I love Story Maker on BlackBerry 10! Have you put it to use yet?

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jun 2014 01:25 pm EDT

I'll be on honest. Before June 1st, I had never really used the Story Maker app on BlackBerry 10. That's not to say I had never opened the app before. I absolutely became familiar with Story Maker when BB10 launched. I made a few quick throw away videos from clips and photos on my phone, just so I knew how it all worked, and I've spent some time in the app since monkeying around with it so if and when I'd need to use it, I'd know what to do. I knew it was a good app, but I didn't realize just how good it was until now.

To kick off #MobileFit Month, I decided I'd start things off with a fun video (shirt on, unlike this one). Historically, as a "tech blogger" that means I bust out my SLR or Camcorder and some audio gear to record with, then do the video editing on my computer. It tends to be a lot of work, which I kind of hate as I'd prefer something quick and simple, but since everybody seems to hate us posting low quality video content it's something we put effort into. But with more of Rocky-themed vintage montage video in my mind for this video, I had some room to maneuver on quality. I was also limited in the amount of time I had available that morning, so whatever I chose to do, I had to get it done quick. Using my BlackBerry Z30 to capture video and editing using Story Maker appeared to be the best solution.

[ Read CrackBerry's Tutorial on Using Story Maker on the Z30 ]

And it absolutely was. Be sure to watch the video above to see the product of an hour's work. I had a friend of mine do the video recording on the Z30, and it did a great job delivering high quality shots. After we captured a bunch of short clips, I fired up Story Maker to put it all together. The Vintage theme was perfect for a Rocky montage effect. Editing within Story Maker to move the clips around and adjust their individual start and stop times was effortless. The Z30's big touchscreen is just a pleasure to work on and the software is buttery smooth. It took me just a couple minutes to edit everything together, and from there it was uploading to youtube directly. Never mind being efficient and productive, it was actually a FUN experience as well. I'd love to be able to do all my CrackBerry Videos like this — with all recording and editing done on the phone itself. (I have a wish list I'm building for some of the other features I still need to see to be able to do just that. Overall though, I LOVE Story Maker. I want to make a video montage out of EVERYTHING! :)

CrackBerry Asks: Have you used Story Maker on your BlackBerry 10?

Having been a BlackBerry 10 user for nearly a year and half but only now realizing just how truly awesome Story Maker is, I can't help but wonder where the rest of CrackBerry Nation fits in. Does Story Maker sit there an unused app on your phone? Do you use it occasionally? Do you use it all the time? Be sure to vote on the poll below, and let me know in the comments your thoughts on Story Maker. If you've done anything truly exceptional with Story Maker, be sure to copy and paste into your comment the URL to youtube where it's living. I'd love to see it.

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I love Story Maker on BlackBerry 10! Have you put it to use yet?


Sounds more like you've rediscovered story maker as I remember a similar story back when bb10 was released

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I use it all the time to make videos of my nephew (that make my sister turn into a blubbering mess!) Great way to chronicle all the big moments in his first years (got him from crawling to walking)

Slainte, Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Story Maker is really amazing. I made a family video that made my mom tear up (and this was before that iPhone ad!)

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I don't use it only because my music knowledge sucks and I never know a good song to apply to the videos. :( Maybe BlackBerry needs to provide a bunch of generic background music for different moods/genres. Some that sound romantic, energetic, sombre, celebratory, kids, holiday themed, silly, etc etc. It's easy to collect the videos and pictures for Story Maker, but the music is something else.

For a tear-jerker tune, you can't go wrong with "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper! :)

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Story maker is one of the few things I miss about bb10.
I always felt it could use a little more options on video. And to customise elements of the theme. Great app

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There are stock music. It's the first folder and its called Sample Songs. It has all you had asked for!!

On another note, yes I used all the time for promo videos mixed with pics and videos, for going away parties, for Church events and just this last weekend I made 3 slide shows for a wedding. One for the groom, one for the bride and one together pics. Childhood to now! Came out amazing and I only spent about an hour or so for all.

Most difficult part was trying to get the younger pictures to oldest as it was hard to know by just looking at pics.

The bride and groom loved it and everyone said that must have taken you Days! The music editing they wanted. Song that were 2.5mins and 3mins and slide shows were 6mins and 5.25mins.

So yeah I have become an expert at story maker. It's amazing

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Exactly what I meant. I always hoped they could integrate it with bbm to make it easier to share.

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I love Story Maker! Used it once for my girlfriend's birthday :)


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I use it with my sister all the time. Ever since she moved out she's always asking me how I'd cook some the dishes I came up with while she was still here.
I used "Mock It" to put instructions on the pictures and then Story Maker to make a video as if it were a recipe video.
I also use it whenever I go out on the weekends as a fun way to remember that night :D

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Totally agree with you. Plus selecting video segments is difficult in it. Not precise enough.

Add a 16MB limit, so they are directly shareable via BBM once downloaded .... ;-)

I use BB10 Video Shrinker app for that...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Love it...use it to compile pictures and videos of major events through out the year (birthday's, holidays but mostly vacations), then post it on Facebook and YouTube for family to watch that live far away. They absolutely LOVE seeing it, and have always been very impressed with the professional looking videos. They've all asked me how I do it, and I love telling them all that it was all done (video, editing, compiling and uploaded) from my Blackberry Z30. That's when I hear a bunch of 'bangs'....the sound of their jaws dropping to the floor when they find out the new Blackberry device did this! They assumed I needed a camcorder, PC, special editing software etc... Nope, all done with 1 device. The all powerful Z30! - BTW Love the video Kevin. That's awesome!!!!

Yes, didn't stop me from going all in, re-discovering the app and "wasting" one FULL Saturday on making a video in two editions about the block of land in a tropical beach town I bought recently.

One short edition with a dancefloor track and one extended one with a steeldrums/calypso track.

I also bought MP3 Cut Pro (to cut the music to bits, can even cut and join MP3s, a bit awkward to use and not very responsive), and the awesome Video Shrinker app to get the HD video under the 16MB limit so you can share on BBM....

Kevin and me must have hit by the same inspiration, ...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I made a nice collage video of someone I know who did the cinnamon and wasabi challenge... great stuff!

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

I've used Story Maker since it came out. We love watching the stories on the 43" plasma at home. Easier to use than camcorder / computer for simple editing.

Trusted Member Genius on Verizon

I use it every time we have gatherings and at the end of the day I put it on the TV to watch.

I hope that there is an update and ability to add more music.

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Really nice app. But it does need an update though, for better customisation!

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Auto Stories have been the best use yet with my z30 running 10.3, my family and friends all loved it. My mother in law with her iphone wanted this feature.

I used it to patch together a month of photos and videos with some awesome background music. Did it all including editing in about 30 minutes. It was awesome. My wife was jealous as I said, well I'm sure your iPhone can do this? She found a tool that I think was okay but not nearly as smooth and easy to use as Story maker. Story Maker rocks!

Can Someone please start a FORUM on this... Share your Story Maker Experience... great video by the way... hehe would had been funny if at the end, you would be sitting inside a near by fast food.. heheh nice one Kev..

YES, pleeease....

So efforts don't get scattered over multiple threads or drowned in a single one.....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Hey Glen, an error come up when I try and open your link. I'm in Crackberry app. Could that be the reason ?
I can open others on here though.


10.3 is supposed to make another store is for you based on pics made on the same day, this should be good for uploading to instagram

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Is there a reason that no one appears to hear the requests for larger font in your surveys/polls?

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It's a nice app. I used it to put together my sons hockey season and playoff run.

The one update it needs is the ability to update the audio. Blend music or songs together. There then that, usefull app

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I agree. Making a ten minute video with the same song repeating is a bit lame

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Get MP3 Cut Pro from BBW and do it there. A bit awkward some of the functions, but works for me.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I love the story maker! its a great on the go video editor. but i would like to see more options and extensions for it.

I'm in the same boat. Just "rediscovered" it few days ago. Its so awesome and sooo simple. Pretty underrated app, if you ask me

I made this video last year and I forgot all about it until 2 weeks ago when I was cleaning out my memory card. I posted it to YouTube as well. I ride my bike everywhere and most of these people are my friends. I still remember that being an awesome night. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NEmgNnJfuq4 Enjoy and leave a comment if you do watch it. It's my first ever YouTube video.

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I have used it, couple of things takes up a huge amount of processing power. I made one of my kids and took about 30 min to process.

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Rendering video takes time. I have a wicked alien ware laptop with a high powered graphics card and rendering videos with that can take 15min to 1/2 hour. So a phone will take time if the video make has enough data.

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I have done the same as you initially did and just played with it to be familiar with it. I haven't had a use for it yet.

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Used it a few times, needs to have editing for music timing, or maybe it does and I have discovered it yet.


Our house is a historic midcentury modern post-and-beam home. I used Story Maker to create a funky movie and posted it to the good folks at Atomic Ranch.

Others saw it and it was just featured in two newspaper articles and a historic home tour (1,000-yes, 1,000-visitors). Insane.

I've done movies to show distant family holiday events and more.

Big, bold, juicy fun!

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I use it all the time... great tool !!! Here are some of my video, everything was captured and assembled using two BB.


BlackBerry could probably monetize this app by offering in-purchase for different themes. Would love to see in the next version better transition configuration, enhancing the media picker and ability to tweak the sound track.

Other than that it does the trick and it is so simple to use !!!

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I agree with you on the enhancements for vs 2....hopefully it will be released with (or B4) 10.3 even though it's not a very enterprise friendly program

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I've used Story Maker on more than a few occasions. Having kids who swim play violin and piano as well as family outings whenever I use Story it brings down the house.

So many rave reviews and not a dry eye in the house for such little effort put into making the videos.

I even use Story Maker when a family of Geese are crossing the highway causing a traffic jam, set it to the right music like Star Wars The Imperial March, and it's always a hit.

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Same as Mr. Michaluk. I have often thought I would make good use of Storymaker sometime, but wasn’t sure how. Reading this might encourage me to give it a go!

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I've made 2 for my wife. One on our anniversary and one for mother's day and she lives them. Way better than a card from the drug store. I just did one for my son on his 2nd birthday and he watches it daily on the PlayBook. I tried to upload it to Facebook but it was removed and I got an email from then talking about copyright infringement for the song I used. That's when I found something that needs to be fixed. I could not remove the song. After spending all that time selecting a sorting the pictures and videos I was not about to do it all over again. I tried changing the song to a simple chime buy then it looped over and over which got annoying for a 3 min

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I find it far too limited to be useful. All presentations look the same...

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

The one trouble with story maker is that it makes videos so big I can't email them, I can't txt them, I have to use cloud storage to get them off my phone and to my friends. I need a video downgrade feature to compress the result.

Just upload to YouTube and share the link. Twitter and Facebook know what to do with a YouTube link also.

PROUD to be the 1%! Z10 on T-Mobile USA - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Story Maker is cool. Used it, then remembered file size limit of 6MB on BBM -___- yes now it's 16MB, but we all know it should be 25MB-50MB I mean that's basically standard. More ppl would use it if there were better ways to share what they make. Can't forget to mention the fact that BlackBerry refuses to market any of their unique features -__- story maker is really good though just keep up the good work BlackBerry.

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I think it's more convenient to upload to YouTube and share the link to your friends.

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I use it for all vacation photos, put them to music, then watch/ show through blue-ray Smart dvd via wifi right from z30 or z10. Awesome feature!

... shot from my z30

Went on an adventure with friends and family last summer and on the way home in car (as passenger) i created a fantastic slide show with Story Maker. We got back to house and I made everyone vine watch. I connected to 60 inch tv Via our awesome mini hdmi. Needless to say. Everyone was blown away. Questions like. How did you. When did you. And music too. I had fun with the edit bar and lengths of video I took. Tweaked with the music so things changed as the music did. So freakin cool. Yet. They all still use android? Dummies. Oh well. I don't mind being the only one with "un"-common sense. Lol.

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!

It's pre installed in your phone (and cannot be deleted). If you can't find it manually, use the universal search function.

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Perfect for fast results, but as most will know, if you use copyright music in it you can find it being deleted from YouTube. There are plenty of file sharing alternatives for family and friends.

Z30 144GB

I absolutely love it. Made an 8 minute video for my families trip to Arizona and Vegas last month. Could use some tweaks, but it is a great app.

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I used it a few times too. Wish the video length limit/clip length limit was non-existent, then I could whip up a video on-the-go.

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Went camping for 2 days. Took a bunch of pictures on the first and second day. Story Maker automatically made a story out of it citing "the close proximity of the dates " of the pictures. It was amazing and the first time I truly put it to use. Showed it to my friends and they were amazed when I especially told them I didn't even make it. I took. Picture or two in front of them and it was automatically added to the story

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I have posted some of the clips I have made to my facebook page of vacations and what not. It is a lot of fun, easy to do, and you can create some pretty memorable moments through Storymaker.

I love the auto story maker and the app itself. I've been using it more often on 10.3 as it is more visible with the auto story maker. Here's one I made recently.


I'm loaded it on my Dropbox, FB removed it from my page because of background music.

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Really Kevin!!!!! I've posted numerous times that Story Maker is arguably the app that sets Blackberry apart from the rest!!!!!!!!

I did what I think would be a small file - it ended up as 200 mb. Is there a way to reduce file size so it can be email.

I haven't used it yet, but after reading all the positive comments, I might play around with it tonight!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

I use it all the time. Another thing that make BB10 awesome!

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Daughter took a handheld video with her on her DofE expedition. It was faster and looked better transferring to my Q10 and using storymaker than using PowerDirector on my PC. She loved it.

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I like this application so much, but I hope an update, such as can convert PowerPoint slide into film format

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Thanks for taking me out of the city for a few minutes. Heaven.


I totally agree, StoryMaker is really awesome. When I send my friends and family videos, they are really amazed that I create them on my phone. I just started sorting through my videos and will upload the best ones to YouTube. I will also add links to my BBM channel, showing off all the wonderful features of BlackBerry using StoryMaker.

Need more features, got to be able to edit out the long introduction before getting to show. Plus the MP 4 makes it difficult to send video through BBM; that needs to be fixed.

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Yes I use it all the time to show my pictures from my vacation to family. I also use it for special occasions like birthdays and graduations. Everyone seems to enjoy them. It's a very good app.

It's good BUT an upgrade is needed where you can also manually focus on the the part of a picture you want.

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I make many slide show videos and post them on U tube. But I can't text or email them, because the file is big. Any ideas?

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I love it! In Android I used to have Magisto. Love Magisto but the subscription is what made me uninstalled it. But BlackBerry give it for free XD

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(sorry. A bit quick on the trigger there). Advanced tips and tricks. I had to figure out you can't edit a 2 second clip. How do I edit the audio selection? Can I load additional themes? How do I stop the music from starting till the credits are done?

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I saw the icon for the app there on my opening screen, but until reading this, I didn't even know what it was. I may now try to do something with it.

Kevin. What happened to the story maker contest? I never seen the results

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Now that's original. I'm not sure which I actually liked more? The Bobcat Footage or the Sound track. :)


The initial version featured Metallica's Seek and Destroy! It is awesome! I wonder what the band would charge to use their track. Due to obvious copyright issues you tube placed restrictions e.g. one of them would not allow the video to be viewed via mobile devices. I changed it to one of my motor sport tracks I own. F1 car sounds from the nineties (normally aspirated V10:) didn't work!

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Ah " seek and destroy" I one of the first to buy that album. Brings me back.


OK I just tried story maker for the 1st time with some family pictures taken during the memorial day gathering. And I must say Wow very nice, I have been trying instavue or whatever that App is but looks like I will be making a change.

Now if I can figure out how to use all the features I will be set.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

Yes I have used it, and Yes I love it.. Very intuitive and very fast learning curve.. I find it a "friendlier" app on the Z10 than the Q10 and feel that for the same reason (screen size) the Z30 may be better still.

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Great app. I've made some good videos that people have been impressed with. The only improvement I would suggest is that they time the pictures to speed up or slow down to fit the length of the songs you pick and also allow multiple songs.

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Used story maker to tell my mother that she was going to be a grandmother, and never looked back. It's a great app, and it should be advertised. It's consumer products like this that drive apple and android sales

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My wife is vietnamese so I will definitely visit Vietnam in the near future with my kids. It is a beautiful country and your video reminded me of that.

I like this great feature of story making in z10, ,,it creates a better effect slide show...but many pictures at a time creates a collapse that looks ugly...therefore there should be an option to set them as we want and single effect to each picture...


So just because I only voted that I have made a few videos with it, it doesn't mean that I ever want to see this app go. It is a unique app and I DO love it!!!! Maybe I need the Z30 to do it justice ;)

forever bb!

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Story maker can be used for many things, even at work, where I was assigned doing a slideshow of many pictures for a colleague that was retiring. I started out with Power Point to finally give up and do it on my Z30, which is a lot easier, and provides (even with still images) some zooming action which is nice. Adding the feel of the different themes or templates and Voila! Can't post the result though, sorry.

I tried ages ago. It crashed several times so I gave up. That was back with 10.0. Maybe I should give it another chance now that I am running 10.2...

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It won't let me pull from my music anymore it only plays "samples" provided by the software.


 Z10 Channel C003BD1AF

To clarify it pulls the music files but there is no audio or sound on the movie from the song. However there is sound from the samples.

 Z10 Channel C003BD1AF

Yes Kevin, use StoryMaker often.

I would like for you to provide a simple less in how you link a picture to a website. (ie your picture linked to the StoryMaker clip on youtube). Also, how to do the same with a word or phrase. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

I actually used it to make the slide show for my sister's funeral. I did it all in the phone while we were sitting around talking. Plugged my Z10 into a projector via HDMI and that was it.

I've used it, like it and have some plans to use it going forward.
Hope they continue to build it out even more!

I made at least a dozen videos on my z10. I think this is the best productivity app for mobile computing out there. Even my iPhone friends are jealous how simple it is.

The app was free but to make nice videos, I made many purchases on BlackBerry World.

Here is a link to a video I did for my ice canoe team. http://youtu.be/zOUS8gqgFHc

Classic, We'll done Kev. Does show a lot of the real potential of story maker.
Maybe we should start a story maker channel. Anyone could then post anything they thought fun / interesting / clever.

Thanks for inspiration.

Posted via CB10

Love story maker! To me it's still missing something. I also hate that facebook would block my videos uploads due to "copyright " music. Not BlackBerry fault just me bitching...

Posted via CB10

Story maker is an amazing app for quick video picture slideshows. The biggest feature it lacks is the ability to use multiple songs, which should be easy enough to add if they wanted to.
In the meantime, I found this website that easily joins mp3 songs together into 1 track, so that you can use 2 or 3 songs if you need to: http://audio-joiner.com/
It works great. Just add the songs, join them and save the file somewhere you can use it.
Highly recommended for those limited by one song.

I love Story Maker! I have been using it for quick edits of things on the phone and various videos since first bought the phone. In fact I made a video the first week I had it back in Sept 2013 for people to see the images and video of the phone since I saw so few online.

I wanted to show how it behaves but also the phone with video and photos.

here is the video (Vimeo or Youtube)
[same video] enjoy.



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I like this app but it's needs some good update for more effects and also ability to edit audio as well.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

If you wanted to, you could shoot the video with a digital slr / camcorder then, use the usb OTG with an HDXC card reader, to grab the footage onto the Z30 :P

Posted via my Z30 on CB10 App!

No offense Tim Maclennan -but I have no clue how or what the ABC or the XYZG is or does. I did everthing right from my phone and that is about the extent of my know how. lol

My first and best Story Maker was a montage of video clips of my baby boy's first steps taken one night at my in-laws place and set to the tune of Bob Marley's "Don't Rock My Boat". I had it done right then there and played it back on the TV via hdmi....so awesome.

Posted via CB10

Used for the first time this weekend, to string together pics of the first two months of our daughter's life.

'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder was *literally* made for this purpose.
No really, it was about his own daughter.

And yes, my wife was in floods of tears....

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.