiable) on Virgin Canada I have a month to month 6 gig data plan so I just buy my phones outright. All good. Just waiting for Virgin to bring in the white Q10.

I honestly don't think I could choose, I would have to have both. I have the Z10 right now and I know for a fact I still want the Q10...

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I love the physical keyboard but have thoroughly enjoyed the Z since March. I never thought I would use two phones but the Q is beckoning too. Perhaps a mint used Ebay model.

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I purchased my z10 on March 22nd for 199 - 50 gift card from best buy bringing total cost to 150. That was for my personal phone. My wife, mother in law and two children want one too. They are currently using 9810's. I will continue to hold out until someone has the z's for 50 which shouldn't be too much longer. Here's the catch - I'm grandfathered into an unlimited plan while the others aren't. My monthly will go up. I've noticed I've been using a lot more data now and so will everyone else. So yes price is a major factor in my decision making. I must admit coming from a 9900 I was very skeptical about the all touch but I have gotten pretty good adjusting and don't know if I'd be willing to give up the screen real estate.

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I owned a 9800 torch before that and I worried about not having a keyboard buying a Z10 but the keyboard of the Z10 is the best virtual keyboard there is. So if you love the biggest screen for Web browsing or viewing of other content I would go for that. You will learn the keyboard fast.

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Price was irrelevant for me. I chose the Q10 because I wanted a tactile keyboard.

And also I don't use my Q10 for games and so the form factor with fixed keyboard is ideal.

The screen resolution is excellent on the Q10 and the square screen has the huge advantage of eliminating the need to twist the device to change the orientation. Software developers must surely appreciate that as well.

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Honestly I prefer not to be locked into a contract. So I would buy outright. I love my Z10 but I definitely prefer the touch of a qwerty. So on this respect my daughter is lucky she gets the Z10. Hopefully making her a blackberry lover of the future. Not to mention giving me peace of mind with BlackBerry Protect and Parental controls. Have to protect both my investments.

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Well price does not make a difference for me. I just buy the phone I want, in this case it's the Q10. I had the Z10 for a while and hated it. The build quality is poor when compared to the Q10. The Q10 feels so much better in terms of build quality. The display is the correct size as I only use my phone to communicate and work.

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Did you have the white Z?

While I don't think the Z10 is built badly or use cheap materials (the black one is fine, while one with the hard plastic back feels cheaper), the Q10 (especially the black one) feels absolutely awesome. Easily head and shoulders above the Z10.

A full touch with thinner bezels (ideally slightly larger screen, say 4.5" with the same overall size as the Z10) and built quality as the Q10? Yes please!!

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As much as I love the feeling and look of my Z10, I'd love for BlackBerry to offer OEM Z10 battery covers in same material as the Q10 cover. It's stiffer and would look so very awesome! I'd take my OEM flip case off lots just to show it off and feel it.

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No. My carrier has the Z10 for ~$530, and the Q10 will be $580. If I can put up $530, an extra $50 wouldn't be too steep a hill to climb :)

In so far as i used my upgrade for the z10 the day it came out, yes. I can't stomach $650 for the q10 off contract.

When I can buy one cheaper, maybe...but I love my zed.

A first adopter, I got my Z10 at Virgin Canada on the Gold Plan. "Happily" paid $349 up front (currently $249), the rest ($300) paid off on the Tab at 10% of monthly bill ($45/mo - see website for current features with free plan change once per month). No contract - just pay off balance owing if want to stop monthly payments. My spouse was first adopter of Q10 and exactly same deal with Virgin. Both very happy. Would have bought phones outright if not for Virgin, as no interest in three or even two year plan.

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It did play into the decision making process for me. I was debating the Z10 and Q10 but did consider the on contract price when making my decision. It wasn't the only factor but it was a consideration.

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No. With all the great writings and information Kevin gives us, I wish I could give a more informative answer then that, but no price just does not have any place in the decision process at all.

Iam not a huge techie, but price usually doens't determine what I get. I have been waiting for the Q, but two days ago I bought my wife the Z. I may end up getting both.

Pricing is definitely a big consideration. I might pay a little more to get a better phone, but if the difference is too much, then I might go for the cheaper phone.

I know my friend recently got a GS2 because it was free on a 2 year contract I think. She could have paid an extra $100-$200 for the GS3 or the Z10, but in her words: "I didn't want to pay extra when I can get this phone for free."

I do not think it makes a difference. If you want a keyboard you are going to get one with a keyboard and if you want a touchscreen you are going to go for a touchscreen. If the keyboard is too expensive, than wait a couple of months and the price is going to go down.

A few years ago a Honda executive was asked if the company was concerned about the high theft rate of the Civic and Prelude. His response was that if you're selling popular product your theft rate goes up. Honda was #1 in sales and thefts at that point.

Tied down BlackBerrys are a good sign, it just proves the popularity of the new product. No one's going to steal something they can't sell for a decent price or want to use themselves.

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I had the BB 9800 Torch before I bought my Z10. I really liked the bigger screen but was unsure of the virtual keyboard, now that I've had it for a couple months I can type a lot faster than I ever could on the torch. I'm all for the Z10 even if they were both the same price.

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Being a big apple fan since nothing other than the physical keyboard would have made me switch. So no price difference will persuade me.

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Q10 no matter what. I paid full price for mine, even when my worked offered to give me a Z10 without having to pay anything for it. The way I use my device, the Z's keyboard just doesn't work for me. Physical keyboard for me all the way.

Keep in mind, I did purchase a Z10 when it came out, and ended up returning it when I realized it doesn't work for me, so I've tried it already as my full-time phone.

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Price is not a deciding factor me. If it was I would wait a few months after launch to get a better deal.

I pick the device I want based on my wants and needs, not the price.

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The big problem is that carriers are not discounting the Q10 enough. Both are the same price when buying them unlocked.

So, yes, pricing is an issue and it's best to just wait for the price to go down. It shouldn't be too long with Summer upon us.

I'm sporting the Z right now and have two other lines available for upgrade on AT&T. So, no, it doesn't matter. I will have the Q when launched in the states. It will be like wild wild west on my hips.

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Well in my opinion I'd like Q10 better, since blackberry I used is mainly for texting, Z10 just doesn't feel right to type for hours

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Not too concerned about price right now. Started a new contract on Bell last November with an LG Optimus G. Not too impressed with Android, picked up my Z10 on February 5th, paid about $550.00 for it. Love the phone but might get the Q10 as well as I still like the physical keyboard. Have been using Blackberry phones at work for the past 10 years and got used to the keyboard form factor. Still, would have been nice if the Q10 screen was a bit larger...

When it comes to BlackBerries price won't deter me at all! They are like pokemon, gotta have em all!

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Loving my Z10, but I'm drooling over the Q10... at the end I know I'm going to end with both

That's great way we roll!!!

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That initial price is just part of it. The bulk of paying for the phone is done throughout the contract. Nobody wants to be stuck for two years with a phone they like a little bit less just to save $150 when the total contract will end up costing thousands over two years. The only time the initial price of the phone matters a lot is when there is no contract. With a two year contract and the slightly more expensive plans that those have, you really end up paying for the expensive phones anyway, so you should really get the one you want.

Wouldn't make a difference to me. As you say, $150 over a 3-year contract is peanuts, less than 3 months of service even for a fairly basic data plan. When it's a device to be used as heavily as a BlackBerry, you can't let a difference that small change your mind.

I want them both Z10 for games and Q10 replacing my beloved old buddy Bold 9790! I'll have them soon! :D - from Philippines

Because of the three year contracts I bought the Q10 outright, 3 days ago, Wife got the Z10 a while ago and again she bought it outright, no more 3 year contracts ever!!! By the way after having the Z10 for 2 months, my wife is now thinking about the Q10. She played with my Q10 yesterday and she likes it a lot!!

I chose the Q10 as it is the phone for me. Price wasn't an issue. Also, SaskTel has an early upgrade program that you can pay off the remaining subsidy anytime in your contract to start over again. So the more you pay at first, the less your buyout layer on is. Another reason for the Q10.

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Currently have the Z now and loving it. Though i want to try the Q. Atleast try using it, try to feel it. But in the first place, knowing that there would be an all-touch and physical keyboard version of bb10, without hesitation, i get the Z. For me bb10 will be more optimized for all-touch device

I just hate BlackBerry for packing the Q, which has amoled and smaller screen size, a bigger battery capacity :( give the Z that battery and you're sure to own the smartphone industry :))))

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I feel fortunate that I can get whatever at this time, and do so based on my needs for a phone as a tool. Z10 is 90% of what I want, but having to keep text prediction on to make touchscreen typing remotely accurate forces edits and often frustrating fixing. Other oddities like multi button presses to delete emails and such are another "buggy" thing for me.

Thus, prepared to go Q10 stateside, off contract, with Zed as the BB10 failsafe.

The Z10 is $0 as in "free" at London Drugs in Vancouver. It’s a Telus model. Need to sign a 3 year contract with a $50 monthly rate plan. According to the flyer the sale ends June 5th.

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Woah!!! You guys have to pay out of your nose for a new phone! You're getting ripped off! I'm getting unlimited minutes (policy dictates 3000), unlimited texts (policy dictates 3000) - they call it unlimited but they really mean 3000 so that they can con people out of their money - and a massive 2GB of data on the UK's leading carrier, O2 all for £32 a month. And guess how much I paid for my Z10 initially when I signed the contract? NOTHING! But then again your contracts are probably cheap anyway.

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I ventured over to the z taking a chance with the keyword. Oh what a great choice it was. Price is irrelevant. I think most decide by what they want.

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Oh and our contracts only last 2 years. Even shorter than that when O2 release O2 Refresh for their existing customers. This is where we can pay them however much we owe them for the phone and can be released of our contract for no more than it would be for a normal contract. Pretty good eh?

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I pair $199 and locked in for 3 years for my Z10. I thought long time before the Z10 was released since I was coming from a 9810 when I used the keyboard 90% of the time. I wanted more screen real estate.

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It's weird, here in the Philippines, you get the Q10 for Free at plan 1499, cheaper than plan 1799 for the Z10..

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I went for the z10 because it was out while the q10 was not. I tested the q10 for work but it wasn't the most exhilarating experience. No matter the price, I'll stick to the z10.

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price isnt the first thing that comes to mind but i'd have to say it is on the list of things to consider. Somehow I feel like i'd end up with the Q10 either way!

here in India Blackberry Z10 is available on EMI scheme by RIM on contract 85 US Dollars per month for 9 months without any Cellular offerings.. Q10 will release on 6th june...

here in India Blackberry Z10 is available on EMI scheme by RIM on contract 85 US Dollars per month for 9 months without any Cellular offerings.. Q10 will release on 6th june...

For me the price, while not something to laugh about, was secondary to the physical keyboard of the Q10. What a wonderful phone it is!!

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I got the Q10, for the look and feel I am used to from a BlackBerry phone (and the novelty of a phys-keyboard of course). The high(er) cost was the only thing making me consider the Z10 at first.
In the end I just don't think the bigger screen/landscape mode would work for me. Whenever I do need to work on something 'big', I can just grab my tablet... So the look, feel and expectations of the Q10 won over the price difference.

Well z10 99.99 where as q10 os 199.99 at rogers you decide.

I have z10 since feb 12th 2013 paid 139.99 on 3yr.

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It most certainly makes a difference to me! I'm a younger person on a budget, and both offer the supreme BlackBerry experience. sure the q10 is slightly more upscale, but to have the z10 at a much lower price like that can make the decision for me

I think ATT will be at $250 for the Q10 with the Z10 $50 less. Does not make a difference. I want the Q10. Keyboard shortcuts are the best. Sign me up for a charger bundle and kick-ass case too. I've been excited for each of my last BBs (9000,9800,9900), and I'm pumped for this one too. BB by choice.

I'd love to buy both, but don't have that kind of money. In fact when I got my Z10, there was between $100-200 price spread between the Z10 and the Q10. I should have taken more time to decide. I went with the innovations and larger screen size of the Z10; but the physical keyboard and it's many shortcuts are still tugging at me a month later. So if I get a cash buffer, I could still end up getting a Q10. It's the classic BlackBerry experience. All is not lost, 'cause I still love my Z10. What a tug of war!

I recently sold my BlackBerry Z10 for the Q10. I don't regret my decision. These new devices are fantastic. Both devices have their pros and cons. Just amazing how good of a job BlackBerry has done. Wish I could just meld them into one super slider.

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Absolutely price influences purchases. I like to save money where I can. Now would it make me buy one over the other, I don't know but it would delay my purchase at that time.

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In Germany Q10 is around 770 USD or around 800 CAD.
The Z10 is around 640 USD or 670 CAD.
Both prices are without any contracts.
The physical keyboard was totally worth the extra cash!

greetings from germany, k_f

Z10 for sure the q10 is for those who are stuck in the past and just can't let go. My advice, adapt and move on case the future is in the z10s touch screen keyboard integration..

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honestly? i just switched from iphone towards the q10... i used android devices also... but onscreen typing sucks for me cause i text a frickin' lot!
I just hope and pray that BlackBerry keeps building physical keyboard phones.

greetings from germany, k_f

Yeah that would definitely have affected my decision, but I'm biased towards the Z10 anyway.

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Not for me. I wanted a larger screen and finally decided against the keyboard. Also the Q wasn't out when I bought my Z. I wouldn't mind paying a little more if they made a Torch kind of phone that is thin.

I would buy a Z10 regardless because of the screen size. The fact that it's cheaper is just a nice bonus. I would still get the Z10 even if the prices were reversed and it was the Z that was more expensive than the Q.

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Kevin how come your buying phones at all? Isn't free phones the best perk of your job? But thanks for supporting the team.

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I got my Z10 thru rogers for $50 when it came out. (because they love me) :) I then bought the Q10 full price when it came out. I used to be physical keyboard obsessed but after using the Z10 for a couple of months. I'll definitely take it over the Q10 any day.. the Q10 screen is too small. Physical keyboard isn't necessary anymore. The Q10 battery is better though. But that's about it :)

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The Q10 was going to be $280 + tax more than the Z10 a few weeks ago in London, Ontario when I was looking (after rebates and offers on the Z10)

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I love the Z-10 way better my brother in law has the Q the screen is just to small for me. And seems like an odd size.

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Q10 is cheaper than Z10 here in the Philippines. @ Plan 1799 you can get the Q10 with Php 2400 Cashout compared to Z10's Php 4800.

But it's not a big difference anyway.
I decided to get #GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE because its full touchscreen compared to my previous Bold smartphones.


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I've gotten so use to my Z10 and love it. Played around with the Q10 in the store just to check it out and am really happy they didn't come out at the same time. If they did I probably would have gotten the Q10 and never had the chance to enjoy all the Z10 offers cause $50 difference would not have mattered. Z10 is better for me and I can actually type way faster so the qwerty is of no help to me.

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When I bought my Z10 on launch day from Telus in Canada, I paid $199. Now they're selling it for $49. I'm wondering if people hold off for a couple months before getting a Q10 will the price drop on the Q10 as well? I didn't mind paying $199 but like most electronic devices, prices tend to drop as time goes on. But, the question is does a person have enough patience to hold off buying for a couple months? I didnt...I was waiting outside the front doors of my local electronic shop on Z10 launch day.

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I'd get either just to have the new OS. I couldn't wait for the Q10, swapped my Torch out for the Z10. I want to play around with the Q10 once it hits the US though.

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Price makes little difference as long as we are not talking hundreds of dollars, get the one that best fits your needs, or as has been said, just buy both, but only if you can afford it. I would love both, Q10 for my business needs, email, etc and the Z10 for watching videos and surfing the web of course. :)

Normally, price would not be a factor in my decision. Right now I am thinking that I will get a Q10 at work, so am leaning towards a Z10 for personal use.

I know a few who just both both. They like the z10 but the q10 trumps it. I myself just have the z10 and price plays to part in the decision

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Got the z in March and love it. Had a bbry phone since 2008. The best aspect is how the keypad learns what you write. In the beginning before this, it was a little frustrating but not anymore. Sometimes I do miss the spacebar when typing and accidentally hit the n or b key so I have learned to slow down my typing but most people I am texting with are surprised how fast I am responding to them with the touchpad.

I will be getting a Q10 from work, however my son's bold was up on contract, and he researched what he wanted. Telus gave him a great deal and he now sporting a Q,because the price wasn't the determining factor. The qwerty was the reason for his choice and he showed it off to the other Engineer's in his office. He let me test drive it, and I took the opportunity to see what bridge was like with my PlayBook. I concur with many other members that have indicated the loss of function with bridge is a huge challenge with the use of the two devices. Hopefully changes and updates promised will continue the pairing of a Q and PB, but I am not holding my breath

I bought my Z10 outright on fido. I would love to get the Q10 but cant justify buying it outright and its 350 on a 2 year on fido so i will have to wait until i can get a better deal.

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I currently have a Z10 and love it but miss the iconic BlackBerry keyboard. It just adds a different experience that I miss. So because of that I will have both a Z10 and Q10. Price doesn't matter.

I bought the AT&T Z10 the day it came out. I've had the contract free account for over two years as a secondary phone when Verizon coverage isn't good sometimes. I figured I might as well get a Z10 for $200 because there is no monthly savings for off-contract plan.

I was ready to pay full price for my Verizon Z10, then decided to upgrade another line. Now my main line is ready for renewal at the end of the month, just about the time is releasing the Q10.

I like the Z10 and I'm glad I have used it so I can show others and hopefully keep them away from Crapple and Samsung. The typing experience is just lacking too much, I need the physical keyboard!

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I'm fine with my BlackBerry Z10 but ill be waiting for the Aristo. I may buy a Q10 but my Z10 is all I need for now.

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Kevin thanks for this article it gave me the idea to try BestBuy to see if I could get my upgrade early for both my wife and I.

I can and I did. Will be picking up one for both of us tomorrow in store. So f'ing excited!! I have one for work but I wanted my personal phone for the full experience. Thanks, Kevin!!!!

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I paid $139 for the Z10 on launch. Wishing I'd waited for the Q10. Would pay more for the better hardware and that keyboard.

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We bought my wife's Z10 on tmobile for around $543 so an additional $36 is not that much of a difference! It's interesting that tmobile doesn't include the ear buds but that way I guess you can get the ones you really want!

I've got Z10 and Bold 9780 with physical keyboard, the price are show very very good compare with my country, Vietnam 750$ for Z10 (simfree, bring from oversea)

Love BB

I bought my Z10 for 733 aud when if first came out here in march. Upgraded from my 9700 and love the Z10. I'm on a prepaid plan of 36 a month for unlimited calls text and 3gb data. Couldn't be happier. To get same value on a plan would be 100 a month over 2 years.

Got my wife a Z10 for mothers day, same retailer for 648 outright. She upgraded from a Samsung and loves the Z10.

Same retailer has the Z10 now for 558 outright, but no Q10 on Aust yet. I'm guessing the Z10 price has come down after initial demand and when Q10 is released in a few weeks time, it will cost up around 750 outright.

I love the Z10 for the larger screen, and even if the Q10 was the same price, would still buy the Z10 as screen size matters more then keyboard type.

I'm sure u can, or will soon be able to buy a small blue tooth case with keyboard soon like the PlayBook if u really want a full size Z10 screen with qwerty keyboard

Z10 on Optus 4g in Sydney

I haven't read all the comments so maybe someone already pointed this out. Whether you pay $0,$49 or $149 or whatever only changes how much you have already paid down your device.

For example at Telus the Z is $650 and the Q is $700. So all you ate ever talking us the $50 difference for the phone. The Z @ 49 simply would mean you still owe $599 and $199 for the Q means you still owe $501 over the term of your contract.

The total price never really drops much. The Z was and still is $650 at Telus. It is simply how much you left owing based on what you initially paid.

So for me,I bought my Z the 1st week of Feb for $149 so my balance was $501 where as if someone bought it at $49 today b their balance would be $601.

So no the initial price would make no difference to my decision personally and wouldn't fret the $50 actual / real difference between the Z and the Q as the difference would be worth it.

Z10 + PB 64GB = Keep Moving. Posted using CB10 App

the price different between Z10 and Q10 due become a matter. Other consideration is the physical keyboard in Q10.
I personally love my Z10, but most of my community is waiting for Q10.
Indonesia love BlackBerry, and most of us are use to type with physical keyboard.

Today, Q10 hasn't arrived yet in Indonesia (legally), people are waiting for it.
And Me, I'm waiting for my GoldQ10 from GoldGenie :)

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The trend would be more support bigger display, so Z10 is not my choice, is the ages'. To be or not to be, i don't have choice.

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Good questions here Kevin;

Put it this way, I got my wife the Z10 at launch and I drooled over it waiting ever so patiently for the Q10...I played with the Z10 allot while she wasn't on it and I absolutely loved it! being a long time qwerty solid keyboard guy, I just couldn't believe how great the thing was!! However, knowing I could go run out and get my very own Z10, something in me would let me do it and waited for the Q10.

So when I finally got my mits on my nice new Q10 on launch day, I'm still torn if you can believe it?? I really do love them both. I love the clicks of my solid state KB and I love the screen size of the Z10...the flow on that thing is brilliant! I dunno, something about my Q10 feels right also...just pounding on these keys, I'm still faster on the solid state than on the virtual but that's could also be attributed to the (getting used to) thing as well.

So what's my answer? Q10....but sorta Z10 too. hah! Just give me the BlackBerry Blade and I'm good :)

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For BlackBerry loyal fans: have my firstborn and all of my savings.

For gadget lovers: ehh, I'll buy it if I like it.

For normal users: I rather buy an android/iphone for that kind of price.

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Easy peasy for me. Q10 all day long and a few hunnies couldn't keep me away. My Z10 is great but I haven't had the urge to boot it since firing up my Q10.

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I'm sort of forced to buy my devices outright these days to keep my unlimited plan. At that, 50 bucks ain't that big of a deal.
Don't get me wrong, $50 can go a long way in my household, but I'd rather get the device I WANT.

I jumped on the Z because I wasn't too obsessed with a keyboard, and was ready to jump on BB10 last year. My wife on the other hand insists on a keyboard and was willing to wait longer.

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If the Q came out before the Z I would have been all over it. However, I couldn't wait so I got myself the Z. After several months with Z I have become accustomed to, and rather efficient at, the virtual keyboard. The larger screen size for media and gaming make it, in my opinion, the better choice regardless of up front cost.

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I would love a slider; keyboard and large screen. But for now the "Q" for me as soon as Sprint steps up. Love short cuts. If I want a bigger screen, I have my PlayBook.

The rogers anti-theft strap is ridiculous! For me, I just want a phone that is lag-free, reliable, and does typical phone features flawlessly. Cost isn't as much of an issue, unless its over $700. (I choose Q10 over Z10 anyday)

I love the large screen and amazing keyboard of the Z10, but I'm intrigued by the messaging prowess and keyboard shortcuts of the Q10. I hope I can get my hands on a Q10 one day to try it out but for now I'm happy as a clam with my stormtrooper! P.S. Hurry up Verizon!

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I don't think the price really makes or breaks the deal when you are a die hard BlackBerry user. The price though did seal the deal on my final decision to buy the Z10 when it was only $100 on Amazon with a contract renewal. So in a way the price does make a difference especially in this economy. But if you really are a die hard fan boy user you will get what you want no matter the price!

I have the z10 and an htc one. Gonna try to trade my z10 for a Q10 as I do not need two all touch devices. Plus I still love my bold 9930 and I think the qwerty is gonna be my business device like my z10

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I'm in the UK and I didn't realise there was a price difference! However it's as you've said, people who like a physical keyboard will buy the Q10 regardless!

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50 Dollars a month in South Africa per month. 2 year contract. And thats on the more expensive plan. Cheapest for the z10 is 38 Dollars a month.

Blackberry for life!

At first it did concern me when I heard it would be $199 for the Z10 and $249 for the Q10, so I didn't know what to do. But all in all I will go for the Q10 when it comes to AT&T unless there is a super crazy price differnece. Now if the Z10 had a bigger screen maybe. But the Z10's screen isn't big enough for me to give up my keyborad. Now if they had a 5" BB10 device I may give up my keyboard. Unless they get a 3.5" Qwerty BB10. Device.

I purchased the Z10 a month or so ago. Totally feel in love with it. When the sim free Q10 was released I thought I'd get it so as to have a physical keyboard line in the good old days. But to my surprise I have kept both as my main phones. Granted I did not bring price into the equation as I just had to have both. If price was a consideration I probably would stick with the Z10. Or would I?

They are both that good that I can't decide.

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Definately the Q10. I love it, picked it up in London (it hasn't arrived yet here in Scandinavia) and it's definitely the best phone I've used. I dumped my Bold 9900 for iPhone 5 due to the stupid thing that I can't use MS Exchange with the BlackBerry 9900 right out of the box and that I had to use a carrier that had BIS to be able to use internet.

Now when the Q10 came and ALL I was missing on the 9900 was fixed on the Q10 I just fell in love

I wouldn't choose the Z10 because physical keyboard IS Blackberry.
And to be cheap and save a meer 150 dollars should be illegal.

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So for my part, here in Belgium we can't buy phones with contracts (it's forbidden by the law, whatever reason that would be x)) So the naked price still matters, and being a student I can't afford to buy both (believe my if it was up to me I would have, and also would buy the new q5 in red which is awesome !!)
My decision to take the Z10 was a really tough one, in the first place, coming from a Bold 9700 I wanted to stick with the physical keyboard which was really awesome, but seing that the Q10 was coming even later and was going to be 100-150€ more expensive than the Z10. I went with the Z10, and I don't regret my choice this phone is awesome (only thing that I regret is the battery life which is according to the reviews the best on the Q10)
So in a nutshell my decision was driven by the price but also by the far apart release dates (or my impatience x))

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Nope price doesn't matter for me at all.
Of course i can't only get one BB10 (z10 for now) at the time cause i'm not a billionaire, but if the q10 had been released first, it would have been my choice.

The Q10 was more expensive here in Germany as well, but I couldn't care less, to be honest. I wanted the Q10, the Z10 never really was an option.

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Here in Peru the z10 it's 1399 "Soles" ( that's the name for the Peruvian coin) its something like 464$ and 18 months contract...

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Can someone help to explain why there exists such a big price difference between these two BlackBerry brand new phones? If it's supposed to be some kinda market strategy, then I bet the Q5 which is gonna be officially put into some selected markets around the globe will probably be priced around 30 bucks with three years contract?

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Personally, the pricing didn't affect my purchasing decisions. Bought the Z10 and Q10 unlocked and sim free - I always have bought the phones this way as I'm not inclined to personally go into such long contracts (up to 24 months in the UK).

And because I can :-)

And I've personally been very satisfied with my choices.

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It doesn't normally, but can do if you are not in the upgrade cycle or want both. Personally, it wasn't a factor as I really wanted to move from old OS6 BlackBerry to shining new bb10

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I wanted the Q10 and that's what i bought, had it a month now and never regretted decision. Price didn't come into it

Nope, bought the q10 as soon as it dropped, and I dropped my iPhone instantly into the abyss from whence it came

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Of course if I just had money to blow like the rest of the crack nation on this site, I'd have both the z10 and q10 too!

But seeing as there isn't really a need to have two phones, at least not for me anyway, the upfront cost on a 3yr term would play some what a role. However, if you are signing a 3 year term always make sure you chose the phone you like, regardless of price. Remember, you'll have the phone for 3 yrs!

If you're lucky and the phone lasts that long! :)

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I also have to buy out of contract phones because of how often I buy. I will buy the Q10 and sell my Z10 just like I sold my iPhone 5 after I bought my Z10.

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Price is probably not in the top 3 of the decision making process for me. If the price is too high and I can't justify the cost I might not even by the other options because I do not like them for another reason.

If I see what I want and the price is right for me I buy it.

I want BB10. I want a keyboard. Q10 for me even if the Z10 was free.

As for the zip straps. I think the security buttons on the Q10's are a problem also. It amazes me that retailers can't figure out a a different way to show off their products. Bolt the battery door to the lanyard on the the display. Liquid nail the crap out of the battery for to the phone. Problem solved.