HUB++ receives major UI change along with iGrann and Snap2Chat support

HUB++ receives major UI change and bug fixes in latest update
By DJ Reyes on 7 Aug 2014 04:05 am EDT

The popular LED notification app HUB++ has a new update now available. We recently did a comparison of a few of the popular LED notification apps and while HUB++ didn't come out as my top favourite, I do love the work of the developer. This latest update sees a change in the UI and I'm really liking it, enough that I'm going to use it again. Apart from a tweak in its visual look, iGrann and Snap2Chat have been added as notifications you can customize. Which I'm sure will be welcomed by many. Of course, there are bug fixes too.

HUB++ LED Notifications v5.8.3.1 changelog

  • UI enhancements with full redesign
  • Improved flow and notification creation process
  • Support for Instagram (e.g. iGrann) SnapChat (e.g. Snap2Chat)
  • Bug fixes

HUB++ is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Updates are free but if you haven't got it already it will cost you $2.99. It does a lot more than just let you customize the LED light for different accounts. You can have schedule profiles where you can set times of the day when you're device automatically change to silent mode, there's customization for system status as well.

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HUB++ receives major UI change along with iGrann and Snap2Chat support


Ah yes Superman is the first superhero that people will usually think of when asked of an example of a superhero

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Maybe to simplify the user process. I haven't updated yet, want to make sure there are no bugs. :) UT happens

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Oh man I hope that they implement they to miss the led like be buzz. Sometimes it's stuck

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Hands down the best custom LED app I have ever used on my BlackBerry. The updated GUI address most people complaints about it being to complicated. Awesome app!

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Meh. My hub++ is rarely open because it's a headless app. Don't think I've ever spent more than 5 minutes in the app.

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Quick question, when you say Instagram support... Notifications for the Android Instagram don't work, so if I buy Hub++ will this make it work?

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No, what's happening is Igrann has hub integration so it will trigger a notification and now hub++ has a slot for that notification.

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

There could be other clients for Instagram, so we generalized it. For the same reason, we did not include a separate account for Blaq. Since it is a Twitter client, user can assign Blaq to Twitter account.

I saw this last night and downloaded it just before gong to bed. I wasn't prepared for the white background and, since it was dark, it was blinding. Lol. Other than having to adjust to that, I love the UI changes.

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something wrong with this app, the search is grey out and I cannot add contacts and when I want to provide feedback no email address will try to download again

I miss the darker theme as well - I'm actually in the main screen alot, it's how I control the my notifications since BB10 OS isn't very good at notification customization. I use the HUB++ main screen to control my volume level depending on if I'm at home, at work, in a meeting, etc.
Still love the app tho

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Good question... to bad, that this app had many bugs before... not sure it will usable fine now

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

So sad I can't download this update until I either upgrade to the next leak or find a working BBW file!

Damn BBW update broke itself on my leak, lol.

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why don't you guys roll back to the older version of BBW that's what i did. the .bar is in the leaked forums

Happy for an update. Re: the light theme/dark theme I was taken by surprise as well and would like to see a dark theme option come back - it's easier on the eyes and I feel the contrast was superior for seeing the LED patterns you've already assigned to each contact, especially in a dark room. This could also be addressed by turning the very thin coloured bars into larger dots.

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OK who was it that said they are bias and love bebuzz... TAKE THAT BEBUZZ.... HUB++ will always take top priority. leave Bebuzz on ur bold we are now running QNX. Hub++ takes this 1

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Great additions

I can't stand that there's no true yellow or white for my Z10, just weird mixes of colors

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Don't care for the white theme! Would it have been too difficult for the developers to leave users with a theme option?

Because of the popular demand, we plan to add the dark theme as an configurable option. Thanks for your patience and support.