Hungry Kitty, a memory matching game for your PlayBook, not about Garfield

By Ryan Blundell on 5 Jul 2011 08:40 am EDT

I like chicken, I like liver. PlayBook, PlayBook, please deliver. Wait…that isn't right. Talking with a few of the PlayBook reps on tour, the game Hungry Kitty was mentioned as a favourite. Hungry Kitty was developed by odd fractions – a division of QTECH software. I had downloaded it earlier, as the icon for the game resembled the Chesire Cat- at least to me it did. Fashioned for feline fanatics, Hungry Kitty is a memory match game – where you find fish of similar shape, colour and pattern in order to feed your virtual tabby. You won't actually see the cat eat the fish, but I assume it's a feeding frenzy off screen. The fish are hiding within or behind bubbles. Pressing on a bubble pops it, revealing a fish. As with most matching games, only two fish can be seen at a time. The game offers three levels of difficulty, depending on how much time you have to waste or your skill level.

I will warn you that whether you like the accompanying music or not…it WILL get in your head. The various difficulty levels will keep almost everyone entertained, no matter their age. At times, the animation was a bit laggy, especially while exploring other portions of the game besides the actual gameplay (such as the "Who Made This" section). Hungry Kitty is available for free from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download Hungry Kitty for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Hungry Kitty, a memory matching game for your PlayBook, not about Garfield


LOL, this is not what I want to see on my "professional" tablet.

Boss- How are you making out with that report , spreadsheet, schedule etc.

Worker- just a minute I'm playing Hungry Kitty on my $700 tablet

Game = Cute and well done
Music = kill the person who composed it with fire

But, when there are epic titles on competing platforms that are rivaling console games in scope and quality, RIM really needs to throw some major cash at the larger studios to start pushing out decent games that will fill my 'Games' folder with titles that will not make people wonder why I spent $700 to play games that are of the quality that are found free on hundreds of websites.

I only have enough pocket space for a Playbook OR a PSV not both, so if by Q4 when the PSV launches, if the Playbook isn't starting to get the goods like that other tablet, then my Playbook will be spending a bit more time at home and my PSV will take it's space in my pocket when I need a portable entertainment device.