Hulu has arrived on iPhone/iPad, will we see a BlackBerry version?

By Bla1ze on 30 Jun 2010 08:20 am EDT
Hulu has arrived on iPhone/iPad, will we see a BlackBerry version?

When Steve Jobs proclaimed that there would be no flash on the iPhone, iPod or iPad it really left a lot of folks wondering about how exactly, most of their video content was going to be delivered. As it turns out, the video experience on those devices is simply put, doing quite well. One key player that folks were concerned about was Hulu. Well, as of yesterday Hulu is now available on the iPhone/iPad no problem at all.

Now with the announcement of Hulu being released for those devices, BlackBerry users are left to wonder if it will eventually be available to them. When signing up for a Hulu preview invite, you are asked if you are a BlackBerry user so maybe this is a sign of things to come? As of now, Bitbop is certainly going to lead the pack on streaming video content for BlackBerry but again, if Hulu arrives will users adopt it? Better question, who thinks Hulu will actually see the light of day on a BlackBerry device? Sound off in the comments folks.

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Hulu has arrived on iPhone/iPad, will we see a BlackBerry version?


Yeah, I can't imagine trying to run anything like this on a BB. What would be the point? And as for the Storm: HA! What a joke! Cracks me up that the BB with the largest screen always has the least support.

LOL. No. I can't even run Youtube properly without significant lag.

Maybe, when OS 6.0 releases in 2112 on a device that's not slow as molasses.

Pfffffffffffttttt, hahahahahaha. Look, I love my BlackBerry as much as the next guy, but there is no chance we will get Hulu for BlackBerry. And even if hell froze over and we did, it wouldn't be available on my Storm2.

I cant imagine trying to run Hulu on my Bold. I love my BB, but I would have time to go play a round of golf while I was waiting on the ads to load for the TV show I want to watch. Flash and streaming media in general have been a continual disappointment for me from RIM. Unless they get serious about improving some fundamental smartphone requirements, why bother creating an app for Hulu?

Just no. As was stated, since iPhone/iPad are getting it, clearly shows that flash isn't needed. Video playback on Blackberry devices isn't usually great and even then, the screen resolution is just too small.

And to top it off, not available outside the USA. As usual I guess...

I don't get it. I don't have a problem with YouTube on my Storm2. It's (mostly) in HQ, which is not exactly HD quality but better than my old VHS tapes for sure lol. Granted other sites are bad or nonexistent unless I download a HQ version but the complaining seems strange to me. I must be missing something.

As far as HULU on BlackBerry, that would be great and probably mean I won't be getting much work done without extreme discipline :-) I think it will be possible with OS6 but too intense for older berrys.

Seems like getting bigger and higher resolution screens would give BBs a good chance of actually getting this. So maybe when the 9800 Slider comes out or the Storm 3 is on it's way, then we'll start to see this for BB.

Hulu for BB? Not in a million years. I'm pretty sure RIM will end up like Palm. RIM doesn't care about their customer base and probably we will never see BB 6 anytime soon. Lucky, I am jumping onto Apple's bandwagon soon.

Even if it was available on the Blackberry, $10 bucks a month? No thanks. I can get it free on my laptop.

I agree with moonbaseone (love the name btw...I feel like watching old episodes of the Transformers right now). Lol...almost lost my train of thought because of that, but yeah I also would rather watch the shows in my NetFlix Instant Queue. I have it on my war machine (my XBOX 360) and I love it. It would be great to watch those shows on the go on my BB.

You have to pay $10 a month and that comes with commercials. There are a lot of people complaining about it. So it isn't as good as it looks to all of you. I have a BB and an ipod touch. Trust me...I won't be getting this when I can watch the shows online for FREE.

I would love to see hulu on my phone. I don't know about other people, but when i am on the train going to work, it is a half hour commute, and that time could be filled perfectly with an episode for some tv show i don't watch. Realistically i have no idea how well an app that works through hulu would work. I have had some luck with streaming video on my blackberry tour, and have yet to attempt it with my new bold. It would probably have a 5 minute load time, and if u got a phone call or txt in the middle of it would glitch out. Maybe with 6.0, but the devices now just don't have what it would take.

Also on a side note, if they ever did get it to work with modern blackberries they would need to make a new battery. because everyone would just be draining theirs within a day.