HTC Slide Theme For BlackBerry Storm!!

By Bla1ze on 30 Apr 2009 05:13 am EDT
HTC Touch Theme!

Now this is slick.  Typically I don't like themes that are mock ups of other devices such as Windows Mobile or Android.  I feel like if I wanted a Windows Mobile theme, I'd have bought a Windows Mobile device, right? But this one is different. This is like a splash of HTC's TouchFlo smacked with BlackBerry branding.  This theme has some serious looking animations, all compiled into a theme that flows much better then even the devices it's based on. HTC Touch Slide by forums member KDJayo is just simply beautiful.

With Quicklaunch integration, huge animated sliding icons and "hidden" buttons all over this place, all I can really say is I'm throughly impressed by this one. If not only by how slick it looks, but how it functions as well. If you want to see the theme in full action you can check out the Youtube posting of the video. As well, KDJayo has incuded some sexy custom wallpapers in the original forums post. Sadly, currently only available for the Storm at this point.  The cost is just right for this kind of theme and you can pick it up for only $5. I can only imagine the time it took for this one.

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HTC Slide Theme For BlackBerry Storm!!


Because I wasn't sure why only KD's was being advertised... I thought I made that pretty clear. Having some comprehension issues there pal?

But if I must explain, I felt the need to post this here because ECruz and KD both spent a great amount of time working on their themes. The difference is ECruz offers his for free, despite all of the effort that he puts into it. I think he deserves a little bit of recognition as well. Nothing against KD, I think he does a great job and he definitely has the right to charge for it. But they both deserve some appreciation.

I just started developing themes and I think my first one is pretty cool...Then this comes along and DAMN! I am not one for buying themes, but I had to with is one bad A$$ theme that looks and runs great!

I thought that everyone would agree on this being a nice theme, but I look at the first two comments...Wow!!! Thanks again to Justin Rampage for the wallpapers that make the theme what it is. Alright KD, looks like it's time to get back to work.

I have noticed huge memory leaks with themes. Would love to give this one a go, I was a HTC Touch user for a year, and loved their format and theme! Wish it had the weather theme in it as well. that was one of the coolest features of that phone.

my calendar entries do not show up on the today portion of the screen. They are associated with gmail account. Help Please

I ask, you feel the need to say this because? Tell you what, why don't ewwwwwwwwww take your ewwwwwwwwwwww where it might actually be welcome...

This theme is amazing. The animations are so slick and smooth. Theme is fast and NO lag. It is all around a super theme. Congrats KDJayo on such a killer theme :)

I love this theme...I cant however figure out how to take the icons off the screen. Like I have my home icon one row icons...but then two more rows show up that when u touch them they wiggle. Does anyone know how to remove them? Thanks for your help...and thanks again to the creator....this theme is seriously sick.

curious if there is much of a memory leak with this theme, like there are with all other themes?

Because E Cruz's is like a watered down version of everything this theme has to offer.

And Ecruzs file size is above 800kb WITH a massive memory leak

This one is twice as good with fluid animations and just, much more polished.

I love it when people post negative comments like this it is always anonymous who post them. Oh well. KD great job on the theme.

As a neutral third party, I suspect the size difference is purely based off the fact that E's version uses colour icons and KD's does not. With the exception of wallpapers, icons are the biggest contributor to file size.

It's still nice because it doesn't have the winmo look. HTC has done a nice job on this black sleek look.

gotta love forums... kids will be kids you know?!

kd... great job

e... great job.

people need to stop comparing these themes and bashing one another, this blog should not have any mention of comparison (even though from what i see i like em both :p) but why sit here and bash e's theme or kd's theme... get a life!

available on another device like the bold? seems that the storm has some really neat and inventive themes with animation. is it possible to get a theme like this for a bold? or does the device somehow limit it? very nice though!

Just purchased and loaded,,,,This is the best theme I have to date for the storm...It is superfast and very smooth works faster then the storms built in theme...awesome

Nice theme. Worth the money. It would be nice to see this theme with some color. Maybe next time around. Still, a must download. GOOD JOB!!

I really like this theme. I do have to say that it uses a lot of RAM. Before I applied this there I used 30% RAM now it is using 50% RAM. I wish, please do not bash b/c I know it is supposed to replicate HTC, he modified it to use more color and call it the HTC Slide Color theme. We have great displays and should take abvantage of it. Great work otherwise. Works fine on .132

Love the theme but for some reason Quicklaunch isn't working properly. when i have it open is constanly blinking, anyone have the save issue? is there a way i can fix this?

The quicklaunch issue is because you installed .141, not the theme, go check out fixes for it on the forum. Thanks for the support guys

I have a question about this theme. After i do a battery pull i have 1 row of icons at the bottom. Then i am not sure how it happens but poof! then i have three rows. I am not sure how this happens and can not figure out how to put the three rows back to one row. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks!

slide your finger along the top of the bottom row of icons. Right to left I think. It will slide the middle row of icons out of the way. slide your fingers left to right and the 3 rows come back. really slick.

I really like the look of this theme especially because I seriously wanted the HTC Touch when I read about it (2007)before it was released. Since it was initially a GSM phone, it never happened but I love my Storm and wouldn't trade it for anything! Anyway the only thing I don't like about this theme is how it reorganizes the application folders (Download, Setup, Application and Games). I hope that will be fixed in a future upgrade. Otherwise, it is a gorgeous theme and it does not seem to be a battery drain!

I've been playing around with the HTC them for about 2 days now and let me tell you this theme is smooth! i wish it came out sooner before i purchased all those other themes. I would've saved a lot of money! LOL

love this theme is there one for the blackberry bold you storm users have fun please post how this theme works if its just as good or better than the ppc.

Your really bugging me man, you obviously have zero respect for me. But whatever. I hope this gets off the front page soon because it was almost not worth the recognition because of people like you hating on me for no reason at all. Cya.

this theme rocks! I like the fact that I can see the appointments in my calendar from the home screen.

I love the looks of this theme and the ease of how it can be operated...however, it's eating memory like it's at an all you can eat buffet...I have to do a minimum of 3 battery pulls per day...before I installed it i would boot with 38mb and it would float most of the day at 21mb to 26mb with moderate use during the business it will boot with 26mb and within 6 hours of the same moderate use, it will be at 6mb to 8mb...I am running OS version 132..I can't imagine having a bit of color in some highlighted bars could cause that much drain, but I supposed it does...Love it but can't keep it on with that much drain...It's a shame, because I really like the theme.