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Hub++ brings flip to mute capability and stock ringtones to its latest update

Hub++ brings flip to mute capability and stock ringtones to its latest update
By DJ Reyes on 21 Feb 2014 07:48 am EST

Popular LED notification app, HUB++ has got received an update. Already headless, it's an app many have been using and it's still regularly being updated with new features and enhancements. This latest update brings some nice additions, including the ability to use stock BlackBerry 10 ringtones. I must admit, with the app now headless, I love this app a lot more.

HUB++ v5.5.1.1 changelog

  • ​BB10 stock tones are now integrated
  • Flip to silence option added
  • Bug fixes
  • Headless optimisation

Remember for the headless portion, you need to be running BlackBerry 10.2.1 in order for it to work. Anything lower you will need to still have HUB++ open in an Active Frame. For new users wanting to check out HUB++, you can learn more from our App Gallery.

Download Hub++ from BlackBerry World


Danny Ocean

What exactly is "flip to mute"?

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

@danny...I guess if you flip your phone,with the screen down,it doesn't sound off when something comes in.Great!!

Prem WatsApp

You were f..., ahem beat me to it, jojo.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Pete The Penguin


Your BlackBerry rings so you 'flip' it over to silence it.

Similar to Flip Shush which is a one trick pony.


Correct me if i'm wrong, but when you have an incoming call and you touch the screen, the phone mutes. I think that this is more easy than to flip your phone to mute it.


The idea is not to wait until a call comes in to silence your phone and is much more convenient that using settings to mute your phone and forgetting to turn notifications back on.

Prem WatsApp

Put the phone screen-down on the table, and it will shut up / stop ringing. Could be really helpful to avoid embarrassment in some situations like meetings, if you forgot to silence your phone.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

jojo beaconsfield

@prem... what happens when you flip it back,does the app start shooting all your messages at you that were not announced


I only know shake to mute, using it to silence my alarm in the morning within multi alarms app

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Clearly this app slam dunks on Bebuzz's face on every point, I just wish I had purchased this instead of BeBuzz to begin with.. those guys have seriously fallen asleep their app isn't even headless yet


It's not to late. BBWorld is open 24/7 - just hit the "Purchase" button ;-)
You don't have to use all the apps you purchase - all the time.. just Delete the BeBuzz app - get the HUB++ - be happy.. Perhaps next month you want to change apps again.. since you now have purchased both apps - you have the choice to switch - whenever you want.. Just as you do with your pants.. that is - if you have more than one pair!


Lol Morten I think I might take your advice and go ahead and buy Hub++ this weekend

Pete The Penguin

I'm glad I got Hub++.

It's about time BlackBerry bought the app and brought all the functionality in to BB10.


I have had issues with this app working consistently. Will give it a try again. Flip to mute is a great feature for meetings etc.

Zed 10 with 1925 leak


Still waiting for holster recognition.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/


I installed this update last night. Very nice improvements. I've not had the notification reliability issues for 3 update cycles now. I really like the additional ringtones. Look later for a post on the forums from me where I show you how you can use many, many more ringtones in Hub++. Completely legal and at no cost. You actually already have the sound files on your phone.


Will it work on women?

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


Lol... gasp

Posted via CB10


You have to ask that question.....?

Posted via CB10

Vincent Romani

Lmao! Nothing works on women...

Posted via CB10


Clean fingernails, clean teeth, and nice smelly feet help. Start there.

Posted via CB10


Flip to mute: I missed this stuff when I was in OmniaLite. It seems that Hub++ would replace my Moto SmartActions. Is a free version available? Or maybe an evaluation one?

Posted via Q10 10.2.1 (2141-OS/2142-Radio)


I believe that update is only for OS 10.2.x. Anybody get it if you are still on 10.1.x?

Posted via CB10


Got Watcher already. Thanks tho

Posted via CB10


Does anyone know - will HUB+++ work for corporate email on the work side of Balance if installed on the personal side of Balance - or must it be installed on the work side as well?

Posted via CB10


I'm truly tired of waiting for bebuzz to do anymore updates, regardless of headless or not. Hub++ has surpassed it in terms of UI and functionality. Ditching bebuzz, just bought Hub++.


I purchased the app a few cycles ago. It's been much better. Can someone explain the first screen, meaning the pictures of the phone, the on/off (ok, I figured that one) and the plug?
I still have one issue that I cant figure. Vibration is off on every possible account and notification, but when I hang up on a call, I get a brief vibration. Is this the app and can I disable?
I like the stock tones and now that they are included, it's a plus. Maybe they can add a tone when you send and email (so you hear it go) and a tone when the charger is plugged in.
Overall, a 4 star app.


The plug is the LED. The main screen icons disable/enable notifications for all the rules set in the app.

The vibrate on disconnect/connect is an option you can switch off in the settings.

Killer, awesome app. Been using it since day one and it gets constantly improved?!

Posted via CB10

graham bowers

Love this app

Posted via CB10


Flip to shush does not work for me. Not sure what is going on.

Posted via CB10


Live this app. Finally something a bit similar to Advance OS and LED.

Posted with my Z10 via CB10


Live=love, obviously.

Posted with my Z10 via CB10


I like the Contacts engine. I've created some pretty sophisticated email processing rules. The only thing is I don't know what happens with rules that have a sequence dependency. Which goes first? How do I get it to stop moving them to the top when I edit? If there is a sequence, I don't want them moving around.


Is anyone having problems with the ring tones still? I don't use this app for them but I wouldn't mind if it's a possibility.

Posted via CB10


Where do you find the ring tones?


Found them. Eeerrrrrreeeeeerrrrr


Almost crashed my phone

Posted from the comfort of QWERTY


Still can't set lights for individuals in BlackBerry Messenger. Want people to use BBM still no feature. Why why why BlackBerry?

Posted via CB10