I hope the BlackBerry Classic's trackpad lights up and powers down like it does on the Bold 9900

Lit Up Trackpad
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 May 2014 10:50 am EDT

Or more specifically, I hope like the BlackBerry Bold 9900, there is a ring or design element around the BlackBerry Classic's trackpad that lights up for notifications, and is last to turn off when the screen / keyboard backlighting powers down.

I had this realization when I was out for dinner with my cousin Vinny on the weekend. He was on his Bold 9900 all night, and the room was fairly dark, and every time he put the phone back down on the table I couldn't help but notice that awesome power down sequence which has the trackpad turning off last (see instagram video below).

I find little details like this to be very attention getting (a good thing as BlackBerry strives to build back marketshare!), and also a sign of attention to detail. It shows the people building the product truly care and really want to do everything they can to make the user experience awesome. I remember how excited I was the first time I saw this power down sequence happen. I was like... WOAH. That's AMAZING. And to this day, I still like the effect.

That said, I do like change, so I'm not suggesting the BlackBerry Classic needs to exactly copy the trackpad layout and lighting scheme of the 9900. I just hope it does something cool like the 9900 did. It makes the phone stand out.

Agree with me? Disagree? Let me know where you stand on trackpads in the comments!

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I hope the BlackBerry Classic's trackpad lights up and powers down like it does on the Bold 9900


That is pretty cool! I did not know the 9900's track pad powers down like that.

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I was already thinking for the new BlackBerry 10 phones like the z30 the BlackBerry name and logo at the bottom where you swipe should also lid up, no?

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What would be even more awesome: the trackpad functioning as the notification led, so it lights up in different colors on every notification! *-*

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Rainbow colors are cool, and a bit sad they've become associated with non-standard sexual behavior. Originally God's promise to never wipe out the earth by flood again, which is a happy, joyful thing.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It was obviously an elevator pitch about himself. I found it very informative.

Posted by the inimitable BB10 handheld system.

That's actually pretty cool. I really like the BlackBerry logo lighting up but do it with a long lasting energy efficient light so the battery doesn't drain.

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Believe it or not, they did this! The old pearl had a multi color track wheel. Think it was the 8100

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I wish it would light up on the back, like the apple on a iMac does. Now that would draw people's attention when you are talking on the phone. They would be compelled to ask what kind of phone it was.


I thought the new tool belt was going to be a virtual one...

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Don't know why you thought that? From some people in these forums saying it SHOULD be virtual?

Posted with my  Q10.

Why? That would completely eliminate the point of it. I'm waiting for it so I can pick up and hang up calls without looking at the screen, so I KNOW for a fact a call is hung up because I can feel the button clicking. Making it virtual would make it exactly like it is right now, where you need to look at the screen just to know where to touch, you have to keep looking at it to make sure it was touched, then to hang up a call, if you were using speakerphone you'll need to unlock the screen first before you can see where the hang up icon is, and if you navigated away from the phone app while on speakerphone, you then have to find the phone app active tile and touch it, THEN touch the hang up icon. I don't see how people can deal with this all their lives with all-touch phones... I cannot freakin' wait to get the physical buttons back...

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The only problem I have with the virtual call screen is the call note button. It is right above the end call button and I can't tell you how many times I have pushed it by mistake. It is a huge time waster.


I agree. Because I have had surgery on my neck that keeps me from being able to hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder, I have to use the speaker phone or ear buds to talk on the phone if I need to take notes, which is normally the case. For me, ear buds can get uncomfortable after a while which is why I've never listened to music on my phone with them. When the call is finished, I have to either wait for the other party to hang up and hope that the call is truly disconnected, or unlock the screen to touch the "end call" button. A virtual tool belt would do nothing to improve this unless they somehow managed to keep it active when the screen turns off, but the physical tool belt would make things a lot easier to end the call quickly.

Ahhhhggg! I just thought of an improvement for CB10: an "Undo" button. Or an endorsement for the return of the trackpad and/or a virtual trackpad for the all touch devices. I typed out a comment, went back to make a very small edit and ended up accidentally erasing pretty much my whole comment.

Anyway, I just wanted to say while a lit up BlackBerry logo might have an initial visual appeal, I can see it getting annoying pretty quickly both visually and power usage-wise. I'd certainly want it to toggle off when watching video or otherwise using the device in the dark.

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Everlasting light. This video showed it best. Made me all teary eyed the first time. No joke! Hahahaha

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There are just too many features, cosmetic or functional ones that are often not spotted.

It's a cool feature, but probably non-trivial to test for (need to know when it happens, how long it takes to ramp up / ramp down, etc etc)

I would be happy if the Classic had the exact same chassis as the 9900 or the 9000. Both were the pinnacle of BlackBerry style and form. Maybe cram a slightly larger screen in there by having it use up more bezel space. Maybe.

But yeah, I always liked the lit ring around the track pad as well. So much style!

These black rectangles everyone seems to swoon for these days are so drab and boring compared to a Bold.

- Disco Trooper CB10Z10

What are we celebrating? It's not like it's confirmed, this is just a wish list...

Oh, you just needed to get a quick 2 word response in to be "first" well, congrats, you're so important. I hope you've got the attention you so desperately needed for today. Anything else we could help you with? :-)

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That would be cool!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

Probably will, if your bringing back the tool belt, why wouldn't it be the same one/work the same way?

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Not to mention Zmain apparently can't read or comprehend once he has read. "Probably will" was referring to the trackpad glow function, not BlackBerry somehow becoming number 1 because of it lol

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

The track pad lighting was always something I was impressed with. I love my Z10 and don't think I would go back to a keyboard model to sacrifice the screen size. I am an avid texter, but I also consume a lot of media. I find the BlackBerry virtual keyboard to be amazing, so no need to go back to physical keys for me.


It's no longer the case of "ruling the town". It's about survival. BlackBerry isn't going after the "next big thing" in the consumer market as that would not be possible at the moment. It's going after those millions of folks who have not upgraded to BlackBerry 10 for one reason or another. I know plenty of legacy BlackBerry users and BlackBerry needs to find a way to have those people upgrade to the new platform. Features such as this one might help. And once on BlackBerry 10, well most of us know how great an experience it is for people who want to get things done.

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Yes me too! I love the illumination of the trackpad and all the keys too. Soooooo excited for this and the Windermere!

Give us more leaks Kev! I can't wait for this!

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

With so many requests I don't understand why there is no software solution provided by BB. I am thinking of something like the keyboard that pops up on Z10/30 when needed.

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Kevin you're a busy boy today. This is your sixth article.
The classic should be identical to the 9900 in every element except OS. Dedicated keys on the side is a must. If you want your legacy customers to jump onto bb10 you need to make it as fluid as possible with only the OS being a learning curve.

Let's just be clear and say we want everything cool about the 9900 in the classic including customizable ring profiles and any missing keyboard shortcuts....and yes fancy lights!

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

Totally agree.

When I was in sitting in a movie theater recently I just saw a couple of people turning off their BlackBerry devices before the show started and I realized just how iconic and unique this is. Especially now as hardware buttons have become a rare thing.

You'll always recognize a true BlackBerry in the dark.

To have an instant hit all BlackBerry has to do it take BB10 and dump it in a 9900/9930 shell with a tad of a bigger screen.
Keep it touch and track pad usable just like the 9930 was and leave it up to the person using it on the path they want to use for features.
by swipe or trackpad
instant success


I still wonder why did BlackBerry didn't put that sexy stainless steel bezel in q10

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

and to have a not so instant hit but a device that will impress would be a portrait slider with TrackPad and buttons... the best of full 16 x 9 screen + legendary keyboard + productivity of hard buttons.

Why isn't the BB10 "Torch" on BlackBerry's announced-devices list? It makes no sense to hold out on doing a portrait slider which would be a unique device in all the modern SmartPhone world and like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, would spark (get it!) a new wave in interest in BlackBerry devices.

Kevin, next time you ask Mr. Chen something, ask WHY not do a slider SOON.

I personally had a 9810. Got one for my wife and daughter too. I was less than impressed with it. It felt like a downgrade from my 9700. I would rather have my Z, or a Q/classic than a Slider again. It just didn't feel rugged, and solid. But that's just one man's opinion.

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Full portable "movie" screen plus an awesome keyboard at wish + BB10, and Samsung and iPhone can suck it...

Classic will be great, but the 9810 shouldn't be the last slider...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Problem will be slider mechanism durability, with us hardcore users. Mine would probably stay in Z10 mode most of the time and only extend for heavy action.

From a warranty perspective I can understand why BlackBerry is shying away from another potential debacle, if it's not executed well.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It should get an award for the most beautiful mobile device.

However the performance and os was pathetic. Beauty with no substance.

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If it was software buttons, we could have it on the Q right NOW! And this discussion would be obsolete.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Personally I'd love to see the function key on the side of the phone come back
It had so many great little uses
I love my Q10, But my 9930 was the best phone I've ever had and I miss it.
Coming from IOS,Droid and windows 6.1

I jumped on the Q10 train simply because of the possibility on Amazon MP3 with cloud support working, But lately its iffy

+1. I used this as my lock key to successfully tackle the issue of accidental pocket dialing.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

On my 8520 I used the right side button for the camera and the left side button for BBM. They need to bring those convenience keys back!

- Disco Trooper CB10Z10

I fancy the track pad lighting of the BlackBerry 9900/9930.. Even that of the 9360 ..
I Agree ^_^

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Yeah I fully agree with you Kevin, it's the little things like that that make the product look great. I find it reminds me of Ironman's chest light, which gives a "powerful" appeal.

Let's be honest Kevin, you haven't seen what the classic looks like once ;) even with all of your secret BlackBerry contacts?

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I miss many parts of my 9900, would love to see an amalgamation of the 9900 + Q10 + larger screen in the new Classic. It will be interesting see what we get.

It better be an improvement on the 9900 across the board.

If this is supposed to be the next generation of BlackBerry 10 devices.

The 'Classic ' has to be lightning fast and have a battery that lasts a week on one charge.

Have an Android market place built in as standard. People haven't got time to side load.

The design has to be out of this world.

It's all about the look and feel.

Finally Where is the 10 in BlackBerry 10? Have you seen the number? It's not in the start up sequence or on the back cover.

This must change... immediately!!!!

BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10 ©

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

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Totally agree!!! This Classic should be the product of a new plan under Chen. In addition the stock charger for Z10 having an output of 200mA is pathetic. I've just noticed my roommate's G S5 having a 2A output charger fully charging in under 20 minutes.

To be competitive BlackBerry classic must correct all these lower class features. I shouldn't have to shell out extra bucks to get another charger for a faster charge.

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Just remember, fast charging ever so slightly reduces battery life span. Give it a slow charge every now and then.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yes, this is not a huge deal but a nice touch. If you're going to bring back the toolbelt might as well bring it back properly!

Yes, a glowing track pad. Glowing the new BB10 Purple! And I'll throw another request out there. The track pad should optionally glow for notifications!

Yup, the 9900 had polish. All it needed was a an os that was faster and didn't freeze ,(better camera and battery are a given) That's what I was expecting from the Q10, up to date hardware and a fast ,smooth OS. Instead we got a dull screen, no tool belt, missing features and little polish.

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Polish comes with time, and user feedback. The iPhone 5s wasn't built in a day. Not even copy and paste initially.

BB10 has had a year and a few months on the market now. First gen devices will always be lacking in some aspects.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

'....how about making different batches and variations of the phone which offers different back-lighting for keyboard, and tool-belt with a choice of colors like, greens, blues, reds, etc. This option would allow the users to have color preference custom on the phone, instead of just plain white back-lit color for all.

Color gimmicks and customizations is what people love. And these buttons would give more options than any slab could ever offer.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Kevin you are forever an optimist when you say ... "a good thing as BlackBerry strives to build back marketshare!"

IMO, it will take more than one or more features to revive sales of the BB handsets.
Those who will purchase these 'classics' are those who broke their worn-out OS7 devices and demand a hard KB.

Do it!!! Always have loved that effect...its EPIC. Remember, the trackpad IS a BlackBerry thing...make new/returning users feel the same "whoa...cool!" that we loyalists always have.

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Hey Kevin!!!
You look a lot busy today, good to see articles from you, I guess six of them today.

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Yeah love it. Onyx and Onyx 2 is the greatest of all. Please revive them with Blackberry 10 OS power and metalic design! It would be awesome device!

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

Wouldn't mind a glowing blackberry symbol on the back. Would be kinda funky :)

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

Yeah I agree...I would always stare at the light around the track pad and keys of my 9930 when it powered down... its very cool :-D

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Yeah i agree it always had a cool bright white light effect :) I expect they'll be changing it up but hopefully they the light.

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I have an idea to make the BB10 os better; an icon or a gesture to get into our App Pages and Folders. When not in the app pages we have the Home Page. Swiping left and right opens customizable applications just like convenience keys to locate our most used apps.

I would also like to see a laser pointer built into the Classic for the professionals or anyone needing a laser level in construction or just for fun.

There's so much that BlackBerry could incorporate into the os and/or hardware to bring back mass appeal to the brand.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Yeah, a lazer pointer, that's not random at alllll. Or maybe a fountain pen could slide out for all the C level executives out there to sign contracts with. Yeah yeah, with an ink container built in to dip it in. And mill it out of a solid piece of steel so it could be used like a hammer by the construction types!

Or maybe they could just make a phone, and actually market it so people know it exists. Might be a tad more effective.

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

The swipe up and left is not utilized yet.

Customizable quick access app menu like Ubuntu's left edge swipe or something would be great, too.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The track pad is a backward step. Are we talking about retaining existing BB7 customers or attracting new users to BB10? I hope both.

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I always thought that sequential fade the 9930 had going on was somehow kind of sexy. Definitely thinking that they will do the same or something similar with the Classic, and if they don't, I'm convinced that there will be a lit ring around the trackpad at least. If they really wanted to be showoffs, they would make it possible to set the color of this backlighting with an option in the customization menu. Same for the keyboard, I think it would rock something fierce if there were a way to change what color the keyboard's backlight were. Blue :)

I think it would be a nice touch, but I hope they don't spend a whole lot of resources on development. With the market the Classic is intended for, it needs to work perfectly right out of the box, even if it means leaving things like the glowing trackpad out. What it really needs is killer battery life, killer performance, a fantastic screen, and... well you get the idea.

The bottom line is that someone on the software and design side looks creatively and critically at the final package. Productivity/ efficiency and user experience. I mean spend some time using the finished product before sealing it for sale. This is where Jobs really did his thing well. Don't settle for ok. Demand the best.

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It's been brought up in the phone concept threads that using a lit BlackBerry symbol for notifications is a no brainer. Hopefully details aren't missed like that for the Q20 and Q30

Posted via Z30

Really missing the track pad on the Q10. The power down sequence looks awesome on the BlackBerry 9900

Posted via CB10

Totally agree! Can't wait to see what is in store for us in this "Classic". I'm already putting money aside to purchase it when it's available.

I flick all my words from my amazing BlackBerry Z10

Isn't that track pad glow a battery killer ???, hope we have the option to toggle it on or off

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Completely agree. Actually, what I have always wanted was for the BlackBerry logo on the back of my z10 to light up with an LED. Perhaps with some functionality tied to it.

Posted via CB10

Well.. in 10.3 we know will have the advanced interaction with the "face down for power save" feature. When placed in that position obviously the notification LED will not be effective. What if the back logo works as notification? THAT I would love :)

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I still want to see an onscreen trackpad for the z10. I had the torch and having the trackpad on a touchscreen made everything easier and I loved being able to have a cursor for selecting things.

Posted via CB10

Yeah I love it!

I'm just hopeful that the trackpad and the rest of the "toolbelt" integrate well into the BB10 experience !

Can't wait, delaying the renewal of my contract for this!

Posted via CB10

"Like the 9900 did"? Since I still use one (and may never give it up, despite using my Z10 for almost everything else, including this missive) seems to me it still does.

Posted via CB10

So long as BlackBerry's never lose their notification light I'm cool with whatever...

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10...

I agree completely. I'm typing this from my good ol' faithful 9930. Since I sometimes type in spanish, I love the trackpad and ability to select special characters by holding the letter down and swiping the trackpad left and right. The stainless steel bevel edge is awesome because I just drop my phone in the cradle and charge it. Didn't see that in the new phones, so I'm staying put until it happens :)

Definitely would like to see that on the classic. Better yet, the type of trackpad a laptop has, which doesn't have to be a camera, and they never ever wear out that easily. ;)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I hope that the Classic has color choices for the LED indicator. I don't really like red on my Q10 and always had blue on my Bold 9900. I also hope they bring back font choices for texting and email. I also hope it has autofocus on the camera. Taking photos with my Q10 is hard because I can't hold my phone steady enough to catch a perfect shot!

What? One of the Q10 virtues is how you can use spacebar to take pictures. I can hold it firmly and use my thumb both to adjust autofocus point and press the spacebar.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. Change,Progress is good. But don't ever take away progress from BlackBerry predecessors. Ex- Metal casing, long battery life, Built quality Trackpad .

Improve them.

I use my BlackBerry 10 to hear music while driving . I can't find a station that plays music like Beethoven No.5 Massacre on Glencoe/ Motels - Suddenly last summer . Unless I move my hand away from steering wheel to turn the knob station to station.
I don't recommend it!

I use my BlackBerry 10 on public transportation on train or bus. Sometimes no seat. so standing up holding on to handle bar and other hand using my BlackBerry. Not easy. Not a smooth trip.

I'm looking forward to advanced BlackBerry 10 Classic line. It's more efficient more productive using it one hand standing, sitting and driving in my experience.

Oh Yeah, I use my BlackBerry 10 while sitting on my Porcelain Throne.

BlackBerry Lead
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BlackBerry Lead
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Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I'd like to see the same effect but using BlackBerry 10 colours....purple, blue, red...just like when my BlackBerry Z30 lights up after a reboot :)

Posted via CB10 & my killer BlackBerry Z30

Agree...it all helps, and, people love things that are familiar to them. (man...hope the above punctuation is correct :/)?

Posted via a Device with Z and a 30

Nostalgia is kicking in now :P

although i love my Q5 to bits, the lights on the trackpad look cool and i want it back :P

#BlackberryClassic #Forthewin

The torch 9850 does this same lighting sequence. The keys dim out first and then the track pad powers down last. I would like the BlackBerry symbol powering down with a bit of a wave even. Would be cool if done right.

Posted via CB10

Don't you think BlackBerry should bring back their email provider. Instead of outlook, gmail, yahoo etc... they should get something like xxxx@bbmail.com

Posted via CB10

Im fine without any trackpad. But I agree. They shouldn't forget those details when bringing back the belt.

Posted via CB10

would be great to have a fingerprint sensor/ trackpad combo

Posted with my Z10 or Z30! ..mostly on my Q10. ..while I wait for a BB slider.

I don't like the Classic thing. It's going back. You have to move on to get better.

SQN100-3 OS10.2.1.3175

I already said the trackpad should be in the spacebar & it should be transparent like the trackball

Posted via CB10

I liked all those little details of the bold 9900. I still use my bold at times. I hope the classic will have those details and more... slightly larger screen, real belt (nothing virtual) with the power of BB10

Okay, I am confused. Isn't the Q20 and Classic the same phone or different? Which one is the phone coming with the physical keyboard and tool belt, essentially the most similar to the 9900?

That's the Classic. It *may* be called the Q20. At MWC, Chen said that he wanted us all to refer to the Q20 as the "Classic."

Posted via CB10

I used to love this on my Bold 9900.. my friends used to love it too..

I love my Z30 but I miss the physical keyboard.. I am anxiously waiting for the classic..

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

I hope so too, but I hope it's wear proof! Many track pads I seen worn down to nearly transparent! I hope the touch pad or what ever is integrated into the toolbelt seamlessly with some sorta tactile effect like a hump or bump. And an integrated fingerprint reader.

Posted via CB10

BB make this one a beaut. with high quality materials and all , and if the worst happens to company ( and it will not ) We can buy up enough for years to come .

Yup, I love that effect too, glad you mentioned it Kevin.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I love stories of Vinny and love the quality of the 9900.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Are you saying the 9900's trackpad lit up for notifications? I never noticed that on mine. The rest of the post is true though. And I completely agree with your request.

I totally agree with you Kevin especially it quite useful when we are using phone in dark. BlackBerry has given lot of attention for smaller things like this. I hope they continue to do this and surprise us in good way :D I miss my old 9300 it was the best phone I ever had though I use now z10

I always think that z10 and z30 should have similar outside detail, lights or button with lights.

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

I for one prefer screen time out in 20 seconds, and auto-lock in 1 minute. When I tap the "power" button at the top of my Q10, lights out on sleep mode immediately. A time-delayed dimming track pad is just a gimmick.

I agree 200%. That might be one of the pros to win me over to get a qwerty device again

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

That cool Kevin, but for me personally, I would like the trackpad to be under the glass, with the light designating where the pad starts and ends. That would definately be a different look and you could make it gesture sensitive since you wouldn't be able to press it. That's like the best of both worlds. Being able to do gestures on a trackpad.

I want them to scrap it because the tracktap will just to fail after 12 months!

And it's outdated!

Embrace the gestures!

Posted via CB10

You shouldn't just bring back the old trackpad as it was before. You need to enable gestures on the trackpad as well. Like it or not, the trackpad is better for one handed use of the device. Bringing gestures to it would be the best if both worlds. Like "hold your thumb for two seconds and then swipe" something like that .

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

No, the trackpad isn't outdated. Obviously you haven't tried using a Q10 without a trackpad - try editing a text document on this thing - it's night impossible!

I agree about the small attention to detail. If BlackBerry wants to compete, the design needs to be very special. As an example, I have known lots of people go for the iphone, not because it's got a great operating system, not because they particularly want to connect to itunes, but because they owning the thing.

Blackberrys should be like that too. Whoever designed the q5 should be given detention.

Posted via CB10

I agree, this would be so awesome. I have a Q10 now, but I have no problem selling it if BlackBerry makes a rocking classic.

I still WANT TO BUY A NEW 9900. Dont care if it is over 3 years old...BUT....
This thing still costs a fortune in Indonesia. Upward of 400USD.

Give me a break BB.
Im a firm believer of the tool belt and physical keypad and be waiting or the day a newer 9999 to come out

Hopefully with a more realistic pricetag.

It is sad to see that in malls where Blackberry has their own specialty store, hardly anybody goes in to browse.

I loved my 9700 (truly regretted for having sold it in haste for the lame 9800) and have faith that BB will come out with a winner again.

I have a separate coinbox prepared just for this purchase.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App! on my Oppo Find Way S

Yeah! I loved the 9900 (forget the camera), but I leave My wish list for BlackBerry BEST ever phone:
- Q, for keyboard, like the 9900, feel, hardware solid, durable, good value (I miss this one (except for the camera...)
- size the Z30,
- slider like the 9810 (I miss this one)
- iconic keys i.e. call, menu, trackpad, back and off keys, (there's nothing like the click feel)
- operating system: 10, undoubtedly!
Have a super weekend!