I dream of BlackBerry 10 phones...

I Dream of BlackBerry 10 Phones...
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Mar 2012 01:17 pm EDT

If you follow me on twitter, you may have caught my tweet from yesterday morning that said:

Just woke up from an awesome dream. I hope in my life the day comes where I can re-watch them in video after I wake up. 

As dreams tend to be, my awesome dream yesterday was a bit of a mashup. My weekend was spent reading The Hunger Games and constantly thinking about CrackBerry.  In my dream I was battling it out against a bunch of iZombies w/ my BlackBerry 10 powered BlackBerry Blade in a fight to the death. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up (apologies go to all the iZombies I decapitated).

Back to reality, I honestly can't wait for BlackBerry 10 phones; I believe that if done right, this could be the first mobile phone that offers no compromises. Back in 2009 I wrote my theory on CrackBerry Kevin's Smartphone Hierarchy of Needs. If you have never read it, go read it now. My basic conclusion back then was that if you truly wanted a no compromise mobile experience that you would need to carry two phones with you: a BlackBerry - as it's the ultimate solution for communication and security - and another device -- such as in iPhone, or now a tablet -- for the best app and game experience. 

This week our pal Al Sacco put up an article on CIO.com making the case for carrying two smartphones, which almost three years later, backed up my conclusion. To this day every phone on the market is compromised in one way or another. BlackBerry 7 phones still offer the best communication experience, but fall short on the app experience. iOS offers a great app experience, but compared to BlackBerry is inefficient at getting so many of those daily tasks done quickly. Android is somewhere in the middle, but it suffers from  a lack of security and poor battery life (and things vary so much model to model). 

When I travel to the US I often carry two phones. On a recent two week trip, I had with me both my P'9981 (roaming on AT&T from my Rogers SIM card) and also an AT&T iPhone 4S, with a US number. Carrying both devices on me at all times just reinforced this case for carrying two smartphones. The BlackBerry experience is so much better for that on the go functionality - checking emails, replying to SMS, doing quick web searches. Yes, part of it is the keyboard, but a bigger part is just the way BlackBerry prioritizes the communication experience on BlackBerry. It's designed to be used 100x per day for 20 seconds a time. Use it and get back to life. Where I would yank out the iPhone was for those stop and use activities, such as browsing a website or firing up Google Maps. Plus some app experiences (like OpenTable), are just smoother on the iPhone. The way I use my mobile device the 80% of things I do regularly, I do faster on my BlackBerry, which is why I can never live without it (I never can go to a slower solution). But I do long for the 20% of things where in this case, the OS experience seems to do a better job.

Add it up, and I can't wait for BlackBerry 10. Anybody who has used the BlackBerry PlayBook knows that the next generation BlackBerry platform is POWERFUL and that the overall experience is so much more smoother and simpler than any BlackBerry OS phone in the past. The app experience is MUCH better too. Put that platform into a phone, make sure RIM doesn't sacrifice the communication experience of the traditional BlackBerry OS, and fill in the app game, and seriously, BlackBerry 10 phones are poised to be the first phone that will make the case for carrying two phones obselete.

I dream of BlackBerry 10, and I'm EXCITED for BlackBerry 10.

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I dream of BlackBerry 10 phones...


Good article Kevin.... I love to read of the BlackBerry 10 - it gives me hope.

Kevin, what are your thoughts on the release date of these devices? I know the current ETA is "late 2012" but in all honesty, do you think these could actually ship in August like the 9900 did? I'm wondering, because of the free BB10 dev beta devices being given out, seems like maybe they're closer than we think for an official release? Your thoughts please. Thanks

Kevin - The Playbook is fully Flash Compliant. There have been recent mumblings that RIM is ditching flash compatability in favor of a stronger HTML5 presence. What are you hearing and what are your thoughts on this development if true? In my opinion, dropping flash compatability would be like delivering a Ferari that is locked out from the last two gears.

I pray that you are right Kevin (and I hope that, perhaps, you know something we dont). I dont see how RIM is going to pull out of this even if they do deliver a strong device. Their name is mud in the US and the only way to pull out of it is to pull another "Steve Jobs'. The odds of that seem rather daunting. Still I pray that you are right because I love this damn device (mine is 9900).

As you are saying, unfortunately success is not only based on the product's quality but so much more on the image. (This explains why Apple is so successful in my opinion).
Because of this I feel that there are high chances that BB10 will not be as successful as it should/will deserve to be... RIM needs to do more then just lunch the perfect product!

I dream of waking up & my PlayBook update light blinking & when I go to APP World, SKYPE, NETFLIX, HULU, MSN & YAHOO Messenger are all available for FREE!!! Wouldn't that be great!?


If I can access my email, BBM and AppWorld through wi-fi without cell service would make it 100% for me. For reasons I won't go into I currently don't have BIS access right now and can't get my emails.

Add in flash content, awesome.

I really hope RIM can get these out soon, I will be there day 1 to upgrade. My torch is OK but its a bit slow.

Right now my expectations are so low that I have almost given up on Blackberry. I almost pulled the trigger on a Moto Droid handset 2 weeks ago but figure I can live with the Torch a few more months and see what comes up.

get the 9810, it's fucjpking FAST, FLUID and BETTER! Plus you can use your previous torches battery in it too! you will LOVE it like I do my 9900.

Im with you on every single point Kevin. All we need is that 20% (which the PlayBook already offers) I just cant wait to have a real BB10 Bold under my thumbs.

I caught your post in the whole iPad blog post hate thread in the forums.
You made a single statement where you said that you are testing something which we would all love.

After reading this and adding 2+2 together, I feel you have held a Blackberry Blade in your hands and its real.

Please, Please confirm this. PM me if need be. I won't reveal anything. I would sign a NDA with you.
Say something mate. The suspense is killing me.


Quit dreaming and tell Thorsten Heins about what you and the other Crackberry fans want. The "Blade" concept is fascinating - have Heins execute on stuff like this. BB10 phones/tablets need to come out now or in the summer max not "late" 2012. You'll be up against the Samsung Galaxy S3, probably the iPhone5 and Windows Phone 7/8 and Win8 tablets. RIM needs to step up, execute and not screw up like they did with the PlayBook - and I'm a RIM/BB fan.

P.S. After you finish The Hunger Games read Battle Royale.

I’m a little suspicious of the picture. Wouldn't Kevin have either Rimpire Strikes Back or CrackBerry logo sheets?

Glad there are some *Landscape* oriented wide horizontal keyboards in those pictures!

I hope that BlackBerry will also add direction arrows (up/down/left/right) for easier navigation and text editing !

I would much prefer a physical keyboard smartphone, since I do a lot of text editing...

You can't beat the bb experience, I have a galaxy S2, but still prefer my bold. Media and games are great on the S2, BUT nothing beats a bb keyboard, the ease of emailing and messaging, universal search from the homescreen, multiple shortcuts, etc. A full touch screen phone doesn't hit my sweet spot. I'm hanging for a new bb10 w/ keyboard. Meanwhile I'm getting familiar with the android apps, and work out which ones I would like on my new bb10. Hurry up RIM

F*ck HULU, SKYPE, KAYAK, GMAPS. BB You have it all. Just give us an Enterprise phone with all the native apps that can do everything. F*ck App world. It's time to get serious!

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB & Torch 9810 + BB10 @Launch

Hey guys should I wait for blackberry 10 or just get the bold? I'm going to be able to upgrade this june 2012.. will the wait be worth?

Blackberry phones up to now have all been functional but I agree with this article. I own a Playbook and love how it functions. I wish there was a phone out there that could do what it does and fit in the pocket. My cheap but more functional non-BB landscape slider phone works better, is narrow and has a big enough screen.

BB's are fantastic devices that are well made, efficient software, in-efficient hardware and for the most part, ugly with limited appeal to youth. It is not just the brand, it is also BB's present users.... all need to open up to some new designs.

I so wish I could have a well designed, reliable, slim, narrow (<5cm) BB landscape slider. Me(of 42 years) and many millions of teenagers know that this type of device is fast and efficient to use. It fits in the narrowest of pockets. It saves screen space (compared to on-screen keyboards) for what is important, the email, the image and the video. Unbelievably, Blackberry does not make one!

Please BB, hurry up and get on board with something that has been faster than any existing BB for calls and text for nearly ten years. Just learn from your teen-aged daughter on an unlimited text plan so we can usher in a new era of real business tools!


Hi there! Here at Puerto Rico the new BlackBerry phones came months later than other places in the world. For example the Bold 9900 was presented exclusively by AT&T in November 2011, I got mine in December 1. Verizon sold to Claro about 5 years ago, they sold the others BlackBerry Bold's. So PATIENCE will be a virtue in respect of BB10, in the meantime I dream to download via OTA ( directly to phone ) ALL BlackBerry upgrades ( included 7.0 System Platform Software) No need of PC or Tablets just OTA. I dream on that.