I think this app situation is overrated

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2013 01:39 pm EDT

One of the biggest concerns with BlackBerry 10 is that there aren't enough apps to please the masses. The obvious names of Netflix, Instagram, Vine and other "big name" apps come to mind. 

Cruising the CrackBerry forums I came across this thread where there is a great discussion on the ecosystem of BlackBerry 10 and whether the app issue truly is to blame for poor consumer adoption. I'm one that has never really cared too much about the bigger apps and more so about being productive on my device. As long as I can make calls, email, BBM, SMS and browse the web I don't really reach too far for apps that will make my device more "fun". 

I seriously think the lack of netflix or instagram is not the reason why people are not buying into bb10Sniper06, CB Member

Of course I have a handful of apps that I like to have on my device, and thankfully (for now) most of them are offered in BlackBerry World or I've been able to sideload a working version. But for some, not having these apps is a big problem and looked at as steering people away to other platforms. 

The argument is and has always been there that BlackBerry needs to step up the apps. They've slowly been adding bigger apps like Skype and Flipboard although they are limited to a specific OS or device, rough Android ports or just sub-par offerings. While I can't disagree with the fact that people want apps, we want to know if it's make or break for you and if you think that the app problem is really what's keeping people away from BlackBerry.

Hit up the forums thread below and lend your thoughts (keep things civil). Are the apps that you need available? Would bigger name apps help sell devices? Let's hear what you have to say!

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I think this app situation is overrated



Personally, I don't care all that much about apps as my BlackBerry has never really been a shall we say app centric device for me but I am certainly among those who believe if the apps were there, sell through and overall satisfaction with BlackBerry would be higher.

OK, but it doesn't help that although they knew they didn't have these big apps, the marketing push was not geared towards the benefits of BB10. Not one single clear TV ad showcasing the keyboard. Not one single clear TV ad showcasing the Time Shift camera. Same could be said about BBM with Screen Sharing (although Verizon had their version). Just because you don't have apps doesn't mean the entire device is crap. I'm sure many people would have been willing sacrifice a Netflix app had they known about the great typing experience.

Yup just so @&&?:&&/@&(lots of swearing) unbelievable. The keep moving campaign was horrible. Not the wording I get it just like Nike with just do it. Simple. But BlackBerry didn't show the keep moving with the phone just a bunch of abstract bull@$& . Even Nike shows someone scoring a touchdown in their shoes so you see its results. If BlackBerry did a commercial with a working dad out of town using screen share to help his daughter finish her homework would be priceless.

Dude that's a really fresh sounding ad! =) me likey! Hope someone at BlackBerry HQ reads it and funds some TV and YouTube campaign!

Apps aren't make or break for me. But once I got used to them I'm hooked. I want every app asap now lol

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"[I care] more so about being productive on my device. As long as I can make calls, email, BBM, SMS and browse the web I don't really reach too far for apps"
That quote right there is why BlackBerry is going the way of the dinosaurs. I hate to break it to you, Adam, but those other phones platforms have caught up on those features and would be getting BBM soon. The prevalent sentiment here is, BlackBerry is for work while the other platforms are toys. That is comical. I work in the IT department. I issue and manage BlackBerry phones daily. We give them out to sales guys and a few people in management. However, for the skilled workers they get iOS or Android phones. Why? Because there are specialized apps that they use in their daily jobs. I personally use apps on my Android work phone to scan and monitor our networks. It checks for vulnerabilities, captures pcap, and can help me compromise or secure access points in seconds. I am yet to see an IT guy that values a BlackBerry as a work tool. Yet, the same tired saying of BlackBerry is for work and iPhones are for games continues to be regurgitated on this forum. Sadly, by the time we realize how laughable that is, it may be too late.

I know we love our little oasis called Crackberry, and I love my Z10, but we have to pull our heads out of the sand. Apps are getting more complicated by the second. Not getting them is simply unacceptable. It is not even the big apps. It is about specialized apps. iOS users know that whenever ANY company decides to make an app, they will get it first. That is a comforting thought. Until BlackBerry can position itself to be one of those that can get an app at launch, it will continue to be an afterthought for those people that don't read Crackberry.

Totally agree with you. work in an IT dept and i can say that BB is no where near today's trend. Apps is what rules today. The question everyone would be asking is what can ur phone do. the lack of apps reduces the functions of the BB devices making them less marketable in a large environment. the only thing making BB sell right now is the BBM and once that comes to other platforms, its good bye to BB phones. a lot of BB owners would drop their BB phones for other phones like apple or android.

I totally agree.

This is where the phrase "Need <enter required item here>? There's an app for that!" makes total sense when someone asks you your impressions on the different phone OSes for future purchase.

I think saying that BB is for work while iPhone is for play (or Adroid or whatever) is fairly accurate and it's not necessarily derisive. This is because of how the mobile ecosystems have developed.

When BB was developed, it was geared towards work and productivity. The consumer eventually picked it up for those reasons and it became popular to have. Of course, the consumer doesn't care as much about work as they do about entertainment, which leads us to the iPhone. The iPhone was developed with the consumer in mind, not the corporation. Why? Because the consumers vastly outnumber the corporate users. So, entertainment became the driving force of having the iPhone which is, of course, the offshoot of the iPod, a device created with entertainment in mind. iPhones became even more popular because not everyone wants a portable music/video player, but EVERYONE wants a phone. We are a social species after all and simply diving into a movie or song is not exactly social.

Because the iPhone exploded in popularity exceeding that of BB, it became natural for the corporate world to look in that direction. Thus we started seeing specialized apps. "Specialized" is the key word here. It implies that it is not the norm. That being said, the iPhone, and even Android phones, have been and seems will be targeting the consumer for the foreseeable future. The consumer wants entertainment. Thus, the iPhones and Androids are for play, with work being secondary.

The challenge BB has had has been to target the consumer while not alienating the corporate workforce which had driven their sales previously. Unfortunately, from my perspective, they seem to have targeted the consumer with a corporate message. "Keep moving" doesn't sound very inviting from a consumer point of view in my opinion. It sounds more like:

-"Hey! A Blackberry!"
-"Keep moving..."
-"Okay, how about this iPhone or Android..."

From a corporate point of view, "keep moving" sounds great because if the business doesn't keep moving, they stop and thus make no money, obviously.

They should have come up with a better slogan geared more towards how entertainment makes us feel. I think something like "Stay Happy" or something of the like would have done better. The commercials could show people interacting with their phones, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, etc... the stuff that makes us happy.

In the end, Blackberry's mantra should have been "hook the consumer, hook the corporation." That's how it's done these days, not the other way around.

Thank you. People here are so close minded that they think that since they don't use that many apps that the rest of the world should be like that.

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No, most definitely not the only solution. The barrier to change phones must be super low though to ease a lot more people over.

ie: buy a new BB, download all of your favorite apps, fall in love with BB10, tell your friends, they consider/actually buy, etc etc

Now this is overly simplified but without those apps people won't even look at the device. I don't use a ton of apps but I did use a lot more on my 4s. It is a huge barrier but definitely not the only one.

HTC is notorious for horrible top level management (sounds familiar)

The problem is that most of these would-be users don't even know what apps are missing; they just go off media reports that BlackBerry is "dying" and the platform has "no apps". I think it is safe to say that some of these potential customers would come to BB10 if they were able to realize the missing apps are apps they would not use, that BB10 has apps they want or solutions they could settle for.

But the overall problem is still not a lack of apps...it's the constant media reporting of a "dead" company that is past being on its last leg. of course BlackBerry carried some of the blame, too. They have absolutely failed with marketing. If they get that right, the customers will come. It won't happen over night, but if they can successfully brand BlackBerry they will change public perception. It could happen.

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Exactly. There are many people that don't give 2 chits about apps on BlackBerry, and that's fine. Introduced in the Enterprise nothing that didn't come out the box was needed or desired. But in the consumer marketplace, that doesn't work anymore. To succeed in the consumer marketplace you have a lot more to compete with today.


I really don't use my phone for apps, but much like a discussion I had with my iPhone devoted brother regarding Siri when he asked me if BlackBerry should focus on such a feature I said, "Absolutely. I think it's a gimmick and I would likely never use it, but there are tons of people who would. It would be silly not to focus on a feature that would help you sell devices."

If you build it, they will come.

Unfortunately, I think it's a little too late. People have already dumped so much time and possibly money into their apps on the PlayStore or the AppStore that the thought of switching to an entirely new ecosystem may not be something people are willing to do.

Sadly this may be why I am a BlackBerry user and why BlackBerry is in the situation that it is. It's dwindling user base may not have been all that focused on apps. The device alone performed and did what the user required. But now you have younger people coming into the market that want apps and employers that realize the usefulness of some of the apps to give on the job aid to their workers.

I just think it's a bit too late. And that saddens me because the device, to me, is second to none.

That's because you might carry two or three devices or surely have within reach at home however most people will only want or can only afford to buy one device. So if the OS is half baked (even 10.2 is missing a lot, so 10.0 was really half baked), the hardware is not that much better than the competitors, most of the big names app are missing and the ecosystem is practically non existent. How and why would you expect people flocking to stores to purchase a Z10 or Q10 at that ridiculous full pricing tag?

Forgot to mention: to 99% of people sideloading android apps isnt an viable option, it's for a VERY limited number of geeks.

Agree to that, even if I do belong to that limited number. This situation it's also true regarding OS 10.2 wich is still in beta phase, and Installing unofficial OS on a 500$ piece of smartphone it's not everyones favourite dish.
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+1. I told a friend about sideloading on BB10 and he flat out told me i must be out of my mind if i thought he would pay $600 for a device and have to go through sideloading to get apps he needs

This is very accurate. The user experience is not there yet and to fill gaps... the alternatives are obscure.

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The user experience it's excellent in OS 10.2 but, to get there, it's a journey..pretty rough for regular users. Unfortunately.
Posted with my wonderful Z10STL100-1/

The adoption or lack thereof is not one dimensional as to apps or any factor. Its a product of many things, advertising being high on the list as is failure to deliver as promised, etc. You can have all the apps but if you can't deliver then it's does not really matter. Give us what we need but do a Damn good job of it and we will focus less on what we want.

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Personally, it's not really an "app" situation for me, just a device situation. I had a BlackBerry in the past and it was because the physical keyboard was amazing. There is no physical device being offered by BlackBerry that I want, so that's why I'm not on the BB10 team.

Apps that would be great for the platform though...

- Skype (native)
- Day One (Journal)
- Todoist
- Google Maps
- Youtube
- Google+

Those are my daily apps.

I'm with Bla1ze on this, it's not the reason, but certainly one other the top 3. Here's how I feel about it.

#1 - lack of advertising : so many people that look at my Z10 and are like, that's a BlackBerry?People STILL (no italics sorry) just don't know BlackBerry is still making new phones, much less the features therein.

#2 - Lack of Apps (I personally know people who like it, but went elsewhere simply because they use apps that are not on it (or not natively at least-my sister went to DROID because she couldn't get medical apps, at least back when she left. Another left because they fell in love with a single app (excersize app, and my wife wants to leave because of teaching apps that are not available on BlackBerry -not even on Android) she got an ipad to hold her off for now), two others that rely solely on Netflix (I'm not going to bother with the small screen debate, but I did want Netflix on it myself, but certainly not enough to leave) for TV shows and movies and at the time, BlackBerry didn't have a way to get a working version). It is sickening to ME that apps are THAT much more important to many, many people, but that's the reality and no one can judge them for what they prefer.

#3 - no lack of media negativity. (the media has had a field day with BlackBerry and even when completely false articles are written, they often go uncorrected).

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- Apps are one of the reasons.
- BlackBerry releasing BB 10 late by a year at least is another reason
- negativity of BlackBerry failing, the rumors and etc in the media detours ppl from buying it
- their horrible marketing is another big reason cause not many ppl know about the new BB 10 platform. The reason why ppl even know about it is from word of mouth.

And the center-stage, spotlighted catastrophe that was the BBM rollout is the only experience many have had with BB in years. It does not lend confidence to the quality of their products or services.

Exactly. I have never bought a BlackBerry to use apps, other than Twitter, and Facebook when I had one.

But I know I'm weird, and most people love apps....and if there were more of the apps that those people love, there would be more BlackBerry10 devices in the hands of people.

Also, I was really happy to see a first post that didn't say "First!"

Blaze, do u use another device?? like android? do you have an intstagram account? If Blackberry had all the apps, You wouldn't need to have 2 phones. (if you have 2 phones)

Blaze... That's fine for BlackBerry users who are used to that but the point of a mobile platform is to provide service to everyone; present as well as future clients. Its a silly approach to ignore the apps problem. It should've been at the forefront of BB's BB10 introduction. Apps matter... Its the reason you yourself have multiple devices. I, for YEARS, while on BBOS made the same argument that "apps don't matter", simply because I didn't know any better. I've been a BlackBerry user for over 7 years now. Instagram, FlipBoard, vine, pulse and many others never mattered to me. That is, until I was able to sideload them and find out what I was missing out on. We need apps. BLACKBERRY neeeeds apps. There's no game to even join into without them. BlackBerry will always remain in the stands, watching the game, without tackling the apps issue. I don't want 900,000 apps. Its wasteful and pointless when 80% of them are fart and filter apps. But we should, at the LEAST, provide the top 100 apps demanded by the plubic.

"Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" BBM Channel: C001214D9

Yeah it's like people who used to have dial-up internet who would say they never use the internet, after switching to high speed they were online everyday.

I don't know about that. I have a Z10 and an iPad. I much prefer the Z10 for the OS, but use the iPad when I want a larger screen. I am constantly annoyed using the iPad because half of the time when I go to a website, I get a splash page asking me to download their app. Sorry, but I don't want a separate app for every Web site I visit. Sometimes, there can be too many applications!

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Of Course! thinking that the App thing is overrated is crazy! Apps are not just for "FUN". There are plenty of utility apps that Blackberry world does not offer. And let me not get started on apps that just make our lives easier. You can look at it any way you like. If Blackberry wants to compete in the Consumer or even Prosumer categories, there are going to have to do something to get the apps that people want in Blackberry world. If not they better stay on the enterprise end and with BYOD taking off the way it is, I cant see many Professional users wanting a Blackberry if they had a choice either.

This reminds me of my days in a sales role when I would say that the customers are asking for X or Y and the response would be but they don't need it. Well I can tell you whether they actually need them or not they perceive that they need them. So, why doesn't BB make it easier to sideload apps so everyone can easily accomplish this feat. I know it's not hard I do it on my PlayBook but for some it is and having a sideload app area in App World might just help.

When its becomes "Which color iphone or Samsung do you want?" people will have no one to blame but themselves for not having any choice. (happening already? multi-color iphones! yay! such change and innovation)

APPS always come 2nd. Support the best OS out there, BB10 and the apps will come. Or just can be one of the curmudgeon app loving trolls on CB, who chant 'apps, apps, apps! ecosystem!' all why being screwed over by apple in a walled garden or google who sells you for every penny they can. Its one thing to be ignorant, but #teamtroll loves to push their ignorance on to as money other people as possible.

Blaize could not agree more interestingly i see many people with droid phones or iPhone with numerous apps i don't think volume is as important as how often they are used. In AUS we lack key apps for banking and major retailers. Which could be advantageous. In saying this However again I don't see the apps making or breaking Blackberry there is a significant lack in consumer awareness as to the product. Being App Centric or having app centric tunnel vision and waiting for apps before marketing is a futile effort. The brand itself needs to be rebuilt offerings needs to be displayed if sales start to develop then it is in my opinion far easier to develop the apps for organizations.

Moreover, there is a significant issue with the a strategy that purely focuses on application development. No organization would bother investing 10k into a fully featured app to service less than 5% (being generous) of the market. BlackBerry needs to take two initiatives, developing third party relationships and promoting their product range.

One day BlackBerry announces it is exiting the consumer market. The next day BlackBerry announces rumours of a consumer market departure are incorrectly stated. A few days later the company is being scavenged for parts by a former board member responsible for the present predicament. Claims of insider trading and/or corporate malfeasance by senior management in collusion with the board of directors surface days later. Developer conference events are ghost towns; media rags including CrackBerry fall over themselves to lick boots for an interview with screw-up the BlackBerry management team.

I've said it before and I'll repeat it. If I had the money to buy BlackBerry, the company, every one on the management team would get nothing except an escort off the premises and a permanent black mark on their resume. Then I would rebuild the company under private ownership and invite every institutional client of the company to Waterloo to address their concerns. Customer Service would be replaced by a consulting team dedicated to ensuring troubles-free deployments of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and 24/7 engineering-level support FREE for the first year. Any deficiencies in the software (server or smartphone) would be addressed immediately, and any foot-dragging by the development team would be met with termination of employment. As for the consumers that part of the company would cease to exist.

Glad this comment is first. It sums up how many BlackBerry users feel right now. There's no need to get into any arguments. Let's leave this thread as it is, calm and happy.

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While I agree with you the fact remains for a significant percentage of smartphone users applications reign supreme. I have a few applications on my BlackBerry Z10 which I use daily but to be honest most of the things can be accomplished via the native web browser on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I am still considering buying a BlackBerry Q5 but need fully-functional BlackBerry Bridge restored. I don't know what the future holds for BlackBerry, the company, but the desperate thrashing in the form of recent events and announcements leaves me with a lot of doubt.

I think it has to do with carrier advertisement; specifically, in store carrier advertisement. There are a large number of stories about carrier reps leading people away from BlackBerry. This happened both to my father and me on separate occasions...

Posted via my Q10.

Some professionals need specific apps in their domain. For example, some MDs use medical apps. They do not want a phone that won't run the essential apps that are common on Android or iPhone. Moreover, they do not have the time or the interest in side loading; applications should come from a reliable source. FDA approval will become required for some medical apps, and smartphone security is a concern. Catering to professionals is important for Blackberry and it requires a reasonable set of software applications.

Why doesn't BB offer a complete offer of Android apps (including those that require Google services)?
For many consumers, only a few apps are needed. With an HDMI port, a BB10 device without Netflix loses a selling argument.

The app situation is definitely a deterrent for people. I must say I'm surprised with the great apps that have been trickling in recently BUT the fact remains, if they want to stay relevant and appeal to even the "prosumer" (whatever that means) we need big apps like vine, instagram and snapchat. Marketing professionals need these apps. I don't give a shit about the thousands of time wasting apps but some of these big ones need to be in BlackBerry World.

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well, most of BlackBerry users doesn't care about apps and this is true. But the other hundreds of millions ppl who use other platforms they do care so much so if you want other users to use your phones you should give them what they are looking for and its: "apps".
even If you or me doesn't care about apps that doesn't mean this is not the issue, the whole market is not like me or you.

even If you think about it in other way, now BlackBerry users want the apps! The forums are full of users who are asking when Instagram is coming or how to sideload vine, Instagram, messageme, …etc.
So you can't just ignore all that and say that this is not the issue!

Honestly when I first got my z10 I was really worried about the lacking in the app department. But if you compare that flaw with all of the pros it was totally worth keeping. Sending nudes for 5 seconds and posting pictures of your food can be fun I guess, but it shouldn't be a priority.

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I call BS on this one. Without apps, a phone effectively becomes dumb. Hence why people have bailed and are continuing to bail on BB. Sad to say but true.

I agree with Bla1ze, I think having more big name apps would definitely help sell through. The funny thing is all these people have all these apps on their phones and they never use any of them. More big name apps in the banking and everyday productivity realm would be great but the rest are just look what I have type apps that never or rarely get used.

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I'm in agreement that my BlackBerry doesn't "need" apps, but that's for me and my usage of the device. I'm pretty sure the lack of Instagram (not so much Netflix) would steer people away from BlackBerry. It's simply a reason "not" to buy the device, unfortunately.

This app situation is a double edged sword. The apps need to be there for the devices to sell, but a lot of developers are waiting on adoption rates before committing to the platform.

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... and a few (like Google w/ "Google Maps") are probably using their competitive positioning to refuse Apps for BBRY in order to kill it off faster.

I DO buy the argument that it's probably not economical to re-develop one's app for yet another platform (4 now), BUT most of the "biggies" that are missing aren't made by 'little shops' who can't afford to sink THAT much time & resources into taking a chance by developing for BBRY. MOST are HUGE players who are refusing to do it either based on a personal dislike of BBRY (or its Mgmt predecessors), because of prior crappy user experiences, or because they have an affiliation with a bigger competitor like APPL or GOOG.
Or, like most lemmings (even, fashionistas?), they just don't want to be seen to be uncool in the market by also playing on the "most-hated" platform.

You're ABSOLUTELY right that it's a "CHICKEN-AND-EGG" scenario: "No apps without users; no users without apps."

While NONE of this is worrysome to me - I have about 18 apps on my Torch - I "get" that some lemmings need to be entertained in-between chasing their tails while others are just using their time more productively.
The fact that some insane # of apps (between 70% and 90%, I think) in the iTunes store have NEVER been downloaded AT ALL speaks volumes AGAINST the "urgent" requirement to have 100s of 1000s of useless crap available "just for the #s count."
That's like saying a great car isn't worth buying because you can 'ONLY' get 100 different variations of alloy wheels for it vs. the most popular one that has a 1000 different styles available.

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

WOW, THANKS ... you're too kind; I'm flattered.

I'm in Canada. Waterloo, in fact.
Where are you?

the reason why many people change is because the other platform and mock insult by not having certain apps available on a BlackBerry making it frustrating but personally does not intimidate me, but I say the attitude of the other people. including my friends

I agree with the post, unfortunately BlackBerry s detractors are using this 'lack of apps' to kick them while they're down.



in a sense i kinda think people are just afraid to try bb10. granted the legacy bbos isnt too great, people dont even want to give bb10 a try and they'll bash it. all they have to do is use the apps thing as a scapegoat to dismiss the platform entirely. mention apps and theres nothing left to say, regardless of whether the rest of the platform can out-perform droid/ios or not to the needs of that specific person. i do think the lack of apps is overrated but its an easy excuse to not even try the platform out.

Close the forums, this chap has won the internet for the day.
I think this is a HUGE factor. The general public are sheep and will follow the flock.

My response to anyone who uses the "BlackBerry does not have applications" argument is asking them specifically which applications they use. I come up with either the same application or an equivalent alternative.

With regard to games, that's why I have a portable gaming console, I don't game on my phone unless I'm bored

With regard to applications such as Instagram and Snap Chat, I personally think they're for airheads and I would never want them on my device even if it could support it.

I do agree that there is no excuse for not having the top names (excluding games). The BB Developer Relations team is probably the best out of all competitors

I'm not fine with this... need more Pro Apps. I miss NetDania, had it on my Bold9700..

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The small apps are almost all there for me. OCR, remote connect, etc... This part of it is overblown. It's the top few apps that arn't here that brings in satisfaction.
Most people spend their time on Instagram and Pandora.

But on a personal note: My app needs will be satisfied when the IG client comes and maybe Tapped Out Simpsons.

For me, the small apps are all MISSING.
Home security
Grocery store club
Swarovski Ballistics
Cinemark & Regal apps
Xbox Smartglass
Speedtest.net app

That's not to mention the bigger ones:
Google navigation

The bigger ones will usually have an alternative, but the small, product-specific apps are sorely missed

If you really want an app, you can just sideload it from bb10bars and it will most likely run as smooth as on any Android device. BlackBerry World app count is no dealbreaker for me.

Although this is true most people don't have the inclination to go thru the sideload process

Posted via my better half ZED

I'm my opinion, sideloading backfired on the reputation of Blackberry. It just proved the point that Blackberry World lacks.

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The way I look at it is look at Apple and android they are selling and not looking back but look at bb10 and Windows they don't have the big name apps and are struggling to sell to the masses, I believe if the big names were there for windows blackberry would possibly be dead by now but since windows are in the same situation as blackberry with very little big name apps they can't really sell the big numbers either, so for the question of do apps sell a phone yes it does because if it isn't there what is the point of getting it

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It would be nice just to quiet those on other platforms who hark on number of apps available (for me quantity does not equate quality). I didn't chose BlackBerry for the apps. But that is me and my opinion only. Most of the apps I use are on available (native or side loaded). I would like to see a Walgreens or Bank of America app come on board as I use this a lot on by Android phones. The only other one I use a lot is Flip Board which is already on the Z30 and coming to the Z10 when 10.2 officially releases.

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I'm not sure what the right answer is here.  Customers definitely perceive the app gap as a problem, which perpetuates weak adoption.  As for actual use, I agree.  I still don't care too much behind email, Twitter, SMS, BBM (or whatever chat), etc. 

And I think if BBRY can stay alive and build a decent audience then eventually Google will come to the platform too, which is really what's bothering me these days.  Ever since testing out a Galaxy S4 (only been 6 days now), I'm so impressed with Google services.  Maps, Now, Hangouts, a great YouTube app, a Chrome browser that synchs to my Google account ... these are the things I think BBRY needs more than Netflix.

I think you're on to something there Chris
I don't think just apps is the issue,
Probably better integration should make for a better experience
I don't feel the need for apps on my Z10 (and trust me I but a lot of apps) usually I end up not using them
Sure apps will help, but i dont think it's the defining solution
BB 10 is an impressive platform more polish and better integration should make for a more immersive (dare I say complete) experience

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Exactly, lack of Google services is a big hit to the platform. If it's any apps, it's Google apps, only because they're usually universal and makes switching platforms a non-issue in a lot of cases.

I too miss access to normal Google Apps. I use a lot of their services and not having access to it is hard. Google seems to have given up on providing anything of use to BlackBerry... and I think that hurts BlackBerry a lot. If big content owners/service providers such as them forgo you... you are in for a rough ride.

I wonder though, why BlackBerry can't build apps for these services themselves (if they are allowed to). I remember the old Google Talk was a BlackBerry product, so too was Maps.

Welcome on board Chris! Fanboys here will think you're joining the darkside. But now you see the appeal of Android. Google services and other cloud offerings from their apps are the reasons Android remains #1 OS.

The app complaint is the main one I read about as well but I never really had any problems, mostly because I don't really care about apps and the useful ones that I do care for are actually there or work fine through side loading. And if Android and Apple users would take a look at the apps they actually use on a regular basis I suspect they might miss 1 or 2 apps at most and actually re-buying some of the apps will be a bigger problem then the missing apps they don't really use anyway.

Not from my Z10 A.K.A Gungnir.

Everybody I know that would have considered BlackBerry didn't do so because of instagram. Seriously its crazy how that one app destroyed BB10.

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I don't mean that people are crazy for making that choice. Just unreal how that one app has such sway in the success of a platform.

Posted via CB10

If people are making that choice then u better have the stereo else u r going out of business......... oh wait that's what's happening here I thought we figured it out.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I believe if the store reps actually tried to sell the phones they would sell. Most people use their smartphone as feature phone with a better browser.

Posted via CB10

Exactly, I understand that for "some " apps are a big deal. However I'm happy with the 50+ apps that I do have. I don't use vine, instagram etc. Even if I did, I wouldn't sacrifice using the best device just so I could have Vine, these people are just sad individuals.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

All I need on my smartphone is the ability to make phone calls, check/reply to my emails, BBM and to be able to browse the internet. Ok, add in a nice camera to take pics of the kids.But that's just me.
Here is what all of my lady friends that didn't buy BB10 need : InstaGram . That's it. They all said that they would have bought the BB10 if it had InstaGram. InstaGram is the deal breaker.
A couple of my buddies mentioned Vine (no idea).
Everyone asks me if BB10 has Skype. I say yes since I see the icon on my Z10 but I don't use, so for all I know, it might just be a bad version of Skype.

Too little, too late. Blackberry 10 was doomed at launch. Apps won't save this company from its evident demise. Good riddance.

My S4 is better than your Z10.

Your dead wrong! Android os specifically sumasung S4 user interface seems old let me explain when press or swipe there's that annoying and buzz or vibrating sound which is annoying and honestly seems primitive

Posted via CB10

Good riddance?

Please people we should all act this way when the others go through tough times. Its happening to apple. 'Droid is freeware that will live on as its fragmented, low-end, hackers paradise that it is.

Still don't know why theses people come here. RonBro66, obviously you feel insecure with your S4 if you have to moan on a BB site about it. Glad your happy google knows everything about you, too bad they just don't care about you and will sell your info for every last dime they can get.

Let's see how your s4 preforms after a year unlike you I don't have to guess about the performance of my mobile device after years of heavy use, even though you claim "your phone is better" (everyone is in titled to their opinion) your s4 will never last as long and preform as well as my z10
If I had a dollar for every "s" phone that I have seen broken from a simple drop, cracked screen, missed call because they are on the Internet, delayed reaction text one time three hours no lie, these are all the things that I have witnessed from "S" owners and I can say I will never be envious of you, so on that note enjoy your choice while you can because I have a feeling one day you may regret it and this is my opinion

Posted via my better half ZED

The whole apps thing is a little overrated. What hurt BlackBerry most was complacency! Do I want vine, instagram and netflix? Of course, but the difference between all phones is minimal.

Posted via CB10

It's not one of my issues, but it is an issue for most smartphone users. Even the thought of not having Instagram, Vine, Netflix, a Starbucks app, etc. is enough to turn someone away.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Apps are a large factor for the casual user. They want to play games, watch movies, or just keep up with what their friends have on their phone. Most apps just end up being a feature to show off more than a normal use function.

All of that said, we're still in the early days of the app based mobile world. There are a lot of niche and highly specialized applications being written that both enhance the functionality of your handset (which is really what any good application should do), and allow a more streamlined connection to a larger world. Think of EMR systems, or databases, or any other assortment of similar systems.

My point is that BlackBerry has and doesn't have an app issue. What they need to do is finally define this mythical prosumer that they are pivoting towards supporting and find out what apps they need: be they legal, medical, defence, law enforcement, whoever it is work to meet their needs better than any other platform.

Posted via CB10

"My point is that BlackBerry has and doesn't have an app issue. What they need to do is finally define this mythical prosumer that they are pivoting towards supporting and find out what apps they need: be they legal, medical, defence, law enforcement, whoever it is work to meet their needs better than any other platform."

Now THIS would be excellent!!

Do you want me to tell you how many "tons" of friends of mine have moved to iPhone because BlackBerry does not offer Instagram?

I have all the apps I need, but I know for other demographics, there are a lot missing. Social media is a drug. You can not expect gen Y to buy a device that does not have the likes of Instagram, vine, snapchat...etc. To compound this, this is the same demographic tasked with selling these devices through the carriers. There should be no surprise the lack of the major social apps has been a huge disadvantage for BlackBerry

CB10'n it.....via my Z

I guess you really don't know the meaning of the word "sideloading". I doubt you ever need to pay to sideload any apps on a BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

There are no real "tools" missing in terms of apps. Toys? Sure, some whimsical stuff isn't available (yet). Are those really holding you back from what is clearly emerging as the next generation handheld mobile computing device(s) and OS? Really??

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

Do many people really watch Netflix on their phone.? I have all the apps I need in BlackBerry World. BlackBerry works for me in my day to day stuff just the way it is.

Posted via CB10

Maybe you should go work for BB, Adam. After all, thinking everything else in the world is over rated is what put them where they are today.

+1. I am missing the Banking apps the most on my BB10 and you usually can't do it on mobile browser due to the security measures in place.

Posted via CB10

The problem is perception and ease... The fact is that in order to get the apps you want, you need to sideload them... that is akin to needing to jailbreak an iPhone in order to get the apps and features you want. It all needs to be easy... The developer community is going to go where the masses are first due to profitability, that is simply the way it is. The fact that the most popular apps are not even available for BB10 is a critical barrier... the average consumer will never sideload apps... it is only the hardcore people which is a small percentage of the actual population... The community on Crackberry forums is the hardcore of the hardcore... it is time to step outside the bubble. The vast majority of people want something simple... That is what lured people to the iPhone... it was and still is simple to use... and because of their following, developers flock to the iOS platform first... It wasn't always that way... It used to be that BB was the preferred platform...

This is a touchy topic not all of us care about apps, but there are a lot of people that do, so let's just say for arguments sake someone is comparing phones for new service they are going to buy the phone that best fits there needs. BlackBerry is the greatest phone I have had but who is to say ten years ago when I first decided to try a new phone and I found out about BBM this was the catalyst for the purchase. So why wouldn't the same rule apply for someone interested in some new mobile device. So to sum it up yes apps do matter to blackberries bottom line it may not be for all but who is going to argue with revenue in the door because of say a Netflix that is available on all platforms opening the door to new customers that may not be happy with there current device

Posted via my better half ZED

You know you are right about that ... back in the day I convinced several people to switch to BB JUST because of BBM.

I agree with Blaze also, for me they are not as important. However a consistent question I get is yea but does blackberry have apps. I respond of course and show them. Side loading is ok for techies, but it is not and can not be the reason for people to choose blackberry or stay with blackberry. The major app players, I think, should be on bb10. It will help sell the device and show people the power of the platform.

Posted via CB10

I'll try and find the link but I read some interesting statistics regarding app use on iOS and Android devices. The one that struck me particularly was about Skype, where it sits unused on 89% of Android devices after the first 2 months of downloading. Instagram's demographics were interesting reading too but I don't have them at hand. Needless to say, I'm surprised to see so many grown adults craving its inclusion on BB10 devices. The conclusion of the article was that big apps were big simply because they were sold well but didn't necessarily fulfill any great need. I agree with this conclusion. I downloaded Skype the day it was officially launched and used it a few times during its unlimited use period but now it sits unused and forgotten about. I'm not saying this is true for all users, but seems to be for the vast majority.

Posted via CB10

I agree ... There are very few "big" apps that I have continued to use after downloading them. I had instagram when it was only on iOS but got bored of it ... I deleted it a long time ago. I don't even use twitter lol.

Its not only not having the big name apps but more importantly why they are not there to begin with.

There are way more apps right now than I need, I use my Z10 for communication, tasks and planning mostly, and it does an awesome job with those!

I bought a BlackBerry because I wanted a BlackBerry. I like the phone, it's smooth, doesn't lag and I can be productive with it. I'm very impressed with Box and so is my accountant. Evernote is a life saver. I don't need Viber, I've got Skype. All I would like now is a Banking app and even that is not critical. I can bank on the full site. I'm very happy with my Z10. If they are still in business in early 2015 I'll get another.

Posted via CB10

It's media driven. Most people are sheep and the media tells them what to wear, what music is cool, to have a lack of morals and what smart phones we should buy. We live in a dumb down society... that is the problem here.

My bank, my brokerage and my grocery store have all refused to develop apps for BB10, but have had BB7, iCult and Android apps for years in constant upgrade cycles.

I don't care about sharing cat photos, but I'd sure like to execute a trade in realtime if need be.

NOW tell me apps don't matter to the user.

Apps aren't just games it's the productivity that they bring to your phone.

So yes I definitely think they are making a difference.

Posted via CB10

My main concern with apps is not that the older uber-popular apps have not been BB10'd... but that new apps that are being developed and marketed don't appear to be released for the OS.

Now I'm used to feeling frustrated at apps being advertised for Ios and Android, but I'm seeing more and more love being shown for Windows 8, which is really annoying.

big firm developers.. please stop boycotting BlackBerry and witness your apps in all their glory on a OS that deserves them!

Posted via CB10

People use their phones for different things. The thing is though, I wish I COULD make better use of my 'smartphone' but I simply cant. Unlike my peers who take public transit (the subway etc), I drive daily, and there goes much of my idle time as I always try to stay focused when driving. Secondly, I work at a computer all day... I stare at a screen 7-5 and then some when I get home. Anything I can do on my phone, I can do on my 31" screen comp... I completely understand the uproar over not having the hottest apps. But at the same time, I'm not everyone. I just need a device that works for email/texting.

It certainly would be convenient since you won't be carrying 2 or more devices it certainly would mean that I'm up par with my family and friends and interact with them eg. instagram in addition a dictionary.com including accompanied apps like a theasurus should be integrated in BB10 when highlighting text should be able to define search and translate in addition Who doesn't love Shazam. Amazon should have a native app as well. If these apps are available ill be more than happy!

Posted via CB10

I personally don't care about Netflix or Instagram. I'd never use them. But the absence of those apps in BlackBerry World mean many people skip over the platform. My Z10 does most of what I need from a mobile phone, but there are many apps that aren't available simply because the sales volume of BB10 isn't high enough.

Big apps aside, there are many "niche" apps that would be nice to have on the platform. Yamaha makes a remote control app for my receiver, but only for iDroid. There are lots of other examples where lesser known apps are only available for iDroid and this helps to tilt the market share away from BB10.

Apps are absolutely important.

Well, I agree with you on the app scenario. 100 %. Why do we need a hundred thousand flashlight apps anyway?

As far as other platforms go, such as apple, for example, I just seen about 12 reviews for the iPad mini. Truly laughable at best. Everyone is so caught up in the flashyness of it, totally bypass the technical side or capabilities of the said device, only to tell Sri to *uck off.

Yeah, ok...truly amazing review. didn't show me how the functions of everything works when compared with another brand, why the browser is better, the different quirks of the UI compared to another....etc,etc.

All these kids do is unbox the tablet and go " yeah....look at what Siri just said, blah blah blah ". It's this mentality of people which leads me to come to the conclusion some of the complainers of BB10 simply rather to have a bunch of garbage on their tablet or phone, just to say it has more.

And all the while, mommy or daddy was the one who bought and paid for them an electronic babysitter.

They can have their "quantity "...and Sri, and their cloud. their heads are certainly in one.

Now, to talk about a real phone. BlackBerry 10.

1. Productive
2. Makes absolute sense
3. Expandable SD cards, removable batteries
4. Best social app out there...BBM.
5. Mature company...we invented the "Smartphone ".
6. Blackberry phones aren't toys like iphones.
7. Made for business to get the real business done and do it well.

Other reasons are out there, but no matter which platforms one chooses, you can't have it all, nor can any one device do it all...

Who gives a six year old an iPhone these days anyways? Does he work on Wall Street?

Go ride a bike or something.

And the parents for buying a six year old one? Stop playing "keep up" with the joneses...it makes you look even more idiotic. Buy your kids bikes or toys, or bring them fishing at that age. They'll actually learn something.

Rant done. BlackBerry is best. For mature adults.

Kids....read your books, play outside...be a kid....play with a bike or something. No need to have an iPhone at six years old...just makes the parents look dumber than the kid, actually.

Posted via CB10

I agree, I know so many parents who've got an iPad for their really young kids. I think it's disgraceful...buy them a book, jigsaw puzzle or paper and paint for gods sake!

With regard to apps, I have all the apps I need but most people I know use Instagram.

Posted via CB10

It is their money, it is their kids, it is their choice, what is your problem, how does it concern you?

Wow! Your rant shows how out of touch u r with the outside world. Iphones and ipads have permeated the corporate world like nothing blackberry has done in the last 3 years in fact at the rate blackberry is going apple could give them a run for their money with the BYOD revolution which is now mainstream. BlackBerry sees the train and is running towards it but the way things are going it looks like it will miss it. Reminds me of palm.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Even though I don't use the most popular apps but I wouldn't cancel out adopting into one or two of them. I personally want those apps on Blackberry World just so BlackBerry can do better. I know they will.

The market has shifted and spoken: The Majority of the population is formed of consumers not prosumers, and if BlackBerry wants a big chunk of the consumers market, they need to chase and beg for the big names apps.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

In addition functional apps like hiring a taxi or booking a ticket or making reservation like the one in the passbook app. -ive never actually used it however knowing that's it's available gives me comfort. -from a consumers point of view LOVE MY Q10 and Z10!

Posted via CB10

Although I don't really use many apps myself, you can't deny there is a growing need for them. Some people do like their apps and the fact you can get them on one platform but not another IS a real problem for some and means that any potential BlackBerry buyer won't move to BlackBerry if their fav apps are not available. From my own personal experience, I have lost count how many times I have read somewhere just download the app, only to find BlackBerry wasn't supported or some of the apps I had on my ipod touch I can't get on my BlackBerry basic stuff like Argos (shopping catalogue) or British Gas app and my Bank. Even the mobile carriers don't appear able to make apps available for BlackBerry. So yes this is a real problem but I believe it's only 1 of the problems. BlackBerry has to do something about its image and be pro active about its products a lot more. Its the narrow minded people out there BlackBerry need to win over. I'm already a lover of BlackBerry products, I don't need convincing about the quality. I will continue to buy BlackBerry as long as the product is solid. I love BB10 and I find it incredibly easy to use and it flows. That is the reason I prefer BlackBerry over the others.

Posted via CB10

It a phone I don't need Netflix if I want to watch a movie I have a tv, why do you need thousands of apps, before these cell phones people got along just fine we though off thing to do our self,now other people do the thinking for you like apps. You what to have fun get out, you don't need apps so you can sit on you a$#s in you house and you buddy sit in his and play on the little screen. Phones are for talking not mind less games or find the closes beer store

Posted via CB10

For me personally, the apps are not the be all and end all. Sure it grates when friends show off their latest and greatest app and there is no hope of having it on BBOS. But here's the thimg. Hardly any of these magical apps last among friends, instagram and WhatsApp being exceptions. They all move on to new flavours of the month. I love the BB devices as they work for me and my needs. I really hope to upgrade from a 9800 to a Z30 and I've already spoken to one app vendor in particular about making that step. The addias mi_coach team said they have no plans to develop an app, so guess what, when the time comes to move up, I'm looking for a similar app that is on BB10. I might be in the obvious worldwide minority, but for me, my needs determine my device and the device determines my apps.

P.S And if all else fails my Z30 will be a collector's item in the future.

I've moved on from Adidas Mi_Coach on my Bold to CascaRun on BB10. I also left a message with Adidas/MiCoach that I would start to switch away from Adidas shoes, which I do own.

App-freaks flip out about this stuff.

They need apps to fulfill their lives therefore everyone else must need apps in their lives.

Apps are fine, but the general apps people use today are simple enough that they can either be launched in the browser or should be cross-platform versions. Don't tell that to the app-freaks in CB forums though. They will have meltdown and some how turn the topic to apple sales or 'droid hardware.

Aside from that. BB10 is only going to grow and DO NOT listen to the CB trolls that love to talk about ecosystem and 'an app for that'. Choose your platform based on other factors and the apps will follow. Neither ios or 'droid had the apps first. Don't screw yourself into being stuck with an elongated 4 inch screen, price fixing and crippled updates.

I don't feel like anything is missing. I bought the Z10 because it does what I need it to do, and it does it better than any other phone on the market.

For me, that's real multi-tasking, VPN, desktop class browser, usb mounting, good battery, sd card with sweet file manager, hdmi out, and developer flexibility ( web, c, c++, android) with free platform independent tools.

Don't care about the apps!!!!! The apps we have are quality and not full of garbage!!!

Posted via CB10

I think it would definitely help if all or most big name apps were there but from what I have seen and heard most people don't know about bb10, the devices or even that it's available.

Posted via CB10

In my sight the problem with apps is that you can never get enough of them. There are apps for public transport in London, Singapur and maybe in New York. And that was it. You should then do apps for public transport in any city anywhere in the world! If you want to get them and use them all you are going to have 10,000 apps for public transport on your Z10, iPhone5S or Galaxy S4. Is this really the goal? Other topics have to be added: weather-app for Madrid, for Berlin, Moscow, San Francisco ... I think it is going to be overdone.

I have a hand full of apps but i don't need more. I need a good working OS, and i have that with BlackBerry 10. Stable running, fast and wonderful for managing my messages.

Really? Did you really just post this op-ed? Yes, if BlackBerry had the apps from the start they would have something to market. If they had something to market they would sell. Since apps did not materialize, device experience did not materialize, marketing did not materialize, and sales did not materialize. End of story.

Posted via CB10

The browser can replace many apps...saving storage space and won't ask for crazy permissions either. Many sites have mobile versions (online banking), and u can save the link to your desktop.

-aBBuser on 1743.

Definitely yes!! BlackBerry lack of big name apps is what kept me personally thinking many times before I just went on buying my current Z10 and keeping my friends from buying a BlackBerry till now and even had others of my friends moving from blackberry to android. Its all about apps for average user!!

Posted via CB10

The apps are important. Are they the only reason? Of course not, but they are a big contributor. Some people argue about carrying multiple devices. I've seen Kevin argue for it on podcast multiple times, but I know absolutely zero people that would want to do that. I know maybe 2 people who do, because 1 is a work phone, and they hate having to carry 2 devices around and would drop the work phone in a heartbeat if they could, much less carry 2 personal phones (not to mention having multiple phone lines, extra bills etc). It really is not an option for 99.9% of people.

30+ can live without. Instagram (I'm ball parking) 13-30 must have it. I don't understand it myself. My nexus 4 has netflix, vine and instagram all installed, never use them. Use my q5 almost 100 percent of time. Only pick up nexus to browse net or twitter it happens to be close to me, bigger screen is nice... (hated z10 keyboard.. sorry fans but the nexus android keyboard is better for me and my fingers).

Posted via CB10

I do agree with Blaze on what he said about apps. Bring more USEFUL apps, and more people would probably come.

People need to get off this mentality that they have to have a $900.00 Iphone just to give it to a six year old so they can play angry birds on it.

Yeah, ok, your kid will learn something there alright. Get them a bike to work on, get their hands greasy, get them to actually relate to everyday life things. It seems the younger generation is actually getting dumber as the days go by.
Ever see a kid today at their first job? Really? They have zero people skills, lack of interest in their job, but lots of iPhone time and Facebook....

Posted via CB10

I have Skype, Instagram, and Netflix on my Z10. I have used Skype once, Instagram twice, and watched one documentary on Netflix.

My vote is that these apps are nice to have, but do not have any significant effect on my daily use of the Z10.

Note: my wife owns an iPhone 5 with Netflix installed and only uses it to search for movies to add to our queue. The screen on the iPhone range is just too small to spend any significant time watching movies.

Posted via CB10

When you combine the app issue, an underwhelming tablet issue and chronic negative public perceptions that aren't balanced with an aggressive marketing campaign...against competition that handles all this...you wind up with our current situation. Throw in the dysfunction recently written about in the Globe & Mail, is it any wonder our beloved BlackBerry is in trouble? I'm hoping this Z10 (on Rogers) isn't my last BB. Those Samsung offerings are tempting!

Posted via CB10

I don't care about the flood of games,etc, I just want what BlackBerry had before that was useful for business. Like a Call Blocker. I used to laugh at Apple as they had 1 (poorly rated) and we had an abundance of choice. I'm no longer laughing as we don't have any. On a phone primarily used by business folk. Unbelievable at this stage.

Posted via CB10

Not just the Apps. Being a crappy company that goes back on its promises and cant hit a deadline for its life has more to do with it. 100% Truth.

For me, I don't really care about the apps but I believe that the big number of teens nowadays are into social apps, which BlackBerry doesn't really have.

Bring this instagram + bbm and see the result

Posted via CB10

It's not JUST the apps, it's the marketing, management and the failure to deliver. Broken promises and delayed deadlines don't exactly help. It's a great OS, if the big name apps do start to pop up soon then I still see myself rocking a Q10 or even upgrading to a z30 even if blackberry won't have us normal consumers as their top priority. If not, then i'm just getting rid of this device and move on to an Iphone or a samsung. The OS itself isn't enough to keep me holding on to a device that it's manufacturer just stopped supporting.

Posted via CB10

Adam, I think that's where you are wrong. I think the major problem is BlackBerry identified that they were aiming at the full range of consumer market but the problem was, they didn't know exactly how to actually target them. If u talk to teenagers who get mommy and daddy to buy them their toys they all say the same thing! Instagram, Candy Crush, Minion Rush, Vine, etc. I have also discovered that highschool are implementing apps into the curicullum. Students in certain schools are retrieving course info and assignments with iPhones and Android. Bizarre but very true. All u have to do is walk through Scarborough Town Centre or Yorkdale mall and u will see literally thousands of teenagers! What do they have.......iPhone or Samsung. I have a feeling in my stomach, that if u can target the teenagers and hit that target you will be a huge success! It's all about the in thing. Apple and Samsung are Razor sharp when targeting the markets they wanna hit.

Because in the end, whether you have iPhone or Samsung (notice how I don't say Android), or BlackBerry, the basics are all the same across the board! Phone, Email, Text, Media! They all do the same thing!! What's the big difference?? With teenagers (HHHHUGE demographic), it's the big name apps!! Nothing else!! It wouldn't matter if your Z10 can walk the dog, and wash the dishes and get your homework done! They want Instagram and Vine!

Target the teenagers, and you will be a Zillionaire!!


Posted via CB10

Personally I want some fun apps but I know enough people that haven't gone to a BlackBerry device only because of the lack of a full Instagram app that I have to assume that if BlackBerry pursued them harder and had that single app they would have had a larger market penetration. Not #1 or even #2 but I'm one guy and I've heard from probably around 8-10 people the same thing and I have to assume I don't know the only 10 people looking for Instagram

For me, there are no killer apps that I don't already have. Evernote integration with Remember, and now a native Evernote client, a CIFS/Samba client for file access to my device, built-in integration for Box and Dropbox.. those are they key killer apps for me, and they're all baked in and don't require third party apps. Of course the messaging suite is still world class, the Hub is great, the browser is nice, Blackberry Travel still rocks. Even if you took away every third party app, my BB would still be a very effective tool for me - with no apps at all beyond what comes stock on the device.

i do agree that it's a big part of the lack of success of BB10 in the broader consumer market, but I think the failure has more to do with lack of good marketing and advertising.

Blackberry has a lot they could talk about that could help with repairing the damaged brand name - like fuzzing with firefox (https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2013/07/30/mozilla-continues-to-build-the-...), the security features (http://about-threats.trendmicro.com/us/infographics/infograph/smartphone...), QNX - there are many things they could do to raise awareness that this is now Blackberry such as http://onqpl.blogspot.ca/2012/05/qnx-releases-62304-compliant-os-for.html, obviously automotive where QNX has a tremendous advantage... get, and keep, the positive stuff front and center!

Why does Blackberry only put out bad news about themselves? Where's the good news? they're not doing themselves any favours...

so, i think it's more than lack of apps, it's lack of awareness and interest created by good marketing and advertising.

This is completely missing the point. I loved my blackberry z10 but it wasnt my all in one I had to carry my ipod to have my bible app with me because the ones on bb aren't up to it.
Theres just not enough variety to find the apps that suit me. Not everyone wants evernote and the alternative where so below average and the develoler have the audacity to charge and then pump it full of ads. Finding a decent calculator. Just basic day to day organising of my life can now be done on my phone but no not with blackberry who seems to think as long as your emails are encrypted thats all we need. I did like the hub, camera wasnt great, loved the feel of the phone, loved that I could open the back and yes I got bored but the point isn't how much fun I could have with the phone but how useful it is to me. If I have to introduce another device to help it then its best I get the old 20hour battery life Nokia phone.

BlackBerry. Could have. Every app that everybody has, and they. Will still have. Something to say. About. BlackBerry, BlackBerry is. The best,

damn the app discussion, yes. BlackBerry is. A business phone, perfect, wait. It is the best. Business phone ever, android and. Apple Had to get devs Involved To
Help make their platform productive, BlackBerry out the box was and is complete. So,,To protect their interest they have. A campaign. Going on to promote if you don't have these big name apps,(instacrapp,nedflix,vine etc) then your phone does not matter,bullshit,business tactic,you get you opponents to not focus on your. Inadequates, but to have them focus on the. One to two thing they don't have, all the while you can't. See that Apple and android are really bullshit,
Apple and android would love to be considered as business phones,ASK YOUSELF THIS QUESTION, IF ALL PLATFORMS HAD EQUAL APPS, WHICH PHONE WOULD BE THE BEST,,,
So. Let's. Stop this app discussion "BS", it's just a plot to dumb down bb10's momentum, we have the best browser,best UI,best keyboard, productivity,connectivity, and the list goes on and on, stop letting these jackasses tell you that BlackBerry 10 is not the best, cause it is, android, and apple would love the be as Good as BlackBerry. Apple, hacked, android, hacked and virus full, BlackBerry, NOT HACKED,, OBAMA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD USES. BlackBerry. I. WOULD NEVER LEAVE THE INFO OF. MY BUSINESS TO THE. APPLE OR. ANDROID,

Posted via CB10

The two questions I have are:

What are the absolute "must have" apps that aren't available right now?

What are the "like to have" apps that are missing?

I have a feeling that the must have list is not as big as perceived.

Posted via CB10

Perhaps they're using the bank's mobile website. I've heard plenty request a Chase or BOA app. Both have Web versions with nice features. You can save the icon to your desktop.

Mobile banking apps have the ability to deposit checks by taking a photograph of the check - something not available on a website.

Personally, I would love to see more banking apps come out, but I don't deposit checks this way, so it is not as important to me. As long as I have access to my bank accounts through the web browser, I'm fine with that. But, I can see the importance that others may rely upon.

The point is today Apps make life easier and let you do much complex daily activities much smoother ,
today as a bb lover i may underestimate their unavailability for having wonderful BB10 OS,which according to me compensates not having them ,but when i see a normal buyer wanting to buy a mobile he or she will definitely see the overall OS quality and app eco system company is providing.
I actually see more and more apps dominating in future and their domain will increase for sure in mobile computing.

Apps are a huge part of the issue, but you can't get around the fact that the phones low specs and camera are the other problem. The final blow as to why they cannot sell BB10 is the price point of having a out of style phone with old technology and have it priced high.

The Z10 is by no means a high end phone never was. Also the Z30 is not a Top tier device either it's got the same old 8mp camera (should be 15+) Dual core (should be quad) and and is not the best screen. Yes the phone may not need these things to be a great phone but these are HUGE selling points that someone who is spending 700+ dollars or using their once every 2 year upgrade wants to have. The bull crap. That's final no apps no specs no sales.

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Blackberry Z30 which does not boast of the latest available hardware specs is still priced at $700. This is utter bullshit from Blackberry management who still does not get it! This along with almost close to "0" marketing. These two are main reasons why Blackberry 10 phones not selling well. Had the Z30 come on 2011 with the same price I swear it would have sold like hot cakes. Certainly not now! Take a survey and I bet I am write in what I wrote!

Yeap, that is another reason. Already back in Jan the Z10 should have been released as an entry level, $100

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It is more likely because of the brand perception. People love the device, but they just don't buy it. When you ask, they don't really know how to answer why. And they go to the topics. You argue and they loose....its a pitty but the brand is pretty damage.

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It isn't at all about what BlackBerry fans think, because we are all highly biased. The question is why anyone else would bother to by a BlackBerry phone.

So, why would they? This is where the app problem joins the other issues such as the uncertainty over whether the company is going out of business, the salespersons who actively dissuade people from buying BlackBerry phones, and the facts that BlackBerry is culturally toxic right now. It is simply not that cool to own a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry are of course totally blind to this reality, which is the ONLY reason in my view that they are in serious danger of sleepwalking the company to its death once and for all.

Unfortunately, I don't think BlackBerry will do anything but continue in the same foolish way. Yes, apps matter. They matter because they are another nail in the coffin of a sale in the shops to a neutral customer.

What's the solution? Simple. Lower the damn price of the devices. The Z30 is priced far too high, and will be an utter flop for sure. Priced about £100 cheaper, it would probably be a moderate success. Priced cheaper, and people would be persuaded to put up with the app problem, and the uncertainty, and the harassment from staff and friends about buying it in the first place. It's safe to say that BlackBerry won't accept this, though. All I can say at this point is that I am glad I finally cut my losses and sold my shares a while back, and separated myself from the needless calamity that is BlackBerry. It's a real shame to have got to this point.

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Yes and no..
Apps lack is just the tip of the iceberg.
BBRY should spread BB10 devices worldwide and for all price ranges by creating a lightweight BB10 version, suitable for 1GB (and cheap) devices. Average consumers and teens don't care about tons of security features, they only want to play candy crush and post selfies in facebook.
Keep these low-end BB10 devices tied to BIS, so people with low $$ can keep their social plans.
Create incentives to upgrade from legacy BB devices to BB10 devices (bring your old BB and receive discounts on the new BB device).
The problem with BBRY is not apps, is perception. The perception of BB10 as a boring platform created just for business.

I don't think apps are slowing BlackBerry 10 down either. My problem was marketing and mostly the lack of. Before I got my Q10 I went to several At&t stores, Best Buy and Verizon and found either zero demo models, non-functional models and absolutely zero knowledge of product by the sales reps. I did better using the BlackBerry website and You Tube. Maybe a few BlackBerry stores in key cities would help.

Concerned, but always a diehard BlackBerry user!

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I agree 100%. The destiny of BlackBerry is in the hands of retail sales people that have their own likes and dislikes, incentives and agendas. Very hard to crack that unless you sell the products yourself like Apple, where you can control more

All my friends tell me BlackBerry sucks because there are no big name apps like Instagram, Vine, Snapchat etc. If these apps were on BlackBerry then there would be a positive impact

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I understood from the very beginning that BlackBerry smart phones are designed for professionals, isn't a device for an average user, I always knew that the app situation will not be it's strength. I only have installed the apps that I REALLY use daily (which are available on the BlackBerry World). You don't need to install 100 official applications to use 3 applications in the end daily...just install those 3 that you use daily. If you are really worried about apps... just continue using your BlackBerry and add an IPAD for your apps needs. problem solved!!!

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BlackBerry was, and always will be, in my opinion, about..........


Only thing is : somewhere along the lines, they aren't communicating with we consumers enough...both in customer service and through general public desires, etc in their products.

This itself is a major flaw with the company.

Heck, it takes a person a ridiculous amount of time to try to get customer service on the phone these days. Then when you talk to them, they seemingly know nothing, or everything is top secret.

Until they IMPROVE ON EXISTING PRODUCTS ( PLAYBOOK INCLUDED) and have support for the existing products and follow through on promises, I wish them well.

Break the cycle BlackBerry....listen to who put you on the map.

The consumer.

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BlackBerry must have thought it was overrated too. Too bad both entities are wrong. I don't use all of those apps, but all of those swarming iPhone and Android users do...

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And stop using the made up word "Prosumer"....it isn't defined in the dictionary. I thought people who are educated enough to own a BlackBerry would understand this.

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Today's dictionary would be considerably smaller, if words were never used until they reached the dictionary.

Also, "dictionary" was a "made up" word.

I agree with the app situation a friend of mine got the iPhone over z10 just because of the apps

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It can't just be the Apps that are keeping people away. For instance......take 2 devices, Samsung Galaxy S3/4 and the HTC One. Both running Android, both have access to the Google Play Store, both similar size, now tell me why soooooo many more people bought Samsung??? I don't believe it's because Samsung's TouchWiz UI overlay is that much better or preferred over HTC's Sense. It's an intangible, hard to replicate thing that involves popularity and Brand recognition.

Agreed - lack of apps is not the biggest reason why BlackBerry sold - consumer apathy, that would be the thing.

Simply: people don't want to buy and so they do not.

Lack of advertising, that has caused significant apathy.

Lack of an eco system, and associated apps - people entrenched in android and ios: why would they move? Microsoft is stepping up on that front, leveraging their windows user base, and all the xbox users - there is a viable ecosystem that encompasses a multitude of devices. BlackBerry never got that far. This has caused significant apathy also.

People do not see BlackBerry as an attractive proposition, consumer or corporate. 1.7 million bb10 devices reached people's hands. That is just plain bad.

It's a shame BlackBerry are not capitalising on their product (or, as some conspiracies atest; this is on purpose...). Either way, this is bad for BlackBerry and bad for the consumers that choose and chose BlackBerry.

All of this is damaging the reputation, the trust and the image of BlackBerry. And all this, sad as it is, creates apathy.

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I dont think that apps is a make it or break it. But having to wait for a device for 2 years and waiting again for God knows how many week for BBM and OS 10.2 that would make a difference in the choice of device.

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Marketing manager here....

I heard I have become popular here in crackberry

BlackBerry has gotten a bad reputation, why do we change that, ,,, app gap is like the nail in the coffin excuses for them, ,,,,

BUT the appreciate are coming slowly, the BlackBerry marketing team has to decide when they get all the apps which they are slowly, is how to market the brand fresh again..... possible but need a highly creative ways to bring it back.......

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

You can have all the apps in the world, but if the rep at the retail location here in the US is clueless about your product and prefers something else you are screwed. I had to give a BB 10 / Q10 demo to 2 AT&T reps trying to force an S4 down my throat and when I was done they were very impressed blamed the S4 push on the store manager. Wake up, the battle is on the streets. Pay a bounty to every current BB user that can convince an iPhone or Android user to switch.

I do believe that apps are the larger issue. It drives people to make premature decisions based on app availability rather than on the phone itself or the ecosystem it provides. Half the people that I know using these other platforms have no idea what any of the technical hardware specs even mean, nor do they really use their phones as tools for productivity or care do delve into customizing and specialty settings meant for power users. They like those phones because of the apps and the fact their user experience is so simple a 5 year old can easily master it. Personally I don't care about all of these "must have" apps that others feel BlackBerry is missing as I am still waiting for someone with a DROID or an iPhone to show me something that they can do with their phone, that I would actually WANT to do on my phone in the first place. I want big names like Netflix and Instagram to come to BlackBerry, not because I would ever use them but because it would help lessen the app gap and more importantly the crying. One thing I would really like to see, like Chris U., is a better interaction with google services.


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MreNeo, well said. If BB has all the apps of its competitors why would people switch. this is an inherent problem in an app centric recovery strategy. If i can get the same apps on the BB as I can on the Iphone eg in my opinion most consumers would stay with the iphone. Why? because they have no idea what a BB is truly capable of the hidden gems in OS10 make for all the difference. the BES infrastructure is misguided as many are testing but reports although varied are saying that are not taking them up BBM launch cross platform was a fail. The strategy iseems to be lets announce it and see if we can pull it off rather than go for a new startegy of consumer awareness business relationship development and carrier support. More importantly for the average consumer the BlackBerry eco system is difficult to setup. without support for that Apple will always pip blackberry. Right now they seem to be targeting the tech savvy blackberry aware market. GUESS WHAT WE ALREADY OWN BB's. Put Simply, they are pushing phones onto existing brand loyal customers.

I personally believe some of these "big name" apps are really just useless. I simply do not understand the need for Netflix on my phone, why would I want to watch a full length TV show or movie on my mobile device running over mobile data...the average consumer has say a 2-4 gb data plan and one stupid movie eats up 1gb. some may say well what about Wifi. Ok so if you have wifi why don't you just watch it on your laptop with a larger screen?

I think that the downfall/slow adoption of the platform is directly the blame of BlackBerry's marketing. For them to finally realize that they belong in the "prosumer/enterprise" market has given me a sigh of relief, but it is a very late realization on their part. I use my Z10 a lot...(understatement) and what do I use it for? email, phone calls, bbm, sms, mms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. I use it to connect with others to get my work and personal life moving forward. And think many users within the CrackBerry nation will agree with me that the list I just gave is what we use our phones most often for. I work for a technical helpdesk in a University. And I notice a trend. Most of the students that come up to me with their BB10 devices study business and are "hyperconnected" (as BlackBerry calls them) individuals. They perform the full gamut and get campus wifi connected and their student email connected to their phone. But the Android and iPhone Users only want wifi. Even when setting up the phone I take a glance to see if they have their student email connected to their phones before seeing me, and I would say only about 1 out of 5 have their University email attached.

Point I am making is that BlackBerry users get all the apps they need when they buy a BlackBerry because the things we use are NOT APPS...they are baked into the device we use and as a result become an extention of our lives. Sure having Flipboard or instagram or even the odd vine could make our phones better. But are BlackBerry users people that waste time twerking for the world? No...we are the guys that watch and make money from the twerkers.

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For some I'm sure that a perceived app gap in the BlackBerry store is an issue... but lately I'm wondering if the main problem BlackBerry is facing is that carriers and retailers are what is failing to drive sales of BB10 devices.

Look at Rogers Canada announcing they won't be carrying the Z30! Really? WTF is going on here?

BB10 devices have the best security in the marketplace.
Durable construction - I see lots of cracked iPhone screens where I work, not one cracked BB10 so far and our ratio is 100 BB for every 7 iPhones.

The list could go on and the advantages of owning a BB10 never get mentioned in review articles in a good way. Solid construction? Nope - a reviewer will claim it 'feels' heavier than expected or other subjective crap, while the fragile phone is light, slick and comfortable, ad nauseum.

Yes, BlackBerry needed to do more to convince carriers and large retailers to get their product into the hands of customers.

But now I can't help but speculate that business deals involving the big 2 manufacturers with carriers and retailers have had a much bigger impact on BlackBerry than anything else. E.g. Verizon falling short on expected Apple iPhone 4 sales. The result was that Verizon had no interest in BB10 sales as they had already overbought fruity product.

At this point BlackBerry needs to move product. Reflecting on past mistakes won't fix things. BB is bleeding money and market share so they might as well go all in with steep product discounts.