Hurricane Irene wants to shake us all night long, are you properly prepared?

By Jared DiPane on 27 Aug 2011 03:16 pm EDT

With Hurricane Irene knocking on the door of many east coast residents, several of us will be left hoping and praying that the power doesn't go out. While most of this may be common sense to you, we here at want to ensure that each of you are kept safe, so let's look at a few reminders to keep you safe.

  • Got batteries? Charge them. Every single battery, spare, extra spare, the one that is under that inch of dust, yes all of them. Odds are with a storm like this power may go out, and who knows for how long, so be prepared, charge everything you can.
  • Car charger, if you don't have one, run out and try to grab one. While it may seem silly, your car can still charge your phone without power in your house, you will be thankful later.
  • Use SMS/BBM to keep in touch, it is often more reliable than the phone networks, they will be super congested, keep safe, use messaging.
  • Use your device to take pictures and document any damage that occurs, if you don't already have one, set up a private online album or storage location where you can keep them safely. Your insurance company will thank you later, big time.
  • Download a flashlight application. Sure you probably got a few flashlights, but since you will have your device around one extra won't hurt any.
  • Be mindful of others, refrain from any OS or BBM upgrades or rebuilds that would cause them to drop and rejoin any BBM Groups that they belong to. There will undoubtedly be widespread loss of power for extended periods of time (possibly up to 8 days), Anyone in the path of the storm is at risk of power failure and their BlackBerry may be their only means of communication, their only lifeline.
  • In order to make sure that cellular communications networks are available for first responders, communicate as much as possible via BBM, SMS, and e-mail, rather than by making mobile phone calls. BBM has been noted many times to work when cellular services fail, use it and leave cellular services open to those who need it most.

Our pals at Android Central have received some great comments from their readers, be sure to head over and check those out, and share any tips with us that you think others can benefit from.

Source: Android Central; Thanks, to rrrebo, SCrid2000 for the additional tips!
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Hurricane Irene wants to shake us all night long, are you properly prepared?


I live in The Bronx, NY and we are expecting to be okay so long as the winds slow down a bit before Irene gets this far north (which is expected). This area is not prone to floods so winds should be the determining factor here. As usual, prepare for the worst and expect the best. Good luck to everyone that is directly or indirectly (through family and friends) involved with this storm!

Being so cramped the wind has nowhere to go,of course there will be more damage there.remember ny was nothing but trees before that city existed.

I live on Long Island, right on the water of the south Shore. I'm not going anywhere! Got my new 9930 fully charged, my laptop, and a car charger so there's no way my BB will die during this storm!

What's funny is you didn't even mention food or water :D. I did the same though. But after I made sure we stocked water and pre-cooked some food. We're hunkered down here in VA and if the power goes out, I have a gas fire place ready to go.

In VA, on Eastern Shore. Getting beat up right now, and storms not here yet! Many have lost power, satellite, flooding in ditches/some streets, still good on my block though. 9930's charged up, flashlight app ready, laptop charging right now, and PLENTY of SPAM in the cabinet! BRING IT ON!

12:52am in New York. The rain is starting to come down a bit heavy. The heavy stuff should be here after 5-7am

Tipb is recommending people not use iMessage, but BBM we know will go when calls can't. Nothing like the real thing, eh?

What absolutely amazing timing for the last Playbook update. I don't have a tether plan but with fully charged batteries and conservative use, my Bold and my Playbook will be able to keep me in touch and informed in case we have power outages. After the storm has passed, I'll be shopping generators (and this time I really mean it!).

Please refrain from any OS rebuilds for the next 2-3 days. BBM Group joins are devastating to battery life for all members, and people in the path of the storm may be in potentially life-threatening situations, without power, and relying on their BlackBerry as their only lifeline for communications. Don't do anything to jeopardize their battery life.

Got this from SCrid2000, just spreading it around!

I have my bb all charged up and a wireless battery powered charger ready to go that I can get 4 solid charges out of be4 I have to charge that up again + my car charger ;) food cooked and in the freezer - beers nice and cold as well as water! Also candels and flashlights just incase - in Staten Island NY here not in an evac zone just waiting it out be safe every1

In Union county NJ and waiting for the brunt of it to hit us. You can prepare so much but there is always something unexpected that occurs. Did as much as I could to prepare and hopefully its enough. Ran all the ext cords for generator so just have to start it if need be.