I Really Wish This Device Existed; How About You?

By Bla1ze on 5 May 2010 07:24 am EDT
I Really Wish This Device Existed; How About You?

Don't get me wrong, I really love my BlackBerry Bold 9700. But there is a little piece of me that really wishes Research In Motion would bring back the original BlackBerry Bold form factor size. Some may say it was too big but I assure you as many that will say that, there will be just as many that say it was their "perfect device".

Think about it, it had a nice roomy keyboard and the screen size was perfect. With some minor updates in the area of memory (lets go 512MB or more!) and toss in a trackpad, microUSB and update that screen resolution to that (or more!) of recent devices, the original Bold would be a great sight to see. Who is with me on this? Surely I'm not the only original BlackBerry Bold 9000 lover out there that would like to see it's return. It would be glorious!

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I Really Wish This Device Existed; How About You?


Just make it available in white! lol.

But seriously, in your front jeans pocket the 9000 wasn't/isn't the most comfortable of phones to carry around with you, but in your hand it's definitely the nicest BB to hold and type on. The keyboard on it is just soooo plush.

I'm replying to my own comment here...

ALSO... keep in mind that RIM just shoved the power of the 9700 into a phone as tiny as the new Pearl 3G.  Imagine how much MORE they could now shove into the 9000 form factor.  There's sooo much room under the hood they should be able to up everything in it... give that baby a battery that lasts a week!

and add a compass, an acceleromoter, 5MP Camera W/2x optical zoom and 2x Digital. 1GB on board and one of those dual core 1Ghz CPU for handheld devices that have newly devoloped. And complement it all with a 640x480 Screen (not just the 360)


thats what Im saying...

Touchscreeen, Original Bold keyboard.

And throw a damn snapdragon in there and then we'll have some real boom boom pow.

Kevin aren't you just basically asking for the dakota ? Bold, trackpad, touchscreen ... While it may or may not be the same form factor sounds pretty much like the dakota

I agree, Kev. Trackpad and 6.0 would be very cool - with say 1.0Gb of mem. Ok, I'm back....fell asleep for a second. :)

Seriously, I talked to them about this at WES and they said they couldn't comment on rummors and speculations lol But the guy agreed there was so much they could do with that form factor but he said it wasn't just about that, there were other reasons they decided to go away from it but I would love to see that device combo.

Your fascination with the white one fascinates me for some reason. :)

I personally didn't like the 9000. It looked too clunky. I have the 9700 and i love it so much I just want to eat it. haha! My only gripe with Blackberry as a whole is the memory size. 256MB is so 1990!! I don't understand why they don't give it a poop ton of memory?! I'm so obsessed with my memory! I can find better use of my time worrying about the blackberry I just ate, for example. haha!

I like the white too...

We want another Bold-size blackberry.

They can easily make the ultimate device if they add Wireless-N, bump the memory to 512 mb or more, there's enough room for the 5.0 MP camera, possibly a front facing camera and the trackpad.

Also, I love the size, but feel that the back battery cover could be slimmed down. IF you take the cover off, it feels so slim to hold in your hand, why not make a slimmer form fitting battery cover?

I didn't buy the Bold 9700 because it was too small. But I will be forced to upgrade if bold 9000 does not get os 6.0 etc...

Are you wearing skin tight jeans that leave little to the imagination? My 9000 fits in my jeans pocket easily.

My wishlist for a future bold is:
-same form factor as the 9000
-wireless N
-more memory
-better resolution
-better camera

That is all.

I agree fully. Love my 9700 spec wise but loved the 9000 size wise. Give me what you have above with the 9700 spec and I'd be a happy chappy. Oh with OS6 too ;o)

I cannot interate through a comment how strongly I feel about this. I upgraded to the 9700, thinking that it was going to be the best device ever. I could not get used to the size of the keyboard or screen. I absolutely loved the OS and trackpad though. I returned the 9700 and downgraded back to my 9000. RIM, give us the 9000 body with a new screen, trackpad, and 9700 OS (or soon to be BB6)!

I've been asking this same question for a while now. I would definitely buy this BB if they released it. Please RIM, build us the REAL updated Blackberry Bold.

I think the Bold should have kept that big size. I always thought that's why it was called the "Bold" series because it was made to appeal to those with bigger hands or just preferred the bigger size. Btw, it looks very sexy, though I wouldn't purchase one. RIM really should have the Bold go back to its roots..

I remember seeing a commercial or something and they were like "be BOLD, the new bold 9000" and I was like coool! Why would they change that? I had my friend's 9000 in my pocket once and it didn't bother too much. It was perfect! The 9700 is nice, just not as bold as the 9000. That's it! I'm gonna buy me a bold 9000!

I'm still riding my good old 9000. If it had let's say 256MB of memory and maybe trackpad it would be the Perfect BlackBerry! No doubt!

I've never held a 9000, but bigger is always better for me. I'm a rather large guy at 6'4" and 260 lbs, so it would be awesome for me.

I am hoping for this! I really wanted the Bold 9000, but went with the 8900 because of memory. This would be the perfect device!

The 9000 bold is an absolute pleasure to type. I feel that I can type faster on my bold 9000 keyboard than my desktop keyboard :). The only flip side is the app memory. Come on RIM, you can do so much better. If you let people use the 1GB memory for apps, no one can beat the bold 9000!! BTW waiting to try out os 6 on my 9000, even though its going to be slow. :D

About a sliding form factor? Extend a high res capacitve touchscreen down to the level of the lowest "fret" with buttons and trackpad below that, hide a Bold keyboard under that big beautiful screen....oh my!! Add BB6 and in my book you have the one BB to rule them all (as the BOLD should be). The Bold's design would seem to lend itself to a slider, with the separation between the chrome bezel and the battery door needing just a little tweak.

brought me to BB and keep me very happy these days. The 9700 is too small for my tastes even though the functionality is a wonder.

I never had a problem with the Bold 9000. Almost all BB are exactly the same size so having one that's a bit different is not going to hurt the lineup.

It would definitely sell better than the stupidly ugly 9670 flip.

i thinks so too...i never drop my Bold but with onyx it kept falling off from my hand..and the onyx keypad kinda suck..makes me miss my old bold keypad

Never a fan of the giant key boards made the phone too big, as for the memory upgrade why 512MB that is half of what HTC is using now, they (RIM) claim to be looking to the future all the time, but to me who's phone is only 14 months old the memory is already antiquated. I have storm 1, storm 2 is out, now with Blackberry 6 video they are talking about a storm 3. WTF!!! I understand a device won't last forever but shouldn't it last at least for the length of the contract?

Can you imagine how much lower BB sales would be if they didn't pump out a new device every 3mths. Lol.... If BB only had 3 devices they would loose the appearance of being the best (sales wise)

gimme with a turbo boost processor and all the super duper gizmos with 6.0
and don't hold back, don't leave anything out ! .. Pimp it out like a Ferrari !!!!


I totally agree with you on this matter. The original bold form factor is the best looking BlackBerry out there!

I've looked at and held the 9700 several times and I just can't give up my 9000. I love the size, weight and pretty much everything else about it. I'm running a 5.0 OS on my 9000 so the only thing I really don't have on the 9000 is a trackpad.

The BOLD 9000 is the first Bb I ever owned and I still have it. Hard to let go. The size and features are perfect for me and I would love to see an update and re-release.

I've always said the 9700 bold seemed like a step backwards.

Yeah its got the nice features, but imo it looked like a more intelligent brother of the 8900.

The form factor of the 9000 commanded respect.

The Tour with a 2,6" LCD that extends all the way to the chrome bezel? How much more handsomer can a cellphone get?

Really all Bolds should be 2,6".

I got my mom's old Bold when she downgraded to the iPhone, and at first I didn't like it but it kind of grew on me. But I think if you keep with the same form factor but slimmed it down a bit (right between the 9700/8900 size and the original 9000) and I think it would take off even better.

on the forum months ago when the 9700. If RIM brings back an improved 9000 with more internal memory, better CPU, 5mp camera and OS6 Id pay a arm & a leg for it.

If RIM can come out with that ugly a** clamshell bomb, then why not a new 9000 I own one and love it and really hate to get rid of it when OS 6 hits.

I was just about to post this same thing. The Bold 9000 is the only device that would make me leave VZW and come over to ATT. I LOVE that form factor. I love my Tour, but every time I see someone with the 9000, I do get a little jealous...

Given the thickness of the 9000, you would think it was a CDMA device, but RIM is stubborn for some reason. Keep it the same size, make it slightly thinner, or not, but modernize it with a track pad and 256, 512, or 1 gig and viola, RIM hits a grand slam.

I still have my Bold 9000 and refuse to upgrade to the 9700 because of the size differential. I'm with everyone on this. Give me the internals, trackpad, battery life and screen resolution of the 9700 in the 9000 form factor. Keep the small form factor on the Curve.

The 9000 was a great phone, but when i moved to the 9700 it was a whole new world, sure it took time getting used to the keyboard, but i still love my 9700 and wouldnt go back to a phone beneath it. only thing i would change is i want that white one!

I am using my first BB, bold 9000 and find it almost perfect!

I like the weight, the size and the screen. The only stuff is that i keep thinking that this trackball will get dirty and I'll have to clean it. It's like i'm paranoid.

My perfect device of BB is Bold with higher resolution of display, trackpad, more memory. Either BB with a big sensitive display and full-qwerty (slider possible). In both cases OS 6 necessary.

From an ergonomic standpoint, this was the GREATEST phone RIM ever produced! I just don't know what phone companies are thinking when designing their keyboards anymore(9700 keys are nice, for midget hands. Palm Pre keys..are a joke.) I know what they're not thinking about, and that is people with big hands like myself. The Bold 9000 was the ONLY bb's that I was able to use comfortably for an extended period of time. Now I can most definitely feel carpal tunnel setting in. I hope RIM will cater to us big handed dudes once again in the future before my fingers and wrists become fully dysfunctional from these new small keyboards.

this would be my dream Blackberry hands down. with 9700 specs and that great battery life aww man this would be the Golden Ticket.

that's why they made the 9650 for all you 9000 fans. I love my blackberry 9700 nothing could replace it.

I love the bold, yes its wider than all the other devices but so what, for me with chunky fingers it works a dream. Deffo think they could fit a lot of tech stuff under the hood (1024mb ram ??) Super hi def screen. Now we're talking :D

Most my users have Bold 9000s because they have bigger hands, and i would dread having to give them something the size of a 9700. This phone would be perfect, i am still using my old 9000, just wish it didnt have a stupid trackball and more app space.... however something else... the chrome housing needs to go, i have never seen someone's 9000 that wasnt scratched.

RIM please give us a 9000 sized device with an updated style and next gen specs (512-1gb app space, trackpad, 5MP cam, micro USB etc etc)

I'm still using the 9000 just for that reason. I hope the new BOLD is truely BOLD like the original. The size Does matter. Bigger is Better.

Im 100 % with Kevin and Bla1ze on this,

if RIM brought out a new 9000 with all the current specs of 9700 with 0s 6 and touchscreen, i would be all over it.

It would definitely be a bestseller


RIM for some reason knew what they were doing by down sizing the 9000 to the 9700 form factor. They knew it would piss us loyalist off and they can go back to the drawing board and hit us with an updated 9000 series at a later date. Marketing is amazing!

If its one thing about RIM, they do pay attention to feed back from forums such as this, but they are slow to implement the needs of its customers, because they can be this way and we keep showing our loyalty.

I don't think its the last we will see of the 9000 provided AT&T doesn't still have exclusive rights to the series.

The size of the 9700 was exactly why I gave it to my ex and searched out another 9000. The size of the phone and keyboard is perfect for big hands.

Oh HELL YES. My contract with AT&T is up, and I'm also in line for an upgrade. I keep playing with the 9700, and while I love the features (memory, OS, camera, clarity, etc.) it simply doesn't compare to the form function of the 9000. It's the perfect size, and the keyboard is a dream. I'll go into a store, type on the 9700, and say "eh, it's okay" and then decide to keep my 9000, limited memory and all just because I can't let go.

I even thought about switching carriers to get the 9650 (with even more memory and horsepower, and because it looked a little bigger than the 9700) but it's still not perfect for me - which the 9000 is.

I wish this wasn't a pipe dream, because I've owned dozens of phone (and many BlackBerries) and the Bold 9000 was the best of them all when it comes to feel, comfort, size and shape.

I love my 9700 but I really would love to see this come to life
, plus the feats that kevin mentioned, it would be a dream come true.

Rim could conquer the marke tin smartphone if they were to bring back the Bold 9000 as the 9000 II and giving it some real robust internals. Like:

Regaular version:
512MB of RAM version
8GB of built-in storage

Premium version:
1GB of RAM version
16GB of built-in storage

OS 6
Trackpad (since I'm use to using it now)
Off The chart screen res
Micro USB,...like you listed
Micro SD slot
5-12MB Camera
Battery life better than Bold 9700,..which is the new std
Solar Cell trickle charger (...why not?)

Keep the price under $300 for the Premium version,..and I'm in like being "Lost" on ABC!

C'mon RIM,...what do we have to do to get this...protest in front of RIM's corporate headquarters?

...Have Bold Will Travel~

I absolutely LOVE the 9000.....so much so that I finally bought it when I was eligible for an upgrade - four months ago! Even knowing that there were newer models out there, and more coming down the pipe, I just couldn't get any other BB except for this one. The form facor is amazing. And I'm a woman, with actually pretty small hands, & I still prefer the bigger keyboard. Even when I had an iphone, I always typed in landscape mode. It's just better. And I'm like so many of the others - if they would just keep this form factor but update the specs & such, I would be all over that phone!
(OH - and I am totally with Kevin M on this - bring it in white baby!!) =D

I rest my case! The people have spoken. Call it the Bold Throw-back! 1g of app memory, track pad.........!

As much as I love my 9700, I always thought it would have been awesome the size of the 9000. Hmmmm, I wonder if RIM listens to us...

I have always said that I love my Tour and see no need to change unless it dies. A Bold, with all the latest horsepower and equipment, and in a CDMA version for Verizon.......I would switch for that.

Well I went from an 8900 user to a sudden 9000 guy to a now 9700 dewd. I have to admit that the 9000 was the sweetest form factor out! I found myself saying "if they would have kept the size..."
One thing though, T-Mo needed it from jump street instead of making us wait 2 years!! More app memory, an all day battery and a hi res cam would have done it for me.

I agree. I love my 9700, but the 9000 was a nice fit for my hand and the screen and keyboard are a nice size. Also maybe RIM could wrap that massive chasis with antennas so I could pull in ATT's inconsistent signal better. I think head to head with the 9700, the 9000 got stronger signal in the same places on the same network.

The 9000 is like the girl you lost your virginity too, you're happy with the girlfriend you have now (9700), but you always wonder what it would be like to "hold" Ms 9000 again

If I would have read your post before writing this to you, I would have urged all comments be stopped after yours, because you summed it up the best.

I can't believe so many people want this!! (Including me)

Yeah the size is just perfect. Perfect for anyone with fat fingers like me!! The keyboard is so roomy on that phone....

Come on RIM, this would be an easy upgrade!

The Bold is my first BlackBerry and I love it! Weight and size is great for me, as I'm an L-XL size man. Now if it had a trackpad... it would be absolutely perfect!

The Bold is my first BlackBerry and I love it! Weight and size is great for me, as I'm an L-XL size man. Now if it had a trackpad... it would be absolutely perfect!

The best device i've ever owned. Have tried the 9700 but was not impressed. The 9000 is perfect size, great screen, built like a rock (dropped numerous times on tile, granite, concrete, etc. without problem).

Thinking about buying a used one just in case mine stops working.

All it needs IMO is more memory.

I have a Bold 9000 and I love it. I've changed the bezel and trackball, so it's like new. I just don't see another blackberry out there that I like enough to "upgrade."

What's up crackberry. Hey just want to add my two cents on this. I'm right now writing this on my bold 9000 which I had since it came out. I just finish putting a new case on my 9000. Well not a case I replace the body that it brought and put a all black case on it and a new black trackball for it can't not get dirty. I love my blackberry bold 9700 (which I have in my pocket right now). I'm using the bold 9000 cause of the keyboard and the screen. But if they remake it and put all the spec that the new blackberry 9700 has I will go and pay full price for it. With out thinking twice about it. Well hope that they add the 512mb would love that. Crackberry ya should send this poll that ya did to rim and see if they won't make the bold. Sorry for being too long but the love that people have for blackberry has to he heard. (Have the iphone 3gs but I gave it to my 4 year old son he is the owner of that I don't care about iphone).

if they made the phone thinner and the screen longer, pushed the keyboard flower and speaker closet the edge. put a touchscreen in it and no surepress. it would have been a winner

Honestly, I love my Bold 9000. Two co-workers and my Girlfriend have the 9700 and they love it. I like the power, and the touch pad, but the size just does not work for me.

The image you have above is my idea of the perfect BB.

As for memory, the Bold 9000 has 128 system, and 1GB onboard. Why can't RIM (or any hackers **hint hint**) just modify the path in the COD files to where to store the apps to the onboard memory? I would give that up as data storage (That's what SD cards are for) to make it the main system memory.

I mean, in Windows, you just change the path in the registry Hive from C:\Program Files\.... to D:\Program Files\... or C:\Windows\ to D:\Windows.

Linux, it's really no different, just change the path in the system.

Surely that's all RIM needs to do.

I could live with the trackball on my 9000 if they would just open up that memory for us to use.

Until then, I will dream of the above device being in my big 'ol bear paw hands.

I've had the tour nd the 9700 and none cane compare to my 9000 in my opinion its the best blackblerry but im bias so :P

By far the best phone I have ever held in my hands I mean it just feels so right, like it just fits so perfectly..... like it was made only for me....... (excuse the lust).

But yes There is no BB with a better feel, better Speakers ( OMG the speakers, can we say surround sound?), and the overall big boy feel of it.

Come on it was preposterous to give all the 9700 the "BOLD" name, yea its got the specs but it doesnt turn heads like my bold does. oh yeah!!

When I got my bb nearly 6mths ago I had the choice between the 9000 and the 9700 (not a fan of first gen touch screens), they were both offered on the same plan. I choose the older 9000 over the 9700 because it feels so much more expensive and the look just screamed quality and unashamed style, while the 9700 felt cheaper and looked like it had lost that quality style of the 9000.

if this upgrade was only offered as a aftermarket job (because really why would rim offer a recycled model when a guy with weird hair has penned up their next model) I would definitely go for it.

If RIM went back to that ridiculous size that would be a
phone I would totally skip over no matter how much they
packed into it.

That form factor is best left in the BlackBerry scrapheap.

They might as well make it. The HD2 from HTC is the same width and a bit taller. People buy it so a Blackberry is a shoe in. And with all the Specs me and Kevin added it would rock. Add some rugged casing and waterproofing too.

Just get rid of the red numbers... looks cheesy... like something vzw units have... a true powerhouse phone has all white on the keys... like the 9700 :p

I voted "yes" only because I think the original Bold was the only BOLD. The 9700 seems more like an update to the Curve 8900, not to the Bold 9000.

I would love to see the BOLD have it's wide form factor again and give the 9700 and 9600 series have the Tour name.

i went from 9000 to 9700 back to a 9000

the 9700 just didn't cut it, overall it felt like a downgrade

It was my favorite phone ever. I used it unlocked on T-Mobile and I constantly miss it. I often consider switching to AT&T just so I can use the device again, I liked it that much. I would be first in line to buy an updated version.

wow this would be awesome! i have been thinking about this for soooooo long! i would mos def buy this no prob...RIM pleeeeaaaaaasssse create this

Hey Kevin, doubt you are going to read or respond to this but I was wondering why Rim (if you know) abandoned the bold 9000 form factor after only one phone. It was and still is such a popular phone yet rim went into the smaller and cuter form factor which isn't good for big fingered people like myself.

I know that a magnum or dakota was supposed to come out, basically a dream phone for those that love the bold but it seems like it keeps getting pushed back or canned, wish their was some insight to all this

I played with the original Bold and it was not big enough. Plus the screen is tiny as with all Blackberries except Storm. I would like to see a 4.0 touchscreen landscape slider with Bold qwerty.

It needs as much memory as can be had (at least 512MB), OS 6.0, microUSB, support for 32GB memory cards, and the ability to load and run programs from the memory card.

Here I thought, I was the only one missing the 9000....don't get me wrong I really like my 9700, but something about that 9000 still makes me want it!! If RIM could just combine the 9000 body w/ 9700 "engine".....that would make a lot of us very HAPPY!!! (Btw the pic above is FREAKING awesome!!!!!!!) Damn, that's pretty!!!

i still have it, still use it, is the best phone ever
i try de 9700 and is nice is good, but come on!!!!!! is the size, the keyboard, the screen, is all, ii love it, and for now i keep it
9000 ruleeeessss!!!!!

I AGREE 1000% is there someway we can let RIM know? lol seriously i still use my 9000 i hate the 9700 because theres nothing BOLD about it! its a frikin curve with trackpad and small bold keyboard, the 9000's keyboard is the PERFECT size and space! and the screen is nice and big, they should come out with a BOLD the same size screen, and keyboard at least....the other form factors can be altered a bit for design if they want, but WE NEED THE KEYBOARD AND SCREEN SIZE OF THE 9000!!! the 9700 is for CHICKS!!!!

I also went from 9000 to 9700 and back to 9000..

Not gonna go through all the reasons but size, keyboard, screen and sound are the main ones..

I've recently posted a tweet about 9000's name. It has the simplest / coolest name of all the BB's. Why is that? I think the 10000 should be this phone we're talking about.

I'm not gonna ask for too much, just up the specs so it can run the OS6, trackpad.. and I would love at least VGA or more @ 30fps video recording.

Hope RIM makes their second flagship device after Bold 9000, cause 9700 sadly imho doesn't fit that description.

I am still using my Bold 9000. When I bought it I thought it might be to big because my previous phone was a Razor. But now every BB looks small and harder to touch. I have the money to upgrade to a better phone I just dont see anything I'd like better than my 9000 Blackberry size wise.

Dakota is going to be this size. Bold will be the secondary line of products not the flagship once dakota comes out. Just like how curve used to be the best and then bold came out.

It WAS going to be this size when it was called the Magnum, as spy shots of the Magnum prototype have revealed. However, I believe that what's now called the Dakota is going to be 9700-sized. I could be wrong, though (and I hope I am); no spy shots have surfaced, and the Dakota has been kept under such tight wraps. (So much so that I'm beginning to doubt whether RIM really is going forward with it.)

Bold 9000, touchscreen, double or more the device memory, micro USB port under the device for easier docking, increased resolution, 640x480 Screen, of course OS 6, 5Mp camera with zoom, 1Ghz CPU, come up with a better designed memory slot, and the recently announced updated Bluetooth. That is what my Bold 9000 would be if i were designing it.

why would anyone want the USB port on the bottom for a blackberry like this??? The only dock there is for these devices is the one which connects via contacts on each size for charging purposes. If they got rid of contacts then maybe yes

Do you know how stupid it looks while the car charger is plugged in and you having the phone to your ears. Having underneath looks much better.

The things I would like to add is additional main ROM (512MB to 1024MB) and do away with the Secondary ROM.
RIM has done away with the Secondary onboard storage but increased the main ROM storage from 128MB to 512MB like in the new 9650. Additional memory can be added via microSD for pics and video stores (4GB - 32MB).

Camera: 3.2 - 5.0 MP (better pic quality)
Networks: Original Bold 9000 specs for GSM and 3G

ive never owned a 9000 but ive always wanted one so bad and was jealous of people that had one...Me being on VZW went from 8830 to 9630 and just thought the 9000 was too hot...I love big phones cause they fit me...the 9700 is good if you have hands of a 4 year old.

Living in western Canada which is in transition from CDMA to HSPA (1900MHz), the Bold 9000 is the only Blackberry that currently supports both networks. An updated version with better screen resolution, (touch screen?), enough memory and processor for OS6, and a track pad would have me beating down the door to get one. Right now, I'll have to stick with my old 8330 and miss the wi-fi and HSPA revolution until all the CDMA towers in this area are converted.

I have always been jealous of the 9000! Being a verizon customer I had always wanted the 9000. It seemed to be the perfect size. A little bigger than the tour it was better to type on. Very sleek looking and comfortable in the hand. If this phone was released with a track pad and some updates and available with Verizon I would take this phone over any right now! :)

Sooo agree with this. The bold 9000 just fits better. Just throw in newer and betterr features like everyone is saying and it give it the name bold 9701 and the tag line "people always like it one size bigger" - copyright! Lol

I check the specs and strongly believe that Verizon will soon have you a Bold. The network specs look like it says ALL VERIZON on it....

Hoping the Bold 9670 or ???? to be AT&T with:
main ROM (512MB to 1024MB) without secondary ROM
Camera: 3.2 - 5.0 MP (better pic quality)
Networks: Original Bold 9000 specs for GSM and 3G

I love my Bold 9000! People always tell me how big it is and it looks like a mini computer but that is fine as well. I have no complaints!

The day that the 9700 came out I purchased and was wishing for a 9700 feature phone in 9000 size. I absolutely loved the keyboard and I carried it in my pocket with a pouch and it wasn't bad.

I guess it depends on how tight of pants you wear. Even in work clothes I was good to go.

Why the micro-usb??? It doesn't add anything except for more money in all the accessory maker's pockets. Almost everything I have uses the mini-usb, and I have a million cables, and accessories for mini-usb. Switching to micro is a pain and provides absolutely no advantage.

Guys - the size was one thing; you either liked the larger real estate or not. Lets not forget the cheap feeling metal bezel, the loose battery door (with the awful latching mechanism; thank you business card trick), the stinking trackball and the numerous battery pulls. The 9700 is so much better in so many ways - the only way to actually go would be to offer a 9700 and a 9700X. The X would simply be a larger version of the current 9700...the 9700 is built so much better. Trust me, I deal with my company's BBs..the 9000 was a Corvair.

When I got my 9700 in the mail back in November 2009, I considered it an early xmas present. When I opened the box, inserted the battery, and powered up the unit, the only thing I was disappointed with was the size. My Curve 8310, size wise, made the 9700 look like a beefed-up Pearl (lol).

9000 3G bands don't work on TMO and I didn't want it to be and EDGE/WIFI only device, I opted to stay away, but the form factor is superior to me. Its strange, but my friends that have 9000's want my 9700 and I want their 9000. For me it will be the one that got away!

The original 9000 will never be forgotten and i to want rim to bring this Cadillac back to life with the track pad with more memory, if we wine allot about it they can do it if they like us that much. i still got my 9000 and has no problems with it at all, only the ball i cant really stand now that im on the 9700 and the only reason was because in the winter the ball has no grip when hands are frozen and the dust i dont like getting stuck under the hood. even having it as is with a trak pad i will use it over the 9700 and keep it on OS 4 because of the SD app dont work on V5 which increases my memory way up. so it runs about even as the 9700 so my 9000 has a long way to go but if rim ever comes out with one of these i wonder what will they call it. long live the 9000

I would like to see this as well. I would switch back from my Droid for it. Of course, only if it existed AND was available for Verizon.

I love my 9000 and will NEVER replace it for a smaller form factor. I've tried to type on the new "Bold" and its just much too cramped.

If you want me to upgrade, it has to be the 9000 size or else I'm just staying right here till the phone literally dies.

Surprised that you were able to mock up somehting so slick - I thought it was a new one for a second. I love the steel bezel trim on the 9000. It is a gorgeous design. I think the 9700 is a tad too small and slightly less attractive. I think the bold 9000 is the best looking but ever so slightly large. If something like the mock-up was designed, with a depth a little thinner than the 9000 and the overall dimentions slightly smaller, with the trackpad, I would agree, it would be the most beautiful and functional handheld smartphone device, period! The Bold 9650 is pretty close now, but given the choice of this mock-up or the 9650, I'd actually go for the mock-up. Nicely done!

I agree wholeheartedly. the bold 9000 was the reason for me to leave the iPhone for a bb... and it may be the same reason i'd go back to the iphone.. I tried the 9700 for 3 months.. and the thing is just too small.

if RIM doesnt come out with an upgraded device similar to the size and build of the 9000, i'm looking into the iPhone 4

Looking at the new iPhone pics, I couldn't help but notice that it kinda looks like a Bold (generally).

So I got to thinking...I've never really liked the Bold form factor, a little big for me, but I use it anyway. But....if they lost the keyboard, made it full touchscreen, I would consider that to be my favorite device. And in a perfect world, throw in a horizontal slider keyboard (instead of that crap vertical one on the rumored slider device) and I would probably find a way to refinance my house for it. ;)



I've been begging for this device to come back out for the longest. It's pretty lame that we never got a CDMA version. If Verizon offered a newer model Berry with the form factor of the Bold 9000, i'd be all over it!

I've been saying this all along!! Another thing I'd like to see is a slider in the 9k form factor.

I wanted to buy my hubby the 9700, but I already had the 9000. He tried the 9700 but the phone as a whole is just too small. He had a hard time with the small keyboard. We both love our 9000 and don't plan on upgrading to a smaller blackberry anytime soon!!! We will keep our 9000 as long as they keep making them!!!!

Bring it back with everything mentioned in the post plus a touchscreen and it would be outstanding. The size of the Bold 9000 just cries out for a touchscreen. Bring the form factor back with a touchscreen and I am there.

To me the size of the Bold 9000 was a little too big. I prefer the smaller size of the Bold 9700.

If you're going to suggest that RIM creates an improved 9000 then they should also put a screen with a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels like the 9700, 9630, etc. The Bold 9000 has a slightly smaller 480 x 320 pixel screen.

Today sold my sweet Bold 9000 for a $190 :( with charging pod, USB data cable, charger, silicon case, second brand new battery cover. Bold was in perfect condition beside couple scratches on the screen.

The 9000 has gotta be my favorite RIM device yet. My company gave me a 9700, and I still havent taken it out of the trunk of my car.

One feature (that I care deeply about) on the 9000 that isn't on the 9700 is the amazingly great sounding stero speakers. Those things bump! it doesnt sound the same on the 9700.

Size is also hindering my switchover to the 9700. Its the perfect size IMO. I may be holding onto my 9000 until it bursts into flames from overuse lol. Hey at least I have an extra battery for my 9000... :)

The obvious is not obvious to RIM. The 9000 was by far their best Blackberry yet it's the only one that hasn't gotten a remake and instead got some ugly brothers with the same name added to it's family.

A remake of the 9000 is the only Blackberry I would buy other than a GSM Storm or GSM Blackberry Slider. All it needs is:

- Trackpad
- 1 GB of App memory
- An OS without memory leaks

That's it and it's a seller. Many people I know who had a 9000 and then got a 9700 were greatly disappointed. It's way too small, IMO.

since getting 9700 a month ago, I have issues with the small size of the screen and keyboard. I don't know why RIM thinks everyone wants a small ass phone we cant see or type on. I use my 9000 more than I do my new 9700 just because I can see the screen alot better and typing is so easy. I do wish the they would have left the form factor the same and just added the track pad and more memory. it would have been the perfect phone.. oh, and the dropped call issue with the switch between 3G and Edge is horrible. another reason I use my 9000..

I got the bold 9000 shortly after it was released. Best phone I have ever owned.

I paid full price for it without a contract and it was worth every penny! 3months after I got it I had the option to upgrade under contract and just couldn't do it. The 9000 is the perfect size. I would LOVE to see it upgraded with a 5mp camera with zoom. WIFI N spec, 1GB+ of onboard memory for apps. 1Ghz+ CPU, upgrade the screen and I would pay full price again. I know 3 other friends that feel the same way.

LONG LIVE THE BOLD 9000!!!!!!!

Might be sacrilegious to some but I've traded in my Audi (8900) for a Cadillac (9000). While the smaller form factor, tighter lines, zippier engine and memory are appealing, the softer ride, chrome and leather of the 9000 is preferred. I would LOVE to see the next Bold be updated with the latest updates ( processor, memory ) with the same big, comfy form factor.

I love my Bold, and would really like to see updated hardware in that same form factor. I also like how it had set itself apart from the rest of the lines with how different it was, instead of essentially just looking like the same case with different guts.

The amount of RAM wouldn't be a problem if apps could be saved to the memory card instead of on-board memory. That said 1GB should be the new norm.

I myself love the larger phone, I don't understand how guys can use these super small phones.
Plus they are just remaking the same phone, bring us a larger phone RIM, we all don't like micro phones!

RIM would be dumb not to reproduce a popular phone as this. I still won't upgrade until they have a similar form factor. I'm hoping they're saving it for the slider/touch screen as their new flagship device.

I've been using my 9000 while I wait for my 9700 to be repaired. I agree I can text faster on the 9000 keypad, the larger screen is nicer and the sound quality is waaaay better than the 9700. However I love the size of the 9700 much better. The 9000 feels like a brick in my hand now after using the 9700 for 6 months or so.

I need room for these meaty snausage things that I have for thumbs.

So frustrating when I type on a 8900 or 9700 that I hit 4 keys at once...uggghhhhh!

And then to correct myself, I hit the backspace and enter at the same time!

Maybe I'll wait for the BlackPad Bold.

Ya, I like the full sized device... like my women (LOL).

Seriously, why did RIM deviate from this pure pleasure... perfect sized key board, great performance. I don't mind the size, while most folks like the smaller the better.

Give me a CDMA Bold 9000 with a track pad!!! NOW.

But there was something to say about someone who had a Bold 9000, or the 9700 when it first came out. Having a Bold, meant you were Bold, and dropped the money the device mandates from you in order to have it. Now, it's not about the money of course, as I barely had enough to get my Bold 9700 and afford the bill in the same month, but it just set you apart from the rest of the BB users and it feels good to have a Bold and it's nice knowing you have a device that can handle whatever you want to throw at it. It seemed also, for the most part, only true BB users would have the bold, and would use the phone to it's potentials and run the phone as it wants and needs to be run.

Now to have to share the Bold form factor, and Bold name with every other device that is being released lately just doesn't sit well with me. It's like a senior sitting with the freshmen, it just doesn't happen, nor should it. Bold should mean Bold, not "new Curve", or "new Tour".

Equality is great and all, as long as Bold owners are segregated and revered, not affiliated.

Does anyone remember when we saw that document that showed that the Slider(as 9700a) existed? Because if you look closely, you also see the 9020 on there. I think that's what it was, a new phone with the old Bold form factor. Anyone else notice that?

i had a 8900 and swap it for a 9000, the keyboard is comfortable, so nice on my fingers, and the leather back cover its so elegant, bring back the size of the 9000 with the new features!..
and it aint that big, almost the same size that my 1g iPhone. (i am loving the classics)

I have both, and while I love the enhancements the 9700 brought to the table, I miss the 9000 form factor (especially the keyboard for my large hands). Bring it back, RIM!

ever since the 9700 came out, i've been wondering and hoping that they would make the 9000 with a trackpad. of course a better screen and more memory couldn't hurt either!

Love my 9000, can't update the the 9700, it seems to much like a beefed up curve. I left the curve behind cause of the size.

Add me to the list, too. I will start saving those recession bucks right now for the "True" updated BOLD! We can't make it any easier on RIM... take the 9000 outer, add the 9700 inner, and people would mortgage their Grandmothers to get that phone. C'mon!

These ideas to Bold, have been my exact thoughts after a few weeks that i had my Bold. A trackpad would be awesome as well as the high reso screen. Better memory would send the Bold to the moon. And a high reso camera would be essential. This phone would the Bentley of all Blackberry phones.

Give me that Bold 9000
Gimme that phone
Give me that Bold 9000
Gimme that phone
What if it were you using smaller phones
If it were you on the phone you couldn't hear nothing at all!

Give me that Bold 9000,...gimme that phone...Oaugh!

Hey! It's not original,..but hopefully it gets RIM attention!

...Have Bold Will Travel~

I pulled out my old 9000 yesterday, as a matter of fact. I was seriously considering the switch back - if only it had more app memory and the touchpad. Even without the touchpad I'd be tempted.

This would be the perfect blackberry ...I've been a habitual crackberry user for years , and I can't think of anything better

Always thought the Bold should have stayed this way. Pearl. Curve, Bold, Storm would have been plenty. 8900 should be the Curve, 85** Curve Lite and Tour/9700 should have been the Curve Pro. keeping the Pearl and Storm models the way they are. The new Clam shell could easily be the Curve Flip Pro, slider could be Storm Pro. My 2 cents aanyway.

Yes, this would be the Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, etc, of BB devices... Have wondered about this since the 9700 dropped.

For me the 9000 was my introduction to the blackberry wold and it was the perfect size especially on the keyboard....if they bring it back they should include more memory, a better camera and it would be the best blackberry....Just my 2 cents!!!

Now that's what I'm talking about!
Yes, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a beauty of a phone in appearance.
Much, much better looking phone than any other physical keyboard BlackBerry.
Update the 9000's technology to today's standards, keep the exact same length and width, but make it THINNER.
I'd be all over it.

No disrespect to the 9700 lovers, but I passed on an upgrade because that device is too small.

Give me a 9000 size, with improved horsepower, and I'd buy it. Blackberry is SO far behind the competition.

The 9700 with a quick glance can be mistaken for a tour or curve or any other black device. I mean seriously it was so similar that they had to imprint BOLD on the back of the damn thing.
The 9000 on the other hand has a nice leather boootay with a silver clip on the back surrounding the camera with the blackberry logo. Now I work in corporate America and I like holding up my phone leaving the back exposed and someone silently saying...ooooooo its a bold look at that leather boootay !!

My contract comes due in August was looking to maaaybe go for a 9700 but with so many ppl wanting a bold 9000 remake ... ill wait for the Bold (life) 10,000 lmao @ the first post

In the end, whether we want to admit it or not, SIZE DOES MATTER! ;). Please RIM for the love of all things good and BlackBerry®, do this. I would forgo waiting until my upgrade date and paying full price for this baby!

I haven't really seen the new bold in person yet. Just on T.V. But as others were saying why name it BOLD if your going to make it smaller? I personally love a larger phone because i have large hands. Who wants a small phone? When you got big hands!! Thats the main reason why i got a blackberry BOLD for the size. The name BOLD to me means making a statement, standing out. Not blending in with the others. I think RIM really needs to surprise us all and make a new 9000 with all the new bells and whistles. Don't really know if i will upgrade to the new BOLD yet. Having to much fun with the 9000!!!!

I've still got my Bold 9000, and even with my friends being late adopters with their 9700s and Tours, I still love my 9000.

I think people who are saying "let's add a x,y and z while we are at it" have missed the point of this post.

The people who liked the 9000 over the 9700 prefer the 9000 because of its size. The 9000 and 9700 are very similar devices internally with minor evolutionary improvements.

These people want the larger 9000 form factor WITH the evolutionary improvements that one would expect from a new smartphone released today. They don't mind the extra bulk because the ease of use is more important than the storage of the device on one's person. The use of holsters mitigates the problems with size as well.

I prefer the 9700 over the 9000 because I have small hands. But I definitely understand the need and desire to keep this larger form factor.

My list of non-evolutionary improvements:
New sturdy battery cover that doesn't jiggle. (keep the faux leather)
New SD card cover/or mechanism for card storage

Evolutionary upgrades:
Optical Trackpad
Camera with Auto Focus
Micro USB
WiFi N

CPU upgrade
Memory upgrade
LCD resolution upgrade
SDXC support

I love my 9000 customised it with a white LCD screen, white keypad, white rollerball and chrome bezel and updated the OS to 5.0! Its a beaut! Only changes i would make more memory and a optical pad only if it was white! The 9700 is to dinky and has nothing on the speakers of the 9000!!

Long live the 9000!!

I am currently using 2 bolds and a storm 2 (which i must say is becoming much more useful since the last DRM update). After passing on my curve 8900 & 8520 to family in favour of going back to BOLD 9000's in my opinion this handset has reached Iconic Level. The battery has never been sufficient for its purpose, but i am yet to find a slim, handy sized colour screened transmitting device that can boast one yet. That aside it is a Fantastic device which i can only say for me has now reached close to the reliable, sturdy and easy to use heights of the (of its day + still'ish) NOKIA 6310i. This is not a phone it is a communication device with multi media capabilities to boot and if it gets OS6 all the more speed and visual elegance. If we can keep the original form factor, up the memory and increase the battery life i'm in. This is the professionals device that has become family friendly.
Long Live The BOLD

It's a pretty nice imagination regarding a Bold 9700 with the Design of the original Bold. But i'm german and for me a cadillac has no more value than a nissan or something comparable. The Bold 9000 is more like a Mercedes in my point of view and my own Bold 9700 is the Beamer (BMW) in RIM's product range. Please don't be angry because of my comments dismissing a Cadillac!;)

When choosing between the Bold 9700 and 9000, I chose the 9000. Aside from the 256 MB of RAM, I think the device is way better than the 9700 in size and capability. With the 5.0 update, the devices is almost perfect for me. Very easy to view screen size, keys are perfectly spaced apart, and the device just feels way more solid than any other BlackBerry I have used. I especially like the dual speakers providing absolutely astounding sound when doing a speakerphone call or listening to music. I am a BES Admin and I work with all the BlackBerry models. In my book, the 9000 is still the benchmark to live up to as far as QWERTY keyboard form factor BlackBerry devices. Come on RIM, make the 9000 even better -- 1GB minimum of RAM.

but isn't the Tour or Bold 9650 larger than the Bold 9700. Yet I hear all the time people don't like the size of it. Is it just that inbetween size that just doesn't feel right. I would think it is a compromise and I love the feel of my Tour. Granted I have never held or types on a 9000. Just a thought.

I wish when I chose my blackberry I got the 9000. Although I love my 8900 I always get jealous when I see people with it. IM REALYY hoping they do this so I can get this for my upgrade.

I didn't have one, but I tried to talk my husband into getting a 9000 instead of his old 8310. He went with the cheaper Curve and ended up whining for 11 months because he missed the 3G speed he had on his old Samsung. So we switched to Sprint (because I got a company discount), we both got 8530's. But he is a big guy with big fingers, and I think he would really have loved the size of the 9000 keyboard and screen. (I myself had a 8110 Pearl so I "sized up"; I was apprehensive at first because I LOVED SurType, but I've learned to type quite efficiently on the full QWERTY).

i had the 9000 and loved it even tho it had no device memory. i made zero typing errors. i love my 9700 but i find myself back spacing so much with my fat fred flintstone thumbs ugh bring it back with trackpad and 1 gig of app memory thank you

I think BB is behind and will soon start falling even more behind with the arrival of the HTC EVO and Apple's New iPhone. Here's a list what people want to see in a Bold:

-Ability to use as an access point/hot spot
-Front facing cam for video calls with Skype (would be great if BBM got updated to make video call for free)
-FM Radio
-Flash support/HTML 5
-Printer support (wifi connection would be great)
-4G ability
-Wifi N
-Bluetooth 3.0
-8gb internal memory
-Slim form factor with a touch screen
-Free Nav software like google maps maps/Ovi

I wish RIM bring back the original form factor of bold9000. The bigger the better. It will be super-hit if they make the following changes:

1)3" display screen (So much space wasted around bezel area...learn lesson from htc hd2). No need touch sceen (i hate them). If i like touch screen...i'd probably go for iphone.

2)Minimum 1gb memory and if possible 1ghz processor & little more RAM.

3) 5mp camera, same 9000 keyboard & look in the front side but the back side should be similar to bold9700.

4) Last but not the least....new OS 6.

That's it. I think I'm not asking too much.

Coming from a guy with fairly skinny fingers (surgeon hands they call them), while typing on the 9700 is not as hard, typing on the 9000 just cant be beat. I was tempted to pay full price for the 9700 when it came out, but I test drove a few of them, and haven't regreted it at all. Doesn't anyone remember the commercials for the 9000? They were frigging awesome and made the phone stand out. It still stands out. I always look at what phones/newest technology others have, and whenever I see a 9000, it makes me feel a little different about that said person.
Anyways, long live the 9000, brin git back RIM

I hope someone at RIM sees this. This is definitely a fan-favorite and would likely re-energize consumer sales (or at least maintain current customer loyalty)