Humans vs Aliens from Epic Applications - Both fun and addicting

By ObiGeorge on 7 May 2011 11:56 am EDT
Humans vs Aliens

New from Epic Applications is a very cool game, Humans vs Aliens. For some of you who play games on other mobile platforms, this game may seem a bit familiar to you, but is also quite different. The point of the game is just what the name would suggest, guiding your humans to protect the earth from the alien invaders. Throughout the game you will see a number of different obejects such as pitchfork armed farmers, army personel, and many more. The game is definitely a great time waster, and sure to provide hours of fun.

Overall, Humans vs Aliens is one of the best games I have seen on the BlackBerry platform. It's smooth graphics and freedom from lag make this one a great buy. It is available for the 8900, Storm, Tour, Bold, and Torch devices. You can pick it up at BlackBerry App World for $3.99.

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"Addicting"? I assume "addictive" is the word you meant.


Is that a joke? Addicting isn't even a word! Just because it's written doesn't make it wright, duz it?


Actually, "addicting" is included in most dictionaries as a participle adjective. So the use of "addicting" is correct.


Addicting is only a word if you're weird.


Addicting is a pre loaded word on blackberry's. So, HA! Argue that one.


Even if it wasn't a word,it wouldn't matter to me,because any term that is used enough by the public,will eventually become a word,even "lol" is a word now,but it is actually a Abbreviation,and not a word,anything that has meaning to it,it is a word in my book,i dont need some people to put it into a dictionary for it to be a word... i know everyone has heard this before, "ain't ain't a word" lol,well its been a word for a long time now lol


Its crackberry! Grammar Nazis be gone!


Gramma Nazis are kewl. (y)

Anyhoo, I would love for this to be on the PB, yet it is a nice game nevertheless.

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why isn't this available for the playbook?


It currently runs on Android, so when the Android App Player comes out, it will!


Plants vs zombies ripoff



Assume! Love this game. It is addicting too!!


We have just submitted the latest version to App World which supports 320x240 devices as well as significantly improved graphics across the board. We also fixed an issue impacting trackpad customers.

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Games r fun. Count me in.