I miss my BlackBerry charging pod!

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jun 2013 11:14 am EDT

For as long as I can remember, my absolute favorite BlackBerry accessory was the BlackBerry charging pod. I had one for almost all of my devices over the years - from my Tour 9630 all the way up to my Bold 9900.

I keep my phone on my nightstand when I go to bed and I loved being able to simply drop my phone into the pod and call it a night. Bedside mode was set to come on automatically so I could use my phone as my alarm clock while it charged overnight. If I needed to check it I could easily grab it from the dock with nothing to unplug, then drop it back in when I was done. 

Even the BlackBerry PlayBook has a sweet rapid charging stand, so with BlackBerry 10 I had high hopes for yet another awesome accessory.

With the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, it looks like the official BlackBerry charging pod is a thing of the past. If you own one of the devices you may not have realized it but there are no charging contacts at all - hence no charging pod.

With the Z10 we've seen the mysteriously unreleased OEM multimedia dock a few times but it has never been made officially available. This was partly due to the fact that the Z10 doesn't support homescreen landscape mode when docked. That feature was rumored to be included with OS 10.1, but 10.1 is here and still no word on the OEM dock.

Just like many Torch models, the Z10 uses the microUSB port on the side of the device to dock in landscape mode, which isn't the ideal solution but at least a dock was available. The Z10 has side-by-side microUSB and HDMI ports too which would make for some awesome docking fun when hooked up to an external display. 

The Q10 however has no such luck. There are no charging ports on the Q10 so no easy docking option. The next best thing would be some kind of dock with a microUSB, but since that is on the side of the device it wouldn't really make much sense.

Think along the lines of the Bold 9790 that had a bottom-facing microUSB port and a matching dock - the Q10 has no such option which really sucks. The only thing would be to have a dock with a small microUSB cable that could plug into the Q10, but at that point it's kind of stretching it since you'd still have to plug the cable into the device.

I complained a bit when I had my Curve 8530 as that had no charging contacts or docking option either, but loving my BlackBerry Q10 as much as I do I'm very perturbed that I have no option to use a charging pod at all. 

We're not quite sure why the charging contacts/charging pod were left out on the Z10 and Q10 (most likely just for cost, esthetics or functionality) but I for one certainly do miss them. There are a handful of third-party docks for the Z10 right now, but nothing compares to a good ol' OEM dock. 

The charging pod was is my favorite accessory for my BlackBerry, and honestly without it I feel a bit lost. Losing the simplicity of just dropping in my device at the end of the day instead having to plug it in isn't nearly as cool or efficient. But alas, not much we can do at this point. 

How about you? Missing the charging pod for your BlackBerry 10 phone? Sound off in the comments!

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I miss my BlackBerry charging pod!


I really miss the charging pod too, but ive been able to get by using the transformer case and plugging the usb in from the top

It does suck that our American friends have been held out on for whatever reason but the Q10 and 10.1 are coming...but the Z10 dock may be another story, unfortunately. However, it does seem that there are a few of the docks already out there so I'd say it does, in fact, exist. Just a matter of time *sigh*

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I still don't understand why charging pins could not have been built into the handset. Just seems lazy to me. One of my all time favorite features of my Bolds over the years.

Definitely miss the charging pod I had for my 9900. I actually considered ditching my Z10 and going back to the 9900 with the omission of charging points and associated dock being one major reason.

Lately I've been toying with the idea of moving to the Q10. But the lack of charging points like those on the 9900 has contributed to my decision to hold off. I am hoping that the successor to the Q10 and indeed the Z10 will have these.

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It makes me wonder just what devices BBRY employees were using before they started testing the new phones. They left out huge hardware and software features that should've been included in BB10 from previous BB's.

come to think of it. If the playbook got an update to give it proper bedside functions, if I remember correctly the screen shuts off automatically. This would bring it back from the dead for me and give me atleast one function for it. Since right now It just sits in its stand looking all sexy but I never! use it. Z10 all day evveryday

Try Antair nightstand....app World. Only a clock with alarm function and news but it is not shutting down, different setting options.

I use an app on my PB called "Today's Alarm Clock" that keeps the screen and dimmed while in the dock. Excellent app.

Simple.. this is a fail. As other companies are moving towards Wireless Charging, blackberry is moving backwards to USB connection. I always use to buy 2 charging pods. One for my office and one for home. I LOVED THEM. Come on blackberry..get on the wireless Qi standard.

They will, don't be surprised to see wireless charging from Blackberry in the next year or two. Also I have two cheap ebay docks for my Z10, works fine. Also have the official multimedia dock from a BB employee friend, looks great although I haven't hooked it up to my tv yet. Try ebay for the china one's, they're still there and the USB works well. I miss my contacts from my 9900 but this works too.

I don't get it. There's a OEM charging dock floating around so obviously blackberry has one in the pipeline. Maybe with 10.2 we will see it released. There's a large segment of BlackBerry users who can't live without it. I have to have my holster and charging dock. Love the transform case btw.

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Agreed. I love to Pod with my 9930. That is something that I will miss dearly when I make the jump to the Q10. Dang I wish there was some option available. Looks like my Bold might become the permanent alarm clock once I get the Q.

Apple is evil for changing the connector once. Bbry makes you buy a new dock each time. Hmmmmm.

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Well, unless the phones were the exact same shape... what do you expect.

The difference is that the charging 'port' (not dock) is independent of the device shape design and thus changing it was merely a money grab by apple... especially considering they could have just used the industry standard micro USB if they really needed the smaller port.

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Um, there is such a huge difference in that I feel silly having to explain this... The charging dock is OPTIONAL meaning you can charge it without buying one. While Apple's new connector is REQUIRED for you to use the phone... There, call me Captain Obvious...

I was going through the same withdrawals for my Z10. Have always had a charging pad when available. I'm currently using a small wooden plate stand like my grandmother used to have all over the house when I was a child. Bought one for $1 and spray painted it black. sits up just high enough to plug in the cable for charging. Not the best, but better than nothing. Also have a larger one for my PlayBook.

what needs to happen is for BlackBerry to adopt the Qi charging standard and in the next generation of handsets, allow them to charge just by laying them down on a compatible charger cover. Love that feature on the Lumia 920.

Like this idea of wireless charging.

Think with the right back cover it could happen sooner rather then later.

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Yeah it's one thing I'm really disappointed about as a Z10 owner. I like the lack of hassle of the old docks. No having to push down on the dock in order to pull the phone free. It was great and one of the things that sold BlackBerry to me. It's really something I want to be returned by the time I get my next phone.

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You don't have to push down on the OEM Z10 dock to take the phone off. Just hold the phone top to bottom and turn your wrist clockwise. The Z10 pops right off.

Still prefer having contacts instead of ports for docking purposes tho.

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I always preferred OEM pods as well but frankly in my opinion the 9900 pod was a poor design and the phone kept tipping over. I actually found a cheap Chinese after market pod for my Bold on Ebay that was a better fit. Now I have the Z10 its goodby bedside alarm clock without a decent stand.

I have a charging pod for my 9900. Unluckily, my 9900 got bricked due to over charging.. :( so I don't really know if having a charging pod is a good idea... but now I'm using a z10.. And still hoping for a very good charging pod which will be out soon..

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You're not alone. I love my Z10, but even the PlayBook had charging contacts (though I LOVE the magnetic rapid travel charger over the pod). I couldn't believe they left out charging contacts, and thought maybe they had something else up their sleeve like inductive charging, but no. The not so funny thing is that it wouldn't take much for a 3rd party to fix this issue.

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I had a charging dok for about a week then returned it. I ant seem to sit my BB down long enough to have it actually charge on the pod.

I agree - I miss the charging pod too!

Perhaps BlackBerry could come out with a battery cover that is Wireless Qi compatible?

I can see why they might have shied away from charging connectors on the bottom sides - money and looks and all the rest..

Wireless charging looks like the future so perhaps they shoukd jump on that (though how many other manufacturers have dome likewise..?)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

The docks are my favourite accessories too! I have the OEM charging/multimedia dock for my Z10 (and it's pretty great, you guy! Hope they'll be available for everyone soon) and love it aside from the fact that it's doesn't charge using contacts but uses the actual usb port instead.

It works well enough but having contacts like the 9900 is just so much better.
I used to be able to just plop the phone into the dock without worrying whether I'm damaging the ports or not, can't do it as effortlessly now (the OEM Z10 dock is actually pretty good as it has sides so you can't really misaligned the phone/dock, buy it's just not the same as the old contacts docks).

Bring back contact charging BlackBerry! I wouldn't complaint about wireless charging docks neither though.

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I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the Z10 and Q10's battery is significantly more powerful than any previous BB Battery. Maybe the charging connectors can only handle a certain amount of power. Having said that, I was really looking forward to having a Q10 and a dock at my bedside. The HDMI part would be cool, but charging via dock is what I was really looking for.

I doubt it. I use the same playbook rapid charger on my Z10 docks that I did with my 9900 charging pod.

Well, how could I not notice this? I have been patiently waiting for the OEM dock to show up. I guess I can live without it, as long as the USB doesn't have problems like the PlayBooks do.

Absolutely miss the charging pod from my 9900, im still hoping with fingers crossed that BB sort this out soon...i dont like having to plug my z10 in then swiping down to enable bedside mode...so much easier with my 9900 where i just dropped it in and it would automatically go iinto bedside mode.

Come on BB please give us our charging pods back please.

Yes I really miss the charging pod. All my other BlackBerry phones had one. Come on guys let's get one out there. I don't want to buy third party. BlackBerry. B B

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Lets be honest, the 9900 charging pod was a bit pony, the number of times my 9900 had failed to charge overnight annoyed me

Saying that, I am miffed it was dropped from the Q10

I have my PB in the rapid charger by my bed (display weather, read books and other stuff on it) and I keep my old 9700 in its charging pod for the extra alarms app and as a clock. I had planned on ‘retiring’ the 9700 when the OEM dock came out for the Z10 but without it and the ‘headless’ multiple alarm clock app (or the multiple alarms due with the 10.2? update). So my Z10 sits flat while charging and with the OEM dock no where in site, I think it is time to just buy a 3rd party one and live with it. I really like the Z10, but waiting for all the tools & toys to catch up to what we had with the 9xxx devices is getting a little frustrating.

Man you hit this one on the head. I was wondering why we had to lose such a great feature. Specially bed side mode automatically turning on when you plug the phone up or dropped on the charging dock. I really miss this feature!

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Will be getting the z10 over the next month (finally!) and looking forward to modding it with a palm pre touchstone. Hope all goes well... Can't really understand how they didn't include some kind of wireless solution...

Yep. With you there. Starts to charge, automatically in bedside mode. With BB10, it would become a touch alarm clock.

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I'm sure they'll figure out something. BlackBerry proved they can create wonderful new stuff, I have confidence they will invent a solution for this.

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I had the charge pod for my Torch 2 (9810), and really liked it.

But, as mentioned, we need to get home screen and active frame landscape mode.

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I will note that for my Z10 I use my transform case at night which works OK.

But it still needs home screen landscape to be a complete solution.

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I miss it a lot! Charging contacts were the first thing I looked for when I got my Z10 and was disappointed when I didn't see any.

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That was one great thing we were able to do with the 9900. I really miss it as I use my phone as my alarm clock. I just wish i could by the oem z10 dock. Or if someone who works at BlackBerry could buy it for me. Help me Please!!!!

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I miss it a lot. I've been trying to hold out for a charging pod for my Z10. Currently using a phone beanbag "stand".

Usb charging stand is a step back. I have one and having to hold the stand down with one hand and pull up the Z with the other is an annoyance. And twisting it off with one hand can cause damage. Wireless charging is my preferred method, followed by contacts. I've always had two cradles at home ,one at work and one in my truck.

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I just picked up my Z10 this weekend and i sure hope someone makes a decent docking station for it. The ones ive seen i have not been impressed with. I really would prefer the BlackBerry multimedia dock but would also prefer one with just the usb option so i can use my PlayBook rapid charger.

I too miss the not having a charging pod, since I've had it available for the last 5 years on all of the previous Blackberry's that I have owned. I believe that the lack of a charging pod is indicative of the developers of BB10 and the Z10/Q10 not knowing all of the history of the "Blackberry experience" and not understanding what makes a Blackberry a true Blackberry - efficiency. The lack of the charging pod and the auto Bedside Mode function when placing the Blackberry into the cradle is one of many misses with this launch, however I have all the confidence in the world that future releases will address this whole issue - or at least I hope so.

Maybe the next phone(s) after the Z10, Q10 and Q5 will be the top end model and have wireless charging or something. They need stuff to make the next phone better. Just a thought.

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Yeah I do miss the charging pod. It was a cool feature with the legacy devices. It also keeps your device in good condition since you didn't always have to plug in the USB cable each and every day. The native charging dock will be missed..

I could not agree more. Both my wife and I threw out ou alarm clocks years ago, and our nightstands have only our PB's and our BB's. With no charging docks, it ruins my entire morning!! So sad.

I'm waiting for OS 10.5. Maybe then we'll have all the updates and accessories that we should have right now. I still like my Z though.

The BB10 range should really have had charging contacts. Cannot believe they didn't design them in. They will have sold.

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I was once upon a time with a different fruit company to try their crazy cool aid, and I went all bout accessories for it. I did buy this dock called the evolution dock on kickstarter, and shortly after sold the crapple phone. Received the dock months later and went about removing the 30pin charger and my z10 fits like it was made for it. While I do miss my 9930 dock it was a hassle sometimes to get it to charge right. Here's hoping that BlackBerry gets it together with newer releases and goes back to what we love.

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That rumored OEM dock does not look appealing functionally. We had a very similar one for an Android phone and it was a PITA getting the pins lined up just right to dock it. It would often take more than a few tries to get it in position.

Maybe BlackBerry analyzed their dock sales numbers and noted a decline in recent years that lead them to believe there wasn't enough value in selling it.

Then again, I *know* the OEM Z10 dock exists. I do hope BlackBerry will start selling it when a future BB10 update improves the functionality for it.

BlackBerry has screwed the opportunity they had with BlackBerry OS 10 from their first step out of the gate. We are continually hoping that the next iteration will fix a myriad of deficiencies yet BlackBerry fails.

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I have missed not only the charging pod for my BlackBerry 10 phone (Q10) so I returned back to BB 9900. In my opinion the Q10 is a big step BACK :(

Sorry too quick on the keys

The BlackBerry symbol on the back of the Z10 can this be a future charging method

There are contact points that go to the back cover

Anyone notice this

Posted via CB10. BlackBerry® Z10

Yeah, I had really hoped the lack of contacts meant we'd see a wireless charging pod of some sort. Alas, no pod at all is just mind-boggling.

I, too loved the docking stations to charge at night. A simple execution of a great idea. However, I suspect all of this will be moot when wireless charging evolves enough for you to simply lay your device on your nightstand and it will charge and change profiles for you automatically. It would allow you to change devices without the need to change cradles, etc. offering some sort of future-proofing.

Pretty sure those contact points on the back cover is your NFC

Man such depressing news lately. I've always relied on the charging dock.

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A wireless charging pad would be great, but I have a cover on my phone.. it would be hard to find or make something that would work for everyone that had different covers for the charging points to work.. it would be a pain in the ass also to have to remove the cover on my phone to set it up to charge.. the old school way will have to work for me until the wireless charging pad is out for the future phones..

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Miss it. Miss plugging in the phone to the charger and it automatically going to clock and nightstand mode

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I miss it. I'll miss it even more when the USB port will get damaged and non functional after a while. I can see it coming.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 or my Z10

Does anyone think it would have delayed the phones further if they put the charging contacts on the Z & Q?

As engineer and BB lover I'm keen to get a Q10 to move up from a 9900, also puzzled on why removing the contact pins...

Trying to find a solution to embed two contact pins on the bottom of the back case plus the necessary bridging circuitry to provide power to the USB port without disassembling/reworking the phone to implement that - so end users can get the contact power pins by simply getting a new door...

I definitively want a solid aluminium machined cradle for the Q10...any takers!?

One of the few things stopping me from changing my BB 9700 is the fact that it has a nice Charging Pod which i absolutely cannot do without and the other fact that even with my heavy usage the battery still lasts me 2-3 days with heavy usage of calls and emails.

Damn you blackberry you need people to come back to your devices. If apple can make a pod you should make two. If you want me to move back to a q10 then i want a charging pod !!

With you on that Adam !!
Lets Push BlackBerry to bring it back for the next wave of OS11 devices !

Yes, I hate the current USB charging option. My 9000 dock was an elegant piece of equipment.

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That was exactly the type I thing I didn't wanted todo, lol

Because of awkward motion fitting the phone in and sliding sideways it will wear the USB port...and everyone knows how flimsy micro USB ports can be - major fault point.

Just occurred to me, it would be feasible to make a bumper case that covers the micro-USB and mini-HDMI ports to provide them an the devices bottom....

Charging cradle with full HDMI out!? At the expense of a bumper case...hm...

That would actually be feasible, run a thin but wide flex cable through to the bottom sides and have the charging pins there. If the case can be made compatible with the 9900 dock, that would save money for a lot of people. Or just design a matching dock, as people seem to be kinda disappointed with the oem one.

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Just my two cents...but has anyone tried to hook up or modify the PlayBook dock to work with the Z10?? C'mon CB community, someone has to of tried this or at least thought about trying this already...lets get it done!!

I would try but I am all thumbs when it comes to stuff like this lol

The output on the PB docking station is 12v which makes it incompatible with the Z10. You can however use the PB dock as a stand for your Z10.

I consider this one of the bigger oversights on Blackberry's part. The wear and tear on a cable and port are amplified when you have to manually insert and remove the USB cable. I was never totally sold on the cradle for my Torch but it worked. I had a cradle and home and at the office. Same with my playbook. Why there is no OEM cradle is beyond me. The combination of the USB on the side and the fact that the home screen doesn't do landscape is an indication that daily use of the device might not have received the kind of attention it deserved. These decisions aren't the kind of thing that can be changed with a software fix. That USB port is always going to be on the side.

I have a dock dock for my 8900 and 9810. They are amazing! While the 8900 was the better one because of the contacts on the back. I had hoped they would be on the Z10 but they never did. Now I have to plug in my Z and prop it up if I want to us it as a clock #bbprobs ha

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I noticed that too the charger ports don't have anything on the bottom of my Z10.... it's been missed!

Posted via CB10

Yeah I was rarin' to buy one and still will when it comes out... but disappointed it's not out yet. Regarding the landscape issue to me it seems like a non issue
I was actually planning to use with my TV for videos or for bedside clock, and both of those uses are landscape supported.. so kinda hard to imagine that stopped it being released.

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I really miss the charging pod too! Rather than see the charging contacts/pods make a comeback I'd like to see BlackBerry include wireless charging - then you could have stands that work with the Q10 AND Z10 that charge the phones wirelessly.

Adam: Re the Q10...
I recall an old WP phone issued by my office years ago. As I recall, it had the side port for charging. It was handed to me with a charging dock. The device sat vertically and you slid the device sideways to connect. It worked well enough -- the same deign could be used for the Q10 or even the Z10).

An OME dock for the Z10 and Q10 would be fantastic to have right now. But they'd still be useless unless BlackBerry puts in the auto detect bedside mode as an option.

Oh and adds a change LED color option too! That ones more of a want then a need. :)

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

After following CB for the last year or so, seems there are a LOT of things I would miss on my 9900. Sigh!!

I do miss charging pods, but I've gotten used to not having one ever since the 9900. The OEM 9900 charging pod was such a horrible design I never used it. The slightest nudge or bump against my nightstand and the phone would fall out and to the floor behind the stand, which I then had to pull away from the wall to get the phone. Sometimes it seemed like the phone would fall out if I so much as looked at it the wrong way, so eventually I gave up and just started plugging in the usb. I would really like to see them bring it back though, as long as the dock was stable and could actually hold the phone.

I agree completely! I've had a charging stand for the last 5 BlackBerry devices. The gold contacts on the back of the unit were a no-brainer. I bought the aftermarket pod from cb but my z10 has not charged properly on two occasions possibly due to a poor connection. Still waiting for the official dock.

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I have long been rather incredulous that they dropped the charging contacts on the BB10 devices.

So easy to implement, so low in cost, so useful, and unique to the platform for the most part too.

AND - way more reliable and power-efficient than dumb trendy induction charging, and doesn't mess with the sleeper-magnet functionality.

Just amazing to me that they dropped that feature. Now we all get to look forward to wearing out the MicroUSB port, among other things.

I miss my charging dock! I want one for my Z10. BlackBerry, where is it?

@rstevenw posted this on a Z10 via CB10

I don't even know where to begin on how much I miss my charging pod. Please think of something for the Q and I'll buy 2!

To be fair, the 9900 charging pod was so bad, it was hardly worth using. It took longer to get it arranged on the dock every night than it did to plug in a cable. The only nice part was that it propped up the phone so it acted like an alarm clock.

No charging pod/stand? Another significant disappointment with BB's new offerings! :( Over the past few weeks, I've spent a good bit of time with the Z10 and I'm amazed at the degree of frustration it imposes in several of it's OS included apps (Calendar, Browser, etc.), small font sizing throughout much of the OS (regardless of System setting at 10 or 11 point), cumbersome access to opened multiple browser instances, etc., faint small gray text display of suggested text and appointment calendar time entries, elimination of multiple notification profiles, and much more. I've been using a Torch 9800 and I'm astounded that BB didn't retain many of the vivid aspects of the UI. Regardless of the impressive OS10 I'm getting the impression that a larger 5" screen BB and/or Torch like Slider may be a dead stick. I'd love to remain with BB, but the latest large screen Android alternatives are very compelling! And with the recent KNOX certification even the Samsung Galaxy gear is secure. I've spoken to several BB Torch 9800 users who recently got the Samung Galaxy S4 and have no regrets. I'm holding off on making a decision until I try a Q10 and see what Samsung announces in London on June 20. Their Galaxy Note II is very compelling, and the forthcoming Galaxy Note 3 may be just the device to bid farewell to BB. I welcome your thoughts, comments and replies.

While I miss the charging pod from both my 9900 and 9700 before it, I found the solution. I bought the flip shell case (aka my red darth maul case) and flip it into landscape each evening while charging. While we don't have landscape home screen, we do have landscape bedside mode and that works good enough!

Posted via CB10

Where did our charging ports go? Okay I'll use the OEM dock. But wait, it's not been released? I'm disappointed. Come on BlackBerry release the dock now. Most of us can live with no landscape mode. We can all figure out how to tilt our heads.

Posted via CB10

I do miss it too. Not only it does provide a quick juice to my phone, but it also allows me to not use the micro usb connector so much, since if that breaks, a lot of issue can occur :/

Agreed. I miss this so much. I had it for my 8130, 8330, 9630, 9700/9780, 9800, and my 9900. They got worse as time went on though. The 8130/8330/9630 models had the BlackBerry symbol that lit up. Then with the 9800 it used the USB instead of charging contacts. Then with the 9900 they went with a shallow slot that was very finicky to place the device in. Now we get nothing. So disappointed! I fumble with the stupid cord every night. And no doubt I'm slowly destroying my microUSB port in the process.

I don't get the cost argument though; BlackBerry could generate more revenue with accessory sales than I'm sure they'd ever save on putting the charging ports on the device.

I've always been a plug the phones in at night kind of guy (mainly because we have cats that like to climb on my nightstand). A charging stand would be nice though. I'd get rid of my alarm clock just to look at the Zed 10s clock.

Posted via CB10

I agree that there should have been charging pads for it I loved having the dock on my nightstands and my desks for easy charging and viewing when needed. I was really hoping for something for my z but alas no luck...

Posted via CB10

It really would be a deal breaker. That is if somebody else made a decent qwerty handset :(

Posted via CB10

So I have a 9900, and I am not due for an upgrade anytime soon, so all you people that have a Q10 and miss the charging pod I am more than willing to trade my 9900 with CHARGING POD for your Q10...Heck I will happily throw in a couple of cases and a regular plug in charger :)

Yep, I miss my 9900 charging pod. Whatever the reason, this should NOT have been left out, without anything to replace it, like a wireless charging backplate.

I can't upgrade without a charging dock - its not an option - its essential. I'll have to keep my 9900 until an OEM version comes out for the Q10.

Add me to the list of people who will immediately purchase a Q10 dock (actually two of them) as soon as availlable. (I will be hugely disappointed if this is not available reasonably soon.)

I have to admit, I was quite annoyed till I got my charging pod for the z10.. I have the OEM one and a 3rd party from Ebay.. I have to say that the quality of the OEM one is much better.. there is no forcing the phone into the dock.. and removing it is a one hand operation as well...

I had thought they were supposed to be released already. The Kit I got come with the dock, 1.8A charger and an hdmi cable.. (apparently is only available in the employee store still)

I was miffed that there was no pogo pins on the Z10 and Q10.. seems like a big miss in my books..

People at blackberry pay attention to this site right? So blackberry while you are making the next high end device (aristo or whatever) make sure you have charging contacts and a dock! Treat this as a necessity.

No charging dock irks me because I like leaning over and just setting it in the cradle while in bed and when I get midnight phones its and easy pick up without having to mess with the connected wire. I mean, at this point I GUESS I could deal with plugging it in every night so long as I had a dock to at least set the thing in upright so in the middle of the night if a call comes through (since it is my only phone) I can choose to answer or not without picking it up

I use one of those suction holders at my desk, the cables fit in fine and I know it isn't going anywhere. Stick it to the headboard of my bed and use the gateway with headphones and the battery pack, watchTWD...

I also miss my dock. I had two for my 9900. One I left bedside and other was my travel companion.
I do love my z10 though and whether home or in a hotel I find I'm plugging the adapter in and laying the phone on its side leaning against the clock radio.
I would think that BlackBerry is really missing earning potential here? As in auto parts? I'm sure the cost of making a dock is reasonable and if others are like me, they buy two or three for 1 phone.

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Adam, I have a 9630 Tour as well (love that thing, aside from the OS5), but I don't recall seeing any charging pins. It was a USB charged device. I thought charging pins only came out with the more recent Bold devices.

Posted via CB10

oh so true...and Blackberry keeps us pondering why the contacts for the charging pods does not exist on the Z10 and the Q10...

Woaw, where have I been? I never even knew there were docking stands for BlackBerry ?!! Thank you for this post.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree, with the sentiments of this article.
My Bold 9900 sits proudly on my desk most of the day, with the Time/Date clearly displayed - I know that it's always going to be charged when I go out and about.
It is real shame that this facility has been dropped with the current BB10 devices, and I will certainly miss it when I upgrade (eventually) to the Q10

I too miss the charging contacts - the cradling I bought works but it's quite awkward to take the phone out of the cradle (needs two hands).

I also miss automatic bedside mode - it's minor but still a pita to al ways have to manually start the alarm clock app and then manually enable bedside mode.

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I'm a person of habit and I realize it sounds silly, but I'm sticking with my 9900 until someone comes up with a nightstand dock for the Q10.

Yeah, it sucks. The charging pod was awesome and the multimedia dock is MIA. I thought Kevin had the Multimedia dock though???

Several people have mentioned lack of automatic bedside mode. On th Q10 I've found a semi-auto method. On the lock screen, when charging, a small tab lowers from the top edge of the screen with a night-time icon. Drag this down and viola you're in bedside mode (with direct access to alrm settings).

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Is it possible to put charging contacts and the NFC Antenna ? Maybe it wasn't technically possible...

Used to dock my 9780 at work and at night. Yeah missing it badly. Was so convenient with the charging contacts.

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I really miss the sweet pod! When I saw the first pictures of the Z10 and then the Q10 I notice the absence of charging pod contacs and I was very disappointed. I don't want to believe BlackBerry commit the same mistakes than Microsoft when start removing icons from the OS.
I'm a man of faith, then my hopes are that some wonderful explanation for his absence are that there is a wonderful magnetic charging as in the Palm Pre.

God Bless You Adam! You really understand me!

T-Mobile USA has a nice holster plus case that has a nice kickstand. I use that with bedside mode. Still not as good as the pods. But it is functional.

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This SHOULD JUST HAVE BEEN CHARGE PORT . We would have it by now. Why include the HDMI? Yeah pie in the sky but come on if its in the dock its charging. Delays, expense and dum ass deals gone to rull the year! If it ships like this the first thing i will do is GRIND out the HDMI port. :)

wow, i completely forgot about my bold 9000 and that amazing charging dock... thanks for reminding us of what we are missing :( hahaha

Would have been cool if they'd given us batteries capable of induction charging. Then you wouldn't need any contacts or ports, just drop it in and charge!

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I also have the dock. The upshots are that it's nicely weighted, and that it's a great visual design. The HDMI feature is kinda cool allowing you to hook up your Z10 into your TV.

I think I read it here already, but docking the Z10 will not go automatically go into the alarm clock/bedside mode (which I loved on my old 9000 and 9700). I loved the look of the analog clock face while it charged. Also, I think someone may have already mentioned the home screen not being in landscape mode. However, if you're messaging or going on the internet, the orientation will adjust.

I found it a bit weird that this takes a normal HDMI cable versus a mini-HDMI cable. I would have thought they would use a mini connection only because that would mean one less cable to get (since there's a mini-HDMI connector on the device anyways).

Still, I hope BB will release this through more channels.

Didn't realize you went for the Z10 in the end Rich, thought you were gonna hold out for a Q10! Welcome to the touch screen club :p

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I totally agree. I have had docks for all my previous BlackBerry's I miss not being able to just plop it down into the dock at the end of the day

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The pad is no big thing. The 9900 pad failed to make good contact and we had to do a usb wiring

Using the z10 with the BlackBerry holster back rack and wiring is fine

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