I Love BlackBerry Helps Determine How Addicted You Are!

By Bla1ze on 28 Apr 2009 04:42 am EDT
BlackBerry Addict Usage!

Every now and then an application comes along that makes you stop and think, what took so long for this to be made? I Love BlackBerry is one of those applications. We all suffer from some level of BlackBerry addiction, ranging from moderate to extremely cracked out on BlackBerry. I Love BlackBerry finally helps you with determining where it is you stand with the seriousness of your addiction. The free application allows you to track the usage of your BlackBerry down to the second, weekly, monthly or overall average basis. Spend more time on your BlackBerry then actually working? Now you can track that as well with the built in timers.

Compatible with all devices running 4.3 OS and higher, I can't wait to see my usage for a month. Be sure to check it out and all I can say is it's a good thing my job REQUIRES BlackBerry usage. Check out more screenshots and information at EarlySail.

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I Love BlackBerry Helps Determine How Addicted You Are!


Sounds interesting....could be a good or bad thing. I have a feeling some people may need to seek profesional help after looking at their stats HAHA. Looks like a fun app. Can't wait to see where I fall.

i wish it would tell you HOW you use your bb. How much time you spend email, calling, on facebook, and etc. NOW THAT...would blow my face away.

This can be really scary for some. It could be used by significant others a ammo for fights. You always on your BB. You spent 26 hours on it yesterday LOL!!!

Great app...i love the idea. I downloaded it this mourning and sent the ma feedback comment/question about saving after a battery pull. With in 5 mins i had a response!!!! Great app and a Great company to be responding so quickly!!!!

like I ned to know how long and mnay times I go onto my bb
its going to blow up lol im going to test it out.. thanks

I'm running it on my Verizon storm with the official .122 bell firmware and all seems on the up and up.

140 use from the time i installed this app til midnight. That's a little crazy. The worse part is that I have a full time job...

Wow so i downloaded and i was actually impressed with myself.

Only picked up my phone 86 times and used for a total of 1hr and 27minutes. I guess i fit the mold of the typical blackberry user. "Red/Stop light user".....usually use it for about a minute at a time..

After about 22 hours on my 8330 it shows I've used my precious 100+ times for 4+ hours.

Whew! I previously thought I was a blackberry addict.

After about 22 hours on my 8330 it shows I've used my precious 100+ times for 4+ hours.

Whew! I previously thought I was a blackberry addict.

After a full 24 hours I used my precious 107 times for 4 hours, 17 minutes. Subtracting 11 hours for sleeping, driving, etc.means I use my blackberry about 1/3 of the remaining time.

Hmm. Must figure out how to be more productive while sleeping and driving.

"I love Blackberry" is the app for my uptime stats. I've used it for a couple of days and I think its great, even better than Uptime on Windows Mobile.

The so-called Uptime (Cntrl+alt+H)on the Blackberry is not much of a help> it does not give me the info as to my usage of my device. Plus, pressing the three buttons can get quite fiddly.

Nevertheless, Blackberry is THE Ruler of handheld devices.

Should I be counting all the minutes I use actually grabbing my bb and checking my usage in this app, because I think I should minus about a half hour already , just one more reason for me to pick my bb up and play.

I am surprised that I downloaded this today and I have an hour of use already, I have been sitting at home with the kids and I have barely used it(compared to my normal usage, which I think is better calculated in minutes I don't use it) but that must be due to the blinking red light effect

Cant wait to see my monthly usage!!!
Whoever gets to the month mark should start a thread with stats, then we will see who out there is really addicted

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