I Love BlackBerry App Updated

By Bla1ze on 15 May 2009 11:41 am EDT
I Love BlackBerry App Updated!

We covered the intial launch of the I Love BlackBerry application and within that time over 10,000 BlackBerry users have downloaded and installed the incredible application and that was only within the first 24 hours of launch.

As some of you all may know from listening to the CrackBerry Podcast, I'm quite a heavy BlackBerry user to which all my CrackBerry colleagues and even Mike Kirkup, RIM's Manager of Developer Relations, has attested too after seeing my usage compared to his own. So you can only imagine how happy I was when EarlySail, the developers behind the application, advised that a new update was available. Sadly, no change log was given but the current version is sitting at 0.9.38.  if for some reason you have not grabbed this cool litte app yet, get to it and face your addiction. Say it loud and Say it proud... I Love BlackBerry!! Now, can I get an I Love CrackBerry app please?

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I Love BlackBerry App Updated


someone is watching, lurking from within. Love is not having to monitor your usage. pretty cool app.

This application is really cool, but I ended up removing it from my Storm because according to MeterBerry, it was a memory leak....Anyone else notice that?

Me and several of my colleagues are using this application ( love it! ) and dont see any problems with memory or otherwise.

We had couple of questions and the folks at Earlysail were lightning fast in their responses. For a free app that was amazing too.

though i agree with ilabelu that BB love can not be quantified in usage monitoring - it DOES show evidence of one's addiction.

cool little app. lol

Logically, my weekly use should be 7x my daily use, unless I've used it for less than 7 days, which I haven't. However, it is consistently about 3-4x my daily use, which simply does not make any sense, especially since I use my BB regularly every day.


Are you seeing this behavior for weekly work time usage ?

The following might explain what you see:

Your weekly work time usage is only 5x your daily work time usage and not 7x (The app assumes a 5 day work week)

Your weekly nights and weekend usage should be 7x your daily nights and weekend usage.

In either event could you use the Share Your Usage feature and send your usage to the ilovefeedback at earlysail dot com email so we can investigate this further ?

With version one, while listening to music, it would skip a 1/2 second every idle interval that you select. So if you have it set to 60 seconds, then every 60 seconds you'll jump a second in the music. Is that still present in this build? Thanks :)

This app is very memory hungry. I installed it with 56mb. Within half an hour it dropped to 26mb. This went straight out the back door


We are not seeing this issue on several devices we have tested this on - but we are happy to investigate this further.

If you wouldnt mind- could you install and then reboot the device and see if the behavior continues ? Trying to isolate whether this is an initial first time install issue or a subsequent issue.

Please use the the Send Feedback button in the app to report the issue as it will help us track it with your OS version etc.

Thank you.

I found this application worthless. Waste of space, nothing but junk. I could care less how much I use my BlackBerry, and no application should have to watch what I do when I want to do to my phone.

I love it.
I also would just like it to log a 24/7 type also.
none the less, a good little app to show what an addict I am :-)

I don't know how this program comes up with it's statistics in my phone. Yesterday for example I made two phone calls and actually had my screen turned on to check messages maybe three times for a total of probably 10-15 minutes all together. According to this program, my usage for yesterday was 56 times totaling almost 6 hours! What the hell is wrong with this application? It has been consistantly way off.