HuluBerry brings Hulu back to the BlackBerry PlayBook

HuluBerry from the DingleBerry 3.x crew
By Joseph Holder on 19 Jan 2012 04:06 pm EST

We've known even before the BlackBerry PlayBook first went on sale that it could support watching Hulu videos. Hulu was started as a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp (Fox) that allows US internet users to watch TV shows online. It's a great way to legally watch TV over the internet. The PlayBook's flash-running browser has no problem playing the videos; it's Hulu itself that blocks content to the tablet. Within 48 hours of the tablet's release, Hulu blocked PlayBook users from viewing that content.

DingleBerry 3.x changes that; Hulu is back on the PlayBook! Included with the latest release of the rooting tool is a new browser called HuluBerry. After following the extremely easy instructions for rooting the tablet, you'll find the HuluBerry application already installed on your device. This custom browser only browses the Hulu website. And Hulu looks great on the PlayBook.

Please note: As of late Wednesday night, it appears that the the developer's build of the PlayBook OS breaks HuluBerry functionality. To keep watching Hulu videos on your PlayBook, I would recommend staying on version or 

John Stewart of the Daily Show Celebrates the addition of HuluBerry to the PlayBook 

I found that videos load fairly quickly, though not quite as fast as on a desktop/laptop. Once the video had buffered, playback was smooth and looked and sounded perfect - even in full screen mode. A nice feature, the PlayBook stays active as long as HuluBerry is opened, i.e., the tablet doesn't go into standby while you're watching TV. I did notice that the HuluBerry would hang with certain Hulu commercials, but that happened rather infrequently.  A restart of the HuluBerry app solved the problem every time for me.

Between HuluBerry and the PlayBook's root, Hulu's servers are lead to believe they are streaming content to a browser running on a Windows machine and not the PlayBook tablet. I won't go into details - not that I have many - but the hack should make it a bit difficult for for the media company to block Hulu content played in the HuluBerry application.

Turn on Developer Mode on the PlayBook

Some users report that HuluBerry has stopped working on their BlackBerry PlayBooks. Oddly enough, it's not Hulu that has stopped working, but the root itself. This will always happen after restarting the tablet. There's no need to re-root the tablet, though. Once you initially root the PlayBook, a script is set to run whenever the device is connected to a computer with the PlayBook's Development Mode turned on. 

So if HuluBerry isn't working, turn on Development Mode and connect your PlayBook to a computer. As soon as the connection is made (I usually wait until after I've entered my PlayBook password on the computer), the tablet is rooted once again. HuluBerry should work without troubles.

The entire DingleBerry team deserves major kudos for all of the work they've put into this and all of their releases. Their work is not yet finished: one-click Android Market might just be the next major addition to the DingleBerry rooting tool. Until then, please join me in thanking the entire DingleBerry team - cmw, neuralic, xpvqs, xsacha, and hatax - for their fine work in creating this most excellent rooting tool.

Download DingleBerry 3.x
Read our how-to root with DingleBerry 3.x (it's incredibly easy)

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HuluBerry brings Hulu back to the BlackBerry PlayBook


As far as I know, that is correct. As of now, .7111 breaks the way the PlayBook roots itself. .6149 should be fine. That being said, I've not yet had a chance to try Hulu on .6149, but I've been assured that it will work.

Is there a way to use HULU without Dev mode...I'm not upgraded for that....also any good sites to watch tv or movies...would love to connect Playbook to TV & cut our cable bill, lol

Question? Can you just use a browser app like SimpleBroweser+ that lets you set user agent to fool Hulu into thinking that you are using a laptop to access the site?

I suspect it is not as simple as that as I am sure many would have tried that before!
I am curious as to what else this application does. Maybe it sends some specific headers and requests that only a desktop browser would do...

Firefox setting in SimpleBrowser works great with Hulu if Dingleberry has been used to get root and HuluBerry functions with the site.

Does anyone know why Hulu blocked viewing on the PlayBook in the first case? I just would like some history on this. You would think they would allow this to spread their popularity.

Why would Hulu block this from the PlayBook. People should have the right to watch their content from any browser as long as the browser works with Hulu. In this case PB does work with Hulu.

It's not a question of working correctly - the PlayBook handles Hulu just fine. The issue is one of licensing. NBC Universal and Fox have not licensed their content to run on the PlayBook.

I don't know why I'm having to choose dingleberry over 2.0. If they can root my playbook without the patch it also means that others can do the same. There is no way I would want to risk my info like that just to use hulu. I now use EPIX (quite limited on selection but HD quality) and I'll wait for devcon to see who else jumped on board now that playbooks are everywhere.

Wake me up when something pops out of the thrown that's not a dingleberry.

I think something is wrong with the log in. In order to watch mature rated stuff you have to log in which I have an account but I couldnt log in to watch American Horror Story....

I need #AHSFX in my life or Hulu is a waste..hahaha

Ivan S. Harris

Licensed to run on a Playbook. Now that's funny. I wonder if Dell has a license. Or I wonder if I have a license to run Hulu on the computer I built. Should I be worried? Do I need an attorney?

Ask RIM why they don't want Hulu running on your Playbook! It's all about $$$$

All the Hulu stuff is licensed to play on a desktop computer. If you want to watch it on your mobile device you need a paid subscription to Hulu Plus.

Personally, I don't see any difference, a screen is a screen.

Theres another way to disable in Canada.
It doesn't work here. Not on my Dingleberried PB.

Just rooted my PB. HuluBerry works great!! I don't know why I took so long, but I'm glad that I did since DingleBerry has made it so easy now.

Will this hulubrowser allow me to watch it from canada or is that still a limiting factor?

Just read two posts up, I can't dingle my berry either in canada. I think it would be a true test of awesome if someone could incorporate a hack for canada.

And the hand-wringers keep crying about Piracy. Make this content reasonably available to users at a reasonable price and we will get it that way. The music industry found that out with non-DRM music (at least some of the sources have). Put up barriers; block because of greedy and arbitrary licensing, hold back electronic versions for months trying to sell the damn disks that people will not buy, and not sit in the dirty, noisy theaters, provide old content but not the current content which is being broadcast...for free. Sure keep it up. Keep squeezing.

Can you use the Hulubrowser on other sites? I've been a GBTV subscriber from the start, and at the beginning I could watch all the videos with no issue. But after the iPad app was released, I can't get the 2 hour shows.

Followed alll of the instructions rooting my Pb. After many tries and attempts( days) I got it to work. Basicalllly, if you follow all of the instructions, and upgrade to the latest version, everything works Thanks again Crackberry team. -Gr8trgood

If i already have my pb rooted is there any way to get this or do i have to go through the entire process again?