Hub++ for BlackBerry 10 updated with a handful of new features

Hub++ for BlackBerry 10 updated with a handful of new features
By DJ Reyes on 28 Jul 2013 12:35 pm EDT

Popular LED notification app, Hub++ recently got updated to version 4 bringing in major changes to the UI and a load of new features. The new UI is certainly very different but doesn't take away from the user experience if it's an app you use regularly. One of the biggest new add-ons to this latest update is that is now supports Skype and Whatsapp.

Hub++ version 4 features:

  • Supports whatsapp, skype and Facebook notifications
  • Multiple network coverage indicators
  • Notifications dismisses when peeked at hub or the message is read
  • Contact rules now displays image for the contact
  • Contact name now appears on the SMS preview message
  • BBM message notifications even when device is unlocked
  • Refreshing new UI 

With APIs still not available for headless apps, you're going to have to keep it open in an Active Frame for all features to work. If you haven't updated Hub++ yet, check out BlackBerry World for a manual refresh. If you haven't tried Hub++ yet, it's available for the Z10, Q10 and Q5 for $2.99.

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Hub++ for BlackBerry 10 updated with a handful of new features


How does BeBuzz stack up against Hub++?
I'm planning to get one of these.... help.plz..

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

I wanted to know the same thing. Maybe an unbiased side by side comparison si the user can choose.

Just to be clear, You say bebuzz is STILL better. Even after this hub++ update?

Posted via CB10

Because you use it?

I chosed H++ because the dev actually participate in the community unlike Bellshare. Good luck contacting Bellshare if you have questions/problems/suggestions.

H++ drains less battery, and never have to pay for updates. Can't ever say that for Bellshare apps.

WORD! Bellshare want to make money PRIMARILY. Before customer service. Purchase this to fix this. No.

Hub++ is the way to go. I paid when the Mobihand store closed, paid again to get BBM in... Several times, I understand maintaining software up to date costs, but they were just being greedy with some minor updates and bug fixes before. Drove me nuts!

Also, they literally never answer you. Someone that participates in the community shows he's/she's dedicated! A++

I have both. Just switched back to Hub++ because Bellshare support is nonexistent. Every time I contact them for support, they open a ticket and then close it saying they have not heard from me. Try contacting them for help and see what happens.

It also seems like Hub++ drains my battery slower. Just my 2 cents.

Posted via CB10

The reasons I picked Hub++ over BeBuzz include:

Superior support
Relative lack of bugs
No discernible impact on battery usage
Notification filtering rules that BeBuzz didn't have originally

I used BeBuzz/BerryBuzz for several years on my legacy BBOS devices, it was pretty much the best game in town at one point. But their support got worse and worse, they shutdown their user forums, and it got to where they basically never answered you if you contacted them with a technical issue.

I give pfluger credit - he is a skilled coder and is often the first to release certain features in his BB10 apps. But these days I will only buy Bellshare apps if there is absolutely nothing comparable because I don't like supporting companies that don't provide at least moderate support for their products.

I also find that their products have a larger number of bugs, they tend to be bloated / high resource users, and there seem to be some issues right now, reported by several users, of battery-drain issues.

Am I right in thinking you still cannot run these apps "headless"?
What exactly has happened with headless apps?
We were told they were coming (bit like os10 for the PlayBook) but nothing so far. Will it be in 10.2 or is this just another BlackBerry broken promise?

CB10 on my Z10

Hey, it's a new & revolutionary OS so by the moment YOU dear customer will have to deal without headless apps and tons of other missing basic stuff...till we decide offer to you an fking finished product and not this endless beta version, why?
Because it's NEW!!!
Oh in the meantime please keep waiting, waiting and waiting for super updates and head up to BB World and waste some bucks just to try to fix your BB10 with 3rd party apps.

On topic: nice app

Posted via CB10

"...waste some bucks just to try to fix your BB10 with 3rd party apps."

Because... these types of custom notifications are baked into other OS'?

I'm doing trials between the two now. Bebuzz looks nicer,has better UI, more functions, but seems to drain battery a little more. Hub++ seems to drain less battery, has better customer service, and seems to be updating more frequently. I'm indecisive between the two...all in all hub++ still is a great app that keeps getting better with every update....

What about amount of colors and services supported? Are both apps charging for updates? Bebuzz has a history in legacy devices to update consistently and charge for it.

Speaking of legacy, I remember that on BBOS, I would use the green signal indicator that came with the phone and then use bebuzz for it to go blue but every now and then it would flash green. Are little bugs similar to this still happening with bebuzz?

Posted via CB10

Hub++ has not charged for any updates yet. I only have it, so I won't speak for BeBuzz, but Hub++ colors are red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, and white, and you can combine them into whatever pattern you want, and then have that pattern repeat as many times as you want. The services are Work Email, BBM, What'sApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, phone, plus a catch-all "others" notification. You can also set it up to automatically catch any unknown notifications and ask you to identify what it is so that you can set up notifications for that service. You can also set up custom notifications by a large number of criteria, even finding a keyword in the subject and message body in a message from a certain contact to a certain email address. There are also coverage indicators, but I think that they're only one color, but enough people are complaining about that that it'll probably be changed in the next update.

A few more random things that Hub++ does are vibrate on connect/disconnect from a call, turn off different parts of the notifications during calls, one button to turn off all notifications easily, press volume up button to dismiss notification, show message pop up over whatever you're doing, and backup and restore of settings.

My favorite part of Hub++ is that the developer is very active in the forums, constantly giving updates that people want, and they're all free! At this point it works very well, just as long as you remember to turn off system notifications so that there isn't any conflict.

They both seem to have similar minor bugs here and there because of OS limitations, I guess it just depends on which ones you can live with..again hub++ customer service is more responsive with acknowledging bugs and fixes for them, and I think they will be putting out a maintenance update here soon..lets hope there's a little more in there also....

It sounds so stupid that BB10 needs these additional apps to complete it's own function which already exist in BB7, quite disappoint about BB10's notification. It's super sucks.

Posted via CB10 from Q5

BB10 are missing some notifications options from BB7, but the main ideas of this app (custom LED colours for different accounts) was not available in BB7 neither.

That's what we are talking about. Instead of learning from past experience, they go backwards and in pursuit of "innovation " they totally fked'up achieved goals.
It's really suspicious the way some well known basic stuff is pushed aside just to find'em out in app market...

Posted via CB10

They all drain battery, especially BeBuzz, removed it a better battery can't wait to remove Whats App. One thing I missed from my 9900 was the LED identification. hey..Seidio bigger battery for the Z10 please... or I am moving to the A10....oops doing that anyway !!

As much as I love BeBuzz, I'm not the first to state that their customer service is horrendous. Just IMO, Bellshare has gotten too big for their britches. They never respond to emails, and God forbid you change devices and need a new key, you might as well wait for pigs to fly.

Posted via CB10

I had ongoing issues last year with their apps after upgrading phones. I was constantly having to transfer the license for BeBuzz and BeWeather, as at least once a month, the apps would revert to the trial version. Support tickets and emails to them when unanswered and I got fed up and deleted both BeBuzz and BeWeather and found alternative apps.

+1 on that. They make some decent apps but their customer "service" is nonexistent. Their response is *always* "post in the forums" and hope someone else can help you.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10.

Of course nothing is free,but while in blackberry we only find one or two good apps , and we also have to pay for it, in android we find hundreds, and most are for free.

I've used both BeBuzz for BB10 and Hub++ and find that I like BeBuzz a little bit better, as it a bit more user-friendly in setting up notifications and the color/pattern options are a bit better. I do miss a few of the color options (light and dark shades of the colors as well as orange and pink as color options) that the previous versions offered.

Lol ^ Androids policy is were not gunna charge cause we're gunna steal all the info from you're phone and sell it to 3rd parties for advertising( I'd rather pay!). Anyhow in my opinion hub++ is better and does have amazing customer service/frequent updates!

Posted via CB10

Indeed, a lot of android apps are free, even very good ones. BlackBerry is kind of disappointing to me regarding some things that should be on the device automatically but yet I need to buy an app for it.

CB10 - Q10

Then again, there are plenty of things you have to pay for on other platforms that are free on BlackBerry.

Think StoryMaker or the great built-in photo editor. How many YEARS did it take iOS to get a miserable calculator?

Posted via CB10

On my friend's nexus, I think he had to root his OS. Not sure for samsung. (that was a while ago)

A good example is "panorama pics". We can find many apps in android for free, but blackberry only one or two and pay for it or you can't use it

Many of my apps were free... :/

Google Play has a ton more apps, combined with the ad driven nature of the OS and ecosystem there are bound to be far more "free" apps there. You "pay" for it by having to see the annoying ads every time you use the apps.

And lets not exaggerate, BB World only has 1 or 2 free apps? Saying things like this doesn't give you any credibility at all.

That's fair now that you clarified your statement.

Some apps categories you're right, others there are a decent amount of choices (and also free ones). Do you find Play or the App Store having too many choices and you just don't know which app to download?

Actually I can think of at least 4 or 5 apps that are designed to customize LED and sound notifications for BB10.

Personally I use Hub++.

Whatsapp is always on. You can't turn it off.

If you are experiencing poor battery life, it has a lot to do with whatsapp. You will need to remove it asap, and then watch your battery life soar !!


And how do I get said soaring battery life if I never have had whatsapp. And I close all my panes when I'm done. I'm working now since 5am. Listened to slacker a bit this am. Otherwise nothing else. Battery life is at 34%. The Verizon 2034 is worse in my life than the leaked 2009. Ugh.

Posted via CB10

A lot of these OS's do extra work after an OS upgrade that uses a lot of CPU / network and thus battery power.

Give it 2 or 3 days, see if the battery life improves. Also, do a "hard reboot" or battery pull once or twice over that time period, all of those things are reported to help with initial battery drain issues.

Sorry I just can not justify having an active frame open all the time for something like this. As soon as we get headless apps I'll download an LED notification app like this.


"...BBM message notifications even when device is unlocked.."

Shouldn't that be "when device is un-unlocked" - or "not unlocked" .. or just simply "locked" :-)

In earlier versions there was a bug (or more specifically, lack of feature), that meant that depending on which option you picked, BBM messages were either only going off when the device was locked, or going off even if it's just a sent or delivered or read of a message you've sent. Now the developer seems to have found a way to deal with this problem in the APIs, and now BBM notifications go off on a new message regardless of whether the device is locked or unlocked. As far as i know BeBuzz hasn't implemented this yet, but now that It has been done it's just a matter of time before they both have this.

HUB++ is def the way to go. Amazing app and amazing customer support. Had an issue late Friday wrote an email and they responded right away and the next day Saturday the issue was resolved.

Posted via CB10

I started using H++ again with this update, IT IS AMAZING, do not miss on this app!

Just need to remember to disable all other notification in phone settings and just do it with the app, the leds - preview of msgs/emails and a big range of sounds makes it a must for me, I haven't tried bebuzz do sorry I can't review it.