HzO shows us how you really waterproof a device

By Jared DiPane on 13 Jan 2012 11:51 am EST

Let's just start this off by saying yes it is real, and no you can't just add it to any device. Now that we got that out of the way let's talk about the amazingness that HzO brought to us here at CES 2012. Walking around the tech floor I saw a display of some devices sitting underneath falling water like it was nothing, people were playing with the units, they were playing music and it was like everything was normal, wet but normal. Instantly I was intrigued and walked over and that is when it happened.

Off came the battery door, SIM card and battery exposed and boom, there went his beloved Android device in the water like it was nothing, and thanks to HzO it is like nothing happened to the device, it remains fully functional with zero damage to any of the electronics.

So you are wondering how it works, right? Well unfortunately it isn't something that we (the consumer) can purchase to add on to an existing device, instead this coating has to be applied at the factory during production. The thin coating which they have named WaterBlock that is applied prevents water from coming in contact with the electronics and important parts inside the device, thus making it water resistant and giving you the ability to dunk it and not have to be worried. Unfortunately it doesn't appear as though there are many (if any) devices that are currently available with this product, but we can sure hope that the exposure from CES 2012 gets this installed on devices, because well who wouldn't love a waterproof BlackBerry 10 device to hit the market, right?!

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HzO shows us how you really waterproof a device


It really works, but you cant have it. Youre rich, but you cant spend it. Much easier said than done.

Very cool tech but I fear that manufacturers won't want it. As it stands today, if we drown our device we usually have to replace it. That's what they really want.

True. Plus if the price added to the cost of manufacturing hte device is worth it or not.

But what RIM can do is make it splash proof. From the website, depending on how much is applied. It can either be safe partially or fully.

Partially isn't bad either.

This the exact opposite of what device manufacturers want. Good luck seeing this from RIM. It'll be years after other manufactures finally do it before RIM considers it.... just like everything else.

What happens if you take the battery out and put it back in? Wouldn't that scratch the coating?

I would love to know how that would affect the sensitivity of physical buttons.

Awesome idea, but like everyone said RIM probably wont go with it. Unless RIM uses this as a way to really push BB10.

They could put this on all the BB10 devices as a feature that no one else has and then even though people wouldnt be replacing as often from dropping them in water, it could attract a lot of people who want the feature.

Just imagine a commercial with someone a beautiful girl (in a bikini of course) dropping her phone in the pool and jumping in and pulling it off the bottom. And the she just continues a phone call she was already on like nothing happened.

Bet more people have dropped their phone in water of some type and had to replace it, than people have download apps. ;)

Or just that same thing but with someone on the beach, heads into the water, then answers a phone call in the ocean (Using that same girl in same bikini) haha

I've visit HzO website, I see a couple pics of Bold 9900/9930 picture..
But, why the Bold not on the list.. :(
Btw, how about the prices ?

This happened to be available to the public already about 1 decade ago *or even longer if I remember it right*

It came in from of a spray that you needed to apply all over your electronics etc and that would coat the contacts on a micro-nano-level... It worked just fine but would wash off over time to be re-applied.