I Charge Cool Full Screen Charging Indicator

By Adam Zeis on 14 Aug 2009 09:13 am EDT
I Charge Cool   I Charge Cool

I came across a new app which I think is something unique. I Charge Cool lets you view your device's charge status in full screen when plugged in. The "animonitor" illuminates the whole screen and shows the battery status while your device is charging. It changes color and shows a numerical percentage, so you aren't stuck staring at the battery meter and wondering where you're at. There are also "bouncers" that go across the screen to display the status. Now, I know this may not be for everyone as it is somewhat of a novelty, but I think its pretty cool to have it you charge often and struggle to see your battery status. It's works on all devices and is available now through August 31st. for only $0.99, which is the perfect price for something like this.

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    I Charge Cool Full Screen Charging Indicator


    That was my question as well. If I am able to disable it when i want, this isn't a bad app for only .99

    Used it today and love it!! The battery meter is so tiny that I have to squint to see it and puts strain on my eye. (I'm blind in one eye and "kinda ok" with my other eye.) This helps a lot for me! I also love the Berry Buzz!

    Well, the description fails to mention that if you use this app, it will not allow you to lock your phone and if you have a timout set to auto-lock, this will not work. It also has to be manually run in order to give the charging status. It doesn't just give a status when you plug your phone in.

    I would like to have known this stuff BEFORE I purchased it, but not a biggie at 1$. A free trial would have been nice if you're going to charge for it, but I guess then there would be less people buying it once they found these things out.

    my 2 cents...

    this is also helpful to me. i was just about to get it at $1 (probably still will) but definitely gives me pause

    I will add this information to the description, and add options to eliminate both issues in an upgrade that I hope to have out this week.

    Thank you for bringing this up. The security timeout is not intentionally overridden but because of the purpose of the app, whenever the backlight tries to turn off I turn it right back on -- you can see this, especially on a Storm. When I turn it back on, the phone automatically resets the security timer -- I don't understand why, I think it should just restart the screen timeout period and the security timer should continue counting down. However, if the security lock did engage, it would block the screen and nullify the purpose of the app.

    In the upgrade, there will be an option to let the backlight time out, and this will permit the security timeout to work normally, but then the app will only show for a short time. I don't know how to have the phone both locked and showing the battery status on the screen, but I'll work on it.

    ok uhm please some one hire a graphic designer for this developer
    great idea .. graphics blow dead bears ..

    themes can be made out of this idea and maybe
    have dev tools for it or something too..

    dig in guys , there are lots of ideas to add here

    Thanks :) Yes, it's simple, I thought it was still somewhat cool, but you're right, much better things can be done.

    I'll work on it, and I planned from the beginning to eventually have a selection of many themes, but couldn't justify putting all that extra time in until I knew there was any interest in this kind of thing. The app's structure is simple right now and will have to become much more involved for that, but I'll work on it.

    Or superimpose the digital clock on this. That would rock! Great idea, but without that the graphics blows dead bears.

    Thank you all for your comments, and thanks to the many people who have purchased this so far.

    I agree with all the criticisms, and wish to explain that I wasn't even sure there would be any interest at all in something like this, so I just put it out ASAP as soon as I got it working in most basic acceptable form, to gauge interest before putting more time into it. Since there's interest at least for the moment and a lot of people have purchased it, a nice upgrade should be out some time this week. I'll try not to disappoint, I'm not a junk dealer :)

    About the pricing, I'd have made it plain .99 rather than something higher promo'd to .99, but since it must eventually be put on App World as well and they force a minimum 2.99, I took the approach of releasing the initial version here at best possible promo, and planned after feedback and 2 more weeks of development to have an upgrade out hopefully making it worth that relatively hefty 2.99.

    It won't be easy to make it worth that much, but it has to be done, because though CrackBerry is great, App World is a key outlet. So, I'm open to all suggestions, now's the time to contribute, because I have to make an upgrade right away.

    Here are the minimum upgrades that are planned to be introduced this week, if possible:

    1. Optional automatic activation after the screen times out, when the phone is actually charging (i.e. not already 100%). This was initially excluded because I was concerned that the many corporate users of 'berries would not be permitted to install something that activates automatically and overrides the security timeout. I though manual activation was safer.

    2. Only because someone here seemed to want it, an option to -not- override the security timeout. To me, this nullifies the usefulness of the app, as any typical security timeout wouldn't allow the monitor to be on for long, but I'll add the option. The problem is that when the security lock-out activates, it also conceals the screen, blocking the app. If I can somehow make it lock but show the animonitor too, I'll do it. I currently have no idea how to do that.

    3. Better graphics. (Yes, I can do much better; no, I don't need to hire a graphic designer; yes, it will use more memory!) What I'll probably have to do is fall back to what you see now if there's too little memory for anything better, but when there is memory available it could do a lot more. Memory could be an issue if, for instance, you left the phone to charge while a couple of major apps are still open. I left better graphics out because I didn't want to crash anyone's phone in that situation, but now that I know there's interest it's worth putting time in to make multiple levels of graphics depending on available resources.

    4. Some kind of timetelling. There has to be a clock, and one that's easy to read and looks decent, period. What do you all think about having a translucent clock floating over the energy burst, alternating with the charge % ?

    5. No one's mentioned it yet, but I forgot to add a visual clue that the phone's even got power to charge with. I will probably make the % show up in electric blue and the backlight pulsate when the phone has external power and is actually charging. If you look at the phone and it's not smiling and not pulsating, someone switched off the outlet, or a breaker blew, or a plug fell out. It should show that, not let you waste time waiting for a phone to charge when it isn't even charging, or have to exit the app to check that.

    6. I will probably get rid of the title bar.

    That should be a decent improvement that hopefully will make the fact that this is a paid app less resented. I have to charge something for it, even as it is -- that's just how I feel about it, if I'm not making money I'd spend the time in watersports, not programming phones -- it's summer!

    I purchased this app and love the large display. The colors look great but why does it not come on when charged, seems like it would be simple to fix and the way it should have been designed, but more of a pain to turn on, then charge.

    It almost did get released that way, but after I realized that keeping the backlight on overrides the security timer, I thought it was better to make it manual. Otherwise people might sometimes forget that the phone would not lock itself when charging, walk away, come back an hour later and find that anyone could have accessed their phone. However, feedback has shown that auto-start is a desired feature, so there will be an update within a week to add that and also an option to allow the security lock to auto-activate, although that will blank the screen. I may have a solution to that too, but only time will tell. This issue is now mentioned in the app description so future buyers know.

    what if you made it look like a lava lamp?!? I think that'd look great and I wouldn't mind having that on my screen at all...

    ... and some java lamps change color too, that will be perfect and easier than some of the other themes in mind. Will do that whenever I make multiple themes happen, which is planned for the near future.

    The people complaining about the app being $1 should go get a job. Even in this economic climate if you can't spare a buck to sample such a useful, clever idea that many people can appreciate, then maybe you should either stop polluting by opening your mouth or just man up and get a better job if you are employed.

    I think the idea is great. Sure, there is some insight here that can contribute to the demand of potential buyers and the developer seems be receptive of the input. Good job, Developer. I look forward to the updates.

    Thanks for the support :) I just paid $1.25 per slice + tax for two single-use, small, hours-old, half-burnt, thin, lukewarm slices of pizza that were gone in 5 minutes, and was thinking about what I am charging. It will really be interesting to see what happens when this hits App World. That's what I'm really sweating right now, adding $2 value to this over the next two weeks.

    Would anyone like to see a quickpull-like feature in here as a bonus, or does everyone already have that? Would you have paid $2.99 if it had that feature, plus all the stuff that's being addressed above? If not, what if I added a memory meter? A food replicator? Oh, I'm sorry, that's part of a sci-fi universe, not ours. :D

    I think your ideas for future installments (including the "Quickpull") are very interesting and valid.

    People tend to forget that when an idea is initially presented, it is done so at it's very base core (think BB, iPhone, cars, etc.). From there, additional considerations are created and put in to place that either add looks, functionality, or practicality to the the idea, or don't (think Viigo. For many people, it has become WAY too bloated.).

    I'll be honest and say I haven't purchased the app yet because the several themes I'm using all provide clear charging visibility and functionality for me (read: I'm not blind ;) ). But it is quite the brilliant and original concept that you have going here, one that I think if you continue in the direction you're going on, will only enhance the Blackberry application experience in ways similar to Quicklaunch, Poynt and etc. have.

    Keep it up. :)

    Nice price! And a much needed app. Especially on some themes that darn indicator is too small. This is perfect.

    i charge wont come on when on charger even if i set to it t tto on what do i do to remain on while on the charger

    Please contact support at malamagr@comcast.net, and I will try to resolve whatever the problem is. The current release does not start automatically, you start it manually and then it stay on until you press escape or end, or select close. The next release will optionally start and stop automatically.

    Thinking about creating themes for your app.
    You can create switch's or slots so that a person could add whatever they wanted like WeatherBug... SMS's, eMail's, appointments, voice mail's, ect. at a glance.

    I think this app has potential, no I know it does because my previous device was a iPhone.
    I would recommend you get your hands on a friends iPhone to realize all the possible options for this type of app.

    They have a unlimited amount of battery app's that you can review.

    Thanks for another great suggestion. I'm not sure this blog is the right place to discuss technical design, so I've created a forum thread //forums.crackberry.com/f35/lsphone-apps-improvement-discussion-295240/ and if any theme designers wish to chime in, I'd like to know how they'd ideally like to interface with this app to pass in widgets and custom animations if such capability is ever added.

    I can’t believe I spent a dollar ($.84 actually) for this app…

    1) You do need to get rid of the title at the top. This area could be used for a countdown timer for “Time Until Fully Charged”, other battery/memory information.
    2) It is just personal preference, but I would rather see colored bouncing “equalizer” type meters on the sides, rather than bouncing balls in opposite directions.
    3) I have to agree with others that the childlike “Spirograph” image is ugly. I do like the idea of the lava lamp theme, but a realistic one, sort of like the “Seltzer” theme found on Bplay (bubbles and all). Maybe a country scenery, or space wallpaper changer.
    4) The 2 heat indicator dots could be a single glowing/pulsating dot at one/both of the ends of the title bar.
    5) I don’t agree with bloating the software with a “Quickpull” type of feature. This can already be found for free, and it wouldn’t make sense to me scheduling wise because it would just disable ICcool (unless an option to run at startup is implemented), but why would this be run at start up? I would think this would be for eye candy at sleep time. And if you wanted/needed to restart your device, you probably wouldn’t have ICcool in focus anyway. Just my opinion.
    6) The colors make sense to me, but I thought the whole point was to be able to clearly see the charge level. The text, although very large, is a variant of the same color it is shown upon, which still makes it hard to see from afar. A stark contrast of colors would be nice, like a bold red battery level on the green backround.
    7) An option for an alternating digital clock/battery level would be nice.
    8) An option to do my laundry, feed me grapes, and have my taxes done on time would also be great. But these darn developers don’t get it. Why is it so hard to make an app do these simple things?
    9) You also have a lot of nerve charging a dollar for this app!!! I throw out at least five bucks a week to able bodied people begging on the streets of NYC that are able to work, and now you expect me to pay a dollar for your hard work, commitment, and weeks of time developing an app that we all have good uses for? Maddening!!!

    This guy has put me in a serious position. Now I have to choose between my favorite BestFlash “Shifter” or this, when I lay down to sleep. Maybe you could incorporate a “Shifter” type backround as well. IDK. Stop making apps that I like, because I can’t use them at the same time. LOL.

    Mike… My review is STILL not posted yet…. Wow.

    I just purchased this after reviewing it all morning ,lol and posted in forum and saw no negetive remarks that would have made me not buy it.My main concern was for memory leaks or running my battery down alot faster.I have messed with the setting some and its working just as it should NP , saw you can cut the clock off but understand what others meant if it was a little bit smaller.
    Just as the developer mentioned that will give them room for the "new and improved version" :). For .99 cent it does kinda customize phone with that "different look" and I am satisfied so far if I find something I will post back .Keep up the good work! You have done better then I could have with that app mine would probably lock the phone up,:p