HSBC port their Android banking app over to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 6 Jun 2014 04:17 am EDT

The HSBC mobile banking app is a little late to the BlackBerry 10 party but better late than never. Unfortunately for UK customers it is an Android port and not native, but from experience with other similar applications I'm sure it works just fine. Not being an HSBC customer I can't test this one out but I did download it from BlackBerry World just because I could.

Main features of the HSBC app include:

  • View your account balances and transaction history

  • Move money

  • Use Paym to send and receive payments using just a mobile number

Great news for HSBC customers, but while I'm on the subject what ever happened to the native NatWest app we were promised in February 2013. That one didn't ever arrive, although you can grab the Android version from the various third party stores.

If you are in the UK and a HSBC customer give this one a go and let us know how it performs please?

More information/Download HSBC Mobile Banking from BlackBerry 10

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HSBC port their Android banking app over to BlackBerry 10


No app -> people complain: "it's so easy to port, it just takes 10 minutes"
Android port -> people complain: "why is it not native?"

This is the tradeoff of having the Android runtime. You can get more apps, but dev have less incentive to develop native.

+1. Of course native is better,but after all that's the app you would have find if you are owning a Samsung,Sony,LG phone.

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Bingo! It's just a banking you use it once and a while. An android ported app is better than an APK -android app. The best feature of the BlackBerry phone is BB10. Apps that I use a lot, yes native is nice.

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Not sure if I totally agree that a port is better than an APK. I have sometimes found that a port, although the business / developer took the time to think of bb10, isn't as full featured as their app that can be found in Snap etc.
Case in point....I bank at CIBC here in Canada. They made an app for bb10 but I ended up downloading the app from Snap because it has more features like e-deposit.

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The BB10 CIBC app is just a port of the Android app that was available at the time the Z10 was released. They never bothered upgrading it when they redid the app last year, so it seems dated.

I prefer it, though, due to simplicity, and being able to tell how much credit you have remaining. All I can find in the new app is how much I have owing on my card, and then I have to do the math myself.

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Agreed! Download it, use it, say 'thank you' to the bank and also say 'could you please make a native app.' That way they'll know you're thankful and are asking politely that they make it native.

Perfect attitude.
A sense of entitlement just annoys them so they wouldn't listen to you. Your way is great!

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Port is the first step before native. This is not like cooking Jell-O. Be grateful, use it much and if they see it pickup they will have a native.

I also suggest people use the port and not the Snap. They can probably trace better the BlackBerry usage instead of it registering under Android.

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I wish my bank would do the same. Commonwealth Bank Australia are you listening???

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I've been using both the HSBC personal and business apps downloaded via Snap for 2 months. Absolutely no problems, but it's important to encourage even the slightest gesture towards BB10.

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The Wells Fargo App was still useful in convincing my bank to care about BB10 customers

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I suppose that is a good way to make lemonade from lemons... use the crappy "app" to our advantage. I like your style. :)

Yeah, I get a kick out of that, especially when someone says that it shows Wells Fargo cares. Really? I "developed" my own Wells Fargo "app" using "add to homescreen" from the Browser.

I'm usually not this negative, but this particular instance just strikes me the right way. If they can call that an "app", then I can call myself a developer.

Developer of Wells Fargo app

Is that what it's come too for us Blackberry loyalist??? Take whatever they through at us? While other platforms get PLENTY of Native App love. Smh.... The Writing is on the wall. eBBM, BES and no mainstream native apps. Whomever can't deal with that can jump ship NOW.

The first comment is a complaint. I am sure the ported Android app is much better than the app you DID NOT HAVE before!

Lloyds bank promised me a BlackBerry 10 app over a year ago, still no sign of it, when I wrote to them at Christmas they said it was in development and due very soon! Still no sign of it and they have stopped replying when I ask for an update

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So basically they scrapped the project. I was going to make a joke about the rapper making an app for you, but that would have been a little too corny and obscure

Z10 with OS

I first asked Chase and they were "meh". Then I sent them Wells Fargo app link, and they listened. Then I sent BoA app link, and they panicked, now I will send HSBC link and they will freak out

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Perhaps they are taking a page from BlackBerry design and development. " Coming Soon..."

Blackberry always.....

Send Barclays hyperlinks to all the other bank apps and then ask them if you should switch

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The Natwest app is available from BlackBerry World even though it is an android port.

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This is good indication for BlackBerry H/w business. Reputed banks like BOA, HSBC are developing or porting their applications on BB10.

Keep running blackberry :)

Posted via CB10 seems to show that slowly but surely, one by one, companies seem to believe that BlackBerry may hang Jin there after all.

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Banking apps should be all in native... just my opinion... sad that after a year BlackBerry World still hasn't most banking apps..

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Why would we NEED native banking apps? I've been running the HSBC Android personal and business banking apps for 2 minths.

We have the most flexible phone with the best OS. We can run Android and BB10. Recognise when you have something good!

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No stop complaining, you people are the ones who give these businesses, banks, etc the idea that they can just push any android port to Blackberry World because you then praise the ability to port


Loved having the Barclays app on my 9900, but had my Q10 for a year now & still no signs of an app for BB10!...

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Send them links to all these major bank apps on BlackBerry store and ask them if you should switch to their competitors. That always works

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Over a year later and still just a port? Big fail!

What a bunch of cheap idiots!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Downloaded the app from the snap store and it works perfectly fine ie can see my balances and make transfers and bill payments.

So will delete that and download from BlackBerry World. Sure it's not native but if it's anything like the one from snap, then I'll be happy enough.

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I had been using the Santander app downloaded via Snap for a few months. Then I got told that someone had been trying to hack my account online. Until these banking apps are built specifically for BlackBerry I won't be going near them again.

Posted from my luscious Z10 (that I would totally cheat on with a Z30)

I've had this downloaded for a while now from 1 mobile market and it's been pretty good.

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You should delete it and re-download from BB World so they can properly gauge the interest in BB10 development.

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Looks like this is a sign of things to come.

Well if it is hurry up already. Im still waiting for the flood of android apps to make an appearance on BlackBerry world.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Been waiting for this for ages, but it's asking for insane permissions - Camera, Device ID Info, Phone, Location and Contacts (with an all or nothing acceptance)! Normally I would deny everything and uninstall the damn thing, but it was one of my most-used apps on my old Torch and has been sorely missed. I guess I'll have to join the standard Android "give them whatever they ask for" mentality :(

It needs camera to scan cheques for crediting your account (not currently implemented? But certainly on other CB users' want list).

It needs contacts for PAYM.

It needs Device ID to allow you to log in easily without using their dongle to generate a code at login.

Think about the functionality the app brings first and then think about why it has to integrate with features on your wonderful BB10 device.

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Camera - if you have the ability to hand in cheques online....

Device ID - makes the transactions traceable, might be for your own good at some stage

Contacts - does it have any silly "share with" ability built in?


There are valid reasons, and there is just lazy catch-all programming....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Initially I asked Chase and they were meh. Then I sent them links to competitor's app and they kept getting serious. I suggest you send them the link to Wells Fargo, BoA and HSBC ask them why they aren't competitive

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I've just downloaded it after having given up on HSBC ever doing anything for BB10.

The good news is that all the info I wanted is there - balances, recent transaction etc.

The bad news is that (as with other Android apps I use, such as Betfair), it's quite slow and jumpy. Sometimes you have to press something two or three times to get a response.

Also, when you return to the home page, the previous page you were on remains partially on display down the right-hand quarter of the screen. I'm not sure whether that's a bug or just crap design.

Cooperative bank need to pull their finger out too. There is an app for legacy devices, but no BB10!

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Yep - I've complained three times, especially as their 'what devices can you use' webpage was previously stating that BlackBerry OS 10 devices were supported..... even though at the end of the line that stated support for legacy devices it then had "(except Q10 / Z10)"

They've now updated the webpage....... this was three days after the letter to their head of customer care....

Someone at a conference told me that apparently the mobile app development for Co-operative Bank is done by a third party company called Monetize (or something similar) - has anybody ever heard of them?

Honestly I 's rather see the banks efforts go into a parallel Mobile Web site experience. The banking apps seem to be way too mickey mouse in terms of available service options. I'd rather have access to the full menu of their online banking services, but packaged to be optimized for a mobile device. Give me a mobile Web site! That's all. With HTML 5 they will be able to add all those scan to deposit functions etc.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Totally agree! BlackBerry 10 browser is amazing - we don't need Apps for banking... that is the Apple way of controlling their users.

If you create a shortcut to your desktop then you even get a nice icon to click on which will take you straight to the website! Overflow button -> Add to Home Screen

One more tip - if your website tells you that you need to use a computer to access the website then click the overflow button -> Settings -> Developer Tools -> Desktop Mode.

Et Viola!

Who needs banking Apps when you have a BlackBerry 10 device?!

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Nice post. Still not done that with the browser.

However an app is much more convenient. The app lets you in without having your dongle to generate a secondary code in addition to your password.

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I bank with two different financial institutions and invest with a third. I use the browser for all my needs and have no problem at all. Why cry over an app when the browser experience works great?

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I'm with Barclays and i've been pestering them for months on end along with others on their Barclays UK Facebook page to make a BlackBerry 10 banking app and they keep on with the old "we are still assessing demand" even though I've nd 1000's of other Barclays UK banking customers with a BB10 phone have been asking since launch.

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Same here i've asked till blue in the face,Then I get email and post asking me to try they mobile app and I always reply to them LOL

Is it safe? For a bank app? Cannot you made a native one? Fuck you lazy bank.

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Everyone is complaining about Android ported apps.

Most com

It is down to BlackBerry to invest in developers and prove that companies are not wasting their time developing an app for a company that might not be around in five years time.

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It's well welcomed that one of our top banks are back on the most secure device ever.

I so miss my Barclays Mobile and Pinget I had on my BBOS7 and I have been trying to chase my bank to create the application for our BBOS10, I even had Lloyds and I keep thinking, what went wrong.

I sinned last week and found Barclays Pinget on Amazon AppStore, which was another sin, but am still not connected because; after over a year gone, it doesn't seem like am in the systems at Barclays and have been taken out.

All I can say is, thanks bb for losing my place in the world of financial connections but hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

I'll let you know.


Send your bank the link to other Bank's apps in BBW and ask them why they aren't competitive. That will get their attention :)

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Downloaded it last night and registered. Nice and easy to use, home page has sign in, help, products & services and an online tab. When you sign in its with a security question from online and changes round 3 letters from a preset password which then gives access to balances, quick payments and transfers to people you have already paid through online, PayM, products and services and finally, messaging! Nice clean app, runs a tiny bit slower than I hoped, but can not complain, even about it being a port!! It's just nice to be able to do it on my phone!

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Dunno about you but I found that i.e. Lloyds android app is same as their website, but slower..

So MEH, I use web site

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Send them links if their competitors apps on BBW and ask them why they aren't competitive :)

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I find, if the app isn't in BlackBerry World, and I don't want the android version, I navigate to the website and grab the mobile version, bookmark it and off to the races. Besides, then I know it's official which is important to me when it comes to banking.

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HSBC = first direct. I have had their app for ages. And it also is n android port.

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I think its good to see, maybe if they have enough customers using it and giving there feedback they will develop a native app. Tell you the truth as long as it works its good enough for me.

Have been using the APK file in UK for Hsbc for last 6 months without any issues. Even able to transfer money to already set up accounts.

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Sadly I think we will see more porting and less native going forward.

With 1% of world market it's not worth making apps for BlackBerry 10.

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There is a NatWest and a RBS (They are the same company anyway...) app in the BlackBerry World. There has been for a couple of months now :s

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Been sideloaded via Snap since I upgraded to 10.2.1. The Android version is not limited to UK but other countries such as US, Canada, China, HK,

The ported version is not available here in the US, but I got the app via Snap after 10.2.1 and it works with no complaints.

It's the same app as the android I got from snap but can't install in Canada or not for Z30. Kinda disappointed it's not available for my region or device.

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Hopefully this means HSBC Mexico should have at least a ported Android version on BB World soon, although I'd rather wish a native one...

I've been using the Android app downloaded with Snap and works decently. Even managed to do a couple of transactions.

The funniest anecdote is that HSBC Mexico was giving away Z10s sometime ago, as part of a draft for using their Web services. Ironically they have not yet developed an app for BB10...

P.S. From the time I lived in London, I used the native HSBC app on my 9700, it was very good. I can't believe they don't have the resources to develop a decent BB10 native app!

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

In india, ICICI is one of the banks those made their application available in BB10. Have been using it for months.

This works the same as the one I got from snap. Will be nice to see any updates in BlackBerry World though. I imagine a native version would be a little faster and less jumpy but it's great to have it anyway

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I have HSBC Bank USA app. Android app downloaded using SNAP. Works great even mobile check deposit ( take pic of check with phone).
I stopped caring if their is a native port or native app. For me if the app is on my phone and it works I'm good.
It's not up to banks or developers to bring BlackBerry back.

I have a BBQ10 and live in the Philippines. When I tried to download I got a message: unavailable for this device. Why? Frustrating!

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Hello, I've downloaded and installed the app. It works perfectly, it is very smooth and connects to my account without a glitch. Native or not I'm happy I can start retiring my other phone slowly.

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Port is a misnomer. A port would be better than that they're offering. I think at best the term you can use is repackaged. Port implies effort and code changes. Port also implies that it runs natively. If I port something from linux to osx it runs natively on osx, not in a vm. Java doesn't get "ported" that would defeat the purpose of java

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the country restrictions on BlackBerry App World is simply ridiculous, at highest annoyance level and must end immediately! I'm living in Germany, have a German Z10 but be a client with HSBC in the UK for many years and can't download the app!

so can one please explain me the sense of "European Community"?

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... and just for information...

all the apk ports do NOT run under EMM Gold regulated Workspace. developers shall bear that in mind and consider BlackBerry native coding.

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