HP ePrint Enterprise now available for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 29 Aug 2013 07:49 pm EDT

Printers. Honestly, they all kind of suck or are a pain to use. Often times, the ink to put in them actually costs more than the whole printer itself but for some folks they are an essential tool in getting things done. I have three printers in my house that all work fine but I can't be bothered buy ink for them when they've become such a normal thing to have at libraries and various other locations like Kinkos and FedEx, UPS and more. Knowing that is the case for a lot of folks, HP has come up with various printing solutions for folks like me and one of them is their ePrint Enterprise app.

HP ePrint Enterprise allows you to take whatever is on your smartphone and send it off to the nearest print location to you and now HP has released the BlackBerry 10 version of the app into BlackBerry World. It's great for people like me but it also offers additional security for corporate customers making use of the HP ePrint Enterprise cloud-based solution and best of all, it's pretty simple to use.

  • Open the HP ePrint Enterprise app and select the content you want to print (photo or document), or open a document from another app using "Open In".
  • Review the list of nearby Public Print Locations presented after the app's automatic geographic search and choose one, or refine the search by entering keywords in the search bar.
  • Tap Print! You should receive a retrieval code to maintain your privacy - required to get the printout.
  • Go to the public printing location (store, hotel front desk, etc. - the app will show you where on the map), provide your retrieval code and get your printout.

And that's all there is to it. The app is free to download and available for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphones running OS 10.1 and up. Of course, you'll have to take care of any printing fees at the location but I'm sure most of you already assumed that. HP ePrint Enterprise is available now in BlackBerry World so, go ahead and hit the link to get it downloaded if you have a use for it.

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HP ePrint Enterprise now available for BlackBerry 10


+1. The #1 productivity device with few productivity apps. Good thing BB has a good se of built-in productivity features, but there is still a big void to fill. This helps.

Wait, only photos and documents?? Ugh, I want to print music and video. :( Lame. Guess I need a 3D printer for that...

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I've sent HP about 10 emails this year about their lack of BB10 support for their ePrint app (they had it on legacy, and while it was a pretty crap app, it got the job done). Hopefully this is the first step with HP, and the non-enterprise ePrint will be coming soon!

Yeah I downloaded the app to see if by any chance I could print to my office jet 6600 at home...but doesn't look like it. I assume the printer has to be registered with hp somehow so it can locate it etc... it'd be nice to get a native app for their home office printers...

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Check out the "PrintHand" app. Most likely it will print to your OfficeJet 6600 great. (As well as lots of other printers, including lots of non-HP ones)

Yeah well, it doesn't seem like $4.99 is worth it for an app that's not as well integrated as this official app.

And yeah, sucks that we can't print to our home ePrint printers.

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"Of course, you'll have to take care of any printing frees at the location but I'm sure most of you already assumed that."
I'm pretty sure he means 'fees' people. Guess you can't rely on him to even bother checking his article before publishing it.

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Thanks, ruhban! I'd be so lost in this world without you.  You're the curds to my poutine! Love you! 

Glad to see HP release this even though their printers are nowhere near the quality they used to be. Now we just need the big players like Xerox, Ricoh, and Canon to come onboard as well. After all, BlackBerry used Ricoh as an example of a customer they were able to help through BES10.

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Bla1ze. What in goodness is "printing frees"?????? Whats a free? That's free right so uhm that sentence made absolutely no logical sense though I know what you were attempting to say :). See I actually do READ the stuff not scan through it. :). I will send you my bill over on @twitter! Ease ensure to pay it because I tend to involve lawyers when people don't and my lawyers well let's not go there and discuss how rich they are!

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This is excellent. As a sidenote, HP would be an interesting company for BlackBerry to partner with on some level. HP is one company that spends a lot on co-op advertising and marketing.

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How bizzare that a basic productivity app would be available for Z10 but not Q10, it's not like a game that needs a particular screen size or anything...

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Seems to have a bunch of issues and crashes all the time on 10.2. Will wait for an update.

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I've already got my HP printer set up for wireless printing using the printer's IP and email address, but am looking forward to ePrint for home use.

I've been printing from my Q10 to my HP printer using my printer's HPePrint email address. Works great. Would like the app, though!

I am pumped. I have a HP wireless printer and have used eprint with my 9810 and so glad they made the app for BB10. Keep them coming!

Will this only work at public printing offices? What about printing within your own company?
I'd love to see some kind of IP printing support so that we can have our employees print to any of our locations.

We need the HPePRINT app now, in the meantime I am using printershare app (sideloaded) to print in my wifi HP printer, created an HPePrint account and associated it to the Google cloud print account and it works like a charm, can print docs, websites, pdf, pictures from my Z10.

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