I Need BBM and I Don't Know Why; Do You Know Why?

By IsaacKendall on 7 May 2010 02:22 pm EDT
BlackBerry Messenger

First things first, my name is Isaac and I am a Crackberry addict (Hi Isaac!). My first BlackBerry device was the 950 running on Mobitex, so my love affair goes back to the beginning. Unlike fans of other devices made by other fruit companies, I feel it is OK to point out that there are in fact other devices in existence that are in fact decent. I've moved over to other devices over the years, but I promised Bla1ze to keep my love for other devices low-key. Every time I've stray to the "mistress of the day", I never go far because my BlackBerry Messenger always calls me home.  I have this strange feeling like I can't ever leave BBM and I don't know why.

Why do we think BBM is something we can't give up?

Looking at the big picture from the perspective of someone who's not a BlackBerry user, I think it's bizarre we are willing adopt an IM client that only works on the BlackBerry.  This non-BlackBerry user would ask "Why not Google Talk or AIM?"  It's a good question; after all they both work cross platform on any smartphones and desktops.

While I'm flirting with my another device, my BBM status says "Use Twitter or GTalk" Twitter has become very useful while I'm playing around on my 9700 but I'm still feeling a little homesick for the little 'D' and 'R' beside messages I send.

Is that it? Do we like the delivered or read confirmation? Is it because BBM uses less data than other IM clients which reduces the networks criminal roaming rates?  Perhaps it's the cool 2D barcode for adding new contacts? I have yet come up with a real reason why I need BBM. As much as I love my new toy made by the good folks in Mountain View, I can assure my friends in Waterloo I'll be home soon. Or maybe, unlike me, you don't need to have BBM. Maybe you're just using it "because it's there". Please leave your comments telling us why you can/can't live without BBM, I'm rather curious to see other's thoughts on why BBM is a sticking factor for BlackBerry.

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I Need BBM and I Don't Know Why; Do You Know Why?


Agreed. I think that is the key thing... every BB has it, it's always on, and it's always there. No need to fuss with it. It's a part of the core system and it's quick and fast. Nothing too fancy, no silly frills, it gets the job done and it just works. Just like the BB. No muss, no fuss... all business.

The group chat feature is also very cool and useful for collaboration between groups of friends.

Honestly, I thought this for so long as a blackberry user until my Nexus One arrived this week. I had several friends on bbm but the only one that really chatted with me the most was my wife. Sure, the group feature was cool when people used it and I felt connected. But I was missing out on my other friends who own iphones and other mobile phones.

Downloaded meebo for android and it's ALWAYS on. I chat with so many more people, now I feel connected. We know many people are on Facebook chat now, so meebo works like a charm with it. I certainly CAN live without bbm. We're not all the same, but I took the jump and it worked just fine.

I've had a bb for 5 years. There should be a way to sign in/sign out. Why? Because those that travel internationally don't want to get hit with roaming charges via data. Also there should be a way to disable broadcast messaging!

Truth is... BBM is how I keep in contact with quite a few friends....

It's like SMS.. cept it's more reliable, and doesn't cost anything extra... (no extortion for using a messaging service)... plus I don't have to go to an extra effort to log in. I'm always available, and everyone I know on a BB is as well. :)

i need it... most of my friends and family are on BBs... and some not full data plans and can only have access to emails and BBM... so BBM is perfect! plus like you said, just knowing its been D or R is good... makes you aware everything is ok and such....

On a personal level, could live without it. Got lots of friends, I'd say pretty much half have Blackberry and the other half have iPhones. At the end of the day, we can all keep in contact via SMS.

On a business level, absolutely hate it. People riding your ass when they see you read the message but haven't responded yet. I can keep myself on my toes thank you very much.

So yes, can live without it.

I use yahoo messenger more than BBM, because my conversations sometimes go to the desktop and most of my friends don't have blackberrys (Some have the dreaded iphone, which I cannot type on the way I can on a bb keyboard!). I also don't have to be logged into Yahoo whereas there are lots of people I wouldn't want to get messages from on BBM all the time! I like the concept of not being available. The people who really need to reach me are always able to! I am always logged into yahoo, I just go invisible when I don't want to be bothered by just anybody. I also like Yahoo emoticons better. If more of my friends had blackberrys, BBM would make more sense. With the ones who do, we use BBM sometimes, and as a backup when yahoo boots us.

Oh yeah, I have a few friends with BBs who won't use it because they don't like people to see they've read a message and not responded!

As it stands its very trim, neat, don't need to sign in or out.

You know instantly if your message isn't delivered or read.

It isn't currently bombarded by ppl with custom emoticons and custom letters like MSN, winks and such nonsense.

Easy to send pics, voice notes without much headache.

Easy to setup groups and stay in those groups until you decide not to.

Only real thing I dislike about BBM is not being able to block broadcasts.

While i think its nice to have. Most of my friends don't have bb. its good to save on the text messages. other than that i can live without it

Ym fiance recently switch to a Palm Pre (stupid) and she is back to BB now. During her time away I could not stand not knowing if she had read the message. She is forgetful and leaves her phone places. She has a busy job and can't always reply right away but at least I know she has read the message and knows I sent something. If the message doesn't get read I figure she left her phone at home for the 1,000th time. Can't live without the D and R.

I can say I sort of miss because I have friends that are out of country withblackberries so I was to stay connected easier, but msn messenger and Skype work just as good.

I think for me, its easier to use b/c ALL my friends are on bbm (I convinced them). And now, I can't convince them otherwise. Its hard for me to quit bbm, b/c:
-i'm always logged in
-its reliable
-i don't need to add an account to sign up
-all my friends are on bbm, and refuse to try anything else. Making it that much harder for me to leave.

BBM is over rated and essentially worthless unless you know a signifigant amount of people to utilize it. the ONLY time BBM is useful is when the troubleshooting network/BES issues. Other than that there are far too many IM clients that cover the spectrum as well as SMS.

I had 30 or so people on my 9700 and only 1 person really used it, my wife. So it's not like you could die without it. You really need to be in a circle of blackberry users who actually use it for this to be useful. There are so many other chat apps that open your possibilities.

Is it critical for me, absolutely not. SMS is universal, and most people have at least that as an add on to their accounts. Using other IM clients tends to wear down the battery, as they are constantly polling the servers, and remembering to sign in or out is also quite a pain.

The delivered and read confirmation notes are very nice between my wife and me. It is my preferred method of contact to friends and colleagues that also have BB.

Most of my friends have BBs now...I am a heavy IM person...I communicate with most of my friends and my gf via IM...so I have AIM, Gtalk, FB Chat, etc...but the only program I can use on my phone is beejive, which I might add is sucking for BB's, but thats a whole different topic. I love how BBM allows me and certain friends to create a chat room so we are all on the same page on where to eat for dinner or what we have planned, so we dont have to individually message each person (and theres always someone whos left out). Also the D and R is a MUST...I want to make sure that the person I sent the message to received it...sometimes I send a message and the D doesnt pop up, I know I have to resend the message...its very convenient and its a piece of mind thing. Its also cool that when you meet new people that have BB's you always ask the same question "Whats your PIN?" makes me really happy that Im a crackberry addict.

Basing it just on the program itself, I think Blackberry Messenger has its pros and cons. It's definitely convenient and fun, but it can get kind of annoying being hassled to respond to a read message. Overall, I think it's a great Blackberry asset, though.

On another level, I think that RIM does an amazing job of creating a culture and community around its Blackberry devices. People (including myself, when I really think about it) like using something that is our own, as Blackberry users. We have BBM and no one else does. It makes us part of the Blackberry club. Apple does the same thing, but in a MUCH more pretentious way!

No, Apple does not have its own closed private messaging system like the BBM.

I don't use BBM because I want to communicate to my friends and family that don't have a BB (some don't even have a cell phone with data or SMS, they use a computer) . I have 5 BBM contacts, none of us communicate via BBM.

I'm a new BB user, I don't feel as if I'm part of some culture, or community because I own a BB. It's just a communication device for f's sake!

Calling yourself part of a club, now that comes off as pretentious!

The two pluses are that 1) if I need to get an important message to a co-worker, I know they've received and read it. And 2) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of privacy it gives. I don't like the idea that my sms messages, no matter how harmless can be pulled up and read by a third party.

I have never used BBM at all. I might if I had any friends that had a Blackberry, but they are too 'business' for any of them. They want a fun phone, not a 'business' phone. That's a quote. My work associates, would rather call than use BBM, they can't type fast, so they just call.

I guess I was lucky when I joined the blackberry society lol. I have a lot of friends who owned a blackberry before I joined, so once I was convinced to join I was immediately introduced to BBM with about 10 BBM contacts. I now have about 50 btw. I love the overall convenience and though at times I hate the D and R I also like it, cause it does become useful. I have different group chats setup, (one is for my business, my softball team and just friends to BS with) and with all the people that I know who have a blackberry, I sort of feel like BBM forms a small community. I guess what makes me prefer BBM over other IM clients is its integration with the OS which in turn falls under its convenience.

None of you need bbm. You just like the exclusivity. I was once a bb addict but learned that bbm can get annoying. Its quite intrusive when people know when you read their message and its annoying if you don't want to talk to them. There are so many other phones that are better than bbs. They should be only used in a professional workplace setting. Most of the rest of the people are wanna bes or they just wat to impress people with a brand name. So sad cause youre missing out on devices like the droid/milestone or the incredible. You can use gtalk and you'll always be logged in (on a google device) if that really worries you.

Come on people go find out what devices you're missing out on instead of following the crowd. Android ftw

not at all

i've done my research and found that android dominates the BB in most, if not all, areas.

people just buy because its a brand name

Ppl jus are followers anyways! Trends trends and more trends! Bb is the best! Touch screen phones SUCK! And this is comin from a EX touch screen owner! Bbm is awesome!!!

I agree with you about touch screens suck because I used to have the krave from verizon and it was a major pain cause the screen would freeze and it would have a delay effect or you had to tap the same vutton 5 times for it to work. I love my bb and probably won't get anything else. The droid to me is bulky as hell and my friend has hell and its not even that good the software has a lot of glitches and I'm sure it will be fixed with an update. And I'm sure the only reason people get it is because of the hype.

android cannot push my exchange like bb nor does it have a spellcheck.these are essential in business use with heavy email and are important elements missing from a "smartphone"


I don't even use BBM. I even deleted it to save space. Yahoo IM has always done well for me. I can talk to anyone who has it: either PC, dumb phone, smart phone, etc. Not just BlackBerry users....

Considering BBM gives you a means of communicating with a
very "closed" group of people there are times where it can
be pointless to the extreme.

I use Yahoo IM far more than I use BBM as that gives me the
ability to talk to a very wide group of non BB users.

Whenever I see comments like "BBM is the best thing about BB"
I literally want to cringe.

About half of the people I communicate with have berry's, but but for me, it's all about security. Knowing that my messages aren't able to be seen except by the people that they are intended for, helps me sleep better at night.. :)

I love the R&D .. awesome. I use BBM with family mostly so we all joke to each other "um i see you read this, reply back" i love it.

It also lets you know whether they've at least gotten the message and read it. We dont bug each other seriously but i can see how people would use that in a serious nature .. however PLEASE dont ever get rid of it. It's the reason i would rather BBM any day.

Also the no signing in and out .. i know my family wouldnt use YIM or Gtalk and remember to sign in or out or anything like that. This is the ultimate answer.

Also the broadcast message feature is the best!! Its great being able to send out an invite to a family event or reminder that way. I love it

I love BBM. Half the people I know have BBs which is great. I've been trying to find a good program to use to communicate with the other half since SMS is generally pretty painful. Get duplicates all the time. Any messages over 140 characters, it tries to paste it together (usually in the wrong order).

So, what other programs use the D and R (or something similar)??? Blackberry can't be the only one. I'm actually shocked it's not used on all of them. Any suggestions?

BBM is my preferred method of communicating. Most of my family and friends have blackberries (thanks to me)so it works great. With the addition of groups, I have also met some really cool people through BBM. So it's a must have for me.

All my good friends either have BBs, or are getting them in the near future, so BBM is definitely an essential method of communication for me.

"people like to be part of things that are exclusive... "

Um no, I don't want to come off as an elitist snob.


One of the reason that bb is doing really well in Indonesia because of the bbm Ppl in Indonesia buy bb for the sake of chat in bbm lol.

i just recently stopped deleting it every time i would load a new os (leak or otherwise). my friends/fam are about 50/50 BB and iphone...i dont think i know anyone these daze who still rocks a dumb phone...

that being said...i am starting to use it more and more. only problem is...most of my BB peeps dont use bbm. i really dig the R & D...its simple and clean...always on and instantly sends/receives. im definitely not using it to its fullest potential though...group chats etc (i hear quite a bit about group chats).

for work...im in the office 5 days a week and we use AIM...so i dont use mine for work. so at this point...i CAN live without it...for now...

I love BBM. Most of my friends have BBs and we share pictures and talk all day. A normal phone wouldn't be able to stand a full day of chatting, but a BB does. My iphone (logged onto beejive and im+) couldn't last more than 4 hours of intense usage (music, chatting, emails) while today I've had well over 6 hours of everything and i'm at 55% on my bold2. Love it. BBM is the greatest device out there for the BB. It's the best and most valuable app that's not email on my BB.

no lost messages without you knowing and battery life, thats the key. i cam from a win mo platform and i used aim and gtalk there. I would send people imz, WITH THE OFFICIAL AIM CLIENT ON BOTH PHONES, and sometimes messages would just get lost in translation, never arriving at the other persons phone and i'm none the wiser. ARGH!!! and that aim cliet f***** my battery life. granted, touch pro (2) didnt do well on battery life as is, but aim/gtalk + decent usage meant the phone would last 4-5 hours TOPS! i forget to charge my bb from time to time and i always have battery life. no need for house, car and work charger with my 8530, all i need is a work charger and an occasional boost for weekend usage and i'm good!

and i'm not sure why.... I use it for work and friends. My boss and some vendors use it. otherwise i have no idea why im so caught up with it, but i deff am!

I don't know what it is but bbm is the main reason why I love my blackberry. its like you are part of an elitist group. Only other blackberrys can enjoy the fun. Its always there. No signing in. Its your personal IM client. When I meet people with blackberrys, before I know their name they are already on my bbm list. When they are unfamiliar with it I quickly teach them. I think its hot when a girl has a blackberry. I bbm more than I SMS. Whenever I think about wanting to try new devices, I remember that I won't have bbm anymore. Its not like any other chat service. If you own a blackberry and don't utilize bbm then you really aren't enjoying your phone to the max.

When you text you get 160 charcters at a time, I love it that bbm is is when you text away and you don't have worry about running out of ccharacters, you can only abbreviate so much on sms.

if you don't use BBM then you don't deserve to be registered on crackberry.com
I understand that if your friends don't use BBM, it could be useless to have a BlackBerry and using BBM coulb be pointless.
But a CrackBerry (user and/or abuser) you have to be able to pass your addiction to your friends. That's what I did.
I started using a BlackBerry in 2007, by 2008 all of my friends owned BlackBerry and we strictly use BBM now, because SMS is soooo boring!
So I'm like you Isaac, I can't live without BBM!!!

BBM is the only reason that I haven't switched devices. It's how a few of my friends and me keep in touch. We have become addicted to it and it's how we get other people to buy BBs.

I can't explain the reason why we have all becomed hooked but my guess is that it must be the Ds and Rs.

Yes the 'D' & 'R' are key. If you don't have a BB, I don't message you as much. Its not something I purposely do. Its also always on. Most of all, its a special club. You can't have this if you don't have a BlackBerry.

Haha, exactly how I feel about BBM. It's not that I ignore people who still text but it's not the same. For some weird reason BBM feels like a social club that if you don't own a Blackberry, you're gonna get left out.

Since most of my family and friends now have bb's, bbm has become our main way of communication. I also have family and friends in other countries and IM clients weather on mobile or desktop could never and will never be as easy and effective as bbm, there is no need to sign in. Sms covers the small fraction of others who a need quick easy way of communication. BBM is great and getting better, simply can't go without it.

BBM is the way to go for me, I use it every day as I have several family members and friends that use BB, The ability to send pictures and voice notes is a real plus. You cannot send voice notes with other IM services and sending via MMS is a pain, seriously I only use MMS one to three times a month.

Groups is a good feature but it can kill you're battery and memory if the usage is heavy. Broadcast should never been added on as a feature but I have used it for important announcements for my family and/or friends. I had several people in the past who used broadcast for worthless !#@& and I ended up deleting them from BBM because it wastes my time. I can live without the broadcast feature but can't live without BBM

I use BBM extensively. My biggest use is the group feature. I have yet to find any group feature on any other IM client that comes close. The other feature the group uses extensively is the photo feature. If there is another option that would be great so I could add driod and iphone friends BUT i have found nothing that works like it! Any suggestions??

I'm one of those that can't change from blackberry because i would miss BBM too much...and I think the most important features that make BBM something you will miss or something you can't live without are summarized in:

1.It's Always ON
2.Message Status (delivered, read, even sent to network and busy network)
3.Low network usage
4.The 2D Barcode Addition
5.All those things you can easily send are pretty handy (contacts, pictures, voice notes, files, Location)
6.PINs are easier to add than emails

The rest aren't things low in importance but i'm pretty sure you can live without them using the normal live messenger, gtalk and YahooIM.

This all depends on 2 things. 1.Am I the only person who is giving bbm up? 2.Is there another service that everyone who has a blackberry or any other phone would use?

I really like BBM... it's just addictive lol and i like that it is unique to BlackBerry's and that you get message status (Delivered, read, etc..). I would simply miss it too much if i switched to another brand. BlackBerry forever!

As much as I love BBM, and having it "always on" and always available and as simple as it is to use and how I love how integrated it is into the BB ecosystem, I have noticed that on something like Googletalk or AIM I have 5 times as many contacts on those platforms, so I can reach more people on IM through those methods than I can through BBM. I can reach people on their Android phones, WinMo phones, WebOS users, desktop users, AND Blackberry users with the client installed! So in that aspect you can be signed onto it anywhere and reach more people. But BBM is definitely something I love to use every day on my Curve 8900.

Do you think RIM would ever make and sell just a BBM app to work with Android and iPhone? I think that would be a killer app to have.

I've got it on my BlackBerry, but currently I have no friends or family that have a BB. Although, it's a great, free way to communicate.

the comments, I own a BB but not everyone I know does. But everyone has either FB, WLM or yahoo and I can easily get in contact with them or via SMS. I don't text a lot, but if I can't reach someone by email, chat or FB comment, then I either call or txt them. In any case, I don't even use my BBM because I don't have anyone one it. If everyone I knew had a BB, then yeah, screw FB, WLM and Yahoo!, BBM FTW! But, since it's not the case, it stays FB+WLM/Yahoo!+email+txt. And I don't see the "always on" as a downside because you can easily silence any BBM notification and sleep quietly or whatever.

I'm fortunate that most of my closest friends and family have BlackBerrys, so it's really tough to leave BBM.

These are my fave benefits of BBM:
-Works when a carrier's network is down. I was able to get through to a friend's BB when I couldn't call or SMS.

-Unlimited to any BB in the world (as long as you're not roaming on data, of course)

-Group Chat: my longtime friends and I are always chatting on our BBM Group & makes it easy to keep in touch, plan events and share pictures.

the fact that you can see that the message has been read. At work thats very important to us to know that our message has in fact been read. To me, thats the best thing about BBM

I think it's a matter of convenience. I used to have AIM on my 8330. Problem was whenever it rebooted ... Whether it be adding, removing, or manually ... I would always have to start AIM to get it to log in even if I had autologin set. BBM ALWAYS autostarts.

That and most of my friends are on BBM so it's just easier.

that is an oustanding observation.. i think its because its an "exclusive" feature.. almost like a "for VIP's only" lol

Because I live in Los Angeles, my brother in Detroit and Sister in Lexington KY. I have set up a group with them. We can easily send pictures and talk - I type a message and it goes to both of them. I don't use the regular chat all that often. But it is cool still.

My reasons

Never have to sign in...all the functions that other IMs I've used don't have...delivery/read confirmation...plain ol BB pride :-)

Think it's pretty straight forward, for the other services both you and the other person have to be signed in and remain signed in. Constantly maintaining that connection and updates uses a ton of battery, even if you don't chat at all. If they or you sign out or were disconnected messages are lost (unless you perma have logging enabled, but that doesn't mean they get your messages).

The other issue is that a lot of the other services compete with themselves (gtalk, aim, etc). BBM doesn't really, it's it's own thing.

When i first gotten my Pearl to my 9700, i removed it after a couple of days. Why you ask?

From all the people that i know in real life, there are only 3-4 who uses BlackBerry, but they dont know how to use BBM. Of course i have the community of crackberry and pinstack, but its not quite the same because they are total strangers who share the same interest. Understand where im trying to take this to?

You cannot get the same satisfaction of messaging someone who is a complete stranger to a friend.

I don't use BBM. I tried it twice and hated it both times. I just didn't like how it changed my whole SMS experience. Plus I don't know many other people that use BBM to make it worthwhile. I just prefer SMS and I like the simple threaded message option.

BBM is a great feature. I remember in the old days when it was plain and no avatar. Ever since last year with the upgrade, the most annoying feature is the "broadcast messaging" There must be a way to control on an individual or group basis to block certain people. Also having the ability to sign in/sign off would be good especially if you travel internationally!

My wife and I love BBM because we both have Blackberry 9700s, the BBM is always on, and we can communicate with each other without having to utilize our monthly allowance of text messages.

When u can't say somethin to your budddy about this chock that's sitting beside u, BBM is the next quickest thing

I think a lot of people are being short sighted here, one of the reasons I jumped from the iPhone to BB was because of BBM, I've lived in six different countries and my job requires me to be in contact with both clients and the office sometimes (often) overseas, and it works best with the BBM, I can maintain a relationship with my friends, as well as stay up to date with whatever my boss needs, regardless of what country hes in that day.

I don't use BBM,
I know around more than 20 people (friends and acquaintances)
Who don't use BBM on regular basis.

Its another chat app pre installed in BB and can be removed.

I don't use it much at all, I have two brothers who use it but text would be just as easy. I use Google Talk at work since you can run the desktop and BB client simultaneously. Who wants to sit there and hammer out messages on the BB when you have a full size PC keyboard right in front of you? Not me...

It's faster! I can feel confident my message was delivered when the little D appears..
(canada) Telus is crap and I never actually know if my txt's are going to get to the intended recipient!..
I've sent a txt, walked in the house, and then some 10 mins later my txt get's received..
None of that crap with BBM, it's fast, efficient and I know it's been delivered or received..
and Now I'm converting all my friends over so they'll all be on bbm anyways. Muhahahah

many contacts on bbm (175). Some of them live abroad and bbm allows me to contact them for free. Sending pictures and voicenotes is amazing too. Couldn't live without it.

No matter how someone uses their Berry, or have just email or full-blown data or whether they use BBM to save on text messaging charges, love for Berry is something we all have in common. It's easy to tell when your conversation buddy has read your message, and it's super easy to call them from the conversation window. It's always on, it's usually pretty reliable and it's just BBM. It's honestly, sometimes, the only reason I stick with Blackberry. If any other device had something like BBM, I might be gone. That's why RIM rocks. They understand peoples' need to be connected at all times with people who they can relate to. That's why BBM is important to me. Because I can always talk to someone else who is as Berry crazy as me. XD

- Faster and reliable
- Unlimited characters
- Sent, delivered and read notification
- End user status (available, busy, offline)
- Invite others to conference
- Uses only data (save me money on a large text plan)
- No overseas text charges
- Always on
- Share profile pics
- Personal status message
- Easy broadcast message
- Groups
- View conversation history
- Easy to add people (barcode, PIN, emails, etc.)
- Easy sharing of ringtones, pics, videos, phonebook contacts, voice notes, gps location, calendar and files

These are some of the features I use and love about BBM. I have over 70 active contacts so there is no way I'm leaving Blackberry.

Just a few of my contacts have BlackBerry. The ones who don't are imported into BBM as an SMS contact. Now I have one place with all my contacts and the message gets sent using whatever method their device allows.

All my family has it. I couldn't go without !Great way to comunicate.I nearly cried when my daughter switched to the iPhone;-(

1) Free
2) Makes it so much easier and most importantly free to communicate with my family abroad.
3) Free when sending attachments such as Pics, Vids etc.. No more extortionate MMS or SMS charges especially for those on Pay as u go.
4) You can tell when your message has been delivered and read or still pending.
5) Built by RIM for BB so works flawlessly.
6) No impact on battery life.

Winner for me everyday and all day.

When I went to buy my bold 9700 the teller tried so hard to get me to buy an iphone instead, explaining everything about it. Looking at that, and the new androids, blahblahblah. Bbm holds me to blackberry. Always on, so simple. R and D.

Let's see....BBM is way faster than using any of the "IM" applications and it's always on....Sending text messages is the worst, I cringe everytime someone sends me and text and I have 2 respond....YES I'M THAT LAZY

Blackberry messenger isn't that amazing to me although its great feature. I can do without it but for work reasons I choose not to.

Same as sms and i don't know to many people that has a bb. Of course all of the fanboys love it. lol. If bb made shit you idiots would buy it and say you love it.


Wow, so many of you are coming off sounding very elitist about owning a BB and/or using BBM. It's just a communication device!

I guessing your e-mail sig is "Sent from my BlackBerry" like it's some magical thing that you can send an e-mail from a phone. Ohh ahh.

Sorry, I'm a new BB user (11-2009). I don't make a big deal about what phone I use.

And people say Apple fan boys are bad... ;P

I am using Bold 9700 currently using IM+Lite with gTalk connected cause i can easily use my desktop Gmail to search my chat history, would like to know can i save/export BBM chat history?

The problem with other IM clients is, its something the other person had to add to the device. With BBM, its there already, nothing to add.

The problem with other IM clients is, its something the other person had to add to the device. With BBM, its there already, nothing to add.

I think it depends on each person's individual situation.

In my country, BlackBerry is THE smartphone, due to the local carriers' aggressive promotion. I can count on one hand how many locals I've seen with smartphones that are NOT BBs.
No carrier where I live has an unlimited sms plan, so BBM is so much more convenient because it's free. I like having all my contacts in one place, and not all of my contacts use the same chat service.
Most of my cousins have a BB, so in times of family crisis everyone can be quickly be updated.

I love BB for many other reasons (able to individualize your phone, reliability, etc), but BBM is definitely #1 on my list.

Zero of my friends use it regularly, and my work IT group is slowly stripping BBM off work-issued BlackBerries, so it's really useless to me. This makes me sad, but ultimately, it means I'd be fine without it.

I love BBM but I barely use it because everyone I know that has it aren't true Berry addicts and they don't use it or barely even know it's there. Most of the BBM groups that I have joined just seems to fizzle out. I love it but because of what I stated above, most folks I know use IM from Yahoo. I wish there was a way BBM could communicate with the other IMs out there.

Here in holland bbm is quite popular. I think it gives people a kind of 'status' that they own a blackberry. It's seen as a kind of luxery item. There are even songs about 'hit me on my bbm' or as it is promoted in holland: pinging. (Sommige dingen moet je pingen, in english that means: some things you have to ping (or bbm)). I dunno but I like to use it :)

When I was in Italy for awhile using my world edition, using bbm was great. Instead of using SMS that charges incomming and receiving, bbm uses data which is a flat rate.

Other than that, it's great to send pictures to friends quickly and have group chats.

For me, I enjoy the "annoyance factor" given to certain institutions regarding my privacy in BBM'ing (which is not enjoyed in most other IM services/apps, particularly that coming from the "Chocolate Factory" :) ). Way I see it, if it's good enough for crooks in various "administrations" to use, it's about as good as it's going to get for us laypeople! (Note: I don't presume privacy in anything, but casual eavesdropping happily repelled is a plus in my book.)

Others (friends) are starting to recognize this on their own and my limited list is growing. Everyone else can call or email me! LOL

I really hate using other IM programs and only use them for non BB contacts. The ease of never having to log in, the security of BBM and the ability to send long mesages and transfer large files make BBM the IM program I wish everyone had so I didn't have to mess with anything else.

My wife is the only one I BBM. I use yahoo more because not everybody has a BB. There should be an interface on the BB site to send messages if you have the persons pin.

I don't have many friends that have Blackberries so for me I manly use SMS but for those friends that have Berries we ALWAYS use BBM. I love BBM & wish that more of my friends (including my wife) would have Berries because as others have stated BBM is just easier at times.

Am I the odd one out here...? I never use BlackBerry Messenger. The only other people I know that have a BlackBerry is my mom. All of my friends have Android, iPhone, or other dumb phones.

One of my friends had a BlackBerry once, but she has since gotten rid of it because she switched to Verizon and, at the same time, decided she didn't want to pay for the data plan that she couldn't afford any more, so she went back to a dumb phone.

When she had the BlackBerry, we were connected on BlackBerry Messenger, but it actually wasn't reliable for us. When she accepted my invitation, it didn't show up on my end, so we were never able to send messages on it. We never received each other's messages.

So anyway my mom is the only other person I know currently with a BlackBerry. We always text anyways. I never use, have never used, and never will use BlackBerry Messenger. I know it. Can't wait to get my hands on that Droid Incredible, btw.

The 1st thing I did was DELETE BBM from my device...I don't know very many people that own BBs, so it's only useless space to me.

I really like it so I can act pretentious. Ha! It sounds funny, but I love waving my 8830 around and telling people if they don't have BBM, then they aren't worth talking to. I only like associating with people who use BlackBerries. I know, I consider myself the ultimate addict too.

No a big deal not having messenger on my berry ,I use to but seemed like it slowed down other stuff on my 8330 so its not on my berry anymore. I might leave it on my next berry though I did like a group I was in.:)

Every other chat client is open for anyone to use.
If I decide to bounce BB I have to pick up my $20 texting plan again which would suck.

It feels like I'm part of a secret society when I meet someone with a Blackberry and I get their PIN. Sure, everyone else texts, but you and your new BBM buddy have your own clubhouse to chat in with a sign reading "No iphones allowed". Every person I've talked to who has switched phones laments the loss of BBM. Their membership card has been pulled, and they miss it. So please add me folks, let's make this clubhouse bigger and better, and then we can turn up our noses at Droid and IPhone users who don't have their own messenger service.

I'm a gadget freak! So when I saw alot of folks around me with bb's I still wouldn't budge..until I was over my friends house and he was in a group bbm with about 5 of our friends...so I said hell naw!!! lol Went to Sprint and added a line for a new 9630. So my TP2 might as well be a flip phone because my bb is everything (except for calling). So once the EVO 4G comes out I'll swap numbers on my phones and play with that too...but I'm officially a crackberry!

I've had BlackBerrys for several years. I remember trying out BBM once or twice, and not really seeing the point (because I only knew two other people who had BlackBerrys). I've not used it since. I think it's actually hidden on my phone.

I enjoy and prefer BBM but have very few friends and coworkers that have a BlackBerry (and few of those I want to message) so it often times doesn't do me any good.

Ym fiance recently switch to a Palm Pre (stupid) and she is back to BB now. During her time away I could not stand not knowing if she had read the message. She is forgetful and leaves her phone places. She has a busy job and can't always reply right away but at least I know she has read the message and knows I sent something. If the message doesn't get read I figure she left her phone at home for the 1,000th time. Can't live without the D and R.http://www.electronicswholesaledistributor.com/products/canon-s330_p1.html

I love the fact that I can use the BBM anywhere in the world and not have to pay international text message charges. It has been a money saving savior for many years!

BBM is only great when your surrounded around alot of people with bbs. The group chat feature is great and you can send files and voicenotes to each other. If you dont know alot of people with bbm then it might as well be lame to you. But its just one feature on your phone. your not entitle to use it. i bbm more then anything now. im attach to it

But far as those with Androids and Palms why are you on a berry blog when it has nothing to relate to you? Dont blash another device

I could take it or leave it before I had many friends with BB. Then I discovered that lots of my friends and coworkers had BB, most of them Curves, so we started trading PINs and now we messenger each other all the time. The other day while working as a Paramedic I got medication orders over my messenger while on a trip dealing with a sick patient. I love messenger!! I'm actually messengering while I type this. (Did I just make up a new word?)

If you have your bbm messages set to appear in one of your message folders (mine shows up in my email folder), you can actually read the first few lines in the message and if you don't want them to know you read it you can delete it from there OR just leave it there in your inbox. Whatever you do, just do not "open" the message from your email screen. Even if you're not trying to avoid the person but you just don't ahve the time to read it then, your bbm icon will still stay there too reminding you later that you have message to be read.

ANOTHER great trick is if you are already on your bbm screen (lets say you've been chatting w/ that person already) & you don't want them to know you got their last message...just do not scroll up or down...just LEAVE the bbm page (ex: use the back button).Believe me both of these work! The message will still come up as "D" to the sender but it will not come up as "R" because technically you may have read a few lines of the message, but you never "opened" it. I learned this last year from someone here and its great been great recently. I had a friend who was constantly reminding me to do something for her so after awhile, I just never opened her messages (until days later) because I always knew what it was about.

Lastly, I just want to say that yes, some of you are right...bbm is useless if you don't ahve anyone to bbm with! But everyone has different circumstances. Not only are my closest friends bbm users, but I'm in a long distance relationship too. There have been times when I've been worried, my partner has been sick & cant talk, or when I haven't heard from them, etc but at least when I see that the message was "Read" I know that she's okay. Thats my #1 reason.

Doesn't anyone insert your contacts pin # into the vcard/address book area and use it like e-mail? I prefer it over BBM area of the feature. Nice thing is you can click the pin feature to send someone another person's contact card. Open the person you want to send the contact info to, click pen xyz person, then click attach address and plug in the name of persons card you want to send. Nice feature that isn't talked about very often from what I can see. You don't know if someone opened it either.