I highly doubt Thorsten Heins thinks the tablet market will die

By Chris Umiastowski on 30 Apr 2013 03:24 pm EDT

Yesterday, according to Bloomberg, Thorsten Heins dropped the following snipped:  "In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore.”  As usual, the media is jumping all over this with headlines that take the comments to an extreme.  Hey, whatever gets the click for those guys.

I’m all about the balance.  We reached out to BlackBerry to get some kind of clarification on this statement, hoping to included it in this story, but we’ve not heard back yet.  When we do (and we always do), we’ll update the post.

Anyway, I suppose it’s possible that Thorsten Heins really believes the entire tablet market will come crashing down.  It’s possible, but highly unlikely that he believes this.  It’s much more likely that this comment had an accompanying context which has been totally cut out of the quote.

Remember folks .. context is EVERYTHING.

We’re seeing this quote in a vacuum.  As such, it’s a useless comment and we really shouldn’t waste too much time interpreting it.  But, since the media has jumped all over it and since we are more about balance and intelligence, here goes:

BlackBerry has not seen success in the tablet market.  They’ve acknowledged the hyper-competitive nature of that market.  Instead, they have released BlackBerry 10, powered by QNX, which is capable of running distributed processors and has built-in support for DLNA. 

I know that for years BlackBerry has been exploring the idea of having a pocket-sized computer that could either render output to its own screen or render output to a different (larger) with different (higher) resolution.  And I think it’s quite obvious that’s where BlackBerry wishes to drive a chunk of the market.

But at the same point, there is clearly a desire for stand alone tablets.  I’ve written on iMore.com about the opportunity for Apple to dominate the education market by totally replacing hardcover textbooks.  Depending on the age group using these tablets (interactive education devices), the individual user is not a smartphone user!  The largest screen isn’t just going to pair with a phone. 

Yet BlackBerry probably has some vertical markets that it plans to go after (or many such markets) where the phone can become the primary device.  If the phone can run a great email program and connect to a full Bluetooth keyboard, optical mouse (or trackpad) and HDMI monitor, then why not just dock the phone and use that for remote access to the office?  Makes perfect sense.  But that doesn’t mean tablets won’t sell.  And I’m pretty sure this isn’t lost on Thorsten.

Bottom line - BlackBerry has a business plan in mind.  It’s not Apple’s business plan.  They’re going to talk up their plan, and they should.  Don’t fall for out of context quotes that get twisted and distorted.  They are almost always way off base.

*Update* We've heard back from BlackBerry, and here is their statement.

The comments that Thorsten made yesterday are in line with previous comments he has made about the future of mobile computing overall, and the possibilities that come with a platform like BlackBerry 10.  We continue to evaluate our tablet strategy, but we are not making any shifts in that strategy in the short term. When we do have information about our PlayBook strategy, we will share it.

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I highly doubt Thorsten Heins thinks the tablet market will die


I just left a comment before the post even went live on the blogs... **magic!**

So here's the thing. I've been in the room with Thorsten when he's given his take on the future of mobile computing. In the Q&A's following both BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam Americas last year he spoke on it. And never in those speeches as he said that tablets were dead... though at that point he did talk about the *need* to carry around a computer (laptop) going away. That was a point I personally disagreed with, because as a guy who makes a living working off his laptop, I just can't see me not ever needing it. But I got his point - for companies especially, buying computers is expensive. In a BYOD world where consumers are willing to pay for their own devices, off-loading as much into BYOD mobile computing makes sense.

What he did say is that the mobile device in your pocket.. aka. your smartphone... is getting to the point where it has enough computing power in it that it can perform processing tasks akin to a computer. Especially when hooked up to the cloud. And also considering you can connect it up to peripherals like a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It's not that hard to picture a use case where at your home and office are your big screens, and you just walk in and drop your phone down and your work environment is setup off your phone. 

Like Umi points out, I see a lot of value in the tablet form factor, just as I see a lot of value in laptops, etc. I don't think that's a form factor you're going to see just die. Also doubt that T.H. meant what he was quoted saying, as well, he's talked about the need for phones/tablets before in mobile computing - would be odd to change his tone now. Either way, another important lesson... always need to be careful what you say when you're a CEO, as everybody is always looking for their easy headline to write.

I agree with Kevin.
The Z10 and Q10 has the powerful QNX on board, and we (BlackBerry) has something coming down the pipes that will blow everyones mind right out the door. We can't say much more then that as we don't want our competitors to get a lead over us.

I much prefer you hijacking the comment section with relevant information rather than wading the wasted "first!" b.s.

Hey Kevin. You mentioned that you don't think laptops are going away, but that depends on what you consider a laptop. Like a recently posted BlackBerry patent shows, what if the laptop was just a shell containing a screen, keyboard and battery... and it's your BlackBerry that actually provides the computing power. This would give you all the benefits of a laptop in a laptop form factor... but technically, the stand-alone laptop would be dead.

The same could be said for tablets. Just make them a screen and battery and have them wirelessly connect to your BlackBerry for computing power. This to me is also the death of stand-alone tablets.

Just because stand-alone laptops and tablets die, does not mean their form factors die too.

I agree. And it's also interesting to think of the new form factors possible when you remove the computing requirements from the screen. I've seen batteries like woven fabric... so, flexible screens? Who knows? Think of the possibilities.

Also, it doesn't seem that efficient to build full computing capabilities into every device.

If you think about it, it makes no sense to include computing capabilities into what are essentially just differently sized displays. Just think, if you kept the computing power in one place, your BlackBerry, you would rarely ever need to upgrade all your other devices. When you upgrade your BlackBerry, your single computing device, that would essentially be the same thing as upgrading all your other devices at once! A more powerful BlackBerry would instantly make all your other devices more powerful.

To me, the key to this is having your BlackBerry and other devices connect wirelessly and for that connection to have virtually no lag.

+1. This is exactly right.

Tablets and laptops, as they exist now, will be looked back upon like TVs that come with a built-in DVD player. TV/DVD combos are not a good business model. With the proper vision of where the marketplace is going (as you described) you can see that tablets also "are not a good business model". It makes much more sense to keep the computing power separate from the screen, tablet, laptop, etc. Everybody carries their computer (i.e. phone) with them already so it will become a lot cheaper to buy just the tablet screen or just the laptop screen and keyboard and link it with the supercomputer that's in your pocket. BlackBerry is way ahead of the game on this which is why, in five years, they can be "the absolute leader in mobile computing".

Except that forces the user to carry around both devices. I hate laptops with a passion, but I love my PlayBook. But I imagine it would drive me nuts if I had to have a second device on me any time I wanted to use it.

This is only a problem if you don't always carry your phone with you, in which case you would be the exception! You have your phone (i.e. computer) with you anyways so anything else you want to carry is up to you - but the computing power for it will already be in your pocket.

Hi hope the PlayBook will continue on. A decent native file manger along with USB capabilities is a must. To top my list a faster processor and increased gaming would be awesome. My thought.

If the PlayBook is still available in five years it will likely be in the form of a very lightweight, thin screen with BlackBerry branding on it. Your wish list will go into the phone/mobile computer in your pocket that powers that light, thin screen (as well as your laptop screen/keyboard, and your home monitor/mouse/keyboard, and your office workstation, and your car infotainment system and....)

One of the most underrated/overlooked features of the Z10 is the HDMI out. That makes it pretty easy to use any HDTV as a monitor. With the port located on the left hand side of the device - plus it being a much smaller device than the PlayBook - I find it somewhat restrictive to use. It's more of a novelty thing. I realize there is DLNA but not everybody has that and knows how to use it. With the trend in top-end smartphones, it's viable. In terms of practicality it's unlikely that handsets will ever fully replace other forms of mobile computing.

when the iPad was released nobody knows even Steve Jobs if we truly need a Tablet, their main focus is to compete with netbooks and place it on the middle in the crowded space of laptops and Desktop PC's, imagine, who needs a tablet at the first place?! it's like a HUGE iPhone. fast forward to our year. tablets like the iPad had a niche market to children and businessmen alike, nobody knows how powerful a tablet in making music or even the versatility of a laptop with on-screen keyboard. I use my iPad for fast presentation rather than using a huge laptop

For me I think Mr. Thorsten is pointing out that MAYBE in the future they will develop that instead of lugging around a Laptop, 100% we are committed to our tablets, when the iPhone was released some diehard QWERTY keyboard fanatics are sold typing on Glass which we think in that era is stupid. as technology evolves we keep pace with the evolving times or we will left behind. Not that I say that the Q10 will be a Flop. but there are Die Hard People who thinks Keypads are still the best out there. I'm using a 9900 and I love the QWERTY.

or maybe someone out there still using a Floppy Disk, there are niche or someone who doesn't want to keep pace with the evolution of technology.

Microsoft has the same idea.
If you look at Windows 8 carefully, there is the new flat tile interface to simple phone like apps that will work easily on an ARM processor. And the desktop is just another tile.
People have missed the point about this. The Microsoft strategy is that ultimately "Windows" - which for most people means Word, Excel and Outlook - will run on a virtual machine in the corporate cloud, and touching the icon will connect you to a Windows session. IT gets to keep all their copies of real Windows on their server farm and dole them out as required. Need Photoshop? AutoCad? You just get the resources you require as you need them.
That means if your phone can connect to a high res monitor it can behave as if it was a hefty dual Xeon workstation. You don't need a box under the desk that someone has to come to when it goes wrong, and you can access heavy compute power from anywhere there is a monitor or projector that connects to your phone. In a corporate environment with physical screens everywhere, the need for a tablet (and a laptop) just went away.
But this also means that a company like Blackberry can offer the same Windows tile in their OS and have it work exactly the same way, so long as it can do RDP.
I am amazed that so many commentators seem to have so completely missed what Windows 8 is all about.

In order to do this really effectively, and generate huge service revenues from it, BlackBerry would have to build a giant private network so that their users could... Oh wait...

I read his comments earlier and I understood them to mean that tablets aren't dying but their place in business will change as mobile computing becomes more common.

I bet you this is exactly the context of the discussion he was having - business people and laptops / tablets for remote access.  In that context it's a bit of a stretch, but logical for many user cases.  Good comment.

Chris doesn't comment much, so that's a HUUUUGGGEEE compliment. Anyways, I completely agree with this context, and it makes total sense. Thanks for staying this, it gives extreme clarification. +1

Posted via CB10

When taken directly, its an absolutely asinine thing to say. But if you really think about it, the tablet market has been heavily dominated by Apple's iPad. In terms or competition, there aren't any. The Kindles, which are 2nd, don't even come close. If Apple is slopping, though very slowly, right now, then what is the future of there products? There by questioning the iPad and ultimately tablets in general. Is that likely? No. I cant say that i see tablets going away anytime soon. If there's a leap in technology where , there i say, holograms are introduced, then yeah... Call that the end of tablets in general. When you think of portability, the tablet will definitely stand time for much longer than the 4 years Heins predicted.

I agree phones are becoming computers for many mostly in emerging markets as it is their only access. However I see tablets are being the stronger force for the next few years at least. I think it would be wise to tap into that market provided you can fully integrate the Os10 in your phone with the tablet. The bridge as of late has become a drawbridge for us PlayBook users and it's in the up position.

Posted via CB10

Tablets need to stick around because I for one can't justify holding a 7" phone in my hand. I would rather watch media on my tablet and other moving images because it's easier on my eyes to do so. The faithful who jumped on the PB believed RIM (at that time) provided a solid tool for business that freed up the use of the laptop which made sense. However this did not happen and I am looking to BlackBerry to own up to the short comings of the PB and make things right which I hope they are working on and can do. The PB is a good product and should continue to live on with the additon of the BB10 platform. How do you stay alive in most is to give the people what they want even before they know they want it. Lead and quit playing catch up.......

Tablets as we know them will probably not stick around. However, 8-12" touch screen interfaces are not going anywhere, they will just be powered differently.

I mean, it doesn't make sense to buy two different devices, one small portable one, and one slightly larger one, that are both powered by essentially the same hardware and have nearly identical user interfaces. I think Thorsten is simply being rightfully critical of that kind of ecosystem, and is planning ahead for it.

Posted via CB10

I think the tablets will never disappear completely but the need for them is becoming less and less. I personally never use my tablet anymore unless I'm wanting to play a game or watch a movie with a bigger screen. And even these two features the Z10 does beautifully! The issue everyone has with Thorsten's quote is he used an absolute statement. As a man that doesn't like to reveal personal information during his interviews, using a statement such as “"In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore.” no doubt has the media buzzing. But I see truth in it as well. I predict more phablets and less tablets

"In five years they won't be a reason to have a tablet Anymore" as with new flexible screen technology, it it is possible to produce a hybrid phone. Pull the device on one side, and the rolled up screen comes into view. Flexible, woven batteries with the latest technology will provide more then enough power to run the device for a few days.

Posted via CB on my Z 10

Ugh, Chris, I work in the education market, selling tablets and computers and such, the demand for tablets is high, but ipads are out of reach for a majority of schools and districts especially in the US.

We find, teachers and students want ipads because of the cool factor, but the main guys, the tech directors and superintendents like the cost effective solutions, and they are going towards Android and even BlackBerry tablets.

I had a conversation today with a tech director who I have a long standing relationship with, and regarding the tablets, he agrees with Thorstein, with the amount of processing power the cellphones have now, and with the rise of the phablets, tablets won't be around forever.

Thanks for that comment.  Useful.  I understand that iPads are cheaper.  And I think we're still talking about the same thing here ... for education you need a stand alone tablet.  It won't just be a screen and battery that gets is computing power elsewhere, unless classrooms start using some giant QNX type of system to distribute video output to students' "passive tablets" (if that makes sense).

Thing is though ... Apple has done a great job of tying up publishing deals with textbook companies.  Apple has made it dead simple to publish a textbook and sell it.  So if Apple is to create a cheaper tablet for education then I think the model really has legs. But I do get your point.  Today iPad is way too expensive for most schools. No argument.

Unfortunately, Apple's approach to education is hopeless and is designed to ensure that children from the Far East get way ahead. One screen to view al the textbooks you may need is a ridiculous approach. How are children supposed to learn to access more than one source of information at a time? How are they supposed to view 2 large pages side by side? If you take a magazine like Science, often the graphs and diagrams are on one page and the explanation on the facing one. You can just about see that clearly with a 15 inch screen, but on an iPad no way at all.
Apple is trying to straitjacket schools into a dumbed down system based on what they make, not on the needs of children.

I think education is a perfect example of where Thorsten sees things going with his comments. If your smartphone is effectively your computer and you can have all of your textbooks etc saved in your phone, then when you sit down at your desk in school, you only need to plug in that phone, or even more likely a few years out, share the screen of your phone with a screen at your desk. If all schools needed to do was buy a permanent screen for desks, that would be much cheaper, more permanent and platform agnostic.

Exactly. As I understand it, when my Q10 arrives I am going to be able to connect it to my TV, my 27 inch monitor at the office, my spare 24 inch monitor at home,

The use case for the Playbook will be when I am away for the odd weekend or on holiday and need a screen bigger than 3 inches for a while.
I suspect that Google has something similar in mind, and I know Microsoft does.

Mobile Device computing? Like the Motorola Atrix or the Ubuntu OS/Phone? Sorry but this isn't a new concept...

It being executed correctly and efficiently in the scale Thor is talking about may not be a new concept but it's an important one that mobile companies are thinking about. Makes for intelligent conversation and interviews.

It is not a new concept, much like the tablet computer was not a new concept when Apple introduced the iPad. In technology, timing is everything as other aspects of technology may not be ready for the use-case of the product you are trying to introduce. The concept of a smartphone actually being your potential daily driver is only now becoming a reality given the amount of computing power that can be fit into that small device. What I find very interesting about alot of the articles that have been written about Thorsten's statement in the past 48 hrs is that they don't necessarily dismiss the concept, but they find it laughable that Blackberry could be the one to drive this innovation (e.g. look at GigaOM's piece). I guess these author's are not familiar with the Innovator's Dilemma. The reality is that even if Apple saw this as a viable way forward, they would never pursue it because they have billions of dollars per quarter of hardware sales that would be cannibalized if people were not buying a new iPad every year. Same reason why Blackberry didn't move fast enough when they dominated the smartphone market. Same reason why Microsoft has dilly-dallied while their PC monopoly has slowly died along with the PC industry, along with their OEM partners such as HP and Dell. Bottomline, it is usually the laggards who bring-forward the next innovation because they have no entrenched position in the status quo and are actively looking to move away from the status quo. We should be applauding such attempts as it usually means we get much better technology as consumers.

Mine too! I've gotten so used to my Z10, I find myself trying to flick words up on my PlayBook. It would be so great to have a BB10 tablet.

Posted via CB10

Me too. I've been hoping for a larger more powerful BlackBerry tablet for around the house. The PlayBook is great for mobility, but it's a bit small when cruising Facebook pictures on the couch with someone else. Build it and they will come!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I'd prefer a folding monitor with an A4 footprint that opens to show two A4 size pages side by side. That would be genuinely useful; easily portable but with the screen size of a 17 inch laptop. Without the need to have the touchscreen and main cpu on board, it would also be affordable.

Here is my take.....tablets are going to be dead TO CERTAIN SEGMENTS. Simon just posted an article about how you can access computer files, even network folders, from your BB10 phone. This is great news for me!! For me personally, having two screens, a keyboard & mouse at my office desk and my home desk where I can just plop my BB in to and use it as a computer would be ideal. I am sure that I am not alone. That is probably the segment Thor is referring to.

Im sorry, but I am replying to my own post. The more I think about this, the bigger it gets. This will be totally awesome. Just like Chris wrote, this isn't an Apple plan, this is a BB plan. Thor said they are targetting hyper-connected users, so this whole idea of a BB replacing a laptop/tablet makes perfect sense. This really could change the mobile computing market, just like the iPod changed the way we listened and stored music.

I believe it was a couple of years ago that a team of Scandinavian computer engineers designed a computer that fit on a memory stick. (I think it ran Linux.) You attached the computer to a little box that did nothing but contain the cables connecting the memory stick to a keyboard, mouse, wireless card, monitor, whatever. I can easily see this as the direction BB wants to move in. You have a bunch of dumb (dirt-cheap) boxes at home, at work, in stores, in coffee shops, everywhere. You just plug in your "computer on a stick" and go to work.

Aka a 5" blackberry flagship device coming this fall.

Samsung proved that's all people want is a big screen and Apple was too dumb to realize it, so BlackBerry will swoop in and take what it can out of the market share, while also providing it's loyal customers the keyboard they want . First the Q10 then maybe a giant slider?

Posted via CB10

You may not be too far off. I have the BB roadmap 2013 from BB10leaks on my wall. It appears to have an update to the playbook, then a phablet between Q4-Q1.

I think i finally understand the whole mobile computing thing. So im at a hotel in another country that has a hdtv so i can connect my z10 to it. also then get my files from back home in canada using bb link. i can do everything on this televison with a bluetooth keyboard powered by the z10. Therefore i can ditch the tablet im now using sweet.

Heck! I just bough another tablet (shock horror; a Nexus 7), so along with my Playbook I guess I must be a dinosaur now! ; )

What I was thinking about his comment was that the phone could be the brains of the outfit and just a "Dummy" screen to render the information in a more readable manner. Kind of like plug And play.

Posted via CB10

My view: Thorsten is right to a certain extent.

My Crackberry view: Cmon Thor upgrade the Playbook... A lot of us early adopters of the PB have been waiting... Look we get it, PB was the alpha and beta for BB10.. Ok cool. Now please restore full bridge functionality to the investment we made and extend our experience.

PS: Make Google Earth (complete with overlays) work for our beloved PB.

Here here. This is exactly why I'm sticking with my 7 and bridge until they poop out. I pulled up my phone picture on my PB the other day to show and example of something I am working on and was so much better than seeing it on a small screen in a field environment. The larger screen functionality comes into play often in the real world which is why I believe yes, there is a migration to one device generally, but who wants to carry around a 7 inch screen to make a phone call.

In response to several comments, windows 8 has just made hardware go up in price (touchscreens) and Apple has always been expensive.

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it will die.
there will be a new breed of smart phones that can bend, retract, and expand.
LG will release its first flexible display phone this year. In 5 years, our phone will be faster and more powerful than now and the new flexible display technology will kill the tablet market for sure.

Flexible is fad at best, because The real need is foldable and rigid. And yes there are productivity use cases for 8inch tablet and multiscreen application even in desktop like usage, as they can replace touchpads (or wacoms which proves that pressure sensitivity matters btw) and possibly save from having two monitors side by side while still being more convenient than vertical touch. Blackberry is late in splitting the screen because of thinking smartphone and the ecosystem wont be resilient to this because of the apis. But win8 does, samsung already mocks blackberry with it.

I would imagine he means that eventually it will all be rolled into one platform. No more carrying 3 devices. My laptop use is down considerably since getting my first BlackBerry, so much so that often it sits for days at a time now. I can do a lot of my day to day in my hand on the go. Since I got my z10 my use of the PlayBook has dropped dramatically as well. When I was using my Torch the PlayBook was always with me. Now it too sits for days at a time. I have the best of everything at my fingers now, granted on a small screen, but also ultra portable. So I can see his point.

Could it be that some type of universal adaptor is being developed that could plug into any laptop to replace the installed operating system?

Whether T.H. really meant that tablets would be gone in five years or not isn't really relative. I doubt that's what he meant. What is important is that it's clear that tablets are not a priority in future BB plans. That's what is disturbing to me. Large screen devices are the future for now and for some the bigger the better. The thought that there would be enough larger screens available everywhere people go to connect to is ridiculous. Sure there may be more in cars and office and homes but what about everywhere else. You won't find them on park trees, you won't find them poolside. Just because BB hasn't found a way to make tablets profitable doesn't mean they aren't desirable.

We are entering the post PC era where one device will be responsible for all your computing needs. Look what’s been happening over the past years MP3, GPS Cameras all have been absorbed by smartphones next step in the evolution PC's. That’s what Blackberry is shooting for with BB10/QNX an operating system that is able to run on all mobile devices and assimilate whatever it needs to.

The way I see it Thorsten is trying to say that the autonomous tablet we know of today will be gone. In its place we will see a powered screen that fits in the 10" form factor.
This screen will have a large battery and some sort of network card. That's it!

QNX will be the computing brain and it will reside on your hip.

With remote storage from network shares and cloud services, BlackBerry phones will provide the content to your screen.
This will break down the barriers to showing the content on any size screen.

Can you imagine; you get up in the morning and send your CB12 application to the kitchen screen in order to read the latest from Kevin. Then you get in your car to drive to work, and you send your music player to the screen in your car. When you arrive at work you switch to the work side of BlackBerry Balance, and are immediately linked up to the office network. You sit down at your desk, place your BlackBerry on the cradle, and it instantly sets up with your peripherals.

Oh and of course I forgot, you swiped into the office using your handset. This could even be where the NFC tag by the reader flicked you over to the Work side of Balance.

Phew! My head is spinning.

Posted via CB10

Agree with all the above - except there's no need to switch to each device. It all happens automagically.

I think you are absolutely right, when I saw TAT's vision of the future of Smatphones I was floored by the thought process. And I really do think that the smartphone will become more Ubiquitous in the next few years and beyond.

And as a point of emphasis, I hate having to carry my badge to swipe to get into my workplace, having it link up with my phone would be awesome.

Yes, I agree. The days of each of us owning several Independent stand alone devices with all the same computing power and drivers is likely coming to an end. Very clever if they can pull it off. So once again, software development will be where the money is and hardware will be taking it on the chin.

Back to terminal X. And by which miracle screen builders will limit their added value? After all, tv manufacturers dont push dumb panels with miracast dongles...
I again see that as a pull off from the tablet market, inclusing even not releasing bb10 on the playbook. And i'm not impressed for 2 reasons:
It doesnt show vision on what are the form factors that are needed (independently of the devices) and this is where i want him to pave the strategic vision,
It doesnt say what will be left to the ecosystem to complement the offer.
It forgets that not being present on a segment can make you irrevelent on the others. So that you have to bite the bullet and accept lower margin there to get the margins here, or let the ecosystem cover but i see no rush from third part to license bb10...

How about this possibility. You would have a dumb tablet like "Screen" that is simply DNLA compliant but has no intelligence. So the screen can display the output from your bb10 phone but is useless on it's own. Cheap to produce and useless if stolen.

Posted via CB10

Exactly, and this screen is only a quarter inch thick, weighs nothing and only costs $100. You are always going to have a phone so why not make it the unit that does all the heavy lifting?

Posted via CB10

This seems so easily done with the technology we have right now there must be some reason why it hasn't been done already?

I agree with Kevin as "Especially when hooked up to the cloud. And also considering you can connect it up to peripherals like a monitor, keyboard and mouse"

blackberry should make glasses, not like google but more like headphones only purpose is the screen. So if im on a plane I just put the glasses on and power up a movie on my bb10 phone that links.

So what is this? Damage control?

CEOs have said worse things, I don't think you guys need to make an article to defend a simple opinion.

Yup, yup. The thing is he said what he said, and has been consistent which additionally tell me that is what he (Thorsten) believes with regard to strategy. Doesn't necessarily mean as a company things will absolutely go that way but he is lobbying that way even for the industry. Which is cool and not an issue or even abandoning us PB owners necessarily. But hey, this is clearly his opinion and I don't see him putting a lot of effort and support in a tablet device or support for PB development in the future. But really, is that a surprise? I don't think so. My goal device is a screen big enough I can read and see and small enough I can keep in a pocket. I think we will continue to have alternatives such as a tablet for specific needs for work and play. That's the thing about opinions, we all have one, even CEO's.

Some thoughtful and provocative comments here. My gut reaction was that I will always want a tablet ... I find it so convenient and useful in so many ways. Would I be able to live without it? Of course. It never existed prior to it's invention / innovation. Other products will appear in the same way. As always, what takes off and survives will be determined by the purchasing decisions of us consumers.

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I kinda have to agree with THOR. The Tablet market is dying as we speak. less and less do I see new ones coming out and with all our phones turning into high powered micro computing devices, there really isnt a need for tablets in the sense that they are now. I see that tablets will end up becoming a second screen type of thing. That you just hook up any phone to it with a hdmi adapter. that is the real future of tablets. Just a larger screen for your mobile device.

You know, if anything, because of the success of the Z10, the PlayBook 2 "SHOULD" be a big hit with revamped specs. In fact, the success of the Z10, and BB 10 actually gets backported to the PlayBook 1 and its half way decent, I'd say that there could be a HUGE want from customers to actually have a PlayBook in of EITHER version. To me, Thorsten seems lost and confused on this. That's actually very scary for a CEO of a company fighting for it's life in my opinion.

Really, the only things the PlayBook 1 needs are spec bumps...higher CPU and higher ram. Everything else "could" stay the same and if it got full on BB 10 then people would go nuts...not everyone wants a Z10 sized device to browse the web. If the backported BB 10 is a dog though, people will revolt and most likely jump ship from BlackBerry for good. I will myself if it doesn't come as promised AND if it sucks. I'd have to go Android since I hate Apple stuff and Windows 8 is too toy like and annoying for my liking.

But I don't browse the web on a phone to the extent that I do on a tablet, just for quick checks and if I need instant info. 90% of the time, I use my laptop where I do real work because it has the horsepower to do EVERYTHING. The rest is just information consumption.

There is a distinct separation in markets here, one is consumer and the other is business user. Tablets are primarily for consumers and business users more than ever need real horsepower to get shit done...tablets AREN'T it and neither is a Z10 phone with a tiny sized screen.

I don't think you are looking at this in the proper time frame.

It's likely that there will be another PlayBook. But only on the near future.

In 5 years, we won't need a tablet. Well need a powered screen. We will get touch interaction on the screen but the processing will be done on the BlackBerry in your pocket.

Everyone has a phone. If they already have a phone, all they will need is a large screen to provide the physical interface.

Why do we need an autonomous tablet?

Heck, the file storage is likely to ( remote to the phone as well. Only cached files need be stored locally, then fetched on demand to store locally only when needed.

Better backup, better security, and screens become peripherals.

Posted via CB10

While I get the idea that it makes efficient sense to only carry around one computing device and then connect to various screens, one also has to consider the financial reason to do that. The CPU power in current generation phones is cheap! The phones aren't cheap, but buying comparable computing power in a larger form factor is cheap. So if adding a phone sized CPU to a tablet screen only costs $20, why would you want to skip that step in favor of syncing your phone?

I think tablets are the future and that everyone is going to have multiple handheld touchscreen devices of different sizes. You might have a big one at work and another at home, plus something midsized that you carry around for long trips where you know you are going to have time to consume content. This will be in addition to large desktop screens at home and work.

I think smart phones the way we see them now will die, just because the screen is to small to get anything serious done.

context of the words are always taken to the people who try to twist and manipulate them unfortunatly .... but another awesome article Chris

I myself definitely want to throw away the laptop if I can get the same big size of internal storage of what laptop can give right now. Though there are tons of cloud storage services available in the market right now, but still I need approximately up to 1 TB for my internal storage. If, one of the slate or tablet or phablet or smartphones can do the same, then, I will throw my laptop.

As a matter of fact, it's a little bit heavy for me to carry almost 4 kg of laptop backpack on my shoulders every working days. Hiks.

Posted via CB10

I still think they're is a place for tablets!! But as the mobile phones do get better they will slowly disappear!

My take: the 10 inch tablet will go away. Bold but true. There will be phones that go up to 7 inch mini tablets. Then the next jump will be back to laptop hybrids like the Asus convertibles.

Apple got the iPad lucky, but ultimately that will go away except for use in the living room.

Posted via CB10

I think what he meant was, the mobile computing of the future will allow individuals to walk around with a superphone and be able to extend the device on to flat panels. Effectively flat panels will just be random monitors that you can extend your device too. The monitors will act like 'dumb terminals' for people to attach to.

My two cents anyways,...

That's exactly what I thought about when Heins said the phone would be the main device. BlackBerry will just copy Asus and I think the concept of plugging a phone into a screen fitted with batteries is great.

My personal needs. I either want to do work on the go with my smartphone, or i would work on the comfort of my laptop. Tablets are just kindda in the middle of my needs, therefore deemed useless to me.

Posted via CB10

Five years is a long time in the world of technology. I think you need to look at the Remote File Access to get a glimpse of BlackBerry's vision of the future. What is the point of having cellular access,DLNA and cloud resources if you still make larger screens dependent on running their own OS? He could very well be talking about tablets and even TVs just becoming "viewers" for the content on your smartphone. Much has been made of airports that provide iPads, but the costs would be much lower of an agnostic platform that will expand the content of a user's personal device.

I think the processing power for tablets are enough for consumer users. You have to compare processing power for mobile computing to compete with PCs. The enterprise would need more processing power.

Does anyone else remember a certain video that was leaked a year or so ago that highlighted BYOD, NFC, and mobile computing with BB servers. Imagine if all one needed was just a phone and when placed on a table a keyboard and monitor would appear (connected to the phone via NFC). Who needs a tablet when every table is your access point! I personally don't see this fully implemented within a 5 year spectrum, but who knew how quickly a lot of what we work with on a daily basis would be so quickly mad a part of our lives.

I think that BBRY never gave a real chance for the Tablet market. They need to launch a tablet with BB10, and test the waters. I am a die hard BB fan, waiting for my Q10, but I have an Ipad mini, which I would change for a BIG BB10 device.

In a Businessweek article, he said, “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” Heins said in an interview yesterday at the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles. “Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.”

He said it's not a good *business* model, which I interpreted as tablets are not good in the work world. I doubt he meant that the tablet market will die completely. Tablets indeed are good for personal use, but not at work. I cannot imagine using one at my office.

The media is only singling out that sentence without posting the rest of what he said. Of course, the public is having a bashing field day because of it.

That's the way of the world; someone comments that someone else's business model doesn't have a long term future, and the someone else's PR agencies are sent to shoot down the messenger.

I've been involved in IT since 1980, I have seen things come and go, and I think TH has nailed it. People want small computers and big screens. The iPad was successful because at the time there was nothing better as an ultramobile content delivery platform, and an infrastructure has built up around it. Several years later, people know they want something smaller but they also want big screens.
Big monitors are now ridiculously cheap, if you think that the first colour monitors cost as much as a car and now they cost as much as a good car tire.
BYOD and we will supply the big monitors, back end processing and keyboards and mice - corporate ideal solution.
The tablet will have a niche role with mobile staff like salesmen, repair men, plumbers and so on, but when your phone can drive a high res large monitor whenever you need it, it won't be mainstream.

I always wonder if as a general consumption of media, does anyone really want to read a book or watch an entire movie on a phone screen all the time? I don't thinks so. Yea you can put it on a HDMI screen but what do you do at the pool, or even a meeting. No, a tablet, phablet device is going to be around I think.

Well, at a meeting you throw it at a projector, or a wall sized monitor. And I'm not aware of a waterproof tablet.

And I doubt that you know what Thorsten Hein meant. I think it's very plausible that in five years time technology advances could make the tablet extinct. Someone like Mr. Hein will obviously have more technology insight than a blogger. Sorry to sound rude, but that is the truth.

If BBRY releases the patented screen keyboard-dock-shell along with the ability to run Linux apps ( not totally inconceivable since QNX is a variation of Unix RTOS, correct me if I am wrong) I will buy it in a flash, for me and my employees as well as for a few loved ones :)

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Even taking his comments out of context, there is a lot of truth to what he said purely at face value and not looking into the deeper implications, right now you mostly have an ipad, nexus and kindle fire market rather than a tablet market, just look at the reactions to the latest Galaxy Note where people are whinging about the price of it just because it isn't being sold at cost.

My Z10 has replaced my laptop for most daily tasks.
Still use my Nexus 7 for watching movies and gaming.

Five years is a long time in the tech world, Thorsten knows this.

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Between this comment and the "sell 10's of millions of Q10" comments I personally think Heins need to stop talking and show some action. I love my z10 but it's not mind breaking technology that will change other platform users as a whole. If he feels this confident let's see the z10 sales numbers.....Some people like Heins but the more I see him in interviews like these the more I worry about blackberry. Instead of worrying if tablets will be here the next 5 years lets get on the ball to make sure blackberry will be here in next 5 years

I agree @bb4life21. Right now Blackberry is shrinking across all markets and Windows Phone is growing. Tablets are the least of worries.

I like Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920, but what makes you think that BlackBerry is shrinking in marketshare while Windows Phone is growing? The Browser activity stats seem to suggest the opposite, right? I've seen some good sales figures for Windows Phone, but Nokia was never able to get capacity up on the 920 and I think a lot of those new Windows Phone users are budget phone buyers using lower-end models and Windows Phone 7.5 models. BlackBerry is attracting a much more profitable slice of the market. There is no budget BB10 phone right now like the impressive low-end Windows Phones. Both the Z10 and Q10 reward BlackBerry with pretty damn good margins whereas I'm not sure how many pennies Windows Phone companies are collecting on some of those devices. Remember, that the market isn't created equal. BlackBerry is restablishing itself as company that people who have the money to pay a premium consider their company. That's not bad news...

I think Windows Phone will get a prestige boost when people see the new flat design of iOS 7, which will remind people of Windows Phone and when the new Nokia flagship is unveiled later this month, possibly with a differentiating camera of sheer awesomeness. But, I don't know what Thorstein is set to unveil on Orlando... :)

Companies don't release sales figures or financial information between quarters. We all know that. And there are things in bb10 that are leading edge technology. If you want to see what Hein had done for BlackBerry just check the stock price change from a mere six months ago - over 100 increase. Unlike Apple he didnt have to borrow (today's speculation of Apple Bond issue) to finance promised dividends to prop up sagging stock prices. The BlackBerry stock prices are going up because of the product and demand.

Posted via CB10

Please enlighten me what the "leading edge technology" is on my z10. And bragging that we have over a 100% increase from $6.00 is not a GREAT thing. It's a move in the right direction and nothing more. Blackberry is no where near in the same boat as apple. You crack me up. I WISH blackberry was in apple's situation right now. Apple is fighting against lack of innovation...Blackberry is fighting against smartphone extinction all together.

Tablets are expensive and are not going away. HP doesnt make much off of a laptop either ( about 40 bucks each ) and they almost stopped making computers because of it! But we all need them so they will have to make and charge more or something. HP turned tablets into success by partnering with M$. There is a huge base to sell too. Apple will continue to lose and loose big. Once schools figure out there is a lower cost tablet from HP to put in front of kids......why continue to both with an apple tablet!!!! Kinda stupid to buy more ipads on the next big cycle, may as well switch kids to windows 8, its what they use at home!

I will give you an example of leading edge - the thing we use the most - the keyboard. By far the best keyboard I have ever used and I used them all. Pessimistic people or haters or whatever you are who want BlackBerry to fail are obvious. I bought BlackBerry at 7 and now 16.5. I will take that any day against recent fortunes of Apple shareholders who may bought in at 750 and now see there shares as low as 425 last week. Decreased demand at Apple. Cancelled parts orders because of fading demand declining revenue lagging inovation...Lots of issues at Apple right now. That is why they are borrowing money (bond issue) to prop up their stock price by promising dividends of more than what their current cash rwserve.

Posted via CB10

Ok you are not understanding the SIMPLE points I am trying to get across to you. First off you are comparing your short gains of the stock market the how good a company is going. Obviously this is going way over your head so I will explain it to you. Just because blackberry hit ROCK BOTTOM and you made a gain over the boost it has had over the last couple months DOES NOT make it in better shape than Apple as a company. If some how you did want to compare stock prices of both companies when they were rock bottom...talk to someone who bought apple in 2003 at $6.23 and compare your 9 dollar gain to that. Despite what you may think we all want blackberry to succeed. Just because you choose the clueless fan way doesn't make you more supportive. If you think the keyboard on our z10 is "cutting edge technology" then we have to different definitions of that statement lol

PS Please post link of the FACTS about apple and this "bond issue". I would love to read into it.

You're confusing pessimism with facts. Sure there are Blackberry haters out there. But legit people who state Blackberry might fail are speaking based on fact. Have you used a Samsung or an iPhone in comparison to a Z10? Z10 isnt there yet and are no where near the app selection, or quality of Samsung or iPhone. I'm not a hater just a guy who owns a Playbook and tried a Samsung Galaxy Tab and just laughed at the Playbook, and switched. Thats not pessimism or hatred...just a fact.

I had the Samsung Galaxy II, but gave it up for the Z10. My sister has the Galaxy III and regrets getting it. For some reason getting the net on a Galaxy using your moblie data stinks. The Z10 is so much better, that's a fact.

Thorsten Heins doesn't think the tablet market will die? He sure doesn't act like it the way he threw away the Playbook BB10 upgrade like it was yesterdays trash. Heins strikes me as a flim flam man who has made numerous promises to upgrade the Playbook with BB10, but when it came down to it he never manned up.

Heins needs to realize every major smart phone manufacturer (Samsung, Apple, Microsoft) has a tablet line (not just one tablet) to compliment their smartphones. With an outdated clunky app-less old Playbook as Blackberrys flagship tablet, they are in trouble in terms of losing tablet customers.

I myself have migrated over to samsung as I just cant handle the lack of apps or BB10 anymore. Someone asked me why I was using a Playbook that doesn't have even the most basic apps like Skype, Magic Jack or Hulu. I had a ''aha'' moment and got a Samsung and haven't looked back. The Playbook in its current OS state is a joke and Heins needs to get it together and work on winning back Playbook customers by getting BB10, if its not already to late. Use your brain Heins, what I'm saying is 100% correct.

I think tablets will go too.. Not through any technological advances but through sheer supply and demand... Phones will get to the phablet stage where "this screen is big enough I don't need to buy a tablet" ..... Sure the screen won't be as big as a tablet but this will be enough to stop buying a tablet... Tablet sales start to slowly decline and the production reaches the point where it's not viable.

It will be interesting to see whether a "mobile device" will ever get to the point where it can do the hardcore tasks like render high definition video ... Something my desktop pc and laptop handle very nicely

Disagree. Phablets are 5 in max. 5 in is far to small to have a decent Skype, movie or game play experience. 7 in tablets are here to stay.

There goes the bb10 update for Playbook. They won't put the resources into the platform if it isn't critical to their direction.
But I am on the train that believes all future laptops (in a few years) will be touch screens with optional disconnecting keyboard to kill the $500 tablet market. The laptop cannot be replaced in terms of power, peripherals and comfort, but a tablet can be replaced with a thin, light weight and small touch screen laptop.

Who knows what Hein envisions in the future. All I know is he has BlackBerry headed in a positive direction and I hope the upward trend continues. I'm looking forward to the next quarter financial results.

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I don't really know what he meant, but I bought a Nexus 7 because everyone is supposed to be needing tablets so I figured I did as well. I never use it. I use my phone for everything and laptop for the rest when home.

I don't use a laptop, ever. My work machine is a desktop Windows box with dual monitors and my main home machine (which I share with the rest of the family) is a 27" iMac. I use my smartphone when my tablet is not in easy reach but my full size iPad is my most used computing device. I find the smaller tablets (such as the Nexus 7) and phone screens too small and laptops awkward to use.

Every one else in the family also has an iPad as their primary device and my wife has an iPhone.

Vic_Franklin what you talk of as fact is hardly fact. And we are not talking about apps. We talking about the phone. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note (running ICS because with Android you can wait 6 months or more for your carrier to roll out a new os version). I also own an Iphone 4 which is parked. Although I prefer the Galaxy over the Iphone, for my needs and what I do, the Z10 is by far my favorite device. I don't need the latest word game on my phone. I need a phone to get things done.

Posted via CB10

You CAN NOT talk about about the phone without talking about APPS!!! They are one in the same. This is the biggest reason blackberry is behind the competition. How hard is that to understand???? SMH

BB is behind the competition. The Z10 has garbage apps compared to Samsung and iPhone. For me, getting things done on a tablets are communications (skype, magic jack) and entertainment (netflix.) Playbook has none of this and the Z10 has only skype, and a pretty shakey version of that too. BB is fighting fot 3rd position with win phone and from where most sit (BB fanboys excluded) BB will lose to win phone. Its all about apps and Z10 stinks on apps...thats a fact.

I'm not on business, pure pleasure use. And as far as im concerned my playbook is dead to me. My phone does everything I need. This future where I can buy a larger screen as an accessory to my phone, with blackberry bridge on steroids, sounds awesome. I'd buy one right now.

In fact it's kindoff what the playbook was intended to be with the first attempt at bridging. Just poorly executed. I hope blackberry sees this through asap.

Playbook is not only dead to you but to anyone who was naive enough to buy one. I feel bad for the guys who wasted their money on the 4g Playbook. Beyond checking email, and using Skype/Magic Jack Beta on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for business, I am also into the pleasure aspect of my tablets. The only thing that's keeping my Playbook out of the eBay auction block is it supports HDMI to my bigscreen HDTV. There is a Samsung 30 pin connector to HDMI and when I get this soon, my app-less Playbook will be auctioned off to the first person who bids on it. My trust in Balckberry was totally abused with the promises of BB10, and I will never buy another Blackberry product ever again as Heins is a arrogant liar with his fake claims of getting BB10 to the Playbook.

Do yourself a favor and READ the article you posted. I understand you are a clueless fanboy that is excited apple stock has dropped and excited about some negative news. Let me help you out since this seems hard to do. First and foremost if you READ the article they did this for tax reason. EASY CONCEPT. Second you missed a nice little sentence in this article "Apple boasts a war chest of more than $148 billion in cash around the world". Now look up how much cash blackberry is working with. And let me help you out with this positive and negative trend thing you are talking about and CLEARLY don't understand. I know you are excited about buying a 7 dollar stock that went up to 16 dollars. Obviously I have to remind you since you are oblivious to the fact that blackberry stock used to be around 100 dollars a share. Blackberry had to layoff thousands of employees just to bring these bb10 devices into light. So pick up a calculator and do the percentage drop of each stock. Then factor in which company has more money backing them. Then go put your kool aid down and understand that blackberry is nowhere near apple.

PS. You can also look up this little thing called market share. FYI 5% is NOT good.

Thor is going long on mobile computing platform. Cloud . services and storage, powerful mobile applications, and machine to machine business not simply a vertical market -vertical is using QNX to help nasa or us military with drones.

It's all about the bigger picture.

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The tablet market, as we know it, will be dead.

Just as the smartphone market, five years ago, barely represents the smartphone market we know today.

I think that in five years time, everything will be more merged than we think. Cloud services will play a bigger role, hence rendering addition computer processing useless. I too think that in the future the only processing power you will need is your BlackBerry. Then again, I have already shifted from using my laptop to only using my BlackBerry fleet of devices.

Blackberry Faithful

The tablet market dead? lol what are you smoking? Maybe the overpriced iPads because no sane person is gonna spend $500 to $800 on an outdated dinosaur when you can get something way better in the $200 7 inch tablet market. Go google the numbers. There's a huge boom in the 7 inch tablet market and it isn't going away anytime soon, and that's a fact.

"When we do have information about our PlayBook strategy, we will share it "

This is such a very interesting quote....

Here is the link for interview where the tablet quote is from. He talks about it around 16 minutes in. When you listen to what he is saying before and after the quote it is clear that he meant to say that in 5 years that for many mobile workers, there will be no need for a tablet when you have a a powerful computer (phone) in your hand and large screens at work and home. I think english as a second language for him was partly to blame, the syntax mistake he made sounds about right for non native english speakers.

No need for a tablet for me if my Z10 can do pretty much anything that a tablet can do.

Posted via CB10

I also don't see the traditional laptop going anywhere any time soon. That said, if any OS has the funtionality to make this happen it's going to be either BB or Android, (or both). iOS is gong to become the ultimate toy, while the other 2 will grow and grow. I think that in 3-5 years we will see BBRY and Android be the goto platform for mobile computing. iOS's days are numbered and they have sset themselves up for this becuse it's so basic and simplistic that it could never be used as a real computing OS and they can't change because they will loose customers. but if they dont change they will loose customers. It's aa catch 22 for Apple now...

What's tablet? If we think the tablet of five years later would be the same as it is today, then Heins is reasonable. The raise of phablet, or the fall of 10 inches tablets today reminds me it will be very different in future.

Posted via CB10

Tablets will evolve and will have better capabilities, they will never die. Most of the corporates prefer tablets as a secondary devise to look in to larger content and it's a most preferred secondary companion specially for traveling executives. Tablets are a proven platform. Just that BlackBerry didn't get success don't mean that they will die eventually.

Thorsten Heins is a bit aggressively over confident at this moment. Pricing strategy based on the 70 mil loyal BlackBerry user base is a lot bigger risk to take.

Rather he should have played it with better pricing for larger volumes also to pricing it well to welcome new users to BlackBerry.

It might take a lot of time to get the new users to BlackBerry.

The current pricing may take BlackBerry out or red but long term it may not be able to acquire new users.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree with the opening comments of this article!! I would love to vote Thor for the most misquoted man of 2013. I've been reading the most insane things everywhere this morning: 'Blackberry CEO says tablets are a waste of time', 'Blackberry says tablets are dead', and other ridiculous articles. I really wish writers would take a bit of responsibility when writing, and I more than wish some viewers would pull their head out of their dumass and realize that context or not - NOT EVERYTHING ON THE NET IS GOSPEL!!! Like are some people out there brand-new at this?

I keep dreaming of a phone that has a tiny inbuilt projector in it, you can use it from the screen onboard or simply set it up (on a desk or with a clever case) so that it works as a portable workstation. Ok, it might need to be a bit more of a phablet to really do both jobs and have the space "under the hood" and it might be a bit shaky trying to type on it while it was projecting, but these are just details that come with the dream.
It could be like screen sharing for everyone in the room!
On that note........... could they be working on a holographic phone?!?

Now that would be a game changer!

I think he meant it for the market sector he is targeting and maybe even beyond. Tablets are relevant for one reason. That is its form factor. Otherwise why have 2 CPUs performing the same function. As wearable hud displays and expandable displays challenge the notion of traditional fixed display devices, tablets will become less and less significant. Technologies like Google glass and flexible displays are already starting to make noises and should be taken seriously. Thorsten is making a gutsy statement. If you want to make a comeback, you have to think beyond with a plan. Let's wait 5 years and see where tablets as we know them stand. I hope we never see another tablet from blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I think his point is that in a future world where everyone has a 'computer' is in everyone's phone,

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Unfortunately in his position, people (mostly iFanboys and DroidBots) attack every syllable of every word and rips the hell out of everything. The days are gone I guess where we can just use our brains and common sense and assume the obvious.

Then you don't need a tablet 'computer'...you might just want a 7-11" hand held touch screen as a display and input device

Posted via CB10

Processing power isn't everything: try working on a spreadsheet, presentation, or a precision required app using a tablet or phone. Really!? I'm keeping my mouse AND trackpad.

Thorsten's comments were great attention getters for Blackberry in the media yesterday.

95% of the respondants were "boo, this is absolute nonsense." But let's be serious -- tablets suck at a lot of things. My typing skills go from 85WPM to about 10, even with the Playbook's predictive typing. Many websites just don't load right. And finally, Outlook and most productivity tools are missing from the iPad/Playbook/Google tablets.

What Thorsten was trying to say is that:
(1) Organic LED screens aren't that far away. They bend and they're ultra-light weight
(2) WiFi Display is now a reality, so phones can "beam" video onto bigger screens this way
(3) Phones are no longer behind tablets in the way of HD video processing and video streaming
(4) In such a technology ecosphere, phones would be paired with any WiFi enabled screens, and tablets would turn into screens/dumb terminals.

I am one of the naysayers who truly believe Thorsten's comments made sense, and enlightened me into a new direction in which the technology market could go. Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are staying hush-hush because they have a vested self interest in selling tablets.

The real hurdle to the Phones + Screens environment is not technology, but whether screen manufacturers will have more clout than than tablet manufacturers. Considering the losses that Sharp and Panasonic have accrued compared to Samsung or Apple, that could be the biggest hurdle.

It is, but it isn't. I too can see where BBRY is going (at least a bit), but I wouldn't put myself on the line predicting the death of tablets in 5 years. That's the ridiculous part. It may happen in 10 years, but there was no need for that statement. BBRY needs to keep certain revolutionary and visionary ideas to themselves until they have a product to sell. We can debate those things here in forums like these but company execs should not spill the beans on what they're working on.

This is one of the most compelling discussions I've ever seen on CB, Thorsten Heins' comment has totally polarized the global mobile community. What we have is BlackBerry vs Apple: The Mobile Computer War. The BlackBerry/Thorsten Heins vision of mobile computing; a new, revolutionary approach in which the mobile phone becomes a single, stand alone super computer that seamlessly interfaces with multiple external peripheral devices and/or super mainframe networks to perform different tasks as required by the user, vs the Apple/Steve Jobs vision of mobile computing; multiple portable devices of different size and form factor with similar power and capabilities to perform essentially the same tasks, the current gold standard by which all others are measured. Hmm...the next five years will be very interesting...

From what I have read from this on-going acrimonious war of words among the well paid professional pro-US spinners and amateur Canadians beavers, it becomes quite obvious to me that

1. Argument about computing power is irrelevant as most computation heavy tasks can now be handled by the cloud
2. The sensible thing to do in the future is to minimize the number of devices that one has to carry to reduce the risk of data theft, improving security and saving the environment.
3. User convenience should drive the minimalist trend to smaller and smaller devices. Technology already exists to allow the entire BB10 phone to be shrunk into one single chip the size of a one dollar coin. Apple iphones will become dinosaurs within a few years.
4. Future phones should just be a secured personal communication and data gateway. The future will belong to the most secured phones such as BB10.
5. Tablets and large screen phones will all disappear and replaced by 3D holographic projections, wearable devices and foldable screens with gesture controls within a few years.

Having said that, I believe BB will regain its leadership position by concentrating on its securities and to make encrypted voice and data communication affordable to the average users. The current convoluted US dominated marketing drive to dupe the population with the leaky Apples, Androids and Window based devices and then sell them US based services disguised as secured VPN services is just dumb and scandalous. No wonder, other countries such as China will soon push their own operating systems for their computing and communicating devices in the next few months. Argument for tablets and large screen phones will fade away very soon indeed.

I'm shocked! No response from BBRY on this. How about some clarification, Thorsten? Tablets won't be dead in 5 years. That's a ridiculous statement. PCs and laptops may be around for another 5 years before being replaced by back-end servers and thin clients running on large (20-inch plus) and small tablets all interconnected with your phone. Yes, Google Glass has potential but it is still a few years away from really being useful.

Co-existence is the future. My car's computer will communicate with my phone. Forget about the key fob - that's now my phone. My car will configure itself as I step into it because of my phone. My house will light up as I pull into the driveway using BT discovery, and my phone will connect to my home WiFi network.

The vision of a highly connected and actively mobile individual who can interact with the things around him or her just by entering the environment - this is what BB10 is for BBRY. It suddenly enables a bunch of exciting possibilities.

Thor is bringing star trek to real life with his ideas of making your mobile device a computer device. Just pure awesomeness.

Posted via CB10

I do not see a future for a professional use of tablets so yes, I do agree with Mr Heins. Touchscreen technology will never fully be able to replace desktop's precision, power and usability. In the market BlackBerry operates in, above claim is true. Looking from a different angle, in the era where smartphones are just as powerful and almost as big, I don't see a future for tablets either. Both my iPad 2 and PlayBook are covering in dust ever since I can do everything and more on my Z10 (or what you can do on your iPhones and Android-based mobile phones).
Tablets are mobile devices, so smartphones running, in many cases, exactly same operating systems have already started replacing tablets (I really do not see a point in owning a Galaxy S4 and a tablet). The devices that some are talking about, "tablets" running OsX or Windows, are essentially computers (macs, PCs) with touchscreen capabilities and increased portability. I believe that mobile phones will fill in the tablet market with larger screens and increased processing power while touchscreen computers might be the breeze of future for mobile computing. Seems that Thorsten would be more likely willing to develop a large screen BB10 mobile phone rather than a slightly bigger tablet with no GSM connectivity and nothing else to add apart from few inches. I simply can't agree more.

To make my point clear: tablets run iOS, Android or Windows mobile systems were introduced to the market to enhance mobility and bring mobile phones features to large screens. Anything that is meant to replace a laptop would need to run a computer operating system like Widnows 8 or osx and would not be considered a tablet any more, it'd be more like a laptop with touchscreen capabilities and increased level of portability. Tablet market will shrink in between big-screen mobile phones and portable computer products to finally disappear in few years.
Subsequently, how I understand what Thorsten said, it that there is no need to introduce a BB10 tablet where large-screen mobile phones are pushing out this area of the market out of the picture. BlackBerry has no resources to compete in anything that could intend to replace computers what will exactly be the next step for Microsoft and Apple. I see no future for mobile operating systems, like Android, BB10, iOS or Windows 8 Mobile in anything else than mobile phones simply because they are not as powerful as full-featured operating systems in tablet-like portable computers that the market is slowly aiming to get to.

The first thing I thought of was that the phone and tablet are merging. Just like the large Samsung phones.

I've not seen any 'journalists' think about this.

His prediction may similar to the people who expected electric guitar would die when which was just invented at that time.

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As BB10 is supposed to be a mobile computing platform I personally could imagine that we might see a tablet cloud hybrid. A chromebook style by BlackBerry and an integration into our homes.

Smart houses which let you control temperature, blinds etc would be an interesting market. Tablets or even laptop hybrids would be something BlackBerry could venture in.

Thorsten knows where and when to jump on a trend or create a new one.

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Pfft. Nonsense headlines. Typical what the media does. I laughed it off. Tablets aren't going away anytime soon.

If you make a BB10 PB then we would truly. Not need a laptop.

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Eventually your phone will be the brain inside yourlaptop, tablets and large screens around the office and home. No surprise there and not many years away.

Tablet form factors, 7-10" screens are wildly popular devices selling in the hundreds of millions of units annually that's not goong to die off soon, lol.

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