How's this for a full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 Bold?

BlackBerry 10 Bold Full Touch
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jun 2012 01:07 pm EDT

Earlier this year we held our DreamBerry contest, where readers submitted their vision of what the ultimate BlackBerry would look like. We saw a lot of cool concepts, including my favorite that was submitted by the talented John Anastasiadis.

Months later, we're still dreaming about BlackBerry, but now our dreaming is more laser-focused on what the first BlackBerry 10 phone will look like. Based on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, we know it will be full touchscreen phone which, like the PlayBook tablet, will have no buttons on the front (gotta love gestures!).

We also know that for BlackBerry, the Bold has been their flagship line up of phone and that with the BeBold campaigns they have been further trying to build strength into both the BlackBerry brand and the Bold name. 

What we don't know yet is how RIM will brand and position BlackBerry 10 phones when they hit the market. Will they introduce a whole new product family for BlackBerry 10? Or will they introduce BlackBerry 10 models to the existing Bold, Torch and Curve families. Or, maybe they'll do both.

Taking the approach that the first BlackBerry 10 phone will be a flagship device and could *possibly* fall into that Bold family, John went to work on the full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 Bold design you see above:

For this design I wanted to marry the Bold 9900 with the Dev Alpha device while keeping the design "agressive yet approachable". The best part of the Bold 9900 is the aluminum outer band that is chamfered. This has a nice look that makes the unit look thin and strong. In this rendition I've anodized the aluminum. The back side has a nice texture that BlackBerry's have had on various models.  

I know looking at renders like this is torture when we're still months away from getting our hands on the real deal, but in the meantime it's a fun way to kill the time. So what to do you guys and gals think? I know I am loving it. It almost exudes a military grade toughness, which I love (the same sort of emotional reaction I have to my Bell & Ross BR-O1 watch). We always say BlackBerry is a tool to get sh!t done, and I think a design like this plays well to that. Though I do think this same design in WHITE could look hot too.

Be sure to click on the image above for a larger version, then drool, then sound off in the comments with your reactions!

Reader comments

How's this for a full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 Bold?


I assume you're referring to the Motorola RAZR Maxx? I certainly noticed the similarity, but the corners are done a lot nicer on this concept.

It reminds me more of an HTC Evo 4G LTE with cropped edges. Damn that's a long name for a phone lol
Love the design though. More realistic than some of the others though all of the concepts here have been really cool none the less.

Boldly sent from my 9930

Get over yourself. When it comes down to it, don't all phones look alike? If the colour was egg shell and had rounded corners I'm sure you would say it looks like some other device.

*yawn* looks like another slab phone with angled corners

.......still waiting on BB10 phone with the 9900 form factor

I don't like it. Too wide, nasty corners and the back isn't nice! I love the blade concept and the dev alpha

I love the look but it looks like the Razor Maxx and BlackBerry had a baby lol but its hot I must admit

Zodiac BB10

On 2nd thought the more I look @ it the more I love therefore now I want it lol let's go BlackBerry 10 and it on the name change the name of the flagship device make it new and cutting edge

Zodiac BB10

Motorola? NOT. This concept is cool. One thing I would like to see is two cameras in front for a 2D effect when taking photos. Speaking of concepts, how about a larger PB?

Ah yes - those 2D cameras are so much better than the 1D ones I've been using. Just a bunch of damn lines.....

This is an awesome rockin' concept model!
However, tell me one thing! Does the LCD indicator flash from the left to the right? It just reminded me of Cyclons, and I was like OMG SO TOTALLY COOOOOL!!!

I was thinking that same thing.

would be cool because you could have it flash in different directions and colors which would make more combination to distinguish different people or emails or etc.

The first thing I thought of with the notifications flashing from side to side was KITT from NightRider....

The Blackberry KITT anyone?

That would be so crazy. I can see if this were to happen, I would have the "Kara Remembers" Soundtrack as my ringtone... crazy. if they did that... BSG!!!!!

"The BlackBerry Bold Kitt Edition." I would definitely buy one of those. Then, instead of siri, it would have kitt. Does this sound awesome? It sounds pretty awesome.

So dam hot!!!
I want one right now!!!
Can't wait for bb10, my wife is going to use her upgrade to get me it when it's first released.
If the first bb10 looked like this, I would be fine with that. :)

Needs a front facing camera for video conferencing/calling. A Siri like app would be nice touch but not necessary. My hands are on my phone so much at work it's just as easy to swipe and touch. Dual core!!! At a minimum. This should have been adressed in 7. Calling and surfing at the same time. It's not rocket science!!! Why buy a phone that doesn't when there is one that does. So RIM "are you really do'ers ???"

For your reference to calling and surfing at the same time, it would have to be GSM and be using 3G, not EDGE or CDMA dubbed as "4G", which don't allow voice and data simiutaniously at the same time.

It's definitely an evolutional improvement over the dev device. Does the led go back and forth across the speaker grill? It would be very Knight Riderish and therefore amazing.

That was going to be my poat as well! A back and forth Knight Rider notification would be frickin awesome!! Optional, of course.

I'd rock it it but.....RIM can do better,much better. It's do or die right? I'll be expecting something that wows me along with everyone else. This is not it. Js

Nice work !

Some thoughts :
- Having an alpha in hands, I wonder if 4"2 is enough ... yet, I've not try the magic touchkey ...
- raised buttons on the right side may be problematic for naked (phone !) users. Also, some metal here won't hurt.
- some shine won't hurt either, maybe an ultra-thin silver border around bezels ?
- squared is fine, looks sharp. But I'd make corners backside rounded for a better introduction in pouch/pocket.
- Bi-color (well, in fact Tri-color) is an option ... but I wonder if a full black (still, keep the metal !) ....

Ahah, so easy when you're not the renderer ... lol.
Once again, nice work & Thanks !

Not sure about the design it looks nice but I do have to agree it somewhat looks like the Mororola.

IMO i really like the dev alpha.. looks like a playbook i love the look of the playbook. I would be in line to buy me a BB10 if it looked just like that of course with finished software.

All these great designs add pressure onto RIM. I know Kevin feels its military grade engineering but it looks more utilitarian than premium (a compliment mind)
I think it's missing "BlackBerry" written somewhere, they all have that don't they?
I think RIM will have to find a new set of names and leave the Bold, Torch and Curve to the BBOS devices. No more inane names like PlayBook though.

Doesn't really have to do with this post... BUT

I personally think Blackberry would be much better wiping the slate clean and putting out a phone with a NEW name they haven't used.

I just think a large portion of people who maybe were once BB users and have defected may assimilate BB Bold, or BB Curve with the OLD Blackberrys. Yes, the Bold, and Curves lines WERE successful, and yes phone users know those names, but isn't BB trying to do a 180 right now. People have pre-conceived notions about the next BB phone without having facts about it, so why blurr their perception by putting into their head this is just the next BB Bold phone.

Create A SINGLE phone with a new fresh BOLD (pardon the pun) name. Also, this has been covered here for a long time, but don't waste time, money, and resources making the SAME phone for 2, or 3 different models. It's a waste, and cheapens the brand putting out so many phones. IMHO

Agreed. I do think RIM will most likely come out with a brand new name for their BB10 phone. Would be absurd if they call their new BB10 another Bold, etc.

Well, they will make at least 2 models - with/out physical keyboard.

No point coming out with a revolutionary new OS and keeping the same old names for their devices. We're looking forward, not backward.

This is a nice design but realistically it will sell mainly to those liking or like to stay with BB - won't attract new customers from other platforms based on first-look impressions. The issue is that the design is not revolutionizing enough to distinguish it from the rest of the so-called "slab" designs including Apple's and Samsung's. If I stood a distance away and look over to someone using this, I wouldn't immediately be able to tell whether it's the new BB or whether it's Samsung.

I had a dream last night that BB10 phone is completely different than what we have seen so far. Don't hate BB10 because it looks so good!

I'll admit it took me a couple of minutes to get used to the "boldness" of this design approach for a BB, but I could definitely live with aesthetics like this. It's pretty distinctive for the "slab" genre (even with some similarities to the competition). The design exudes strength, toughness.
One thing's for sure. John Anastasiadis has an AWESOME sense of good design.


It doesn't "Pop" like the "Anastasia" OR "Blade".

Change the back into the "diamond back" from the WM6.1 HTC Touch Diamond, and then you have an eye catcher.

I like the shape and overall appearance of the phone, but would rather see it with brushed silver aluminum edges like my Bold. I think it would look like a much more professional and high end device, and that would also set it apart from the Android set.

Remember, this is a CONCEPT DESIGN that RIM hasn't designed themselves. The CrackBerry team and it's fanbase designed it.

I disagree. I think the Dev Alpha model should be the next evolution of the Bold. The slide keyboard should remain the Torch and if necessary. I truly believe they should discontinue the curve and focus on those two brands. If the public truly wants a physical keyboard then they should go for the new Torch. RIM shouldn't try to overdue the the efforts. Simply focus on the TWO brands only. Though I will admit that "TK VICTORY" model was very nice. If they were to create a curve it should look like that. Just my 2 cents.

Agreed. Instead of making a half dozen different phones, concentrate on making one full touch screen and one keyboard model. It'll save money and streamline the manufacturing processes

Kinda does resemble an Android looking phone but I like this concept!
Get rid of the angled corners & replace them with rounded ones & I'd be all over this. :D

I really wish the users could help build a BB 10 phone. We have some of the most insightful ideas. I love the TK VICTORY although it looked funny without the call, menu, trackpad buttons, but I'm sure I'd get used to it. It was also too thin in my opinion. Basically I would like to see a 99xx but 21mm taller and 5mm wider, slim down the call-menu-track pad buttons down 3mm to provide not only a larger screen but a more powerful processor and an exceptional battery life, oh and let's not forget the auto focus camera. Since I'm at it why not have a second led light, a second convenience key and a second speaker. That completes my BB 10 dream phone.

Not feeling it, the only one that made me skit skit skit is the BLACKBERRY BLADE, thats the one that everyone would love to get their hands on!


If this touchscreen is anything like the 9930 we're screwed. We won't be able to do Anything outdoors

Not bad but it just does not jump off the page at me and it does not have the second look appeal to it. Everyone would think you have an iphone or samsung. Now the Blade and TK Victory they just shot off the page. If those 2 phones become real when used in public people would be taking second looks and asking what phone is that..
The new BB10 phones have to be something people will get whiplash from when they see people using them.

honestly keep the keyboard everyone loves that impove on battery life and update 7.1 for all devices like for my blackberry bold 9790 rogers slack they need to just push the updates more

One thing concerns me a little. I love being able to hold and use only one hand on my 9930. This all because of the keyboard and dedicated menu button. Now the new BB10 will all be touchscreen and using gestures. Will it still be possible to use only one hand? I don't think so. :(

For those of you who are saying this design "needs" a physical keyboard, read the headline of this article. I don't believe that's what the designer intended for this Full Touchscreen. A few people are up in arms as if this concept will be the new BB10 phone. Please take a moment to actually read the articles and the headlines before coming to a conclusion that these concepts are the final product.

JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!! this is awesome, i love the look and hope its close to this in some way, i work around ipads all day and iphones and love my playbook and finding my self forgetting that you have to hit a button to even go home most of the time, people look at me wierd for it but then i move around my playbook with out problem they have to hit a button to even turn the thing on i just gotta run my finger across and tap to turn it off, i cant wait and will camp out for this phone if i have to


Great work designers!!! :)
At least SOMEBODY here and about 6-9 others appreciate and applaude the design!

Other than the BB logo and maybe what's inside ( or what will be inside) says Blackberry. Other then the angled edges this looks like any other phone one the market. The beauty of the Bold is that there is a destinction from the other phone out there as well as on the BB lineup. Good effort, but I'm not impressed.

I can't look at any BB10 design other than the Blackberry Blade. That was the best cellphone--not just bb cellphone, but compared against every cellphone design I have ever seen--the best cellphone design ever. If they come out with the bb blade, they are going to have trouble keeping up with demand. It was so beautiful, stylish, modern, unique, fresh, different, classy, game-changing design ever. No other design I've seen comes even close. All other designs have been OK or derivative at the very best. Only bb blade will be able draw in NEW customers.