I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Entries Now Available for Viewing - Check Them All Out!!

I Love my BlackBerry Contest Entries!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2009 09:57 pm EDT

Love your BlackBerry? Ready to be entertained? Then click the image above to jump over and check out all the submissions to our I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest. We didn't leave a whole lot of time for contestants to put together entries, but 80 videos were submitted and the mix is awesome. The only rule was to fit "I Love my BlackBerry" or "I Love my CrackBerry" somewhere into the video - which left the door wide open to get creative, which is exactly what you'll see as you browse through the vids. I don't want to give too much away here, so just jump on over and press play. Warning: Just to toss it out there for those who care, some of the vids contain the occassional naughty word, so consider this a disclaimer.

Announcing the Finalists: Our judging panel has been going through the vids since the deadline hit and are working hard to narrow it down to the top ten finalists. Starting this Wednesday, we'll be announcing one finalist each day (maybe two some days) by posting their video to the blogs. Once all the finalists have been shown on the homepage here, then we'll open it up to CrackBerry readers to vote for the winners. There's awesome prizes for the winners, great prizes for the finalists and we're going to make sure that even those who don't make the top ten but submitted an entry are going to walk away with some good prizes just for taking part. Stay tuned!

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I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Entries Now Available for Viewing - Check Them All Out!!


i submitted a video and you even emailed my back and everything. but mine is not on the list of all the other submissions.. what happened?????????

Hey everyone, mine is number 17, "The Scent of a Blackberry". If it makes the top ten, please consider mine when you vote!

I wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all of the entries and I wish you the best of luck and thank you for providing us with some good ole fashion entertainment!

My heart is literally racing at 180bpm right now...so excited and scared.

It's the first time my friends and I have ever done anything film-related, so please check out #33, titled APPLECALYPSE.

BBM your friends, because the iPhone virus has spread to hundreds of millions of people...no one is safe. Remember, travel in groups and ALWAYS have a weapon and backup escape plan! Or you may infected with a corrupt iTunes app from a jailbroken iPhone zombie...

What music did you use for your video? Did you do it yourself. Doesnt sound like from a real movie lol.

And cool editing, its like a real zombie movie.


We did create our own soundtrack, my friend Dean (who's the supporting actor in the video) composed it himself! It took a bit of time, but it was lots of fun to do. :D

I am the person who jumped out of a perfectly good airplane with a BlackBerry. First I'd like to mention that it was also my first time doing major video editing start-to-end of a mini-video directed completely by me. I am a deaf person, so there has been no major audio editing. Some video sequences are quiet. But hopefully that's probably minor, because many people view the videos in an office setting, and the visuals are dramatic enough. That said, I realize it's the judge's decision.

I do believe, however, that this may have been the first time in the world anyone has ever tried to use a BlackBerry-branded smartphone in freefall. (Video #77)

Ha I love everyones entries for this contest. Haha I hope I'm in the tope ten. My number is I think 29. I did work hard on thinking of a creative way to show that I really do love my blackberry :) hope you like it! I'm also reallyyyy sorrry about the lagging part to it. Haha I didn't know that wuld happen. I tried correcting the problem but it just kept coming up like that. In my video I had many facial expressions but they didn't show up too well. Lol

My only regret was that I did not create my film. I was planning on telling my wife I was gonna divorce her, get some paperwork from the courthouse for both divorce and Marriage. Fill out everything regarding the marriage to my BB (would fake the divorce papers of course). Send in the marriage purposal to the state. Wait to receive a letter in return. film the opening of the letter and the exiting of my ex-wife from the house...

All in good fun tho, my wife I love way more than a silly blackberry, and would NEVER divorce her.

Out of the entries I am voting for the skydiver vid. Good work my friend, very creative. Was hoping for you to drop your bb, and try to fly down and pick it back up before it smashes to the ground but none-the-less good work.

Number 6 was very warm hearted. I vote for that one.

However, (and this in no way is directed as a snide comment to the maker of video #6), but if the software for your sister's dif device is bigger then a certain size, you're screwed because RIM's BIS won't allow you to download large files or attachments. Nice huh? Your vidoe alone should be the #1 reason RIM needs to remove the download size limits.

I wish your sister well with her future opperation and the interim software updates. Thanks for your video contribution.

Done uploading vids. If you think we somehow missed your entry or something slipped through the cracks, then you can email us again with the details. Assuming it was uploaded to youtube during the contest entry submission all legit and the error happened on our part somehow, then we'll get it up.

We did a have couple of videos get submitted that were not posted with the entries - a couple got yanked by youtube due to violations of terms of use (we put in the contest rules to follow youtube's rules), and another entry was using another youtube video as part of it within a playlist which was not able to be embedded in the contest entry player.

If I can make one person smile with my video #48 I will be happy. I want second place anyway ! lol PPl like me with AT&T don't get the joys of the storm 2 unless we shell an arm and a leg! Enjoy guys!

the scene when you're on the toilet and pretending to cry while pulling out another BB (albeit an OLD one!) is simply gold. i had a good laugh! ;)

Any love?
We're not film-makers and don't have a film background or anything but we did have a lot of fun making it! We know it won't win but we're hoping someone can grab a cheap laugh.
LOVED Scent of a Blackberry by the way! Nice!

Give the guy on video #6 a new blackberry so he can give his current one to his sister!

Twice as safe, and very well deserved!

Show the CrackBerry Barber some love!

In fact Kevin, Maybe I should change my CrackBerry user name to CrackBerryBarber LOL, I kind of like the ring to that.

Funny how she is a crackhead. Crackberry, crackhead, I get it. Pretty clever. Sucks I can't hear some of the things she said though. Cute girl too. Good luck everyone!

I really liked the last one, reminds me of one of those addiction shows on cable!! Good luck to everyone!!
Just my opinion, but I think if you don't have a Blackberry than your vid shouldn't count. But that's just my .02.