A humorous look at why BlackBerry is better than iPhone

By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2013 01:40 pm EDT

We typically post pretty straight up articles here though we throw in a bit of humor at times. Today a post from Buzzfeed popped up and gave us quite a good laugh. The post itself is called 21 Reasons BlackBerrys Are Better Than iPhones and the reasons given are both humorous yet true. 

The list ranges to everything from the BlackBerry keyboard to the LED to the removable battery. A few of my favorites include If you drop a BlackBerry, it won’t crack and subsequently deposit glass into your cheek every time you call someone and of course because the POTUS himself is a BlackBerry user. 

So if you've already had a good laugh at these iPhone parodies - make sure you hit up the link below to again remind yourself while BlackBerry is where it's at.

21 Reasons BlackBerrys Are Better Than iPhones



I'll hijack your useless comment to add my useless comment by saying that there are lately more iPhones on this site than the actual BlackBerrys.


So you've only been paying attention to this site for the past 3 days?


you want a cookie for getting the meaning of 'lately' or what?


No thanks brother! All paleo...wait...do you have sugar/gluten free cookies?


Bro, Snap Kitchen has some amazing gluten free brownies...not entirely paleo but good ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil etc...


While I am enjoying this random "useless" train of thoughts, I am sure someone with anger management issues are already imploded by watching the same stuff that amused me a little bit.

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Holy crap! thats my Coffee Mug from #20! Its from my thread when i got my charging dock. Awesome! :)


Awesome!!! I want a mug AND a shirt that says BBMe. Know of any hookups ;)


See what i did there.

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Nothing impressive. It is only amazing if u r the last in every post.

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Mayer Tanuan

Looks like you folks were first and second. I'm exhausted from all the new technology that seems to be more of the same...

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Yah, I love my Q10, but I kind of hate how BB people bash Apple for releasing similar things when the Z30 is just a bigger Z10 with a SLIGHTLY faster CPU. Same screen resolution means lower dpi, and everything else seems pretty similar. No big step there either. I would have rather seen BB make a slider, at least that'll be different than what you can get from the others...



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nick canada

That's not fair the Z30 is a variation of the Z10 not the next generation of BlackBerry.

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No mention of BB10, as if it doesn't even exist haha


lol maybe it really doesn't and we're in the matrix, a really bad matrix


Exactly, it was all old, legacy devices. Blegh.

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That page has made my morning lol..hilarious.

but changes nothing.

Parthiv Shah

Forget iPhone now with Nokia having a 23 Billion USD market cap I feel it would have been a lot better been invested in Nokia when it was like $1.50-$2 and get 4-5X of my money. With which I could have got loads of Z10s, Q10s and Z30s to help boost slight BB sales. Here with BBRY the market cap stays at only $5-6 Billion forever.


I loving reading auto correct blunders, lol!


Actually, the part about not having games that are addicting like Candy Crush is one of the main reasons why I chose BlackBerry and not apple or android lol




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It's all true, so that's why it's "humorous", because blatant reality makes people laugh. That's a result of always hiding from the truth, then truth becomes funny.

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Yep, Justin Bieber really uses a BB. That's true, and kind of shows how lame the company has become.

RP Singh

Um he's a successful Canadian. Of course he uses BlackBerry.

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He makes more in one hour than you make in a year.

By your own argument, what does that say about you?

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That made me laugh alright

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Bring on the Apple fodder!


It's true BlackBerry 10 is the best. I personally could live with all the apps they have but to win over consumers, BlackBerry you gotta stroke out a check and get some apps. This side loading is ridiculous.

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Pete The Penguin

Yeah, most average customers won't sideload cos they don't know what it is.


Right now BBRY can't afford to target the average consumer and go a
Head to Head with the top brands.

They need to resecure the corporate environment first.

Convert the companies, people follow by necessity.

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22nd and most important reason BlackBerry is better than iPhone: Everyone has an iPhone...

Dare to be different with BB10

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This OS specific app reality will be no more in a few years. Imagine if only certain phones could read websites?

It will he a red herring by 2016.

Zezel.com - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.


If BlackBerry was better than iPhone, then more people would use it.. and BlackBerry wouldn't be in the situation they are in...

It shouldn't be a competition between different platforms. I use all of them! Because they all have their specific advantages!

Tomas Carrillo

That is not true, Marketing makes the difference here not which OS is superior.

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Fidel Mercado

Take it easy the article wasn't meant to be taken serious. And better products don't equal better sales anyway, If that were the case there would be no need for marketing which generally has its own arm in major companies.



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I've just read that in iOS7 it will be possible to close an app by swiping up. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard or read someone say that my Z10 is "just a copy of the iPhone ".

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:( oh god

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Lol. This was hilarious!

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Obama and Bieber using BlackBerrys is enough to turn ppl away from BlackBerry forever. Only two things made me lol and made me think BlackBerry is better. You guys really thought this was a good post? Just how high were you atm?
Where was the BB10, how old is this post? For real what a waste of time.

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Fidel Mercado

I take it, you have a hard time understanding sarcasm . Lighten up guy, everything you read isn't meant to be taken serious.


But still, nobody buys a blackberry.


Alltho how much I love blackberry 10 but I have to say iPhone is an iPhone like I carry both coz honestly blackberry is nothing without BBM... hard to accept but it's the reality

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Just read the specs, and notice it don't even have 4G compatibility! What a totally useless piece of crap. And a 64bit processor on a mobile at the moment is as effective or needed as. Having a 4L V6 engine in a lawnmower!

I'm sorry, but moves like that don't show as inovation... it just shows as more shit talk to justify their rediculus pricing for their outdated device.

And don't get me started on the lack of expanded memory!

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It seems Crackberry is running out of ideas, they are always talking about the might iPhone

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!


What amazes me though is the number of isheep on the Crackberry site - I wouldn't waste my time on the iwhatever site!!

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This was funny in 2009. What about updating this line of thought while basing it on the current OS and devices.

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iPhone copies the Z10 look and yet the iPhone looks ugly where as the Z10 looks sexy.


Looking at the Z10 camera and the apps situation, I can understand why some iPhone users might disagree...


Not to point out the 'humour' but there have been plenty of threads about broken screens on BB's after being dropped.

I'm all for humour, but this is baiting the platform wars.


I've had blackberrys for the past 7 years and have dropped them on all kinds of surfaces, never had a cracked screen. Every iPhone user I know has replaced their screen at least once!

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Nice to meet you. My sister has an iPhone - never broken. My mother's iPhone - never broken. My iPhone 4 AND 5 - never broken (and dropped - a lot), and my husbands iPhone, dropped 3 times onto pavement in the last 3 months that I've witnessed in a minimal case, never broken.

Now you've met 4.


I should throw in my 2 iPod Touch devices (one of them a launch day from when the first one came out so over 6 years old) , my husbands iPod Touch...all fine and never replaced a screen. I've never replaced a screen on ANY smartphone I've owned except my Curve 8330 after it met pavement (and plastic really hates pavement).


You obviously keep them in a steel cover - it is a known fact that the iPhone screen is flimsy, that's why you see adverts all over the place 'iPhone screens replaced here' as it's a normal occurrence for an iPhone user!

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Agreed, Barney. My old 8520 was a brick!

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I got that tweet and I thought about re-tweeting until I read the post and realized that it makes us BlackBerry fans look like idiots. Are those reasons for real? I could think of a hundred reasons why BlackBerry is better (for me); that list just does a bad job of trying to be humorous. Not to mention they're using old devices. And hanging onto the past is what got BlackBerry into trouble in the first place, so who gives a crap that they were the first. Don't get me wrong, I love bb, but this makes us look foolish.


I broke my screen once. but I had the blackberry in my hand, tripped over and it got the full force of my weight. Blackberry screen broke but didn't shatter like and iphone only a few cracks and still worked beautifully.



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Jim Wolfson

Odummy holding a BlackBerry makes me start to rethink my purchase decision.


BlackBerry is better than iPhone.. the berry is completely perfect while the apple is bitten :D

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Mark Plunkett

i was laughing so hard iphone is the worst to type on trust me lol thats why #IchooseBlackBerry10


Is it at all possible this is good for Blackberry? So for example, someone wanting to upgrade an old iPhone but doesn't want "more of the same thing" may try a new Blackberry? (I know, I know, they will probably run out and get an Android phone . . .) Here's for wishful thinking!

Mister Sir

#8 is dumb. A z10 screen will break just as easily as an iPhone if you drop it.

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No word mole on z10!

Pasted with my BlackBerry!


#teambb all day and night.. for life... awesome pioneer never fades

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B k
, h

C kh


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It's not a joke, It's real


Can we add more reasons why BlackBerry is better than the IPhone? I'll take that as a yes...because you can watch porn without having to download ITunes!

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Also you don't have to buy new chargers every time they bring out a new model!

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+1000! ;-)

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I think the most threatening competitor of BlackBerry has been Android with Samsung in the front. Among people i know there's no one that previously had BlackBerry and switched to iPhone.

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Lol! Loved it!

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Good read it is.


I love my z10 and I support BlackBerry, but it's embarrassing that BlackBerry posted this on their official Facebook account.

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Sweet but I did not see a Z10


You know I don't mind Apple having its fan base I'd just like to see more folks come back to our side of the fence.

(Mainly at Android's expense)

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Using Obama as a reason to get a Blackberry is very bad advertising...

Especially after he treated all the scandals like the NSA scandal as if it were mad up...

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The blackberry is actually pretty basic and boring. I'd have to say the iPhone is what's better. Blackberry has a long way before catching up with Apple. They don't even have decent apps yet. Removable battery? Who cares. That's like saying, blackberries have external antennas. Lol

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.... to the slider development comment....

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