I forgot my phone - A reminder for smartphone etiquette

By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2013 08:40 pm EDT

Although this video has nothing directly to do with BlackBerry, it's a pretty great visualization of the world we live in these days and a pretty fantastic reminder that smartphone etiquette is important. Especially, if you're going to be on a date or as shown in the video -- proposing to your significant other. Did you 'see' yourself in the video? I certainly did. There's a whole world outside your smartphone, folks. Thanks, Marco!

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I forgot my phone - A reminder for smartphone etiquette


I third that, other than the tattoos though, not really my cup of tea...

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As a short person I can say that I love phones at concerts! Not because I want to film (why the hell would I want to film a show I can see with my own eyes!) But because when I'm too short to see the stage I can watch through the viewers of the fools holding their arms up the whole time filming.

I too am shorter than all the young hipsters, but I strongly dislike all the people filming concerts. Taking one or two pictures, sure, but filming for many many minutes just to prove to your pretentious friends that you're active and "in" - that I cannot stand.

Even worse are people who take out their iPads or similar and film with them. They ruin the experience even more. :/

Using tablets to take pictures or videos in general just looks absolutely ridiculous to me. I wish I had the planning and the opportunity to mock them by holding up a full size laptop to take photos with the webcam when I see someone doing that... :-D

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I saw a lot of other people, Buut I did remind myself not to become them. Really good video though. Glad it's being shown off to a community obsessed with their Mobiles.

When we get together with friends for coffee and the like we laid down a "no device" policy. The fact that we had to establish a rule speaks volumes.

I really don't understand why people want check-in wherever they go or take selfies. Those are the most unglamorous shots.

I remember one funny occasion while scaling a small mountain, my phone suddenly received push notifications while scaling a rock obstacle. It evoked a chuckle from some of my companions. Was kind of a reminder that we were not as far from civilization as we thought.

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Wow, I didn't know the iPhone had such great battery life :p

I don't know anyone who is that extreme with their phones, but a good commentary on the phenomenon started by the addiction to BlackBerry phones. Kid on the swing - very poignant.

The bowling ally scene was classic. I've seen that happen so many times. Go for the high five and everyone is on the phone.


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lol I don't do high fives for anything less than a spare when bowling.

I know the point they were making, but getting 4 pins down isn't worth a high five tbh lol.

Well, maybe she's been getting gutter balls all night. I would have given her a high five for knocking down 4 pins in that case...

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It's sad... I was out the other day with a group of friends and they all sat around a table at restaurant constantly checking their phones. hardly any real conversation.. so sad

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But I don't know any situations that have been that extreme but I get where they are coming from

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That is sad, really sad! It shows us what we are becoming. We spend more time in sharing our life and we just forget to live it. Sharing is good; but life it is more than that i think.

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Our family rejected our daughters request for 'messaging' on her phone until she was accepted to college. On her own, to this day, she rarely uses messaging. It is all about focus and need.

I only use messaging to contact friends who live far away or for simple things like "when will you be home?" or "get milk". I don't generally carry out conversations with it. For that, I use email, or better yet pull out the pen & paper and put a letter in the post.

I find that when I'm bored, I'll pull out my phone, but usually just to read an article or book or play a Legend of Zelda game on an emulator (who doesn't love that game?).

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

It's a great video and must see for all stuck in the eternal world of smartphone ruled world!.. have always seen almost everyone on a train glued to smartphone or tablet.. where all a smartphone should help you with your life not take over it. Why I like the led notification on a BlackBerry because it will tell me if I need to pick it up or not.. leaving time for other things.

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If they were using a bb10 device, I wouldn't mind. LOL!

I'm gonna share this... using my smartphone. Ironic, eh?

Z10 any day

I'm on my smartphone a lot, but just not while I'm with friends. But most of my life I'm not with friends, like at work for example. So it's not so much about people using their smartphones, but about people missing out on life and social interactions because of them...

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Just like anything in social life: the multi media machine we hold in our hands shows how stupidly attached I have become.
I lay in bed and the first thing I do in the morning is check Facebook, check twitter have my triple S and than kiss my wife good day. What a smart person have I become totally unable to function without auto correcting space bars and BBM with my family. We sat once in a restaurant texting each other! So that is how social I have become, an electronic ass with no manners, tomorrow I will change.

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I had to text with my friends at a restaurant once. But it was because they had the music blasting like a night club, we literally cannot talk to each other even though we sat at the same table. It was pretty sad...

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We shouldn't need reminders. It's common sense and respect for whom you're with. But nice video nonetheless.

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I think that there will ultimately be a smartphone backlash where people will insist on less connectivity in day to day life.

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I hope so....my nephews are like the girl on the swing. Everywhere they go they take their iPod touches ect. With them :(

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My generation doesn't do this!
We have smart phones but we talk to each other.
Life is out there ->
I rarely take pics with my phone, I'd rather experience the moment.
I don't use Facebook or Twitter - most everyone of my generation I know doesn't.
You guys are going to wake up one day and realize you missed life!
sam :-)

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If I hung out with friends that did these kinds of things on a regular basis, it would be time to find new friends.

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This doesn't happen when I'm with my friends. I do see this in food courts though and some people just enjoy taking photos.

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I shared this video on the forums like 2 days ago.

Well actually, I mention it and stated that it could be done entirely and edited with the BlackBerry Z10.

Marketing is everything

My point being there could be creative videos like this made in BlackBerry 10

Marketing is everything

Think she was using an iphone so we BlackBerry users are safe! Lol

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

This is a fantastic video! One thing BB10 does better than any other smartphone is give the user the opportunity (if they so choose) to look quickly at the notification, respond if necessary, and then get back to what is really important.

But, as we are the "Crack"Berry Nation, we, as much as everyone else, need to be reminded that life is what's happening to us right now through our senses and in our minds.

Woah man that is just a bit too much. I keep myself entertained with my phone but it's not that serious.

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Kinda' reminds me of the gal who mistakenly came to our door with a phone on her ear. Someone helped her open the latch on our gate. I told her she was in the wrong place and to take the phone off her ear. She, paying attention to her phone did not understand. For all I know, she is still on the phone, hoping someone will open the latch to let her out.

I really just hope the millions who viewed this understood the obvious message and to practice staying in real communication to there friends and family and by doing so w/out depending on a cell for everything

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I never do anything like that, no never, not me. Can you be live those people oh just got a notification. Bye.

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Mostly just common sense to be honest. Even though I am a Crackberry addict, I still use avoid it during any social interaction.

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It is so easy: just leave that phone in your pockets or drop it somewhere when you get home (I do this since I got my first BB)
Live is all around you and not in that little box. .
And besides: if you're the one actually paying attention when everyone is addicted people will estimate you higher

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Some day in the past, Einstein has predicted the days like this, where he stated that technologies will surpass human ability to communicates.

Makes you think how'd people got by using dumbphones...when having that cellphone with no visible antennae was the next best thing... With all good things there are the downsides, this is just one of them...

Saw this earlier on YouTube and shared it on my Facebook wall. I am guilty to some extent and I wish we all learn to be more "social" to one another again.

Sometimes I feel like life without "smartphones" is better than having one. We use to have imaginations. Play outside with friends and siblings. Write letters to long distance friends or family.

I love the convenience of have a phone but it seems we are getting dumber and dumber everyday with it.

Just my thought......BE BOLD!!!

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We are in a culture of connectivity. We can only blame the idiots who developed the smart phones for us reaching a level where we can get together for coffee as a group nd having not spent quality time for months, we sit together and automatically reach for our phones and message. I was at a Tim Horton and i saw 4 teens sitting together and texting each other!!?? So I thought at this rate in 15 years they won't even know how to communicate with their spouses except by text messaging. What a world we live in. Connectivity is the new...............

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Wait. It is the phone maker's fault that people rather stick their face to a screen rather than interact with the people they are with????? Wtf

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Weird, if it's the smartphone's fault, then how come I'm not like that even though I have a smartphone?? I bet you think it's the gun's fault for the murderers who kill people too huh?

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Great idea for a viral advert. "Blackberries, we know they're addictive but you've got to draw the line somewhere".

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When I have a guest in our house, I politely put my Z10 away...

And play the XBox instead.

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I saw everyone I know in the video. As for myself, I saw what I try my best not to become. The more ours technologies evolve, the less we actually speak to each other.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

I just dumped my Facebook, Twitter and other SoMed apps because of this exact issue. I was missing life, my wife and kids have not clued in yet, but they will. This isn't a Smartphone problem. This is a people problem.

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Yes, we should all turn off our phones or at least the data occasionally . Life with a normal dumb phone or no phone at all isn't the end of the world.

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This is how it is! No changing it, it's all around you. People find greater comfort in their phones than they do with the people around them.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Fantastic. And too close to home in so me instances. A great reminder to actually live and experience your moments.

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I sometimes catch myself using my BlackBerry when I shouldn't. I used to be super unaware.

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It's funny, sad really, how sometimes you can surrounded with people's body's while their minds on facebook or one of the other social networks. Great video!

I'm addicted to my phone, it's true. Not for calling or sending SMS but for using the Internet. The only time I don't have the urge to use my phone is when I'm working, reading, out walking or making love.

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We are increasingly becoming slaves to these devices that are supposed to be tools. This is clearly evidenced by the ever-prevalent notion that a smart phone has to do EVERYTHING. It's really a sad statement of where society is going that we're at the point that people have to be told to put the */?@$% phone down once in awhile.

Some of it was over the top and I can see where it would be annoying, like while they are laying in bed snuggling or when she was trying to have a conversation with the group at lunch.. However, I totally understand the scenes where people are using them as video cameras to record the event. Especially in situations like the birthday party.