I Turn My BlackBerry Off - Music video parody

By Michelle Haag on 28 Mar 2012 05:44 pm EDT
We've seen several fan made BlackBerry music videos in the past. Who can forget classic hits like She Did Me Shady on the BBM, Textual Healing, and Ping Me Baby? Today the crew at M Crown Productions sent in their latest music video, a parody dealing with BlackBerry addiction, called I Turn My BlackBerry Off. Check it out!
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I Turn My BlackBerry Off - Music video parody


This girl is a terrible goddamn singer. So she only LOOKS like Lady Gaga, she's not nearly as vocally talented!

Lady Gaga is only talented through a computer...like this video. No one has natural talents anymore

Everything they said ^^^^^^^

I could take 20 seconds, had to shut it off and right a comment, who is the restard that posted this crap? They are no BB fan

wtf?! Man, I quit life after watching this. I knew it was going to be bad but I underestimated by how much.

OK/funny lyrics if she had taken a different direction with the music, I mean that was just killing me to listen to. I will give her credit for putting it together though.

This video is politically incorrect, Blacberry's are unable to turn off...that's why BB10 device most likey won't have a power off option

And here I made the foolish proclamation that the Swagberry video was the worst BB tune known to man. I now stand corrected.

Holly cow, everybody is so upset because of the song... Are we all in our 40's? The truth is that there are a lot of people out there that like this kind of crap.

With all that in mind I think this is way better advirtesment for BB devices then those nicely arranged, politically correct, - what else... - clean and serious Bold adds. This raises people interest. That is my opinion!

Needs more talent, there was nothing good about this. She looked like a gaga, but I didn't want to listen to this song nor watch it. Since when did being obnoxious, loud, and different beat out talent and direct.

can we give her and the parody artist a freakin' break for once?!!?!?!?! fuck man, can't any of us take any humor anymore?!