Hulu running on the BlackBerry PlayBook browser

By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2011 02:39 pm EDT

One of the most asked questions thus far is if Hulu works on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The short answer is yes. While we haven't seen it yet, we'll change that right now. Kevin couldn't check it out (being in Canada) so I fired it up for a quick demo. The site itself loads well and everything shows up nicely. As you can see, there was a bit of a delay when loading the video, but after it gets started it runs super smooth. You can pop it into full screen and watch away - definitely very cool. Now you just need an HDMI cable to hook up to your TV (which unfortunately I don't have yet) and you can watch free TV until you pass out. So check out the quick video above then let us know what you think in the comments!

On a side note - I did try Netflix instant streaming as well, but unfortunately it says Our apologies - streaming is not supported for your operating system. Total drag, but it just means we realllly need to hope for a Netflix app. 

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Hulu running on the BlackBerry PlayBook browser


No need to because streaming on PB is based on your IP address and should work the same way as on your computer. If its a canadian ip address or any other country outside of the states then it should automatically block it.

Why would they shut it down or block it is a flash website, its the first mobile device to run flash(Ahem not apple) so its a good thing!

But what about Netflix streaming? That is the real question!! Will it run Netflix Instant Play movies?

What I wanna know is how many more people will ask if netfilx streams vs. how many more people ask how long it is until hulu blocks the playbook.

Yes yes, but the real question that I think everyone is DYING to figure out is whether or not the Playbook will stream Netflix???? I guess it's only a matter of time before Hulu blocks the Playbook browser, am I right?!?!

Wait, you mean you can do something on a tablet through its browser and not an app?!?! How can this be? The pre-release reviews I've read says the playbook is inferior to other tablets for lack of apps. This almost looks like with flash, you may not need those apps.

It appears to me that this tablet has the hardware & os to be a major business tablet (provided they get native email, calendar, etc. out soon), and this browser makes it a great, if not better in some respects, consumer-level tablet.

Which RIM confirmed SilverLight support is coming with one of the updates (supposedly before the 19th launch as well).

That is good news. I hadn't heard that yet. Do you remember where you read that?

I keep seeing these references in personal comments to RIM saying the Playbook would support both Flash and Silverlight, but I can't seem to see Silverlight mentioned in any of the press releases and such.

Anyone have a link to something official? If Silverlight really will be officially supported in the Playbook, then it shouldn't be too tough to get Netflix to allow it as a supported device, I hope!

No Netflix makes me VERY happy that I decided to wait until later this summer to upgrade from my iPad 1 to the Playbook. One of the things I use my iPad the most for is streaming the watch instantly videos on Netflix, and if I would've sold my iPad to pre-order the Playbook, I would've been thoroughly disappointed that I would have to wait around for a Netflix app.

So hopefully when I get a Playbook later this summer, there will be android apps and a Netflix app. :)

Impressive to say the least... RIM spend time polishing the Flash port to Qnx rather than working on an email client... I would have preferred a client at launch, but VERY impressive....

actually RIM gets a lot of criticism for not getting a few things right with the PB.... but they deserve credit for getting this very right, which is rather far more complex than a email client

I was playing with the Playbook today and that was the first thing we tried was Hulu. Than I said to myself, I hope no one mentions this on the web so Hulu would not block it lol

Okay I'm going to go out and say this as I'm sure some people are dying to hear it. WTF? You people actualy _buy_ your movies? Seriously, it's 2011. And don't give me the speach about morals and faggotry like that. Wtere should be no excuse for doing this. Shame on you.

I am a loyal BlackBerry fan and I still use a BlackBerry. I got a hold of Playbook yesterday and got it home. But sorry to say though it looks sleek and nice, it doesn’t have many apps as compared to what iPad 2 has.

I am sticking to my iPad 2 and its really great. Till the time Playbook gets all the different zillion types of Apps like iPad 2 does, Playbook is way behind the lead. So I had to return my Playbook back to Best Buy unfortunately. No Apps, no no for me!

Sorry RIM, we need more apps or else the Playbook is just another tablet!

Note: I used my BlackBerry as my only phone device, and I love it but I use iPad 2 for my tablet

Why do all these comments say HULU works on the playbook, when clearly is does not? The video above shows it working, but when I try it on the playbook, it says HULU not available on this system.