iHeartRadio Rolls Out Their Latest Update, Boasting OS 5 Compatibility & More

By Bla1ze on 27 May 2010 12:01 pm EDT
iHeartRadio Rolls Out Their Latest Update, Boasting OS 5 Compatibility & More

iHeartRadio hasn't had an update in quite some time now. That is, until now. The latest release is now at version 2.3 and brings OS 5 compatibility along with many other bug fixes. Check out the full list of changes below:

  • More than 750 of America’s favorite local radio stations, celebrity-hosted channels from Christina Aguilera, Eagles and Weezer, local traffic reports and exclusive videos.
  • Improved load time, performance, and stability
  • Commercial-free premium content from America’s favorite talkers: Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura, Jim Rome and Bob & Tom
  • Favorites: Now you can set a station to play automatically at App launch; Toggle between favorite stations and songs
  • Offline mode allows users to listen to podcasts without connectivity
  • Ability to toggle/skip ahead on downloaded podcasts
  • BlackBerry 0S 5.0 compatibility

The update is available for download now via the iHeartRadio website and some may find that it is also available in BlackBerry App World. If you download it, be sure to leave some comments on what you think of the new changes.

Reader comments

iHeartRadio Rolls Out Their Latest Update, Boasting OS 5 Compatibility & More


As happy as I was to see that this had rolled out, to finally fix our .607 woes, I am saddened to say that it has crashed on me twice now since installing it.

It will play 2 or so songs, and then it won't play anything, and if I try to select another station, it freezes my Storm 2. :( I have battery pulled twice now.

Edit: The new intro/opening thingie is pretty cool. :)

No lockups or battery pulls needed yet. Previous version of iheartradio didn't work for me at all.

Storm 2 on

Well, i'm sincerely glad to hear that. I have a hybrid (OOAK's .643) installed, on the .607 base, so that could be part of it, but yeah, two battery pulls ... which is hell on the battery life.

Of note: When it works, it works awesome. Clear, fast, wonderful. I'll try another station and see if that helps. I'm not running anything but iHeartRadio, and i'm not even doing anything else but running it. (No texting, IMing, Tweeting. I feel like a tool writing 'Tweeting', for the record.) Oh well. I'll keep persevering.

Not that I want to jynx it ... but I switched stations, and it seems to be cooperating. So ... if you have that happen to you, I spoze try another station. :) Thanks again iHeartRadio!

Sort of related to the topic... This is a nice app but would be good to be able to listen to non US shows as well. Anyone know of a good alternative?

nobex radio companion does international stations from over 80 countries, I think it's around $3.99 per month or $4.99 per month. I use the free version which only gets stations in the US. If you are willing to pay the monthly premium it might be worth it.

I have been waiting for this since the verizon 5.0 update.....glad to have it back working! Before it broke, it was definitely my most used app. KFAN 1130 >>>>check it out.

No 8900 love for this update? I went to upgrade and it is still pushing ver. 2.2.00 at me. Went to the website and if you scroll down it appears 8900 is not supported at this time at least.

I was able to download on my 9700 but I've never been able to get this to work on my Cincinnati Bell network.

I hear that some cinbell users can use it but I have found no love.

I guess i'll keep waiting....

Just down loaded and now playing with it and man nice and smooth and definitely quicker. Good Job IHeart..........

im listening to iheart radio on my blackberry bold 9700 its nice to listen to my radio on my phone nice addition, i love this application download it to your phone u will not be disappointed.

Running - when I select a station, it immediately reboots. I tried 3x with the same results. Downgraded back to v2.2 which worked most of the time for me. Any Storm2 users get this to work on their phone?

This app replaces QuickPull and/or RestartMe and works without confirmation or acknowledgement after re-boot. Unfortunately, that is all it does on my Storm2. The previous version did not play, so I will be using it for reboots only.

I have BB9700 and am not getting the option to download 2.3. It just gives me 2.2.

Also, it says my device is not supported from the BBApp world? wtf? Running OS .656

after 5 attempts still no email response from iheartradio thus unable to download.

that.............s....pulls a vacuum

cant find it in app world and when trying to download from the web site i keep getting 2.2. Is there really an update? I have a 9700 running

I typed in heartradio and found it in app world and it has the correct version (2.3) Every time I try to use the link on their site it says version 1.0.000, which was the version I had. I didn't even know that they had a version 2, let alone 2.3, since I suppose I have always had this issue.

able to update mine before either. What they say to do on their site does not work and the link then send does not work. NONE of it works

can anyone get it to connect on telus. i downloaded it fine but i keep getting "connot fetch configuration files. you might have a problem with your network. Continue trying? "

my 9700 on cincinnati bell is singing that same song, i find it hard to believe that both carriers have the same problem.

Last I checked it "shouldn't" work outside the US. However, I've been able to run the app (old version) on Bell Mobility. I don't want to upgrade coz it might not work with the updated version.

Mine keeps pointing me to 1.0.000. wtf?

Tried your tiny url and it didn't work. :( Thanks anyway

Their from to email support always errors out after clicking send. Lame!

I had no troubles downloading 2.3 for my 9700. Went to BB App world, searched for "iheart", and downloaded. First time this app has worked seamlessly over 3G for me. Always needed wifi to get it to work. Thank for the update!

Went to site dir via pc and bb and still couldn't get it. Only shows for 2.2. When I search in App World, no search is found. I'm on 9700 -

I downloaded iheart a while back and it was terrible from the UI to the constant buffering. I downloaded it a few minutes ago on tour and I'm pleased with the changes and fixes. Iheart is back with me for awhile.

tried to d/l from the website = version 2.2

sent the link from teh website and downloaded in app world = crashes when it gets to the “fetching stations” part after loading.

and the pop-up “Network Error” [or something like that] comes up.

deleted and tried this process all over again and battery pulled, only to still stall out at “Fetching Stations…”

any ideas on how to fix this?

running blackberry 9700 .586

iheart worked fine on my storm 2 before the .607 update then could no longer get local stations to play. Updated to 2.3 in Appworld and no problems. Didn't even have to reboot.

so i just downloaded the new iheart radio update and it works great compared to before! i have had no problems so far with it on my 8900. i just went to blackberry app world and clicked on upgrade. a quick reboot and it was up and running like a champ. i'm running a version leak that i downloaded here on crackberry. its like 10x faster when loading stations which is one of the main complaints i had when not in a wifi hotspot. the 8900 doesn't have 3g so thats why it was so slow mainly. but i use iheart radio everyday to listen to bob and tom in the morning. i recently moved from indiana to florida and its nice to get to hear the radio stations that i have grew up with. if it wasn't for iheart and my crackberry i'd be stuck listening to bob and tom on my computer which is pretty uncomfortable for a 4 hour show every morning. thanks iheart radio for making my life a little bit more simple and enjoyable. keep up the good work.

Thank you IHeart this has been a long time coming. Now im a happpy camper. It works on my OS 5.0 like a dream. Thanks again.

Great job iHeart Radio :)
didnt know that the app had an update from 1.0, since thats the only one that I had for the longest time, but went directly to the website, clicked to download from there, and it upgraded my 1.0 to 2.3 immediatly :) works really quick and I love it. Woot woot ^.^

The updated app works great for me. The Start/Stop issues are fixed. I missed this app. Glad it's fixed!

I downloaded the upgrade and I was thrilled to finally be able to listen to the radio while walking, as I had before I upgraded to 5.0. Twenty minutes in, my Tour completely crashed. I did a battery pull and it came back, but the battery charge, which had been at
80% when I started, was now completely drained. I charged the phone for 2 hours but the battery only got to 55%. I had to take the phone in and get a new battery. Now I'm afraid to run the app, which sucks.