I Dream Of 6 - An OS 6.0 Inspired Premium BlackBerry Theme Now Available

By Bla1ze on 22 Apr 2010 04:38 pm EDT
I Dream Of 6 - A OS 6.0 Inspired Premium Theme Now Available

The name is fitting for this new theme. It's what most BlackBerry users out there are thinking. Now, while we are still waiting for OS 6.0 to be rolled out there is no reason we can't have the look of it while we wait. Ryan Hamrick has been hard at work ever since the screenshots of OS 6.0 dropped. And now, the results of that work are now available for everyone to enjoy. Available for Storm, Bold 9700, Tour and finally 8900 series devices. I dream of 6 is available for only $4.99 and looks pretty solid on any device.

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I Dream Of 6 - An OS 6.0 Inspired Premium BlackBerry Theme Now Available


Now chinese phones will come OS6 too.
Even before OS6 comes out.
Atleast look a alike.
This theme makes my 9700 like

Probably the only theme I'd ever buy for my 9700. But, I know that when I buy it, the actual OS is going to be leaked. (I'd pay $5 for that. :) )

The theme looks good but come on, if that's what's so different about OS 6 plus the webkit, RIM still has some show and tell to do and it better be good. I left the storm because I thought something was missing and it does and I'm waiting for RIM to do something special with their phones because they do look the sexiest in the market. I do want to purchase another storm in the future. So get on it RIM.

You, shut up! - Have you looked at the screen shots of OS 6? You couldn't have because OS 6 has new app screens and the options have changed. There are support apps that are similar to widgets and more things that we can not speaking of, having not seen it operate physically...

What exactly makes it a OS 6 theme?..it's certainly not the icons because they are stock 4.5-5..not to mention, only the 95xx is supported.

What is so wrong with the icons? it's not like they are THAT much different from the new ones. And Yes, I know its only 95xx supported, hence the "Storm2 Users!" Also, there's a coupon in that link somewhere to get the theme free.

Other than the icons it looks more like OS6 than the theme you are advertising. Unless the screen shots just fail to show them the theme is missing 1, the horizontal line that separates the clock banner from the sounds profile/search banner.2, Vertical lines right next to the sounds and search symbols. Those horizontal and vertical lines should be white btw. 3, the different home screen names "favorites, all, options." 4, date under battery icon, not over time. 5, 1xev should be next to the signal meter not under.

With all those wrong things, the theme I linked to is more OS6-ish than the theme you did, other than icon issues.

Agreed! And plus, the theme advertised also states that he has only themed the icons he can see and NOT the rest. I think Padgoi version is better even if it is only available for the 95xx. My Opinion.


And can I show you something?


Little different on the device than on that original screenshot leak, eh?

By the way, yours is very nice, too! A great option for those not looking to spend so much. You're awesome at what you do, and fast, too! Much respect.

I appreciate your attention to detail. I share that quality. We were just looking at different details, it seems.

Keep rockin, and if you ever decide to spend countless hours building OS 6.0 icons from scratch based on fuzzy leaked images, I'll gladly pay $5.00 for your theme and rock them side-by-side!


to make it clear that I did not create the theme I linked to. I do think it is better than this one. But, once again I did not build it, all credit goes to Padgoi. He truly makes great themes.

I see what you are saying about it looking different on device from the screen shots, but, I think that may be because that is not a touchscreen phone. The original screen shot leaks from what I know came from some sort of touch screen phone, which would be similar to the one I linked to. This may be our first clue to the differences between OS6 for keyboard devices and touchscreens. Good catch.

I agree with this guy! That theme is cheap because it looks cheap. I don't see much '6' happening at all with this theme. Give me a break.

This is your response? You have no argument here at all. Lol. Look at my reply to Bla1ze and learn what is wrong with this theme.

In case you don't feel like reading it, here's a recap for ya: The theme I linked to is much more OS 6 like than the one in this blog post in every way except that it doesn't have the OS 6 icons.

You know what, you're right. The linked theme is much better since it has the actual features of the OS. This one does have just the icon difference. The other guy should add the icons and this guy needs to add the actual functionality. I went in blindly on my last response.

The guy I linked to wants to spend the time doing the icons, so don't count on that happening. This is a good theme as well, I just don't agree with the amount being charged for it. If this guy threw in the actual features it would be perfect in my opinion and since I named them all he should be able to quite easily (theoretically).

Curve 8520 gets released in November 2009 and already it is obsolete. Wonderful. No way that the new OS will not bring my phone to a crawl, even if they did try to port it over to the 8500 series.

I wouldn't mind seeing a new Storm come out though. I'd be open to upgrading to that. :)

Well the 8520 was released obsolete. There were devices ahead of it when it was released. The 8900 was here and the 9630 was out. It was released as a mid-level berry to attract people who needed a less expensive solution.

It was supposed to be a new phone to replace the 8330. How was it "released obsolete"?

I guess I just have sour grapes knowing that I need to upgrade and I do realize that RIM cannot be forced to cripple its new OS just so that it will be adaptive to the entry-level devices. I just hope that the new devices (Storm 3 anyone?) will be worth upgrading to and are a significant design departure from the current line.

Too many of the current devices look too similar. I mean, even the Bold 9700 and the Curve 8520 from a distance look like the same phone. Sure, the Storm is radically different from the others. Look no further than the right sidebar of the page you are reading this post on and look at the thumbnails of the various models and you'll see what I mean.

I want to see the Slider too. Hopefully WES will show us some new models and that ATT will offer some of them.

agreed! 4.99 is way high for an incomplete theme. since the dev openly admits the theme is not done, it should be on sale. this is ridiculous!

I don't know about all that, but, for someone who has a bit of patience, you're basically getting this for free once they roll out OS 6.0. Yes, it will be 900 years from now, but still. Maybe I'm just a cheapass (I am), but I can't bring myself to pay $5.00 for something I already know I will be getting for free in the near-ish future.

With that said, since these are the circumstances, maybe they should either make it a free theme, or at least $0.99.

I was pretty wowed at the look of OS 6.0, I'm a big fan of well crafted product. I'm curious if he customized the other icons, tasks, bbm, compose ect. I would love to put a review on my site of this.

Sorry if that is a stupid question. I wonder if it would be worth it to use. I don't know a lot about themes.

I just checked the mobihand link for compatibility and it doesn't support the 8530, sorry. Keep in mind the developer may choose to add other devices later on so you may want to re-check after some time.

About it being worth it to use, well that's completely up to you. Some people like to change their themes and others don't.

The LG Frigin Rumor Touch has Opera Mini built it. That device has a better native browser than we do.

(not really it scrolls for shit, but its still Op Mini)

lol @ the disclaimer "(not really it scrolls for shit, but its still Op Mini)"

But i didn't know that phone came with op mini... learn something every day.

What the hell is so spectacular about this that makes it worth 5 bucks, I can change my font to look this way already and most of the icons are the same as I have now. If I wanted "Zen" I can change to it NOW without paying 5 bucks.

Sorry, I don't get it?

I think it's a nice try but only have a few icons are customized the rest are the same as the default icons.... I think is overpriced.... Anyway, thanks for the info

I like this theme, but for $4.99, you gotta be kidding me!

Developer, please lower the price at market value of $0.99....maybe $1.99

i bought it and i probably should have read some more about it before i did. the icons are pretty slick, but menu fonts are not customizable which is a biggie for me. and the full menu wallpaper is the same as the one that came on the theme. a little more work and it would be sweet, but right now im unsatisfied with it.

There is a better free theme in the theme section of the forums (storm) OS 6.0 Theme - Free/ 95XX by Padgoi - very well done!

Someone tell me what makes this theme so awesome? I had to read all the comments to try and see what the big deal is. Other than the icons and placement of the date over the time, what makes this different than my stocked storm theme? what makes this worth $5 to everyone?

YAWN!!! come on, what's "different"? looks like the same boring theme that's on my BB now. Don't get me wrong, LOVE my BB, but the icons leave ALOT to be desired

i just downloaded the theme for my curve 8900 and realized im still runing os 4.6, not 4.7. the theme downloaded to my phone but i cant find it. will it not work because att sucks and wont release any new os?

Being worth $4.99 is up to each user. However, this is the first theme I have ever purchased that I feel was worth the money. Looks great. Love the transitions. I have no idea (nor does anyone really) if this is what 6.0 will finally look like. But it is fresh and it works great! Think about it: You probably spend more on your morning coffee at Starbucks and you piss it away an hour later. This theme will still be there! :-) Love it on my Sprint Tour!

Okay I ordered this a few hours ago. All I got was the PayPal receipt but still haven't gotten the actual OTA download link yet.

Why does it take so long?

Wallpapers I've emailed myself from this site sometimes never get delivered either to my Gmail account.

I don't know whether RIM will make money on OS6 based devices...
But this guy..
Will sell theme and make a lot of money.

Clever than RIM.

Not sure why anyone wants to pay for a basic theme. Not to be insulting, but I wouldn't use this on my 9700 if it was free.

sometimes I'm a little slow, but I catch up. Nice way to make a quick 10g's though. I do really like the work I found at his blog/flickr. This is.. I won't say but I'll let the rest of you put it on your site's and rake in the dough.. from those poor bears. Everyone who has this screenshot and link up on their sites are FEEDING THE BEARS.

excuse my English
OS 6 has the original theme and icons SMS messages while larger ones used in reproduction are those used now.
Then, the original theme when it gets a blue rectangle on the SMS icon turns yellow: So lack of details that make a difference