The Hunt for Red BlackBerry Bolds...

The Hunt for Red Rogers BlackBerry Bolds
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Aug 2008 05:48 am EDT

Friday, August 22nd Update:
- Should be available in most stores today! Can be ordered online or over the phone. Read on for a whole mess of info and comments. Be sure to let us know if/when/where you got one!
- Wow. It was dicey, but I GOT A BOLD. Seems most stores got very limited numbers with this first shipment. 2 units for most, our local flagship had 6. Really pathetic. Pretty much all of them sold out instantly. Some people got lucky, some didn't. In a few cases the Bolds that did come in got snatched by employees immediately. But I'm just happy to have landed one. And more should be coming daily now. Lots of stuff to come!

- Bold now showing up on Rogers' business website >>
- Rogers has changed the BOLD section of their site. Go to >>
- 8:44est - Wow...just called into the 1-866-647-2371 number listed on the Rogers website. Talk about not knowing what's going on.  First guy told me $624 to upgrade to it on a 2 year contract (I said that seemed a "little high") so he forwarded me through to a nice lady in Customer Retention. She spent 20 minutes trying to pull info up, and said she had nothing other than the tech specs. Since it wasn't in "stock", she had no data, so couldn't do anything for me as of yet and had no clue as to pricing, availability, etc. Nice Rogers. Nice.
- Be sure to view the comments - some people are having success it seems.
- Check out THIS IMAGE from the Bold's Product Listing on Hilarious Pricing.
- Sick of talking to people on the phone who seem to be COMPLETELY uninformed about everything related to the Bold. Leaving my office. Going Rogers Bold hunting in person. There's got to be one available for purchase in this city. If I don't come home with a new Bold, KEVIN SMASH.
- Have called everyone local who sells. Have *some* hope in one place still, but for the most part not looking good to pick one up in person.
- GGGRRrrr.... It seems trying to hunt down a Bold in person did not pay off. There were none to be had in my city at this time. They're coming... perhaps on late day UPS shipments, though most likely they will be in stock tomorrow. I did snap some consolation photos - here's a nice one of my Curve and KickStart beside a Rogers Bold dummy model. Really sucks when dealers have the dummy displays set up, but don't have the device to sell. Looks like Simon got his hands on a Rogers Bold out in Ottawa - you can check his unboxing pics here. My name is on a ton of call-back lists.... should know as soon as they arrive. Now to wait...
- it's FRIDAY. Back to the Hunt Again today. Hopefully with Better Success.

Original Post:
And by Red we of course mean Rogers Red BlackBerry Bolds.
So the big day is here! August 21st, 2008. And according to Press Releases and Rogers Emails and Launch Invitations, that does mean TODAY is the day that Canadians should be able to buy a BlackBerry Bold from Rogers.

I say should, because as I write this we're really not sure that anyone will actually be able to walk into a Rogers store today and buy a BlackBerry Bold. Our buds over at BBcool posted yesterday evening that Rogers has failed epicly on this one - that Bold shipments have now been delayed until the end of August. It's 4:15am as I blog this (too darn excited to sleep... I want to go and buy my Bold in person!!) so am not quite ready to give up hope for an August 21st Rogers BlackBerry Bold just yet.

At this point, the last I have heard is still the same story we told earlier this week - Rogers gave the final stamp of approval to the Bold last Friday and the 9000R hit Rogers Sales Central system on Tuesday, meaning dealers could begin placing orders then. Assuming Bold shipments hit delivery trucks for Wednesday, there should be devices in stock for Thursday (today). They may not be there quite at store open, but hopefully soon after (drive FAST Mr. UPS man). And if the orders were put in a bit late on Sales Central, then we can still keep our fingers crossed that most dealers will take delivery of their Bold shipments on Friday and have the devices available then. 

But honestly, I just don't know. I guess the FULL STORY will unfold over the course of the day. So use the comments on this Blog Post to keep the Rogers CrackBerry Community updated! Find a Bold at your local retailer? Let us know! Have further confirmation that we're SOL untill the end of the month? Let us know! Time to put the power of positive thinking to the test... puhleaze don't let us down Rogers!

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The Hunt for Red BlackBerry Bolds...


First comment!!!

But seriously, good luck on the Bold. I know the excitement of buying that new gadget all to well. I for one just don't feel all that motivated by the Bold. I think it is an great phone(like all BB's), but it doesn't move me to give up any of my current ones to get it. It has great features. But just not enough for me. I'm waiting for the Thunder or I might get one of those HTC phones. Whose to say. I love my Curve and I hope you get your 2nd Bold if I remember correctly and love it like I love my Curve.

I went into my local Rogers Plus store in Markham, Ontario yesterday and inquired about the Bold. I asked how much I could get the phone at with a hardware upgrade.

The guy took my information and looked up my pricing details and told me that being a Rogers customer, my hardware upgrade would mean that I get the phone at $649, plus the $35 charge, and then I could also take advantage of a $50 mail in rebate that gets deducted from my bill.

Being an educated Crackberry addict, I told him that $649 should be the retail price and all he is saving me is $15 dollars. He then tried to get me to commit to a three year contract including the $30 per month 6GB data plan asserting that it would save me money off the phone. Wrong again. Robbing Rogers wont even offer me a decent discount then.

If retail is $649, heck, even if its $700, Id rather pay retail then save $15 and have another 3 year contract.

Ive been waiting to patiently to get screwed over and it sucks.

So, I called around to alot of Rogers Stores in the Aurora/Newmarket area and got the same response " we are hoping to get the shipment in today,call back around 4pm"

I decided to call Rogers direct and I have been a customer for 9 years and I spend about 4K a year with them. They said for being a good customer we will give it to you for $599.00 - essentially I said F.O and let me speak to someone who knows what they are doing. They put me thru to Retention and told them I refuse to be taken for a ride and threatened to cancel my account for price gauging.

After discussing for 30 min, they gave me the BOLD for $399.00 plus they will credit my account $100.00 each month for the next 3 months. so after all is said I am paying $99.00 for the phone. It pays to know what WE ARE talking about and it pays to be a loyal customer!!

Good Luck to all, but I highly recommend calling Rogers direct and going thru customer retention, because the store level people don't have any authority and neither do the customer service people on the front lines of the call centre. - bypass them and go right to the people who are paid to keep you happy.

2-5 buisness days is what I have to wait to get my hands on the new device!!

I will start my whining on Monday - I spent 30 minutes (although it was 11pm in TO) with a CSR who said I could have it for $624 for three years, and hold on, $624 for two years. Have with with rogers for 9 years, am a BB addict and usually have found them amenable to change my plan to save me money. Sad thing was she had only heard about the Bold and could not find the listing in her computer. I will work on Rentention on Monday.

Any other interesting "First Day" stories out there? I am certain Rogers CSR managers read this site hourly!!

I surely hope that Rogers doesn't drop the ball on this one. I am so pumped to get the Bold today. I went to a local Rogers store and asked if they would have it in stock for today and the guy says he didn't have any yet but he said to check in the day of the release. Then I called another and she said the same thing but she did say it's getting released today so....It's basically try your luck at Rogers stores today. If there is anyone in Brampton who gets one, I'd love to know where you got it!!
If all else fails, I will buy it online from Rogers...
I would buy one that is un-locked but these independent guys are asking for the World....So F*CK them!!

I walked into a Rogers Plus in Ottawa last night to ask if they were getting the bold today, and one guy told me they received an email at lunch saying they won't get it for another couple of weeks. He has a "Trainee" pin on though, not sure if we knew 100%. I'm going in today again to check.

The Bold is available for purchase on Rogers' Business site but I didn't see it available on the list of phones on the consumer site....

I just checked my hardware upgrade options on the Rogers website in my account and to my surprise the Bold is available. They're giving it to me for $475 on a 3 year contract. Not too shabby. So we'll see what CS has to say if I call and complain about my 3rd Curve going on the fritz. I'll keep you guys posted.

I haven't seen any change to the rogers website maybe they flick the switch at 9:30 .. nothing yet.

I'll be going to the store . store chat them up and try a bold out
my fear is the unit will be too big ... but if I hate it .. I'll get a curve

don't think I 'll hate it but - I am pretty picky hehe

Just tried getting the Bold off the rogers bussiness site and got this error:

"An error has occured. This may be because the wireless plan, phone or device you have selected is no longer available. Please make another selection or try again later.

If you continue to experience problems, please call online Customer Service at 1-877-343-5745. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Return to previous page."

OK - your on Crackberry WAP site....How many of you are in line, eh?

Good luck in procuring your bold...I'm sure the reviews will be posted later today!

Just spoke to rogers business dept. and ordered a BBB, they owed me a customer relations upgrade. She put the order trhough no problem and said it will be shipping out today. I told her that I wanted to go to the store and get it, but unfortunatley she said I couldn't get the credit if I went to the store... But in anycase, I COULD have gone, which means they're there!! Can't Wait!

I called Rogers customer service yesterday they said that they had stock, so I ordered 1, will take 3-4 business days for shipping, I said ok, I should have by Monday/Tuesday in my hands.

When I called they told me my upgrade price for a 3 year is $425.00 minus $50 mail in rebate, I complained and they applied they credit instantly , will show as a goodwill credit on my bill. So I end up getting the BB Bold for $375.00 on a 3 yr/contract. and they are shipping it out. They told me to call back today and I could get a UPS Tracking number if I am curious to track the shipment.
ROGERS 1-800-704-2474 to track your shipment.

There is still the MSF offer showing on the Rogers Sales Central Hardware Upgrade Page, allowing me to upgrade to a Bold for $449.00.

This offer has a prerequisite of at least an $82.50 a month total bill for your plan.

Will update later after the stores have opened.

Nice to see with my upgrade options:
Device Price: $599.99
Monthly Price: Voice and Data - $599.99
1-Year Price: Voice and Data - $599.99
2-Year Price: Voice and Data - $599.99
3-Year Price: Voice and Data - $599.99

Interesting...not gonna see me sporting a bold anytime now...unless I get one for free or cheap on fleabay!

When I choose hardware upgrade on the Rogers website, it says I can get the Bold for $450, if I continue my existing contract, which expires in just over two years. There's a $50 mail in rebate on toip of that. I think I'm going for it, but I'll call Rogers first to see what they will offer ovcer the phone.

I jumped the gun, I thought it was not available on-line and not available without a contract, It is on both counts.
Now I'm torn because I want one today but I'm not sure if I can wait for a few more days.....Decisions...Decisions....
Atleast it's available :D

I called yesterday and the guy I spoke to was all excited for me, told me I was a Tier4 upgrade so I should be able to get the phone for $399 (or a little more with a rebate to bring it down to 399) when it launches + the data plan 6gb for $30. Nice as heck and I really wished I got the same guy this morning.

At 8:30 this morning I first spoke to Ranjit in mobile sales, and he told me the phone was $649. I was a little shocked but before freaking out, I asked him if that upgrade price was with the 3 year data commitment. He decided I should speak to the data reps instead, and put me through to Dave.

Dave told me the phone upgrade with a data plan would be $649 - $50 rebate. I peaked. I asked him how much for a new customer and he advised 399. "What's the difference?" I asked (I have less than a year left on my current voice contract). Then I asked how much to buy the phone outright without a data plan or contract...get this...he responds with $599..hahaha!

So he puts me on hold (of course) comes back and says that after some investigation he discovered that the phone will cost me $399 with a three year contract + data plan. The clincher is that I have to change my voice plan to something current (5 years ago I got free incoming and 1000 evening & weekend minutes for $20.00 and I was still on that plan). So for obvious reasons they want to me to sign on to a different plan, although they didnt force any I-phone buyers to do this.

I begrungingly agreed to let him find me a comparible voiceplan and I started talking about the $30/6Gb data plan and Dave pipes in with "oh and that plan is not available to the Bold at the reduced price.".

What the hell is going on!! This offer was held over to August 31st because of the expected release of new phones like the bold!!

So I asked Dave again if he was sure about this and he is either grossly misinformed or Rogers is seriously trying to screw us. Well I am not about to pay $70.00/m more for a 6gb data plan so I told dave to forget the changes to my voiceplan, and that I would buy the bold for $599 and get the dataplan I want.

"We are only selling the Blackberry Bold on a three year plan"...

I am still trying to clear the cloud of steam around my head, but needless to say it does not seem I am ordering/purchasing my Bold today.

Any Rogers experts here that can HEEELLLPPP!

So I called as well and got a guy named David. I tried to start off by asking him how his day was and he was silent and after a few seconds he asked what I was calling about. I was hoping to get somebody nice but this guy seemed like the drill sargeant of reps. So after a little short convo about why my bill was so high I ended it and said I would call back later. I knew I was going to get nowhere with him so I just spun the wheels for a bit and I'll call back in between 1 & 2 which is supposed to be good time cuz the reps just got back from their lunches. Maybe I'll land somebody nice. And if not they'll have to transfer me to Retention.

...Until I got what I wanted.

Called sales again. This time mobile sales, talked to a girl who says Bold is not available yet. I told her about my conversation this morning.

So she decided to look into it. Came back with 649.00 - $50.00 credit but I keep my voice plan and can get dataplan for $30.00.

Told her that I would like a better price on the phone after having been told yesterday that I would qualify for a reduced price. So she said she would talk to Customer Care rep (customer retention).

CRR came on to talk to me and I explained the same to her. She explained some things about upgradability and how much revenue I generate and why I can't have the phone for the same price as a new customer. I reminded her that my cell phone is not the only way I generate rev and that I have all other telcom services exclusively with Rogers and I always pay on time. She caved and gave me $399 + 35.00 administration fee. I also get to keep my current voiceplan, she added an early weekend option which I will not be paying for (charged then credited monthly) as well as the $30/6gb data plan.

I guess the lesson is be persistant but be polite, and be sure to back it up with being a (good) customer for more than 5 years. If you have that going for you, eventually someone will be able to help you.

I am doing the happy dance! (remember last week when we were all freaking out about paying a whopping $399..LOL)

Tony, the $30/6GB plan is availavle until August 31st and YOU DO QUALIFY for it... email me of you have problems. You don't have to change plans... Most retail sales reps don't know what they are talking about

Re: 6GB data plans... check on the website, as I did, the $30 promo data plan is most certainly listed online - actually it`s listed twice for some reason. Call rogers back, you often get someone who doesn`t know their stuff from a hole in the ground.

This has gotta be the top 10 worst marketing / pricing / communication fiasco's for a tech product.

Who is making decisions at Rogers and who's is in charge of this product. Heads should roll because first they piss off potential Iphone customers and now business users with this disarray.

i was told the reason it was listed twice was that one is for the BLACKBERRY bold and the other is for all 3g phones. that is what one person told me. I was able to get the phone for 399.99 with the promo of 6 gigs.

Thats the reason why, i don't have rogers.....half the people their don't know what they're talking bout... they screw up my roger cable bill every few months and it takes me days to get it back in line...only if bell had a box instead of dish...i would switch without hestiation.....

I would wait a couple days, or even a week or 2, so everything settles down...

i went into a rogers store to purchase the device for a friend of mine outright and they DID have it in stock but the guy would not sell it to me and he said that they want to limit it to 3 year contract people and that they will not sell it outright for another week or so!!!!! i was so pissed and told him that you guys are basically denying a customer who wants to purchase ur product!!!! and i stormed out of there pissed!!!

Technically that is not rogers product. Rogers stores/retailers make $$$ in commission after the new activation. vs $ prolly a few bucks for an outright purchase.
Do you blame a store trying to profit off of hype?

Technically that is not rogers product. Rogers stores/retailers make $$$ in commission after the new activation. vs $ prolly a few bucks for an outright purchase.
Do you blame a store trying to profit off of hype?

If you plan on using BES, you can't get the 6GB Plan. FYI
Your Stuck with there new Crap arse plan. 350MB for $45!

Saint John, N.B. now has them in store! They just arrived with the morning delivery about five minutes ago. Purchased one with a three year contract for $399.99 AND purchased one without for $599. If a small crap hole city like Saint John has them in stock, I'm assuming the rest of the country will too in the next few hours.

Now to test out this beautiful device....

Which store in Saint John? I called a few in Saint John and all in Moncton and no one got any. Although when I had called yesterday, 2 different person told me they expected shipment from Saint-John warehouses.

An ottawa Rogers store rep told me they would have them in-store on Saturday the 23rd of august.

I just called the Rideau Centre store, and they said they were anticipating a shipment today after noon, but to call ahead first to verify. I also called the Montreal road location, but they said they were anticipating it`s arrival for tomorrow morning.

just tried ordering the phone as an upgrade off the rogers website got a message saying We are experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later.

So going to go in to a local Rogers wireless store later today and see what I can get. wish me luck.

A Rogers store here in Montreal, QC said they're expecting the shipment today.

It's weird that they don't have them in the morning on launch day, it seems a bit disorganised.

It seems that RIM was mainly responsible for this disorder. I know of a store that was shipped 3 bb bolds. Lets hope it comes in today.

Spoke to 2 people at Rogers stores here in Montreal – one store is receiving their Bold shipments this afternoon; the other is receiving shipments next Monday. Confusing and disappointing.

talked to my buddy who manages a Rogers store in Vancouver, said they wont have them shipped in till the end of the month!! :(

I just called them and they said they'd be getting them only next week around Wednesday or Thursday. They had a shipment of products last night but no Bolds and they will only get them with their next weekly shipments...What the hell is that?!

Once again we are looking like fools to the rest of the world. For once some were jealous of us canadiens for something. Way to go rogers for totally screwing this up.

I dont get how far away countries are able to stock up and sell the bold and Rogers within the same country as the HQ of the device cant even get this done right. India for chirst sake is selling the bold and they dont even have fr**k**g 3G LOL

At this rate, AT&T will be getting the Bold on sale before us!!

Im filled with anger!

People please be patient this is just a phone. There are places in the world where people are dying from starvation.

People starving in the world has nothing to do with this...Dont be bringing that subject into the picture. Being patient would not help solve the worlds issues anymore then being angry at rogers for having delayed Bold shippements. I have been waiting for such device for at least 2years even before photoshop pictures were being released here and there.

Just imagine if this phone would of came out before the iphone. The iphone would of looked like crap compared to this phone ;)

Well the worlds problems does have something in common. Everyone seems very upset that they cant get it on the first day. Guys C'mon pack a little of patience and persistence and you should have it in no time. The only thing that i am certain i can get on the first day is a major video game release, that is it. I am sure people got accustomed to it by now. I am guessing it is a part of the marketing tool for this device.

Just curious, could any of you guys pick me up a Bold? =) I'll paypal you the money for the device, the shipping, and some extra for your trouble. I'm one of these AT&T folks, and I can't wait to get my hands on one of these? Any of you guys interested in helping a brother out? =)



Did anyone notice on the rogers website that the 3 year contract price is less a "mail in rebate"

so ya, pay the 599 and tax and here's your rebate bend over so we can give it to you..

Believe it or not, it took me an hour before I finally got a person who knew what they were taking about (Trinity).

She did the upgrade and new data/voice plan in about 5 mins. Bold will be shipped to me and should arrive 3-5 days.

Now, why couldn't the first guy I spoke to handle this simple request?

I'm curious, I'm interested in getting a bold and this will be my first blackberry ever if I go thru. I'm in the US and use AT&T. I can get the bold from Canada relatively easily. If I wanted to just get the Bold from Canada to use here, would it be as simple as swapping the SIM card from my old phone to the Bold?

Every Rogers’s wireless store I called today says they either don’t have the Blackberry Bold in stock or they won’t be receiving them until Friday afternoon or Monday. Bummer.
3yr contract 399.99
Regular price 599.99

Went through customer relations, after a bit of arm twisting, and changing my retention plan and adding on 3GB data package for 3 years, she confirmed the price for me is $399, shipped to me within 3 to 5 business days.

I just got into a huge fight with the rogers representative because she said I couldnt even buy the phone for $599 and the only way i could get it was if i got an upgrade, which i wasnt eligible for, so i asked to speak to the manager, they put me on hold for at least 30 minutes finally the rep comes back on the phone saying that the manager is too busy to talk but under the circumstances he said that i could get the phone for $399 and it should be shipped within 3 to 5 business days...haa! take that robbers

I have a qestion...I'm told they are available in the Netherlands. I'm going to be there for business in a week.

Assuming I can find one, anyone know if I can buy one there and stick in my sim card from AT&T that is now in my blackberry?


Important Update Regarding Rogers Wireless; They Suck. Please Tmobile or some other semi-decent network buy Rogers Wireless because they suck oh so much. They are the equivalent to U.S Cellular or Sprint in the U.S.A..... Rogers Sucks

I work at Rogers and right now the HUP pricing is $749.99 on a three year term from what I see on the screen.

I just called a Rogers store in Markham (Mandarin Center), I advise people to stay away because they are saying they will sell the Bold for $689 and not $599 and when I mentioned other stores are at $599 they told me to go there instead. It doesn't suprise me because they also told me I couldn't get an Iphone 3g if I didn't get the Iphone plans.

On another note, a couple stores in Woodbridge, On say they will have them at 2pm this afternoon at $599.

i just placed an order for my BOLD through the rogers website. selected the 'upgrade my phone' option, selected the bold, next, next, next, order placed succcesfully. should have it in 5 biz days. $480 (incl. tax) plus a $50 mail in rebate for a total of $430.

sweet! (and painless -- assuming they actually ship it within the 5 days!)

Was told yesterday when I placed the order they would be here by Friday. Was told today OOPS! Warehouse will have stock today or tomorrow, and I can expect our order Tuesday Latest.

Can Anyone say GONG show?

If we really want one, The only choice we have is buying it online from rogers....Seems like no Rogers store has any in stock. Gotta hand it to Rogers for being consistent in screwing up. WAY TO GO ROGERS!!!

I have been reading stuff on and off all day. Some of you guys/gals in Canada seem like you are really getting screwed on trying to get the Bold. Who the heck does marketing up there for Rogers!!! Who the heck informs there employees? They need to be shot!!! Some people get it online others don't??? Some get it at the store some dont?? And for different prices!! WOW!!! Lets hope the release in the US goes a little smoother!! Congrats to those who are getting the Bold can't wait to hear about in the next few days :)

ahhhhh... you gotta love the monopoly that Rogers has.
The can embarass themselves and screww you and nothing happens to their bottom line.

ahhhhh... you gotta love the monopoly that Rogers has.
They can embarass themselves and screww you and nothing happens to their bottom line.

"ahhhhh... you gotta love the monopoly that Rogers has.
They can embarass themselves and screww you and nothing happens to their bottom line."

Until next year anyway. Let us hope these "Four new companies" coming up will even out the market.

All Futureshop's had them "in transit" yesterday around 12PM then by 4PM they were no longer in transit. Just "on order". This could be because they're a drop shipment, everyones unsure.

Went to all the downtown locations in Calgary; and no Bold's to be found
Was told:
"shipment never arrrived" (Wireless Wave)
"should be anyday now" (Rogers TD Square)
"next Wednesday" (Rogers Petro-Canada Tower)
"huh? no no, nothing like that" (The Source)

Apparently the 17th ave SW lcoation had one this morning, which has since been sold.

Here's the story I got from my Rogers rep in Halifax, who also has no product today - maybe Wednesday; according to my math thats the 27th - not the 21st! Anyway he tells me that RIM originally thought they could update the UMA functionality later via download and this turns out not to be the case, so the software had to be loaded at the factory, causing a new delay. creative yes, truthful WTFN? is really a crazy company.

I phoned up rogers corporate, tell them I want to add the 6 GIG $30 plan, I wait on the phone and they the rep tells me the plan just ended a few MINUTES ago???


The rep is going to call me back now, but they obviously have no idea what they are doing....I've been on the phone with someone or for 1 hour now.

The wireless wave by my house got a shipment in. Going there later to pick it up, the rep put one on hold for me :)

Just bagged a bold from my local orange store, got it for free as im an existing customer, on an 18month contract with 400mins unltd txts and unltd browsing for £32.50 a month, just awesome!

Just got a call from inside source at local Rogers store here in Montreal -- all shipments are going out tonight, to be delivered tomorrow, or available Monday.

Ok... so I have driven around and called around. Almost all Rogers employees I have spoken to are totally clueless about the product, have no idea whether they have been ordered, or when they're going to receive them.

There is no pre-order plan, no waiting list, no organization, and no information. Too boot, I signed up online weeks ago to be informed when they'll be available, and I still haven't received the email.

This could be the worst product launch I have ever seen.

Pretty disappointing, considering it's marketed as a business tool for organizing your professional and personal life.

Even 680 News, the primary Toronto source for information and news while you're on the go around town, is clueless. They are reporting that the "Blackberry Bold has nothing on the iphone," and "that it doesn't have the same kind of religious following". No idea what they're talking about -- but it seems to me that they are reporting that due to a lack of more informed information about the product... this would be the fault of RIM's communication and marketing team.

If I was at RIM, I'd be calling for someone's head at both RIM and Rogers alike. A complete failure in my opinion, and if they keep this up, iPhone will replace them.

Got through to Rogers. No arguing, didn't even ask and he offered it for $399 through retentions. We were also promised $50 credit when we chose our new phone so getting the Bold for $349.99 with little hassle :) Plus they have waived activation fee as well.

Has anyone tried calling best buy at all? When i was there last week i saw them opening up a bold marketing package. Could it be a hidden gemstone?

I'm in the same boat as you...

I went to the nearest mall where theres a rogers store... ( I had not slept the night because i was too excited for the day )

i tried an authorized rogers dealer and the rogers store... both dont have it ... I called downtown montreal locations... no one has it....

i had left my number with the ''authorized rogers dealer'' : la "cabine telephonique" ... he called me 40 minutes after while i was heading out of the mall pissed and angry, he said we have 1 bold available... my thoughts were... how did he manage to actually GET a bold before the actual rogers store... and he only got ONE in stock?... seems fishy... My thoughts were that its a demo unit and they probably repackaged it to sell it to me so i didnt even bother going...

after that I arrived home... called all the rogers store in my area ( 12 locations ) and I called a couple of locations in Ottawa, NO ONE HAS IT....

so now im pissed... sleep deprived and blackberry'less.

-.- what a waste of my time

Cabine Telephonique... just so you know probably wouldn't get a demo bold... and very good chance they would get it before a rogers store.. i would call back and see if its still available and RUN!!

there were really limited quantities, and I was able to buy the bold outright for $650 (excl. tax).. It's cheaper through rogers, but I couldn't wait

I GIVE UP WITH ROGERS. Terrible company.

I called every authorized dealer in Ottawa today at 30 minute intervals. I begged for holds to be placed when shipments arrived in my name. Nothing.

I have broken down and called Rogers, and I'm getting EXCELLENT service (for the first time in a decade with this company)... I have a 399.99$ Bold arriving no later than next Thursday, with a 70$ a month plan: 350 minutes, 6GB... + 3 years. I don't care anymore. I just want my Bold.

At least I'm getting customer service... even if he mumbles too much.

This may be a differnt situation because I have a corporate account. =P

I ordered my BB 9000 yesterday. $399 for 3 years. I,ve been with Rogers ten years so what the heck.
There seems to be a bit of confusion at Rogers over the name. When I first asked about the Bold the rep had no info, I then called it the BB 9000 and she found it right away. So maybe when you call Rogers ask for the BB 9000 instead of the Bold, you just might get one sent to you :-)

I just came back from a sub dealer store and i had the chance to play around with a dummy phone cant wait to get the real thing

$200 on a 3 year contract. Something to keep in mind, my bill is pushing $300/month and my contract was up in July. I also moved my plan around a little and got my free evenings/weekends moved to 6pm, unlimited inbound, the new 300MB data plan and a Canadian LD plan.

Talked to customer retention at 8:30 this morning. Call The ROGERS1 888 number and say "Cancel my Service" assuming you're no longer on contract.

I *might* have mine tomorrow. Yeehaw!

CBC Radio (Ottawa) led off thier 4:30 business report with news of the Bold "release" noting that the Bold "went on sale today" (lol). Spoke about the fact that since the Bold is geared towards the business crowd, the launch wasn't as splashy as the iphone launch. Had some analyst (didn't catch the name) though speak of the Bold launch being the "jab that sets up the knock out punch" - the knock out punch being the release of the Thunder...

I just picked up my Bold in Burnaby, it was the only one on the West Coast... I only paid $299.99 on a corporate HUP!

I'm a US AT&T customer and I'm seriously sad for all of you who lost sleep over this. The launch of the Bold has been a complete disaster! I'm totally embarassed for RIM. This is seriously SAD. This was Blackberry's time to shine and it basically got dumped on.

I know how you all feel as I felt this way when the 8700 was launched the day after Thanksgiving what...3 years ago? I just walked into the AT&T (Cingular) store and was able to buy the last one of 2 left. Their shipment was very low (only 5 and 3 where purchased by employees) but I got mine and I was happy. When the curve came out, it was the phone I've always wanted. It did EVERYTHING I wanted. I didn't even bother with the hype and waited almost a good year before I got one (a refurb for $29.99). Now I'm pondering the Bold....and after this riduculous mess, I'll wait it out and download the Bold "theme" and pretend LOL...

I must agree, i think it is sad to see people deprived of sleep to get the bold. I could see the hype if it was for the Storm aka Thunder but the Bold...C'mon. I feel bad for the Rogers Customers. As for me, I have verizon and cannot wait for the Storm to be released. Lets hope verizon wont pull the same stunts as Rogers. My guess is Verizon will have it, you just have to be quick.

..with a rogers corporate rep, about to purchase my first BB!

This is what she said:

retail: 599.99 (already known)
corp hardware upgrade discount: slash 100
adding 6 gig data plan (for 3 years) for 30 dollars, slash another 100.

cost of phone $399

I wanted to know how much it would cost to CANCEL that 6gig data plan (ie: in the event the supposed new forthcoming providers increase competition and decrease the cost of data plans) and she said it would be a MAXIMUM charge of $100.00, which is pretty reasonable for 3 years.

I'm cautiously excited. (I'm a little worried about what it looked like after it was dropped, pics were on BGR. scary.)

I feel like I got a good deal though. At the end of the day the monthly wireless plan you're signed up to matters a helluva lot more than the cost of the phone itself, so I will be contacting someone to negotiate that soon as well (my rep only does HW upgrades)

Was at Costco Etobicoke today and, while the Rogers kiosk did not have a Bold (dang), they did confirm that pricing was going to be $399/ 3 yr but that they are offering $100 off. Did not have a date for me...the girl was on the phone as I got there asking if anyone knew when and how many they were getting but she was quite confident on the $299 pricing.

I was extremely dissapointed this morning to find out about the stock situation in the Brampton area, So I kept calling the nearest store to where I work. So I called the 3rd time and got the same girl, I asked her if they had any and she said yes, I was stunned and I asked if she could hold it. To make a long story short....I have it, and apparently she held the last one for me :)
Thanks Nicole!! You are the best!!
It wan't looking good up until 3pm today, I was quite bummed out prior to that but now I am happy :)
Going to try it out now.....

i tried to pick up a Bold at Rogers in Pickering and was told that while they have them in stock, they can't sell them because the system won't allow them to process the sale.

Don't give up just yet, I was discouraged this morning but I was relentless and kept calling the same store and finally at about 3pm the girl came through for me, Tell them to look under the code of 9000R because thats what it sells as, NOT the BB Bold 9000. Good luck and I hope you get one because it's an amazing device :)

Got mine in pickering. I was the first one in the town center, and it took over 3 hrs to set up cause the system was down. Still, I'm sitting pretty.

I just placed my order for 399$ + 35$ shipping - 50$ mail in rebate. I had to extend my contract for 3 more years.

I asked for the 6GB/30$ plan but she said that as of yesterday they were no longer allowing the 6GB/30$ plan and the 399$ promo to be combined.

All I have to do is call back tomorrow or Monday and change my plan without "combining" the orders. It was the only way around the system.

soo ... i went to rogers store in brampton ... said they wouldnt be getting the bold till next week ... so i called up rogers ... said that telus was offering me unlimited everything including data for $50 .. and i wanted them to match it .. so they said talk to retention...

so i talked to them and heres the plan i got ...

150 anytime min
unlimited incoming ..
unlimited evening and weekends starting at 6 ..
unlimited text ( pic and video msg included )
caller id

all for the price of $50 SYSTEM ACCESS FEE AND TAX INCLUDED!!!

so then i signed a 3 year contract and got the BOLD for $399 no shipping charge...

will arrive in 5 business days..

im happy.. :)

I wonder where the big ads are, there is like almost no way to find the bold if you did not know where it was. All you see is iphone ads all over the place..
its really weird apple must have paid ted a hefty chuck of cash to have that kind of realestate on rogers site.

It figures they release the Bold just a week after I get my BlackBerry Pearl (I got it to replace my old RAZR that the hinge snapped). I love it so far but yea, that's tech for you, always something new.

I would love to have one but the crappy part is its only for AT&T here in the states (same with the iPhone), just like its only at Rogers in Canada. I have Sprint (though a family share plan, especially since my father gets a 25% discount) and AT&T's rates are rather high in comparison. Plus, my Pearl is plenty good enough, I'm still loving it. Personally its much better than the Windows Mobile PDA (a HTC Mogul) my job's given me (it slows down, is full of annoying glitches (such as the tap-keyboard disappearing) and random app crashes, Mobile IE closing itself, etc.).

I'm not trying to gloat, I really feel bad to the people here who dealt with inept Rogers agents. But I'm happy because I feel I did pretty well when I spoke to a guy named Mark in retentions.

Basically, I had Rogers Home Phone, been planning for a while to cancel it and move to a mobile, and I decided to make the move today with the release of the Bold. This is the voice plan I got:

Unlimited evenings + weekends after 6 PM
500 Anytime minutes
1000 Canada long distance minutes
Call Display, call waiting, voicemail
No setup fee
No system access fee
First 3 months w/ unlimited local calling
All this for $50, not a bad plan if you ask me, especially when I fiddled on the Rogers site for something similar.

Also got the $30/6GB Blackberry data plan; I can't believe that some people here were told it was no longer available. Also, I'm paying $399.99 for the phone.

Speaking to Mark was very painless, he seemed to know what he was doing. Can't wait for the phone to arrive :)

Sooo I bought the bold today and I’m really not impressed I’m a blackberry user going on 7 years this is biggg and ugly not comfortable in the palm of your hand

The features on the phone are defiantly amazing it just doesn’t justify the cons I’m sad to say I’m going to return it tomorrow morning and going back to my 8800

So I have a Bold, coming. Yet it would appear from some preliminary digging that there will be no Synching my Mac with the Bold. Is this so?

When will this be fixed? Timeline? Ideas?

Please write a feature CB article... for me.


I got one this morning. Bought it out for $595.99. Contemplating wether or not I should just take it the wazOO and sign a 3yr HUP to save $200 since I will probably end up adding the $30/6gb anyway. Hmmm. What to do???

i woke up at about 11:30am (pacific time)... phoned rogers... got hooked up with a bold for $450 minus $50 mail-in rebate with my hardware upgrade (i last upgraded 1.5 years ago)... also got hooked up with a cheaper price plan for both voice and data... the guy was super nice and made everything pretty clear... i don't know what everyone is bitching about...

Your hardware upgrade should be highrer... here's my price

less 200 mail in rebate
less 250 hardware upgrade

you do the math....

just to give you guys a heads up,there is about 7 bolds available at the Rogers Plus store in Oakville Place Mall (oakville, Ontario). went there this morning

at least so far. Yesterday I called all the stores downtown. One place told me to try again on Tuesday, but they really didn't expect to have it until Wednesday. One place had no idea when they were coming in but put me on a call-back list. Another place had a guy working there that pretty much didn't want to acknowledge that I was talking to him - he was watching a lady out in the main mall hallway yelling on her cell phone and I'm still not even sure he really heard my question when he said that there was no chance of it arriving this week. I'll visit them all again today and then wander a little further afield tomorrow. I'd order it online but I'm going away next Friday and desperately want it before then. I might go crazy if I was out of town and knew that my parcel was sitting at the UPS facility waiting for me!

I finally got frustrated trying to get a Bold in person, so I called the 1-888 rogers number. They told me they had no more Bolds available to ship, and that I should call back on Monday! Is anyone else getting this story, or am I being fed bull?

That Rogers is out of stock on the Bold's, If thats the case then this was such a marketing disaster, Well it was to begin with because not many Rogers stores had them for sale on release day. I was fortunate enough to get one yesterday because a girl at my local store was nice enough to hold one for me. So I think it's an error and they do have them....I'm giving Rogers and RIM the benefit of the doubt.

The bold is selling for $299 at TSCC in Toronto at least. The price is $399-100 instant in store credit which gives you a final out the door price of $338.99

Yesterday; launch day in ottawa... of the dozen stores i called (Rogers Plus, Wireless Wave and Telephone Booth at various malls) there was a grand total of 4 (FOUR) Bolds. You can imagine these sold out instantly.

Today; Lauch day +1 in Ottawa... Checked 6 stores in two malls (Orleans & St-Laurent)... the Wireless Wave stores JUST GOT THEIR CARDBOARD DUMMIES!!! no bolds in sight anywhere.

Wow, 4 (FOUR) BB Bolds delivered/sold in Ottawa. That is some launch ... *roll eyes*

That it will not be any better until next week. I have called all stores again today, and I am fairly certain they hate hearing the sound of my voice by now - but still no Bolds to be had.

This is sooo ridiculous...we're all chasing and waiting for the Bold. Instead they should all be selling it to us. WTF is wrong with this stupid BB launch! I feel retarded going into dealers and Rogers Video/Plus stores and asking like fools.


I had to vent....

BTW: The Source at Eaton Centre has some but sadly will not allow business corporate hardware upgrades!

I just came back from both Rogers stores at Yorkdale. I was trying to call them for the last 1.5 hours and all I got were busy tones but when it started ringing all it did was ring!!!! Nobody answered the damn phones over there. The reason I was calling is cuz they said check back around 2. So, I got fed up and went over and to my surprise they had them but... SOLD OUT!!!! B****es. Seriously. WTF!!!!! Answer your F***ING phones!!! You're in the phone business!! The Guy at one of them told me earlier today "check back around closing time cuz we'll be getting around 20 or 30 and they won't sell out". I think he's the most naive one in the whole Rogers chain. I called him and he said they got some but they're all gone.

Rogers really F***ED up on this one. What a bloody joke. I hope somebody seriously gets fired for this one. I really do. Maybe the VP of Marketing from the media launch yesterday. Sorry, what did he say "Starting today you can walk into a Rogers store and get a Bold". I think he needs to get out a little. Dumbass!!

P.S. Any luck on getting a Bold Kevin??

I think I might just order online. I thought I could get it from the store quicker than 3-5 days for delivery. But this is proving to be too stressful and time consuming.

Went to three downtown Toronto stores, including one on Bay Street and one at the Rogers Center, twice in the past two days... and no luck. Nada. Guy at the Rogers Center store said all he heard was that a store on the Danforth got a couple units yesterday, but everybody else was still waiting for a shipment.
Gotta give credit to Rogers for seriously trying to prove that they are the world's most f****d up phone company.
I mean who has a press conference to announce a launch of a product but forgets to stock it in their stores?

Another good one I heard was a guy at a downtown store who said Rogers was blaming it all on UPS, saying UPS wasn't willing to ship. LOL.

Rogers may not need the business, being a monopoly and all. But UPS has competition and I'm sure they wouldn't be turning business away.

Honestly Guys/gals i would just order the bold by phone. I ordered my phone today, actually around the time 11:25 when someone was told that they had run out. It took a little time, about 45 mins. to upgrade 2 bolds. Reason being is because there is no upgrade price in the system for the bold, so the reps have to do a workaround to get the price to the $399 price. Thats after mail in rebate. Save yourself the time, effort and headache and just get it mailed to ya.

I posted a couple of places yesterday of my frustration in trying to get this device especially in light of the Rogers press conference announcing that they were available. After visiting my local Rogers store in Scarborough first thing in the morning and being told they might have some later in the day, I called at 4:30 to check. The girl told me they'd received four at 3 o'clock but they were all gone. I was just about to go nuts when she asked for my name. I gave it and was then told that my rep had put one away for me but had been too busy to call me. I'd already arranged with Rogers customer service that I'd be paying $400 when all was said and done. I raced over and picked it up and, while in the store, switched from the $100/5GB data plan to the $30/6GB. I left the store happy but my fun was just starting...

I can't get email working, 3G is flakey, so I called tech support. Turns out the PIN and the IMEI printed on the outside of the box don't match the device. Of course the store rep scanned the box when doing the paperwork. That's ok, tech can resolve that. Next, I tried to change devices on my Blackberry account. "The device PIN you provided is currently suspended or deactivated. Please check your information and try again." And that's where it sits 24 hours later. Problem has been escalated but, apparently, has to be addressed by RIM. It's looking like it may be Monday now. Not sure what's worse, waiting to get one or waiting for it to work...

The Rogers in Windsor at Devonshire Mall got a shipment in yesterday, I'm holding off for the Javelin though

Let me know if anyone has been givin this noise from rogers. Because i was doing a hardware upgrade to get the bold at the 399 price, i was unable to pair it with the 6 gig 30 per month data plan. The lady said that if i wanted the 6 gig plan the phone would be $599. And that if i wanted to keep the bold at the 399 price i would have to settle for the 300mb plan. She said she can't combine two promotions. F***ING ROBBERS!!!

Guess what I just called a Rogers wireless store 10 minutes from my house and they said their getting two BB bolds around six o clock. Wish my luck. I'm going to sit outside the store until the UPS guy shows up.

After visiting 3 stores in the London Canada Area I got my new Bold from Future Shop. Still Learning and Playing but it is cool and awesome.

Anyone think that maybe Rogers purposely sent out little amount of Bold's to the stores to get a grasp on what kind of pull this product will bring in before spending money on promotion?

a thought that just occured to me..

I walked into a best buy and they only had 2 of them I got one and some lady came 10 minutes later and got the second one I had to purchase it for 649, but when I got home I called Customer service, and told them that I signed a new 3 year contract and want it for the price of 399. This lady was a huge ***** and wouldnt even let me talk and said she cant do it i bitched back, I said let me talk to your supervisor and shes like he will just say the same thing. I was on hold for 5 minutes, and this guy was super nice, hooked me up and gave me the credit back, and, no activation fee, 3 month textcall, some new cheaper and better plan and the 6gb for 30 dollars. But yea that was my story and best buys in the city still have them.

Where the hell is the call log on this thing??? Am I blind or what lol, I can't seem to find it. Does it even exist???
Someone please tell me if you know...Thanks!!

Bought mine at Future Shop in Ancaster. Apparently they only received 1. Either that, or 4 employees snagged them, and afterward, they only had 1 left and I won the call lottery.

Either way, I am very satisfied. It is a very nice piece of hardware.

As a former Telus customer, the only disappointing thing is the Rogers rate plans. I had no idea they were so contstraining, and rediculously expensive to add on included long distance in your plans... I live in the 905! There isn't a single call you can make that isn't long distance! lol

Can't wait until I can drop Rogers, but the Bold, I like.

Where can you get it online???? I tried to get it from Rogers and I couldn't find it for sale online!!!!!

Couldn't find it anywhere in Calgary, and most places I had called couldn't give me a strait answer on when they would be recieving it. Went online and bought the phone for $600 after rebate.

However, I wanted to make some changes to my account regarding data (was still on the 5+2meg plan for $40 :S ) and my voice package. So I called them up and after 15 minutes of being put on hold I got through to someone.

Real nice guy named Peter. He actually is making sure I'm getting the Bold for $399. And on top of that, he made it so my monthly bill is about 20 dollars a month less then what I've been paying, and with twice as many minutes plus unlimited incoming as well as 100 long distance minutes, 857 times more data, plus changed my essentials package to the exact same thing I had, but less minutes.

After a really dissappointing Bold Launch day, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with how things went today, even if i have to wait 5 buisness days for my new phone to arrive.

Setting my self up for a disappointment I walked into the Rogers Plus in St-Laurent mall...

:D posting from my BB Bold!

Looks like availability issues have been taken care of.

Was leaving work and went to Yorkdale to see something and thought I'd pop into Rogers and low and behold they just got a pile of Bolds. This was at 6:30 pm today. So I got mine. Finally!!

I stopped by Eaton Centre and Yorkdale today and could only look at the demo unit - not sold on the keyboard.
Can anyone tell me if it is easy to type on? as easy as the curve?

it's a very smooth transation from the curve, it takes like 5 minutes to get used to it. But after that it feels the same as the curve.

P.S. Try Oakville Place Mall (Oakville, ON) to find a bold. i got mine their this morning. I know it is a bit of a drive from T.O. but it is definitely worth it!

The keyboard is just like the Curve, it might take a few minutes to get the feel for it but you'll get it right away.
Don't let the keyboard deny you of a beautiful and very sexy device, GET THE BOLD!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

You have made a wise decision my friend, Hey you still have 30 days to return it if the keyboard doesn't feel right to you. But I have a feeling you'll be keeping it ;)
Enjoy it when you get it.....

Is to order it over the phone with Rogers. Took me 20 minutes and I'll get it in a few days. No activation fee and a 3-month unlimited calling promo plus the $30/6 GB deal. I am a Bell BB customer (will cancel) and I think my monthly bill with Rogers will be about $20 cheaper - about $70/month for calling, data, call display, voicemail, etc.

Why run around to stores and bitch about availability? Get it in the mail.

Because if you're a true crackberry addict (which most of the people are in this forum), a few days is an eternity ;)

He is absolutely right, If your a real crackberry addict, You'd be doing whatever it takes to get the Bold!!
I was very fortunate to get my fix yesterday afternoon, Thanks to a nice girl at my local Rogers store...That was customer service at it's best, Thanks Nicole!! :D

I can't even type properly any more because the bb shortcuts have permanently altered my brain at the cellular level. I sleep with my bb under my pillow. Not kidding.

But there have been MONTHS of rumours and waiting. I have been checking all the sites and news releases daily like every other crackberry idiot. But there is nothing more painful than standing in a Rogers (or Bell) outlet and having some under-educated clerk try to get a device up and running properly. Or phoning stores and getting through and getting good information. Dude at Rogers is sending in the order and the device arrives in a few days already activated and no BS activation fee.

You can love and want a device, and I do, and just be tired of all the weeping and wailing and bitching and drama. It's so highschoolish. And it's really not that hard to get one of these things.

After stopping at about 6 different Winnipeg stores Thursday and Friday, I finally checked out The Source out of desperation and they had two.

The phone is really amazing, 3G speeds are pretty good and I haven't seen it drop to EDGE once. The screen really is the best feature though, web browsing is much improved being able to see text clearly from a further zoom level. New browser is pretty good as well.

I had check everywhere but with no luck. end up ordered through customer upgrade. I have to wait 5-7 day to ricieve my Bold. I am still playing with my 8100.

I was under the notion that the Bold had these Instant Messenger pre-installed into the Bold. But to my dismay they are not. And now I am trying to download them from and they are saying that this Blackberry does not support the software. PLEASE HELP

Is available for the Bold because I installed it the same day I got my Bold, You have to get the link sent to your phone from the MSN home page from the mobile section. It works fine on the Bold.

My husband got his BBBold today. I realy like it. It feels so good and it is so thin, but it is a little heavier then my Curve. I'm gonna wait and see if he likes it and I'll play with it a little so see if I'm gonna trade mine in. There was no problem for him to get his BBBold.
Mrs. S

I found mine at "no wires" a rogers corporate store at 919 Bay St. They apparently had a taxi ship in a total of 24 Bolds since UPS was delayed.
Unfortunately, they are closed on w/e's.
I also spoke to the Source store at Yorkdale. They are pretty confident that they will receive 3-4 Bolds tomorrow am. If not, Mon for sure.
Hope that helps everyone.

Hey everyone, I must say that I was one of the lucky few to snag the very sexy Bold..... has anyone watched the bmw demo video that comes with it... OMG I almost busted a nut... lol

Anyways I work at a Best Buy and I was able to grab one, the only one in my store, we received 4 today, most stores received at least that many. We sold out by around 2pm however check the other stores because from what i've seen at the Rogers stores; its been a crapshoot.

I'm not sure but we may be getting a shipment Tues/Wed next week... I suggest a lot of you still without try then.


i live in there any way i can buy one from canada and have it shipped to me...i have unlocking and everything taken care of butttt rogers only ships to canada and future shops only ship to canada...anything ele left besides ebay..

Iphone launch date.- July 11th, (20 or so countries)
Blackberry bold launch date.- Expected before iphone, end of july.. august ... august 20th in Canada ...
I live in Mexico and i tried to send a relative that was coming from toronto to mexico on friday 22 to buy for me a BB bold. I couldn't find a SINGLE store in the toronto and Markham area with ONE Bold available.
What a difference in lauching a product!!!!

Looking for a Bold????? I just got a call from Wireless Wave, I had called them on Thursday and they said they would be having them in stock today. I was lucky to get mine the same day it released so I don't need to get another one.
So if your in the GTA looking for it, Wireless Wave in Shoppers World Brampton.
I don't know how many they have.....
Good luck!!

The Rogers business line of 1-866-647-2731 is only open M-F 8a-8p ET, but when I called the main line the CSR could only offer the Bold for $475 since I wasn't a new customer ... even though I haven't taken a hardware upgrade in over 4 years. When I complained that I've been a loyal Rogers customer for 17 years, she checked with her supervisor, then transferred me to the "Blackberry Support Team" which took care of me: $399 for the Bold, and waived the $35 fee. But the awesome part is that when I pointed out that Telus had a voice plan like mine for $10/month less, and I agreed to 3 year contracts for voice and the $30 for 6GB/month data plan, he set up $20/month in credits off my plan! He said the Bold should arrive at my house in 5-10 days by UPS since they're low on stock. Awesome -- I can't wait!

Wireless Wave @ Dufferin Mall has 13 left. The Source in Dufferin Mall has 1 left.

Both as of 4pm Saturday, both open until 9pm.

Ask for Craig the Assistant Manager @ Wireless Wave, tell him you saw this post.

I just visited the Cellcom Rogers store in Shoppers World in Brampton at 5:30pm today, They just got 15 Bold's in stock...So if your in the GTA looking for it, Go there or Wireless Wave also in Shoppers World.....Looks like all the Rogers stores are finally getting stock in...It's about time eh!!

Enjoy your new toys everyone. Can't wait until the big release here (whenever that's going to be). I'll just watch you guys sort out the issues and wait for our issue free AT&T release. (riiiight) :)

I was at yorkdale today and they have some at one of the kiosks there. They seemed like they knew what they were doing and were trying to help. I picked up the dummy Bold they had on display and i really didn't like it at all. The buttons were too soft. I'm wondering how different they are compared to the actual phone. Can anyone comment.

I actually told a Rogers employee the other day that I thought the demo model was doing the Bold a disservice when it came to presenting the phone to the public.

I was buying the Bold no matter what and I can say that I'm relieved that the demo model of the Bold doesn't come close to doing the actual phone justice.

Keyboard is crisper, screen is out of this world and the overall build of the real phone is so solid compared to the cheapness of the demo model.

Hope that helps.

Really? Dammit now i have to go back and pick it up. I knew I should have just gone ahead and bought it. I'm just so new to rogers that i'll have to fork over the full $600 for it. (no Hardward upgrade available).

This is going to hurt the wallet

But thanks for your response. I was really shocked at first but glad to know the keyboard is alot better than the display!!!

Darn it I had a chance to pick it up on launch day but decided not to because the keyboard on the display unit sucked... Frig now I have to wait to get one.

The stores should really have a working demo like they do for the iPhone.

Stopped by the Rogers Plus at Chinook Mall in Calgary last night (Aug 23) around 8:30pm and the girl there said they have five Bolds in stock.

So I bought the bold today.. I didn't want to do a contract renewal, but Rogers refused to sell me one unless I did. Apparently I renewed my contract three months ago when I bought another line and didn't know it, so I only really extended it by a couple months... Anyways, kind of pissed me off because they said it'll be "5-7 business days" as opposed to the usual 2-3 because of the 'high demand'...

I got my Bold on Friday from a shop in Mississauga. So far, I found that the rove ssh client and midpssh do not work on the Bold, nor does the flickr uploader. For some reason it also seems to fall back to 3G even when wifi is available - although not on a consistent basis. Other than that (and I expect these will be fixed soon), this thing positively rocks.

After being to every Rogers Plus store in Calgary yesterday without luck, I got a Bold at the Sunridge BestBuy this afternoon. Apparently they had just put them out about a minute before I got there (talk about luck, eh?). I was planning on driving down to the Rogers store in Chinook tomorrow morning since they pretty much guaranteed me that they would be in, but now I won't have to do that. Price was $649 to buy it outright, but they guaranteed me that they would do a price match if I can give them proof of the Rogers online price and that they have them in stock. Spent the afternoon getting everything transferred over and running. Had to reinstall a few of the applications, but everything seems to be working just fine now. Hooray!

Its 12.30 on the 25th, and I still haven't gotten my hands on a Bold.

The three rogers stores in town and futureshop have yet to receive a shipment. Four days after everyone else has it and we can't get a single shipment to Grande Prairie?!

What a pain. I'm almost tempted to go with an iphone-- I'm getting impatient!

Got one this morning at the Bay and Adelaide store in Toronto (they were out again this afternoon). Gotta say I love it. Screen is as advertised.. very sharp, very cool. Fonts are crisp and easy to read. 3G works just fine downtown T.O.... and I get 5 bars inside an elevator going to the 43rd floor.

And there was no hassle at the store. $424.99 with the 3-year 6 gig for $30 a month data plan less a certificate for a $50 rebate that has to be mailed to Saint John, which I don't get. People buy state of the art technology and have to trudge to the post office to pick up a stamp and mail in the rebate coupon, just so Rogers can then apply it to an account electronically? Goofy.

I called up Rogers on the first day of release...and they had some available. I thought I'd wait and the weekend passed and I just couldn't resist. So on Monday morning @ 1230 pm, called up Rogers and requested for a hardware upgrade. Without hassle, they gave me the phone for $399.99 on a 3 yr plan extension and the 6 gig data plan for $30. They said it'd be about 3-5 business days for the phone to get to me via UPS.

So expecting the phone to not get to me until Thursday at the earliest, I was shocked to hear the doorbell ring at 10 am the following day (today). And the nice lady from Canada Post asked for me, and believe it or not was my BB Bold. Talk about wow...under 24 hrs and I had it in my hands via mail! So for those of you running around from store to store trying to find the Bold and you're already on contract...just order it via phone.

note: ***I do live in the Toronto area...and I'm under a corporate plan. So that may have played a huge factor in delivery time. But why avoid the stress and let the Bold come to you. It'll feel like it's Christmas or your bday and you're receiving a package in the mail. Who doesn't like receiving something in the mail!?!

I headed into my local Rogers store here in ontario, and inquired about getting this phone.

The sales guy told me that I get the phone at $649, plus a $35 charge, and then there was a mail in rebate of $50.

$649 Bucks! WoW Rogers is yet again ripping me off in order to get this cool phone. Not much savings over retail and without the 3 contract, I think I'll be getting this elsewhere.

I finally got my BB Bold today. The UPS guy just delivered it to my house. It’s my first Blackberry ever. It’s a lot easier to use than I thought. No complaints yet.

Got my bold in 2 days. As soon as I put the battery in and manually configured my SSID I was surfing the net. I had no SIM card installed and I hadn't purchased a data plan at that point. Amazing speed especially when I downloaded Opera Mini.
So there you have it. Traveling far and wide? At a hotel with free wireless? Pull out your sim card and check your web mail, or keep up with the news back home. It's FREE! Enjoy!

Hello from Austria!

Lost my dear old TMO BB 8100 two weeks ago during a hike in the alps (must have slipped off the backpack during a rest and was switched off, so I couldn't locate it afterwards). So I got me a Bold in a T-mobile shop. It was the last one they had out of 10 or so. Lucky.

As we are preparing for two big industry shows in september and october in our company, the Bold was quickly thrown into heavy usage.

after two weeks heavy use I found the following (I have to add, that I use a office Vodafone Nokia E90 communicator from time to time, so there are some points to compare):

1) fast backup restore:
Backup restore of all the 8310 backup data with BB desktop software into the Bold 9000 was a blast. no hassle, no errors. Amazing! It is a 1:1 copy of the 8310 in the Bold. I could instantly continue working.
2) weak battery life:
If Wifi and Bluetooth is switched on, and some phonecalls are made, the Bolds battery is drained empty within less 8 hrs. The 8310s Battery lasted for about 1-1/2 days.
3) bad bluetooth connections:
Never ever I had problems with the 8310 and the bluetooth sony car radio of my 07 ford focus station wagon. the bold however misses each 2nd phonecall, blows up the connection, does not dial at all, or does not recognize incoming calls. not good.
4) the bolds webbrowser is superSLOW. and there is no choice between WIFI or 3G etc. before one opens up a website. the E90's browser is about twice as fast, and before opening a website, the E90 asks if it shall be opened with WIFI or 3G. with Bold, I'd have to choose the standard browser in setup each time.
5) the Bolds display is a improvement to the 8300, however, I have a hard time, recognizing the difference between the icons. the 8300's icons were much better to separate when things have to go fast.
6) contacts has some problems showing up right contact names, when phonecalls come in. if a contact has a company name AND last name, first name, it sometimes shows the company name only, when a call is coming in, not the first and last name. strange.
7) email has some problems with incoming HTML mails from outlook 2003. but it seems to depend on the machine where the mail comes from, XP or Vista or a Apple.
8) the headphones of the 8300 were much better.
9) the 2MP camera is no improvement, it is as bad as the 8300s.
10) not sure about the keyboard. the bolds is good, but the 8300s was even as good. nevertheless my all time favourite BB keyboard was the good old 8700v's.
11) Word to go, Sheet to go etc is nice, but Nokia's Office Suite seems to be much easier to handle.

Didn't have time yet to fool around with the media manager however, that looks good.

Other than that the bold is a impressive step forward. but battery life and the slow browser needs a improvement!