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i-Mentalist adds Ferringo Sound Design and releases FUZZengine API to developers

By Alicia Erlich on 5 Aug 2012 03:10 pm EDT

Now that long ago we introduced you to Slotch and FUZZengine, i-Mentalist's latest BlackBerry PlayBook application and personalizing tool that makes it easy for people to download sounds, videos and wallpapers to their tablet to customize as they see fit. The folks over at i-Mentalist let us know about two new important changes they are introducing this month to FUZZengine.

Ferringo Sound Design - new contributor in FUZZengine

Many of the audio and video that comprises FUZZengine is through contributors and i-Mentalist is pleased to announce that Ferringo Sound Design has added their catalog to the database. If you're not familiar with Ferringo by name then you've certainly heard their work. They provided all of the sounds and notifications for your devices as they are the ones who created all those familiar bells and chimes for your BlackBerry.

They also work with the Porsche Design Group, AT&T, T-Mobile, popular recording artists, and a few popular Hollywood films to name a few. Ferringo has added over 80 high quality sounds to the FUZZengine and mixed with the sound quality of the PlayBook you'll be surprised how great they sound. Not to mention it's an even bigger selection to choose from to add to your custom alarms on Slotch.

FUZZengine API

FUZZengine API published on FUZZengine developers website

i-Mentalist has just published the API for developers to use to include FUZZengine features in their applications. With these new API's developers can integrate all of the FUZZengine capabilities into their products so customers can personalize their sounds and backgrounds. The use of FUZZengine features and API's are absolutely free for developers and can be found here.

If you're a developer looking to add functionality to your application or just a consumer searching for some new high quality professional sounds, be sure to check it out in the links below. i-Mentalist is certainly paving the way to building more desirable applications that take advantage of all of the PlayBook's capabilities.

Discuss more in the forums
More information / purchase Slotch
More information / download FUZZengine for the BlackBerry PlayBook

    Reader comments

    i-Mentalist adds Ferringo Sound Design and releases FUZZengine API to developers


    First for Ferrigno!!!

    Hey anybody remember Lou Ferrigno from the incredible Hulk? Is this his new company? lol
    Playbook, the one and only