HulloMail Updated Adding Enhanced Features and Improved Usability

By Bla1ze on 8 Feb 2010 12:16 pm EST
It's been a while since we first saw the initial release of HulloMail. In that time the HulloMail has made some advancements in their application with the latest version, v1.1.1 now available for USA and UK BlackBerry users to download. The video demo above shows how the application works overall. For some you may already be using HulloMail but a quick description for those who might not: 
'Hullos' are short, audio messages that enable users to send and receive voice messages without ever having to make a phone call.  They are free* to send, both domestically and overseas. Hullo technology is compatible across different mobile platforms allowing subscribers to easily talk back and forth for hours, never incurring a single voice call charge, even when exchanging Hullos between continents. HulloMail subscribers are also able to quickly play a received Hullo as soon as it appears within their mobile app and will only need to know an intended recipient's email address to send a Hullo. In addition to the Hullo feature, push notifications and automatic message downloads the enhanced application offers support for headsets and Bluetooth®. The service continues to provide subscribers with unique message syncing capabilities with email compliant accounts such as Gmail, MobileMe and Microsoft® Exchange.

The latest version of HulloMail is now available in BlackBerry App World or via the HulloMail website. My only wish is that with the new updates they had included Canada in the list of available countries that can make use of HulloMail. Seems like a great product that I could surely make use of. Supported device include 89xx, 90xx, 96xx and 97xx, No Storm support folks.

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HulloMail Updated Adding Enhanced Features and Improved Usability


I got excited about this product! So excited, that i even deleted my youmail account.. didnt realize till it was too late that hullomail doesnt support the Storm. So i emailed them and heres what I got:

"Hi Hullo!
I was soooo excited about getting your product because im bored of youmail.......till i discovered its not ready for 9530 (storm 1) yet! Is that coming out soon???? I cant wait to use your product!

"Hi Kevin

Thank you for the email.

HulloMail will be available on the BB Storm and Storm2 in June 2010.

Kind Regards

I'm not sure I see the point of this service. If your going to use, if the person is busy you will get their voicemail. Otherwise use text communication, why take all the extra steps to record yourself and the extra data resources to send an audio file?

With Google Voice working awesome for me this just seems silly.

It's cool in the iphone in the demo. It's like a vm text if you will. It's like slydial but not so sneaky. Leave a quick message w/o having to have a lengthy conversation.

I've been using hullomail on my Tour for the last month and a half. Over all I like it. I liked Verizons Visual Voice mail app better but not for 3 bucks a month they want for it. At least this is a free app though