HTC not opposed to licensing BlackBerry 10 software

By Adam Zeis on 7 Sep 2012 01:09 pm EDT

Rumors of RIM licensing BlackBerry 10 to other companies have been flying around for months, and CEO Thorsten Heins has said all along that RIM may look to licensing their upcoming software should there be a need. While rumors of Samsung snatching it up have been squashed time and time again, HTC may be a viable option for RIM down the road. According to Mobile Today,Graham Wheeler, director of product management for EMEA at HTC, said:

"I don't have any knowledge but that is not to say we are not looking at it. But from my point of view we are not saying we are closed to a new operating system. We will review each one to make sure it's the best for our customers."

So while HTC isn't saying that they will flat out license BlackBerry 10, there is still and option there to do so. HTC's third quarter sales have dropped quite a bit so they, like RIM, could be looking for a way to get things going again.

The reality of it all is that RIM is already in the licensing business. They have licensed QNX all over the place, so it makes sense that they would do the same with BlackBerry 10 since it's built on the QNX platform. Will HTC be interested in BB10? Maybe. But making any moves before an actual launch (and seeing the market reception) probably won't happen.

What do you think? BlackBerry 10 software running on HTC hardware? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Mobile Today

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HTC not opposed to licensing BlackBerry 10 software


Why? More devices running BB10 - more users - more developers interested - more users - better for RIM - better for all BlackBerry users.

I thought it looked just fine. BlackBerry is known for its quality builds so I rather doubt that it will look cheap in the flesh.

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Disagree. Others will offer up cheap hardware with poorly written drivers, and folks will blame RIM for it. It would be a serious mistake. RIM would be wise to avoid all the pitfalls Android and WinPhone has faced over the years.

I'd say RIM should get more manufacturers on bored because the more manufactures there are, the bb10 powered phones. I mean isn't that how Android became successful? The more phones on the self, the more they'll be in more peoples hands right?

android DID NOT become successful because "Samsung became successful" that is so far beyond the truth. Android sales were greatly increased because it was available from nearly every phone manufacturer. not just samsung.

Perhaps, but Samsung (and to a lesser extent LG) is the only Android smartphone manufacturer to really make any money off of Android (at least pre-lawsuits).

People like Samsung's phones, and not all of them would have just bought LG/HTC/Motorola Android phones instead. Samsung is, right now, the biggest single driver behind Android's success. Besides Google, of course.

So you're saying that Android became successful after the galaxy series came out? Because that's when Samsung became successful, after the galaxy series came to market.

Android took advantage of RIM's shortcomings for it's initial success. Verizon went all in Droid devices because at the time the only alternative Big Red offered in the way of competition against AT&T's iPhone was the BlackBerry Storm.

Actually, Android became successful because of carriers like Verizon, who felt excluded from the special deals from Apple (AT&T) and BlackBerry Torch (AT&T). Samsung benefited greatly because they had the best Android hardware.

Yeah, Would be weird to see anything other than RIM hardware running BlackBerry 10. Plus that is the most politicized wishy washy statement I've ever read lol.

"but that is not to say we're not looking at it....but from my point of view we are not saying we are closed to a new OS".......Come on, that's brutal.

Licensing BB10 is helpful to RIM on a number of fronts:

1) Increases the userbase by offering more choice, especially in the mid-low end where HTC has better economies of scale than RIM does

2) Improves the attractiveness of proprietary RIM platforms like BES and BBM by expanding the overall population of handsets that can use it.

3) Provides some crucial validation for RIM; if any company licenses BB10, it's because they believe that RIM has an ongoing future and will continue to be around to support their OS. I'll admit, I'd much prefer to see Samsung as a licensing partner, but at this point HTC is better than nothing.

You're talking about a risky experiment that can only water down the platform for RIM. If RIM didn't make such quality hardware, then it might be an option to consider. You're talking cheap business to maximize profits rather than maximize the value of the product. The product will have value if and only if RIM can control all aspects of the user experience.

Apple has shown this model works, and it makes sense to only put the highest quality in their user's hands. Everything the user sees has Apple's highest quality control stamp of approval. That is how you create a successful product, not by creating a diverse set of products with varying quality standards, plus having vendors compete for a niche in this space.

That is one way of growing the BB10 user base.
I think this is basically everybody who doesn't use their own OS's stance, with the exception of Nokia.

Licencing is a good idea if it is strategic and thoughtful. You can hit more markets both geographically and in terms of price point. This in turn enhances 3rd party support. However, RIM always needs a hardware presence to keep itself grounded to reality. Licencing needs to be controled; the last thing we need is another Android wild west show.

I agree! Have you seen the HTC Radar? Such a stunning WP7 phone and the OS looks stunning inside it. I wouldn't mind having an HTC with a BlackBerry button on it.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Totally agree. Got my hands on the Sprint htc EVO4g LTE and the hardware is stellar. Would love to see this happen and in my opinion, htc is the right way to go if RIM wants to license BB10.
It kind of goes along with the htc slogan of, "quietly brilliant". For htc and there profits going down, this would be a brilliant move for them.

Lmfao should I say vaperware? Companies don't make decisions off word of mouth something bb users don't seem to understand. QNX is nice that's where it begins & ends LINUX puts a beating on QNX anyday.

LOL!! You should try talking out your mouth sometime...
Who you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear a word you are saying.

"LINUX puts a beating on QNX anyday." Back to the institute for you. How'd you get out anyway?... Gotta stop these security breaches where trolls escape the confines of their detention centres.

It can be the most beautiful, sexy and advanced HTC phone ever, but with BB10 ecosystem there will be no sales. Get some freaking GOOD apps and then worry
about licensing.

You obviously haven't the slightest idea what you're saying. You know nothing about QNX. Linux cannot compare.

Can you spell troll? Didn't think so. I write device drivers for a living for many Unix variants.

To say you work with Unix based drivers or whatever you're statement holds nothing at all. Just goes to show you who's a true linux/Unix specialist RHCE

I like. What's wrong with licensing? Apart from RIM having to maybe work that little bit harder in convincing the people the BlackBerry phone is better than the HTC. Yeah, it's easier said than done but even if HTC does better than RIM in the hardware department, RIM would still be getting paid for every BB10 HTC powered phone.

I think the way you'd see it play out is that RIM would continue to produce the high-end BlackBerry models, and essentially cede the low end ("Curve" class) to licensees.

Wrong approach. It gives you the idea that BB is cheap, a problem with early Androids. I suspect that rather more likely is that you would see other makers producing things like very large screen phones while RIM focussed on business use. In an age of BYOD, if the CEO brings in a large screen HTC phone running BB 10 and demands it be connected to the corporate network, that's a win for IT.

HTC makes good phones and in my personal opinion they maintain quality on what they put out (unlike Samsung..)
So I think it is a good idea for RIM to license it out till they are careful enough not to overdo it.. (look how there are super low end android phones poping up these days)
1. RIM gets revenue which they need..
2. There are more BB10 based devices --> More userbase for developers --> More interested devs--> More Apps --> Better experience for users and so on..

I would vote for it..

I've consistently said that I think licensing out BB10 is a great idea. Especially to a company like HTC, but I hope to see Samsung jump on board eventually as well.

Will I buy the HTC or Samsung BB10 device? probably not.. I like my Blackberry hardware, so as long as RIM keeps making them I will likely keeo buying them.. BUT why wouldn't I want those who prefer another OEM's devices to also be on BB10?

The more people who are on BB10 the more BBM contacts I can have.. the more dev's will be interested.. the more apps that will be available.

I think it's a win win.

That said.. I think this statement is pretty thin on their actual intentions to even consider licensing BB10.. Basically all they didn't say was "Helllzz no!"

I would like to think BB10 will prove itself as a top platform, and that at that point others will take notice and want in, but I think to assume any of the OEM are even contemplating it at this time is pure wrong.

The article was written about nothing more then the stammering of an uninformed executive.

...and while you or I might not buy a licensee's BB10 phone, it's easy to recommend it to a friend/family member who may have soured on the BlackBerry brand.

It will also be great for corporate customers who want to keep users on BES but want more choice.

Any device run by BB10 wil become a ... Blackbery powered device.
So, the model may become somehow like android: 1 OS, many manufacturers.
Well, that's a very valid option.

I don't think this is too bad of an idea. First off all kind of developers are jumping on with bb10 because of what they find as an easy build (not an expert just going by the articles I've read). That alone would blow up the app eco system. Then you have more people with bbm and getting a taste of the awesomeness. Then RIM will have the financial backing to also continue to build their own hardware keeping the solid followers bringing in their hard earned money in blackberry. Not too sappy of an idea.

Options are good. As long as I'm not stuck having to buy HTC to have BlackBerry10 I'm all for it. Personally I like Rims hardware but to have both HTC and RIM BlackBerry10 hardware to choose from would be great for the consumer, RIM and HTC.

I think before anything happens BB10 will need to be released. Manufacturers aren't going to take a gamble on something they have to pay for if there isn't a decent chance they will make some money back. Since the reality is RIM is slowly losing market share, it doesn't look good to the number cruncher.

I'm not totally convinced it will happen anyway. Both Samsung and HTC already pay licensing fees to Microsoft(I think) for Windows Phone. Why would they consider doing it with RIM when they know(unless RIM pulls out) RIM will be a direct competitor? With RIM a competitor they could undercut the other manufacturers since RIM wouldn't have to pay its own licensing fee. However, this could become moot if either manufacturer is looking to replace their Windows Phone business since Nokia and Microsoft have a nice contract going.

Regardless, don't count on anything happening until BB10 ships into our hands. There won't be any announcements until all the manufacturers can gauge the reception of BB10.

Look at Kevin's thoughts on the OneX. Basically all the phone parts of the phone sucked. Don't know if this is just Android sucks at those features on all phones, or HTC just used crap hardware for the voice parts of the device. Sorry but I hope we don't end up with HTC made Blackberry phones unless RIM has some strict control over the requirements of the hardware.

If I remember correctly, it was said RIM will only provide devices with 2 different display resolutions. That was very well accepted by devs! If they allow BB10 on other devices, they'll lose control over screen resolutions. Well... At least I think so... That's also why I don't think we'll see BB10 on other than RIM devices.

agee with that partially if the licensing terms dictate no changes to screen resolutions the companies that they license to must abide by that feature requirement

It is just a rumour built around an ambiguous this point, I would say, "no ", but there are many pros and cons to the licensing debate.
Down the road...who knows? Definitely worth considering...

How much money RIM has made from "hey have licensed QNX all over the place" ???
That figure should be interesting, and quite relevant to the company's future.

Personaly I think that HTC licensing BlackBerry10 would be very good for RIM, I don't think licensing the upcoming OS (or selling the company in a darker outcome) are not options anymore, either they successfully launch BB10 and license it right away, or they sell.

They should bring interest from company's like DELL, that need to revamp their business, if Amazon is going to sell their smartphones, Microsoft is already in that business, it's pretty obvious that DELL can't fall asleep and take action whether is licensing BlackBerry10 for mobile devices or even considering taking over some RIM's shares. This is all speculation, but it makes sense to me.

And back to the HTC, at least is a good sign that they are not rulling out the possibility of licensing a new OS, if BB10 can get sufficient apps they would definitely be interested, because the OS by itlself looks pretty amazing, but the average smartphone user mostly only care about apps.

my overall outlook would be

financially another stream of revenue from licensing this to other makers is good it makes great sense you only have to worry about your OS and not just for that model maker but all that you are with.

from a technical standpoint its horrible for me I would never ever buy a device that is not RIM made just because it feels wrong lol and to be honest every htc device i have been in contact with hardware never matched required specifications but you also run into the google side of it. Android yea became popular by samsung but almost every other device doesnt seel and when it does has a bad reception to it.

overall this would still be good it boosts sales and helps pick RIM up faster for it being done extra $$ is the bottom line on a regular basis and licesnsing does increase awareness of your product.

Why would anyone say no? The more hardware BB10 is on the better. Would Android be where it's at today if it was only on a Google phone? No.
Anything that gives the consumer more choice is good.

GO AHEAD RIM. we want to see a competitive ecosystem in BB10 era in terms of physical specifications.

VERY GOOD YOU HAVE INTEREST! Grab the opportunity! You have another angle in which to boost sales cause honestly you are not doing well and the newness of BB10 would spark some curiosity particularly among new customers so I suggest you go for it!!

RIM's cash-cow is not phone hardware sales, it's their network services. Hardware profit margins are steadily declining. For RIM not to at least think very strongly about licensing BB10 for other phone hardware manufactures would be a mistake. Take a cut for licensing, and sell the high profit services to the new phone owners.

Have HTC or others create some kick-ass phones/tablets, build the user base to attract app developers, which in turn brings in the corporate app developers like Skype, netflix, etc.

no. i'd rather say goodbye to blackberry if there will be a htc-berry or motorolla-berry or nokia-berry. there will be no point anymore for me to use blackberry for the secure closed environment if the system goes to other brands. there will be no point for me to subscribe for expensive BIS when the device is from other brand. iphone soon will be cheaper here at my place, and tabs are capable of doing calls and text messages. so if i lose blackberry's solid ecosystem i'd rather use an iphone or a tab. i'll put my blackberry on my desk and move on with my life.

You realize that it doesn't matter what brand the actualy hardware it the security is still there. The security isn't on the hardware its the software and that is what BB10 is and will always be. That is controlled by RIM. By having multiple manufacturers of phones it means more choice and better price options for the economically minded. More choice means more users , more users means more apps and so on. When you buy a phone it is about the OS and what features you want , not the hardware. How many phones out there look exactly the same ? most of them , all "bar" type phones look the same , different buttons based on the OS is the only difference. So i think your view is a little Skewed on this.

See below @Joe257 comment. i was going to wait until monday before replying, i was going to ask my friends to show me their android phones to see the differences between android devices from different brands. but Joe257 voiced my thoughts. there is no guarantee that if blackberry goes licensed any brands will want to take it without getting something in return other than sales profit. if i own a handphone company i'd want something extra for me to use blackberry os and not the free android. like adding my own add ons or core programs, making different setting, different user interface, etc. i'd want people to buy my handphone powered by blackberry os, not people buying blackberry that made by my company and i will make sure there is at least a difference on my device than other brands. and that is the reason i don't want to see blackberry goes licensed to other brands. i don't want it to be degraded to suit the need those who buy the license.

i want blackberry, i need blackberry. not samsung or nokia or htc or any other phone.

EDIT: what i think RIM should spend their time now is to think of how they can get more people like me, who need blackberry. or the easier one, how to get more people want a blackberry for them. i strongly suggest RIM people to watch summer wars, an anime movie about how the future should be. the future that blackberry at least already have started by having real time notifications of everything and the fact that it's being used by governments and corporations.


Thanks, ferr_kun. Glad to see others recognize that RIM cannot easily pull an Android act and license BB10 to others. Fundamentally, the organizations are different, the focus of the organizations differ, and the OSs platforms have different licensing -- Android is essentially open source that third parties like Samsung can customize.

Also, you've seen the new BB10 L-series and N-series devices from RIM. They are stunning! RIM has also a proven track record for excellence in hardware design and reliability, so how many of us would really choose to buy an HTC or other third party hardware when you can get a genuine BlackBerry that has the same specs and does the same thing? Remember, the specs won't change unless RIM gives out source code to allow hardware manufacturers to integrate their own components.

Indeed, RIM's time would be better invested in selling BB10 to consumers rather than trying to peddle the OS to HTC.

Licensing BB10 doesn't mean that Blackberry's good qualities go away.

An HTC BB10 would still presumably run on a "Blackberry" data plan from your carrier. It would still be just as secure, and it would still run BBM. It should, in theory, be functionally identical to a RIM-built phone.

That's part of the draw for RIM to license the OS out, because their network gets all those new (paying) users without them having to build/stock/ship all the phones.

So, what's in it for HTC to pay a fee to license BB10 and build and market BB10 devices? What's the catch? What will RIM have to offer them that they cannot get from Android for free? My concern is that RIM will have to offer up something to get those other manufacturers on board. That is what worries me.

Don't liscence the software to other phone manufacturers. If I want BB10 I want it available only on a BB... then again that could be me just being selfish. Screw 'em. This ain't microsoft.

its not being selfish at all , but it is a closed minded thought. If only a fraction of the population uses a BB and its only avaliable from BB then sorry to say the future looks grim. The new OS would have to be better in damn near every way to every other OS for it to succeed under that mind frame.
I agree RIM making their own stuff from top to bottom is nice , but look at the model android used to gain its marketshare and popularity . They gave the OS free , and every manufacturer used it .

From what I've seen of BB so far, other OSes are inferior to BB10. Where BB is lacking is the appmosphere. Reason Droid became popular is cuz devs jumped on it when it became clear RIM was a shithole for innovation at the time. Now we have a new CEO. New vision. Upcoming new marketing. New OS. New hardware. Only a collasal mistake should make it fail.

About being close minded, if you've seen enough of my comments you would know how much I've said again and again how much RIM shit the bed and how much I've given props to the other leaders in the industry.

You folks forget that Android is essentially free to license, which BB10 won't be. RIM cannot give away BB10 for free. It is what makes them unique, it is what defines them right now. They cannot survive without it. Years and years of hard work went into QNX to refine and perfect it. It's a very robust and tight OS.

And how is Apple with their exclusive OS running on their own exclusive hardware? Failing? Stop talking like there is only one model that works. RIM's is far closer to Apple's than Google's. Google's model, like Microsoft's, is a mess with substandard hardware, a variety of standards, and various differences in software & UI, especially in the Android world.

If RIM can set hardware requirements and screen resolution standards then licensing does make sense. Hardcore loyalists will continue to buy RIM hardware, but it will also enable BB10 phones to be much more widely available in varieties that may appeal to different people.

Presumably, there'd only be certain hardware that RIM would be prepared to support BB10 on anyway, if only for the sake of the nightmare of multiple configurations.

I don't know if RIM has to care about how good a user experience third-party BB10 is, though. At least no more than Microsoft might care about WP8. If the OEM can get BB10 working to RIM's spec, why should they care about stuff like minimum resolution, etc?

This sounds like a good idea provided:
1. RIM still has control or say in the 3rd party hardware specs and UI
2. RIM is paid per device licensing fees
2. RIM shares in the monthly recurring revenues for each 3rd party device sold

This could then be a tremendous source of additional very high margin revenue!

1. Within reason... too many restrictions might scare off licensees. As long as an OEM's implementation is secure and meets RIM's base requirements, it should be good from there.

2. Goes without saying, but if RIM can undercut Google it would be helpful

3. RIM should get ALL the monthly recurring revenue; even if the handset is manufactured by another OEM, it's still RIM's NOC and network that are being used.

RIM cannot undercut Android, which is essentially free.

One cannot be sure the other hardware vendors devices are secure unless RIM gives no access to source code. If so, then there is no differentiation in hardware and no one will want to license BB10.

If you haven't been paying attention to RIM's shifting priorities, RIM's NOCs have a lot less value now that devices like the PlayBook and BB10 don't need to rely heavily on BIS or BES. Fusion works well for BYOD, but it also embraces RIM's new devices. Of course, BES will always provide better security for corporate interests, but BIS will eventually disappear. Most data is compressed nowadays so there is little to be gained from passing data through RIM's NOCs, compared with the past.

i agree with your points, but i think what you said about BIS data compression's future is only applicable in US, europe and some asian countries that have really fast internet/data/etc connection. unfortunately the rest of the world are still on turtle slow connection compared to those countries. one of the main reason why blackberry is booming in africa and some asian countries is that it offer faster connection than normal connection in the area. and it would take tens of years of catching up for those countries to match the speed of connection in US and european countries already have now that's affordable for most people there. so in US, europe and some asian countries it's true, BIS is no longer needed. but there's still a huge market out there who need blackberry's BIS.

i hope RIM will keep BIS in the future. or put it as optional. well just keep it please XD

I like how no one is taking into consideration that HTC has seen someserious market share loss due to poor quality hardware and overall quality.

Bingo! That's why I wonder how HTC can help RIM. Will HTC expect RIM to save them? There are dozens of Chinese Android offering coming so I doubt if HTC can help RIM one bit. All this venture would do is sick more time and resources from RIM to manage this apparent "new" business, which will yield nothing of value in the end.

RIM could licence a variant of BB10. RIM could keep an enterprise/high-end version for its own phones and licence a less complete low-end version to other phone makers.

I would never buy a htc phone because their quality sucks! I want BlackBerry 10 to be on a BlackBerry and if not I won't be buying one.

I am a big fan of HTC, and a big fan of Blackberry. Blackbery does not have the juice to make every flavor of phone that people would want. I see liscencing as a way for BB to get more choices to consumers. An HTC BB would be a welcome to me (especially if it were a portait slider like the 9810 - which BB is unfortunately killing as a design.

I'm not against or for BB10 licensed to HTC (or any other company). It all really depends on whether licensing BB10 will financially benefit RIM in the long run. There are 2 major factors that will affect RIM, negatively and positively, if BB10 is to be licensed to other hardware manufacturers: (1) a positive effect can be revenue generation if the licensing is successful, and/or (2) licensing BB10 to other hardware developers will generate competition to BB itself. So it is a double-edged sword that one has to be careful with. Why licensing works for Google because it doesn't have factor (2) effect. However, if RIM divides the hardware to high-end and low-end, and let other manufacturers take care of the low end, while it maintains the high-end market, then that may resolve factor (2), and thus avoid creating competition with one's self.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I think there will considerable interest in BB10. First, Samsung just got their tail feathers whacked with Android. Now inside Samsung there must be lots of conversation about direction. They have probably been "what iffing it" for a year or so. They knew they could lose.

Second, the whole tech world started buzzing. Android may not be safe, where to go next? Windows just doesn't same to catch on in the phone world, I don't know why, but it doesn't. Nokia spent forever and some serious jingle writing a new system, and from what I can tell gave up. That tells me it isn't that easy. And more over, it takes FOREVER, ask RIM. People will be looking to shortened that cycle, and RIM has already taken the pain for it.

So, when people start looking around,,,,,,,,who is there and who is probably different enough not to get sued? RIM. They just better play the cards correctly. I do think they are going to get opportunities and are probably talking to people now. I would be.

Not going to happen. Sure, QNX will be licensed out, but not "BlackBerry 10" which belongs on BLACKBERRY SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS.

A rumour is a rumour. It will be debunked. Personally, I don't give a fuck. :)

BB10 is for BlackBerry and nothing else. End of discussion.

+1000. Unfortunately, can't say it won't happen, but it should not. RIM is not in business to help other fledgling companies survive. Many have jumped on Android to help them get into the market quickly. This is what made Android take off, but folks are quickly realizing that Android isn't what it appeared to be. Even Samsung is looking into alternatives.

As I've suggested before, RIM's business model for BB10 should more closely mirror Apple's than Google's:

1. Control your OS and keep it stable and consistent.

2. Control your hardware and make it robust and reliable.

3. Always provide the best user experience to the customer.

NONONONONONONO HELL TO THE NO! BlackBerry makes kick ass hardware so does HTC but both, the same company just doesn't work. You buy a blackberry the same reason you buy an iPhone, they both run their OWN operating system, like people STILL think the 9900 is sick... The PlayBook has the damn best hardware in the tablet industry, then you add BB10 OS to it!! It's a whole new machine... The BB10. Phones will be the same! Awesome!!!! Btw HTC will just want to sense it up... Not that is a bad thing, I do own the one x at the moment, UNTILLBB10THATIS!!!! Posted from my kick ass PlayBook (y)

Htc and sony are the only two asian firms which make good hardware.....they will make a great bb10 product !!

The larger BB10 is, with other companies and such, the more apps and success RIM will have. I want what's best for RIM.

It could be good revenue...but sort of abolishes the exclusivity of BlackBerry as BlackBerry. It does make them look bit cheap and desperate. Whether it comes to HTC or any other mobile makers I would stick to BlackBerry Hardware...

IF BB10 goes the way of licensing, i hope they do not partner with HTC, id much rather see Blackberry on Nokia than on HTC, esp after the Lumia

BB10 if executed properly should help RIM grow its market share at the expense of android. In regards to licensing out the new OS, I say no, not right now. Use tactic only for a last resort. The last thing RIM wants is it's high quality and sexy products mixed with others, with the exception via Samsung.

Apple seems to be targeting BB10's mass launch with it's upcoming iPhone 5. The problem with this iPhone is it looks darn sweet.

This is no coincidence, Apple wants to try and hinder RIM's BB10 at or near launch. They know RIM = unsurpassed Quality & Performance...

Apple is very territorial. They will do anything to hinder the launch of BB10 including buying up all components required to build a BB10 device. By RIM revealing BB10 specs early, it gives competitors like Apple a chance to cause shortages in the supply of new BB10 components. RIM has an uphill battle here as they are reliant on the component manufacturers like Samsung, Qualcomm, etc.

Nevertheless, Apple's pissing contest with Samsung may actually help RIM as Samsung will likely want to stick it to Apple and may side with RIM. That still won't prevent Apple from using its cash to buy all LCD screens in January, February, and March.

RIM needs to stick with the business plan that has brought them this far, and one that also works so well for Apple. Both companies make superior hardware -- best in the business! Others might include better components (like Samsung), but they are not better engineered or better built.

I'd take a PlayBook over a Galaxy Tab any day -- it's just built better, built to survive a fall on concrete. As nice as the Samsung Galaxy SIII is, it's all plastic. Drop it and you'll likely lose all 16 GB of data you had on the device. Maybe your SD card will survive but whatever you had in internal storage will be lost if the phone doesn't turn on.

The Android market is full of these disposable phones. My BlackBerrys have survived unfortunate falls because it has metal casing, not plastic. It's built so the screen won't crack easily or the buttons won't just stop working. Consumer Reports showed their phones were the most reliable in 2011;Apple was in 2nd place. You don't get there by accident.

RIM is right in saying they will examine all options on the table, but it doesn't mean that those options are even viable or in their best interest.

I would prefer if Blackberry remained a RIM only product. If BB10 is really as good as people here are making it out to be (and I will take their word for it, having (sadly) been unable to get anywhere near a BB10 device) and has the potential to return RIM to anywhere near its old prowess, there is no reason to let anyone else ride the coattails. However, if it were a business action necessary for
survival I would (grudgingly) accept it.
Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Although it is an appealing idea, since HTC makes some beautiful phones. I would prefer to see RIM extend the range of BB10 devices available. With more phones available, it would extend the range of possible customers.

More customers, would mean developers would build more apps. A cloud service should also be considered.

I hope that RIM improves on the design of the BB10. The pictures available show a solid device, but not a very attractive one. It is important to have a device that combines a attractive design and usability. Also the hardware component should not be taken lightly (screen resolution is as important as RAM and CPU).

RIM has proved with Bold 9900 that it can make a very good and attractive device. BB10 should follow on that note.

RIM has an attractive product, with great build quality and very interesting security features. It should build on their strengths. The BB bridge is a good example of something that is unique and can be improved (add photo, videos to the list of files that can bee seen on the playbook).