i-Mentalist releases Slotch - a FUZZengine enabled alarm clock for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Alicia Erlich on 23 Jul 2012 10:49 am EDT

Awhile back we told you about i-Mentalist's new personalizing tool called FUZZengine. It's a great app for downloading images, videos, and sounds for your BlackBerry PlayBook but it's real purpose, customizing and personalizing your native and third party applications, was not yet available. Well the wait is finally over! I-Mentalist let us know that they've just released their first FUZZengine compatible application called Slotch.

Slotch is more than just your basic alarm clock. By combining world time and weather with beautifully designed graphics and multi-alarm capabilities all in one package you get a simple, easy to navigate, and useful alarm clock application for your BlackBerry PlayBook. It allows you to view as many cities as you want so you'll always know what time it is around the world, see current and future weather conditions in any of your cities when you wake up, and backup and restore your settings using their cloud service, SkyParrot. For those of you who like easter eggs that are embedded in applications, I discovered that if you enter in an alarm without a name, random jokes appear on the screen in its place.



  • Current time and date
  • Digital and analog clock
  • Seconds counter on digital and analog clock
  • 12 and 24 Hour time
  • Override device display timeout
  • Multi alarms with notes
  • Post alarms on Social Networks
  • Custom sounds for every alarm
  • Override device volume
  • Custom snooze time for each alarm settings
  • Custom volume settings for each alarm
  • 5 days weather forecast
  • Unlimited number of cities in weather forecast
  • Unlimited number of world clocks
  • Unique User Interface
  • Advanced gestures control
  • Social Networks connection
  • Dual view (Weather/Clock - World/Clock)
  • Includes FUZZengine customizing features


Slotch works like a charm on my PlayBook and offers a clean graphical interface. I recommend doing a restart after installing if you experience any issues. As for the social networking integration it only lets your friends and followers see your alarms and if you're using the application. If you don't want to make that information public you can easily enable or disable this feature in options.

This application is currently available for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World but coming soon to BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 5.0 and higher. As someone who can't wake up in the morning and uses more than one alarm clock to get out of bed, you can never have too many alarm clocks. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of other available alarm clock applications I do like the FUZZengine integration for changing my alarm sounds and images and how simple it is to swipe between the different cities.

More information / screenshots and to purchase Slotch

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i-Mentalist releases Slotch - a FUZZengine enabled alarm clock for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Helped test this great app and bought it the day of release. I love i-Mentalist apps - and CLOCK apps are awesome too :)

I ahd a problem with bebuzz. It was killing my battery at night. would this one kill my battery? Is there a setting i need to change to fix that?

BeBuzz is great BlackBerry smartphone application (as far as i know and use it on all my BBs), this (Slotch) application is PlayBook app and yes you can set how you would like app to work in options (Check the video above).

Great video! The addition of music, seems to play on your imagination and the possibilities of the platform....

Thank you! We love this platform and BB10 will be even better to develop for. It really allows us to build applications with more than just one feature and smooth animations and transitions. ;)

Does it have the ability to stop the blinding red e-mail LED at night? I see it has "screen override" and "volume override" but I couldn't have this thing on my nightstand with that red light flashing all night...

Why isn't there any clocks for PlayBook that come with a sleep timer that plays music or streams radio? Maybe there's some restriction in the operating system.

I'm looking for a clock that will play my music or a radio stream to fall to sleep too, and you can set it to shut off after a set amount of time. A clock with a sleeptimer. I would be happy to pay for this function.

As others described, there is an app for that. I dont know how it works and what it offers.

It is something we'll try to check out and maybe even include in future releases.

For all features you would like to see in Slotch in future releases, please log in to http://forum.i-mentalist.com and let us know about it.

Thank you!

Playbook doesnt have 500k apps but don't sound so sure when you are the one thats ignorant. Today's alarm clock does that actually. You can stream any online radio by providing a url or you can choose any song from your media folder. It even provides traffic updates, weather, sports and stocks and latest news in ur area.. And its free. Oh did i mention it has multiple time zones clocks as well and you can choose your own wallpaper.

Freakin' gorgeous app! Will it look this awesome if I get it for my Torch later when they release it for the smartphone? When I get my Playbook though I am definitely spending $2.99 to get it!

It will look as good as PB version does! ;) just a bit different... screen on Torch is too small to have all this info shown.

Looks like some light spending is in order...this paired with the cradle I'm getting will be epic. Thanks!

Today's alarm clock does have the features mentioned by a couple of guys above, but sorry, it is quite "dorky"-looking. Slotch sports an uber-cool look to it. I might just part with my $3..... hmmm...

Nice presention, bad azz app. Oh man! Now i have to remove my Playbook from Craigslist.. Dammit..!!