How's your Instagram sideload working now?

By Bla1ze on 31 Jul 2013 08:26 pm EDT

Over the past few days there has been a lot of hoopla surrounding Instagram and their apparent shutting down of third-party applications. Windows Phone users had issues with their third-party clients like Instance and for BlackBerry 10 users using the sideloaded Android version, the situation was much the same with images randomly disappearing after having been uploaded.

For their part, Instagram stated they weren't intentionally blocking any apps but rather just improving their spam filters to better improve the services and apparently they were tuned a little too aggressive. Now, it appears as though whatever change Instagram made to their API initially, is no longer the case and images uploaded via third-party apps are once again working.

Personally, my Instagram never really stopped working but there's plenty of folks in the CrackBerry Forums who had issues. With that being the case, I have to ask. Is your Instagram now working right again? Did you even have issues to begin with? We're not going poll this one but feel free to drop your comments below and let us know how things are working for you.

If nothing else, this incident highlights the importance of recognizing the fact that even though the Android version of Instagram does work on BlackBerry 10, there's nothing stopping Instagram from shutting it down. Technically, it's still unsupported and therefore at Instagrams mercy. Anyone using the app should consider using a backup service like IFTTT if the loss of those images scares you.

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How's your Instagram sideload working now?



Close your eyes and imagine 200 people boycotting Instagram. In this same dream sequence, imagine them giving a rat's ass.

Wake up.

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wow, way to be "first" in another language.... It's been so nice not seeing any primo or first posts in so long.... and then you had to ruin it

And to make it worse he spelled it wrong. It's not "primo". Primo in Spanish means cousin. It should have been spelled "primero". Primero in Spanish means first.


SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Stupid in Spanish is "Estupido."

Please restrain yourself of using words from another language if you don't know them.

Instagram sucks, its for chicks.

The only thing i ever Instagram are my beers, speaking of which, I've got some Instagraming to do!

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I think this is the top reason guys have instagram, to follow them. I always ask what Instagram is for, the only honest answer I got was "chicks".

So true. Especially when following young naive attention-craving girls who think they are supposed to post 'selfies' in a wild variety of suggestive poses..

Some of us are artists who engage in serious mobile art photography. I follow NatGeo and a number of museums and architectural accounts.

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And I will become the Pope while watching pigs fly with the help of PeeWee Herman's mental powers.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Tried to sideload Instagram after installing leak Version 3.4.4 reports thit's out datet.

Greetz, Rolf | BlackBerry Z10 | 2ABA2DBD

my IG said it would stop working on Aug 6th. I sideloaded the 4.0.2 version and now that says my camera isnt compatible

Install new then install old version, then delete new version and reinstall! Works like a charm! Hide old tile in a folder so you don't forget which one is which. I have full functionality except submitting video . There is a step by step post from a crackberry forum on Instagram. It sounds weird but works!

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No problem here. Fingers crossed. No biggie though, either way. in terms of apps I just want a credit card payments processing one. Got most other things covered. Although FB is in serious need of an upgrade

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Sideload the Square app "Square Register" from the GoodEReader website. Then signup at and they will send you the card reader dongle that you plug into your headphone jack. Works great!! I use it all the time for mobile credit card processing.

Like I said, I've had no problems. I say give it a shot for yourself and see. Its all free and you only pay per transaction so that is a plus for a small business or just using it a few times. They do have another option if you do use it a lot to pay a flat fee of $275 (I think it is) a month. Good luck!

People need services with freedom rather than unbounded prying eyes. Google and Facecook are created to invade our life in the first place. There are way better services why they succeede? Because government sponsorship. I don't oppose government's good wills of doing this when it is bounded in certain conditions, but I do hate these companies stifling innovations and block other better services because they are backed by gov.


Isn't Instagram just a fancy photo editor? Can't Blackberry just improve their own photo editor to make it as good?

To be honest, I have the app side-loaded, and don't get what all the fuss is about this app. It does very little for me.

Can someone provide me with an explanation as to why it is so special?

Oh you deniers of the vain, narcissistic and don't use Instagram? You, sir, are a disgrace to society! All the world revolves around Instagram, or don't you read the forums, too? For SHAME, I say...for shame!

If they did they wouldn't market it as an odd, random source of pride.

Would be a big hit with the crackberry crowd though. Especially if free.. chuckle.

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That's the best way. Converting apk files yourself is always the best. Using someone else's bar file doesn't always work.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

I erased it two days ago side loaded it again but this time I can't get thru the login process anymore can somebody help?

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So "uploading a video" isn't a part of "everything"?

In case you didn't get the carcasm: Yes..."uploading a video" IS a part of "everything", ergo he DID say something about uploading a video...

On that 4.1.2 instagram on the STL-100-1 with is working for the most part...apart from video uploads.

I converted the APK with my debug token.

The file says that it will stop working past August 6, anyone saw this under the updates tab?

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Personally I think Instant am is a glorified Facebook it sucks for people using it mot working I personally could care less.

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On my Instagram news feed today there was a post that read: "App update needed. Please update your Instagram app in the Google Play store by August 6th to continue using Instagram". I have the latest bar file from GoodEreader. Many say it's cause I don't have 4.0.2 but I'm 99% sure that that's the one I have. Instagram is DEFINITELY Doing this on purpose. They did the same thing when the first Bar file was available by blocking BlackBerry users. Its the same thing now. I have a friend that is a heavy user and says they deleted ALL her pics from her profile.

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Good e reader doesn't have the 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 versions. Only the 3 versions.

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Mine never stop working. I went to signed in, added the site to home. There's a instagram logo on my homescreen that appears to look like the app.

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I noticed that too...People who hate the Facebook app and talk about how they can't share anything....if they did this with Facebook, add it to homescreen, it has MORE features and it looks just like an app on your screen

I know if Alec would do an REO Speedwagon remake, Instagram would immediately make an app for BB10...yep...uh-huh

As of right now I get a notification on the News page (3rd tab) saying that I must update the app by August 6th in order to continue using Instagram. Not sure what will happen come August 6th now.

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Instagram is phasing out all versions bellow 4.0.1. So if your using anything lower then 4.0.1 even on Android and iPhones. You will be told that it will stop working after August 6.

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Update, just tried it and i can't comment on my upload pix. The I noticed I need to be on numbers side of the keyboard to get letters to write....weird. all this worked before. I guess a few days ago.

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I have v3.4.4 sideloaded and no issues with it at the moment. Still will take a pic and load. No warnings etc.

My girl gets the "update to the latest version " pop up, and she is running the same version as I am! What could that possibly be? (she said everything was working fine until she logged out and later logged back in)

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Got v3.0 working fine here. I really really really need v4.0.2. I tried 4.0.2 links and sideloads, but it doesn't work. If anyone can send me a working v4 link for instagram, that would be great :)

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I guess instagram will stop working on all smartphones unless u update. Guess we won't be seeing instagram on BlackBerry anymore :(

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You have to convert the apk to bar with your own BB Debug Token. My 4.1.2 is working after I did that (sans video uploads)

Sideloaded Instagram running great on my Q. Sideloaded via Google playbook app

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Mine also never stopped working. I'm on the newest MR .4181 and using instagram v3.4.4.

Weird how some worked while others didn't.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I have only had two problems with the side loaded Instagram app on my Z10.

1. When I comment on a photo and press the space bar, or delete button, it won't show up in the text box. The function of the buttons work but I can't see what I'm typing.

2. I can't upload to any of the other sites. For example when I click the box to share with Facebook, it doesn't upload it to my Facebook.

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I have until August to update the app using the Google Play Store. So, I think the side loaded app is going to go down the drain.

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It told you to update your app in Google Play. It is evident Instagram sees your sideload to be Instagram for Android. So, it is only telling you the 3.4.4. you are using, will not work and you need to get the 4.0.2

The only issue I've had with the sideloaded port of Instagram on my Z10 is that on occasion, when I launch Instagram, it says "the process has stopped unexpectedly" and tells me the app has to close. Funny thing though is that I just tap "Force Close" as it's the only option available and the app just continues to work instead of closing. That being said, I'm not really bothered by that "error message".

They are starting to watch their backs in anticipation of BBM coming to market. BBM is a huge competitive threat to their business.

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I have until august 6th until instagram us gone fix that blackberry we are number 1 and is suppose to have everything and anyone has the link for 4.0 version of instagram

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Mine was closing unexpectedly. It works fine now. Just give us the damn native app. I don't understand how people walk away from money.

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With 483 I was able to post pictures and not watch videos. With 810 it's the opposite. Hopefully both will work sometime soon. Other the that it works great. Really smooth.

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Side loaded the latest version of instagram and it works like a charm, except the commenting part that is weird!

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Commenting has never worked for me, howevere, the workaround is to compose the comment in a different app (wherever you can type text) and then copy/paste into the Instagram. This is one of the glitches caused by the conversion and sideload.

Well i am using Insagramm for quiet a Bit now. Using developer Mode and an old andriot Version. Just today my App tells me that i have to update it till Aug. 5th, to keep it running. Lets hope the best...

Regards mEy.

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Does anyone know the latest app to sideload? A message pops up on my Instagram saying I need to upgrade the app soon or it will stop working.

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Even if you download the old version and lay it on tip of the other new version, it still wouldn't work.

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What message are you getting? You will end up having two Instagram apps installed (old and new). Just bury the old app in a folder. But you need to make sure you follow the steps in the link.

How do you bury onto each other? I got kinda confused once step 3 or 2. After I downloaded the new version, and the old version. I have two instagram apps on my phone. It's either the old version work (which has told us to update) or the new version (which is telling us we can't log in, due to camera lack) . I want version 4 and above cause seems like that's the only one telling people that they wouldn't need to update.

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I know it might be a bit confusing when you read it first. So you might be better off starting over and removing both apps. Once done, follow the steps.
1. Install v4.0.2, when installed, open then close it. Ignore messages.
2. Install old version maybe v3.4.4. Then open it then close it. Try not to mix up the two app icons.
3. Uninstall v4.0.2.
4. Install v4.0.2, then open it and login.
5. Move the old app to a folder so you don't see it anymore.
That's it!

So netflix blocked bbry. And now instagram. How badly did thor lie/shun these groups for this treatment. Just sideload it!

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My issue from upgrading to 3.4.4 asides from the keyboard issue was losing the function of my hashtags. I could hashtag to my heart's content but they wouldn't actually show up if I were to search whichever hashtags I'd just used. I've been posting less since because my pictures won't get as much exposure because I actually want people to see my pictures. I'll be patient for a fix and if we get a native app, huzzah! But it's not the end of the world otherwise. I'm just glad I've been able to join a social network that a lot of my friends use often and I don't have to say, oh but I can't do that on my Blackberry. I've been more than a happy camper since bb10!

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Thats what I say , I know many who sideload Instagram and love it. I have not given it a try, but lets see when BBM / BBM Channels goes on Cross Platform , thats something I can sink my teeth into and rumour has it that the movie stars are ready for BBM Channels

Mine had been acting buggy for a couple of weeks until suddenly all of my pics were hidden. Suddenly came back today though.

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Maybe not gonna work anymore after August 6th. In app notification to upgrade from Google Play store by August 6th to continue using Instagram...

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Umm, if they disable the Android client won't everyone on Android suffer as well? I would assume that using the sideload only reports in as an android client. Unless they can see what device it's on, in which case they can block the device itself, rather than the client.

I installed a bar file. When I open the app on my z10 it shows a window saying incompatible device due to camera something like that

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It doesn't work that way.. try exploring the method I shared with you from my earlier comment. I learn it from CrackBerry forum user too!

My instagram is working fine with 4.0.2 but is there any way we can use the same method but with a better updated version that supports video recording or is that the farthest we can go for now?

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Sad to say no, video recording is not possible with this version and comments for the post are still buggy, somehow Q10 seems to have a way to work around it. I tried it myself. Alternatively, I load browser, sign in and comment instead.

Got message today on instagram that it will stop working Aug 6 if I don't update. I have 3.4.4. Ki guess I need latest bar file

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Mine is working but no I cannot enjoy the video upload feature and furthermore, it prompts me to upgrade by 6th August else it would stop working hope a new version for side loading can come up soon

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Yeah no big deal just probably the biggest app that 25-35 year Olds use. Goodbye q5 sales in canada /usa . it was such a big deal your leader promised the app was coming native and bet a new car on it. It's a big deal.

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My feed, profile, etc works fine, but the app crashes when I try to upload a pic. v4.0.2 on

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meh, I'm not a fan of the way the OS works on either of couldn't be arsed. Also, Instagram is lame...I don't exactly find myself wondering what my friends ate for breakfast every minute of the day (or at any time for that matter)! I have it just so that my girlfriend can see pictures of our rabbit (she moved away)

My app now says that I must download the update for instagram on Google play by August 6th if I wanna keep using it. Problem is, there hasn't been an update to the sideloadable version. If anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated!

I still can't upload pix anymore to IG :/

sideloaded Instagram v3.4.4

---- and -----
within the last hour or so, this message popped up under :
News tab > You tab-
"App Update Needed. Please update your Instagram app in the Google Play store by August 6th to continue using Instagram."

Hope this doesn't happen.

¤ pin:2ABDE35D ¤ ~ Posted vía CB10

What is the error you encounter? Did you convert Instagram 4.0.2 APK to BAR and sideload it to your BB Z10? Assuming you install the Debug token successfully?

In any case, I am still using the same method and still working, alternatively, you can also try this one without using debug token but have 2 Instagram App loaded in your BB10 device. I just tried it on another Z10 and it is working perfectly fine.

What's the debug token? I'm not sure which version I have, but it seems to be working fine. Just today, the Google play told me to update. That's just one thing that really bothered me. Do you think if I convert instagram v4.0.2 myself, would it work on my BBZ10? Instagram has been working fine, just the little update thing is really bothering me.

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Yeah, I was trying to upload a picture of the chicken fingers a guy who went to the bathroom had at his table in the restaurant at lunch today, but the picture disappeared. I was mortified.

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Convert the apk yourself for the new Instagram update. Always works best that way. Using a bar created on another system, which doesn't use your details, don't always work.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

After Aug 9th, Instagram side loaded app will no longer work. I got a message to upgrade or else.

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instagram saying it needs to update by August 6th for it to continue to work anyone see that post?


I've only ever had issues with typing not with adding photos. At first I thought the problem came with side loading but I didn't have that issue with other apps.

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I had it delete one picture, and not even post another. I'm fine with it happening only because it made me sit down and go through the process of updating to the newer version that was available. *sigh* if only they just made it rather than stopping it.

Sent from Amber via CB10.

It's funny most of the other platforms on here got spelling mistakes. Just looks at the post from z10 s and compare them with the other posts. It's not perfect be it reads a lot better then the others.

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Bad thing is i wrote both of this post. At night driving down the highway. It's creepy. As I drive I'm making mistakes and I hit the space bar and most of the time what I'm trying to say pops up. I love this phone!

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I got a message to upgrade instagram by 6 Aug. Will there be a newer file to side load? Or are we screwed?

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Switch to android and apple lol ! ya if you don't mind sharing you life with however with whatever plans they have... by all means switch to anything other then BLACKBERRY. I mean some of us communicate.... secret stuff. Even if it is a secret lover or maybe you do something on the side for cash or maybe it's your road map for the next year. if you need to keep something secret sorry android or apple won't do. Maybe that's why so many people don't want them around? Good thing there's enough of us around to keep a nitch market. There's two kinds of people in this world. BlackBerry people and everyone else.
P.S.....STILL DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY! AT NIGHT! don't do that! It's dangerous!

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Can anyone please give me a link to a working version of instagram. The one i found here doesn't let me login due to it being old version :(

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It's work well enough, at least I was able to create an account. I wanted it more so to view my friends' instagram rather than post over filtered pics :)

Anyways, I can edit/post pics but the edit menu is always covered by the pic I'm editing - kind of annoying but as long as you remember what editing tool is where then u can still click on it even though you can't see it.

No video posting capabilities but can view video posts.

When I comment on a picture itmakesthewordstogetherlikethis. So dumb but I found a way around it - type what I want to say in a blank email and then copy, paste into the comment area.

Have to scroll to see a whole picture. I know it's made for Android so it can't detect my screen size but it kind of sucks to not view a whole picture in my screen.

It's more work than it should be but I'm not really complaining just sharing my experience :) I think I'm running a version 3.whatever from good reader.

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There's something new for me; in the news section for the app, at the top, it says:
App Update Needed
Please update your Instagram app in the Google Play Store by August 6th to continue using the app.

I am using Instagram version 3.4.4, should I be worried? Is there a more recent update released that works well on BB10?

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Quote: "...Android version of Instagram does work on BlackBerry 10, there's nothing stopping Instagram from shutting it down. Technically, it's still unsupported and therefore at Instagrams mercy" Can anyone be so kind and explain to me what did the author mean by this? Since we are using the Android app, we are at the mercy of Instagram shutting down the whole Android app for all Android users (which is never gonna happen)?

If ur on the new 10.2 leak u won't be able to upload pics, I have tried all methods. 4.2 + the method where u have two instagram apps on ur phone. I can view videos ,whixh is pretty cool but now I can no longer upload pixs

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I can play IG videos with 4.0.2 on 4181RM. Looks like you are experiencing a glitch in the 10.2.810 Android player.

It should work when there is a official release. It's probably a beta glitch.

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Not one single problem, because I'll not use Instawhatever until they finally do a native App...

That simple!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #TeamBlackberry #KeepMoving #BBMCrossPlatform. #NastyTruth

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Working 4.0.2 here! Figured out a weird way to do it without having two side loaded apps or trying to do the longer version! Proud of myself lol! Took 2 hrs but it's working! Video and everything!!!!

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The problems started a couple of days ago on my Q10, the problems were-
*Pics uploaded were not shared with Fb
*The previously uploaded pics started deleting on their own
*Notifications stopped
*Other people could not see my pictures, none of them
*Others couldn't tag me in comments
*My notifications didn't reach others
*After logging out, wasn't able to log back in, the error was "Log in with the updated version" or something
*Had to log in with my Android device, then it worked but with same problems and the app started crashing a million times
*Deleted the app and sideloaded again, again the problem of logging in with the previous problems

Will sideload again in a couple of days, can someone share a proper working link for Instagram for Q10?

Thanks :)

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Get around this by typing the text you want to comment, in a text message or something and then copy and paste into the instagram app.

This is the thing no one notice, I was running 3.4 and i can upload photos and some ppl might like it but then it would dissappear.

I can see all the photos I uploaded but when other ppl go to my profile then can't see the upload photos.

The app might look good on your end, but truthfully it's not working

4.0.2 works incredible but you need to use the debug token

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update only the number 9 works, the others don't work, plus you have to update by August 6, is the message on instagram

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

I am hearing stories of Instagram photos of people are being sent to LinkedIn profiles ! Now that makes me worried ! InstaGrab I say of your life. For me keep it sideloaded, who cares !

I received an email a few days ago stating there was suspicious activity on my account and my password has been reset. I went through the process of making a new password and now I can not log back into instagram on my phone. I am getting the same issue that we all had for the first sideloaded version. Where if you log out you cant log back in because they blocked the version and it says to update your app. So now im stuck and real pissed off f*** instagram for not porting the dam app yet I mean wtf it works great as a sideloaded app its complete BS. Plus Facebook is supposedly tight with BB well apparently not, porting the app would take no work and im sure BB would do it for them just to get another big name app in the store. I'm starting to get sick and tired of this BS and the BS with how long its taken Verizon to get the 10.1 update out. I love blackberry and love my Z10 but I am getting sick and tired of all this. They need to put the foot down and stop being nice Canadians!