Hurricane Sandy is heading for the East Coast - Here's how to prepare

Hurricane Sandy
By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2012 01:26 pm EDT

As if last year's Halloween snow storm wasn't enough for folks in the Northeast, this year it looks like Hurricane Sandy might stop by for a visit over the weekend. Things look to be brewing up throughout the day, so if you're in New Jersey (like I am) or the surrounding area, you'll want to make sure you are properly prepared. This obviously applies to any natural disasters or state or emergency, not just a hurricane. A lot of this is just being ready before things get bad and not waiting to the last minute to prepare, but we've got a checklist to keep you ahead of the game.

How to prepare for a hurricane or other natural disaster

  • Charge Up - Make sure all of your devices are charged ahead of time. If you lose power, these may be all you have to keep up with the news or get in touch with family/friends. The same goes for batteries - if you have spares, make sure they are all charged. The last thing you want is to be without your phone for any length of time while someone is trying to get in touch with you.
  • Have a Car Charger - You should already have one, but if you don't, go buy one. If you lose power you can charge up your device in the car instead.
  • Make a List - Use MemoPad or something like Evernote to make a checklist. Be sure to have food, water and other necessities like a flashlight on the list.
  • Flashlight App - Speaking of flashlights, grab an flashlight app. There are plenty of free ones available in BlackBerry App World. It's always better to have one now than need one later.  
  • Use SMS/BBM - In a time of heavy network traffic, SMS or BBM will be more reliable than voice lines, so make use of text services instead of phone calls.
  • Camera - Don't forget to use your camera during a storm. Take some photos to document any damage to your property.
  • Radio - If you have one of the newer Curves, don't forget you have an FM radio at the ready. Take advantage of it for news and weather during the storm.
  • Weather Apps - Of course you'll want a weather app to track things. Check out some of the best here.  
  • Emergency Apps - Apps from FEMA and other agencies can keep you informed throughout a disaster and even provide an emergency checklist. 
  • Emergency Broadcast Messages - Don't forget, you may get some Emergency Broadcast Messages for your area. Learn about them here.  

You can never be too prepared for any natural disaster, so it's always best to be ready. If you have any tips of your own be sure to let us know in the comments.  

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Hurricane Sandy is heading for the East Coast - Here's how to prepare


To my American family and friends who may be in Sandy's path, stay safe and all the best in riding her out.

* BlackBerry by choice *
If you do loose power, turn off wifi and other unnecessary connections that will be drained when they cannot be used.

And if you are fortunate enough to have an external battery pack like I do, charge it up and get it ready for use if all other changing options are not available.

Be sure to have your phone set to allow roaming. If your regular tower goes down, there will likely be another one that your phone can use.
Cheers. :)

Just was at a meeting for measures to be taken in atlantic city nj with key figures. This is going to be BAD.

Looks like we will take a direct hit. I live in Baltimore Maryland. I remember in 2005 while working in the Florida Keys I experienced my first hurricane, she went by the name of Wilma cat 3. Taught me mother nature is nothing to play with!!!

Here in NYC, Bloomberg is talking about having the subway system shut down again. If you need to travel throughout the boros, do it sunday. They did the same for Irene in fear of flooding.

Got my 9900 and three extra batteries charged.
Got my 9810 and one extra battery charged.
Got my work issued BB and two extra batteries charged.
Skyrocket and one extra battery charged (that will only serve me for 12 hours total, tops, considering how much of a battery hog it is.)
iPhone charged but that's useless after the battery drains in 12 hous tops.
iPad charged so I'll stop by AT&T and get one month's 3G so I'll have is in case I lose power and can't use my laptop.
Got batteries for kitchen radio, got water, extra food for animals, water. Need a kerosene heater since there is a cold front coming in and need an LED lantern.
Other than those two things, I'm done.
Hope everyone is safe.

Also, if you have access to your car and don't have to turn it on you can change up your phone and playbook or top them off. Keep your car charger close by if necessary. I am in. Key Largo now for a few days and it is breeze with clear sky last night. Stay safe up north my friends.

Ain't doing squat here in Northern Virginia. But I will test my whole-house standby generator this morning. This may be the first time I use the genset in anger. Good luck any in the path of Sandy.

I live in we are in the cone of impact for getting a direct hit by the storm.

They were talking about a contingency plan of shutting down the MTA services stating at 7pm tomorrow night in case of impact.

Stay safe, fellow tri-staters.....