Hullomail Voice Mail In A Whole New Way Now Available For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2009 12:31 pm EDT

Hullomail is a new application out for BlackBerry devices, specifically the Tour, Bold and 8900, with support forthcoming for other devices. Hullomail is a Voice-Email application which allows you to listen to your voicemails directly on your device without having to call your voicemail box. All voicemails are sent to you via your email account and then you may listen to them all from within the application. Key features for Hullomail are:

  • Receive and play voice-emails directly in your inbox, mobile and the web
  • Get notified of any missed call, even in areas with no mobile reception
  • Take control of your voice-emails – it’s up to you, not the operator
  • Share, delete and keep your voice-emails forever, within a click
  • See who’s calling you instantly from your email contacts
  • Access, view, and manage your voice-emails, all from one place
  • One click access to all your voice-emails

Hullomail is currently only available in the US and UK, but hopefully that will be expanded at a later time to include other countries. Be sure to check it out, the video alone should be enough to give it a look.

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Hullomail Voice Mail In A Whole New Way Now Available For BlackBerry


I tried it on OS 5 but kept getting a "PhoneParseError".. what ever that is. Anyway... once I uninstalled it my T-Mobile voice mail was running perfectly. This will be very nice once they get it working on OS 5.

I tried this on my Verizon Tour yesterday and couldn't take the app online. They are having some issues with Verizon's CDMA network. Here's the email I received.


Please accept our apologies for this issue.

We have found an issue with Verizon CDMA network for the BlackBerry Tour 9630. We have a solution that is currently under test and will be available within the next 18 hours.

You will receive an update around this time with instructions to replace the current HulloMail application with the new version which contains the fix.

In the meantime, the service still terminates your voice calls and sends them to you via email to your registered email account. You can also access your voicemail via our web-portal ( or by voice by calling 202-747-6290.

If in the meantime, you wish to temporarily revert back to Verizon, please dial *73 from your BlackBerry.

Kind Regards
HulloMail Support

Wish I woulda seen this comment sooner. I just e-mailed them about the "OffLine Mode" prob on my Tour. I assume I'll be receiving a similar response soon. Hope it's resolved soon.

Google Voice, which I run flawlessly on my 8330 Curve, except I also get text/email of the transcribed voice mail as well.

I Installed it, now i want to stop using it. I do not see a way to re-route my phone voice mail back to my phone. How do I cancel???


FVP's interface not as nice, but is faster and has better features.

Compared to FVP, Hullomail takes forever to download VMs, doesn't notify you of new VM, and provides no notifications.

I went to their site and I can't find an option to cancel my service. Does anybody know where I need to go?

Like a couple of you I wanted to go back to my carriers voice message system... but could not find any instructions on their web site. They also have no way to unsubscribe. Anyway... I found a very easy way to get back to your carriers system.. at least on T-Mobile and the 8900.

1. Go to "Options"
2. Go to "Phone Options"
3. Click on "Voice Mail" - copy down the phone # listed there... include the + sign.
4. Go to "Call Forwarding" and click on the # listed in each of the options. It should allow you to enter a new # or revert back to the number that was listed in the Voice Mail option prior to installing Hullomail. None-the-less, change the number listed (which is Hullomail's #) to the number (include the + sign) that you found in the Voice Mail option. That is the number which will forward your unanswered calls to your carriers voice mail system. You need only Save once you have changed the numbers.

Once you have changed and saved, call your BB and make sure the forward number works. I forgot to add the + sign, and it still works fine. I think the + sign is for incomming calls from overseas or foreign countries.. but not sure.

This works for Verizon users. I Emailed their customer support.

"To terminate the HulloMail service on the Verizon US Network, please enter this number into your phone and press dial


This will cancel the call forwarding to the HulloMail service

If you experience an issue, please call contact Verizon Service at 1.800.922.0204 for assistance."

To terminate the HulloMail service on the T-Mobile US Network, please enter this number into your phone and press dial ##004# This will cancel the call forwarding to the HulloMail service

I got it off. They are very quick to respond to the emails. This service is not good in my opinion....

That should have been the title. Why is posted on crackberry when it clearly does not work. Wasted 20 minutes of my time.

Hullo CrackBerry Commentators

It's launch week and I am eager to respond to everyone's issues and smooth out any inconsistencies you may be experiencing.

1. Let me first address Sprint charges for all call forwarding. Sprint levies a 20 cent charge per minute for every call forwarded to any 3rd party voicemail service.

In the UK, HulloMail was successful in reversing similar charges levied to our subscribers by T-Mobile.
more info ->

I believe we can do the same in the USA so here is the HulloMail Say NO to the 20 Cents Charge Petition ->

HulloMail strongly believes there should be an open market for 3rd party voicemail providers and we would like to champion this cause and welcome all industry players and consumers to join us.

2. We will a new release today which addresses the off-line mode issue on the Verizon Tour 9630 which some of you have experienced. We will update you on this later today.

3. To go back to your previous voicemail provider we have a

We will be adding a disable function directly into the client in an upcoming release.

4. For notification to function your HulloMail registered email address must match an email address that is registered on your BlackBerry.

5. OS 5.0 is not certified at the moment and we will make that clearer.

We are in Beta and need all your feedback to ensure we do our best on our mission to free up your voicemail.

For general feedback please email
For support please email

Andy Munarriz

1. YouMail is better - has been around longer, more features and user tested.
2. Sprint will charge call forwarding fees for every forwarded minute.
3. Naive brits think they can get a US wireless provider to stop charging bogus fees by starting an online petition. LMAO!!
4. The number listed for Sprint so you can call and have the call forwarding removed actually goes to one of those "premium SMS" scams...if you press the wrong button and end up subscribing, you'll be charged $9.99 per month for directory assistance by Not cool.

Visual voicemail that supports UK users.

I don't know if I am using a newer release of the Beta to previous commentors, but I am very pleased with how easy to set up it is. I get notifications on my home screen and an email with attached MP3.

One thing though, a silent autostart feature would be nice given the amount of times we blackberry users have to restart our phones..