I got my BlackBerry Bold 9900!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jul 2011 05:45 pm EDT

My trip to Waterloo, the hometown of BlackBerry,  is now officially over. Research In Motion kept me BUSY from the moment I got there to the moment I left, so I haven't had a chance to do much blogging yet on the experience (will catch up over the next few days and into next week).

I was **really** hoping RIM would give me a BlackBerry Bold 9900 as a thanks for visiting present, but when it didn't look like that was going to happen I decided it was time to take the matter into my own hands to make sure I left RIM with a new Bold 9900 in hand. I'm happy to say I succeeded in attaining a Bold... even if only for a *few* seconds. Watch the video above to see the action unfold...

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I got my BlackBerry Bold 9900!


Yeah the capturing of Kevin, etc. was obviously a prank/joke (I am sorry I offended you by being obvious), but what I really want to know is if he really got a 9900 to keep.

That "run" was pathetic...:)

That scene almost rivaled the shirtless scene in Top Gun....too much man love going on ;)

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.

If he signed the NDA, he should give the bold to one of us and we will be more than glad to leak all the videos.

There is 55 seconds I won't get back. Thanks CrackBerry. Its actually more then 55 because now I'm typing....on my BlackBerry PlayBook....about it. :)

Hey, Kevin was running so fast he had to slow down for the camara! Jeez everyones a critic. Lol
It seems that RIM must be aware that people are waiting now too !

Dammit Kevin, behave yourself! We all want one but stealing is wrong. You know what happens to Blackberry users in those prison showers, don't ya?

They get asked for business advice. Android users don't get bothered since you can't really do anything to them, they get raped with malware 4 hours each day until the battery dies. iPhone users on the other hand, they're prime pickens with their pretty little white phones and impressionable minds. They get the sausage.

I think I just SHAT myself - Mr. Deeds movie. lol, Kev teased us on this one, and I mean tease to the fullest extent. lol

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! funny stuff.... anyways congrats on ur new 9900! LUCKY U! waiting on the review!! cant wait to get mine!

For some reason I had a feeling Kevin was going to do a video running out of rim headquarters with a 9900. The police car was a nice touch!

Dam Kev, lmfao here in starbucks! Congrats bro, it's about time, you deserve it!

posted from my crackbook!

Kevin, did you guys use the mounted Playbook for the shot inside the car? Or did you snatch it!?

Time for a remake of that old black and white picture you took for the original Bold 9000 review!

So Kevin ..... does RIM have a lot of good stuff in the Pipeline?

Will our Berrys keep fresh from now on?

Please its just an oversized pager. same old crapberry.

Grow some balls and ask RIM the hard questions.

Kissing their ass to get a free blackerry is just sad

Man, if you're gonna make a run for it, you could at least made it look exciting! Duck and weave! Psyche him out! Run in circles! Entice him with doughnuts! This could have gotten EPIC!

Still, I knew a video was gonna come. And I enjoyed it fully.


As the title is 'I got my BlackBerry Bold 9900!' and not 'I **got** my BlackBerry Bold 9900!' Then I believe that Kevin indeed managed to get one Bold 9900 in his possession. :)

He Definitly got one - for all he does for BB they should give a gold plated one! I expect to start hearing your reviews on it now !!!

He obviously didnt get one guys. The whole thing was a joke. i love how everyone is congratulating him on his new non device.
cant wait to get one though :)

too bad thats not REAL rim security =P. real rim security uses prius they have a bunch of them at rim 6 ....

I'm not gonna say what it looks like you were doing to that poor phone after you got it into the back seat - practically confirmed by the relaxed look and big grin you show in the next shot as you cuddle the phone...

Funny thing. On the rear fender of the car was "DEMO VEHICLE". Perhaps driven by DEMO COPS to protect the DEMO BOLD 9900 that Kevin stole?

Can't wait to see an unboxing of this phone!!

A man has to do what man has to do! Desperate times call for desperate measures!!! LOL Too funny!!! We all are going to be doing what Kevin did if RIM does not release any devices soon!!!!

Hey Kev, is that the police car where they did the demo with the Playbook? I was wondering if they were using 4G Playbooks for the Police car...

Good job Kevin.... But dude, seriously? You got 2 hands, why didn't you grab another one for someone else. Where's the love man? LoL. Cheers......

C'mon Kevin, you could have walked out casually with it in your pocket! Waving it around was your demise!!!!

Good to see that the powers that be at RIM have a nice sense of humour to help you out on this.
Nice job Kevin, looking forward to you sharing the whole experience.

Hey Kevin, what phone do you use for your everyday use? I'm using a 9650 waiting for the bold 9930