How's this for a BlackBerry 10 Slider?!

BlackBerry 10 Slider
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jul 2012 12:26 pm EDT

Sexy, right? As we endure the wait for BlackBerry 10 phones to hit the market in 2013, our friend Jon Anastasiadis is helping us pass the time by torturing us with hot looking BlackBerry 10 creations of his own. We've already had a look at his full touch and full qwerty concepts. The next logical step of course is a slider.

As we learned from our recent interview with RIM's CEO and CMO, when BlackBerry 10 is announced in 2013 the company will announce both a full touchscreen and full keyboard version. Will they follow up with a BlackBerry 10 slider? There have been a lot of previous rumors about a BB10 slider, that went by the codename BlackBerry milan, including the most recent rumor that the milan hardware design was ultimately scrapped.

I know a lot of CrackBerry readers out there are hoping the slider form factor remains in the mix with BB10. Back in March a render appeared of another concept device dubbed the BlackBerry Blade that got a lot of attention from the community. The problem with the Blade was that it was more of a BlackBerry 7 design than BlackBerry 10 design, as it featured the traditional menu and back buttons that wil not be there on BB10.

BlackBerry 10 slider with Angular Keyboard: For this BlackBerry 10 slider concept, John implemented an angular keyboard. RIM was recently granted a patent for this angular keyboard design, so John put it to work on the slider. Slick looking. I wish I could try typing it on it right now! John also incorporated a micro trackpad between the T and Y keys on the keyboard. Remember, if you hook up a PlayBook to a mouse you can get a cursor on the screen. This is there for those finite movements. Or, maybe we will see RIM more fully adapt the BB10 OS to be trackpad friendly to help promote one-handed ease of use when on a physical keyboard. Time will tell! 

Be sure to click on the photo above to get a larger and bigger look at it. And when the drooling is done, drop a comment with your reactions!

Reader comments

How's this for a BlackBerry 10 Slider?!


Looks damn nice!

But the whole point of a slider is to have the screen real estate of a touch screen. But have a keyboard for your convenience.

The screens too small. I'd want it the same screen size as the full touch. And I'd want the keys to pop out a little bit more. They look hard to press.

But looks damn nice!

Completely agree. Like I said when my wife got her Samsung Galaxy S3. "If Samsung had had the nerve to have added a slider to that S3, they would have me bidding my BB Torch adieu. The S4 looks so tempting but again they dont have the slider. BB Q10 looks good but why is it an upgrade to BB Bold? What is wrong with a 4.5 inch screen upgrade to the BB Torch? C'mon Blackberry, go kick iPhone, Nokia, and Samsung in the butt with a true killer machine. Full touch screen (4.5 - 4.7) with slider and at least 10-13mp camera and I think BB will be king once again. How about making this one and offering a Windows 8 option on top of the BB goodies? Is that impossible?

+1 I think they both look slick, but my concern with the blade would be the curve of it and if that would be comfortable or not. That being said, I love the slide out keyboard and am really hoping RIM goes this route for the keyboard version. If they don't, I guess I'll go full touch. I love my torch and feel for my use is the best of both worlds... If the BB10 device comes out looking like this one, I'm buying day one :)

Cool form factor, kinda eeehhh on the keyboard. I'd like to know what the speculative resolutions are on these concept designs too, it'd be great if the screens are to direct scale with the Playbook screen rez.

This does NOT beat out the look of the BlackBerry Blade. Hands down, the Blade trumps this design, trackpad and all.

Had the Pre for over a year. Loved it, best phone I've ever had. 80% of the time the slider did not come out (3rd party apps made simple yes/no replies possible)
And the slider keyboard made the long email replies possible. I am a proponent of the slider qwerty keyboard

Yeah, I'd be much more amenable with a Bold keyboard, but I love the keyboard real estate. This is the first vertical slider I've ever seen with a keyboard that looks big enough to actually type on.

Nothing smaller than a 9000 has ever been comfortable to peck more than a few words on.

I've actually really been hoping for a slider. This one looks great but I really think I'd miss the little angular keys of the 99xx. Really makes all the difference when typing. But I do understand that it's hard to fit the slide over that type of design. Still, vastly superior.

I do like the return of the red number keys though. I think the splash of red gives it more personality.

The slider is a great concept, but has to be executed properly.

The Torch executed the slider concept very well in terms of usability and durability. The only gripes I ever had about it were the unusable space around the screen and the too-small keyboard.

This concept solves both of those issues.

Excellent points on the 9800/10 devices; I too had H U G E reservations about its keyboard size (I have thicker fingers than a 15 year old girl + upgraded from a MUCH bigger BB7250!!!) but was reassured - correctly so! - that I would "get used to it," which I did. And, "Quickly" at that.

I still can't imagine myself using a touch-screen only device & WILL NOT accept the small screen size of a Bold-style unit 'just' to accommodate a real keyboard.

So, you're also correct that this concept-prototype-mockup (and that's ALL this is) WOULD solve ALL the 'ergo vs. design' issues near-perfectly.

Also correct re: slider mechanism; my 9800 has 'dropped' or fallen (easily) about a dozen times (always from waist or table height and 60/40 onto hard surface/carpet) over the 18 months I've had it, and EVERYTHING incl. the Slider Mechanism still works flawlessly!!

A friend has literally baseball-thrown his 9800 at the wall "several times" and despite the expected dings and scratches, 'it' still works extemely well all 'round, incl. the slider, screen & keyboard.

Designed AND Built like brick sh*thouse. Gotta love it!

Why? Just because you don't like the slider doesn't mean the same for everyone. Just the other day I was having a discussion with a group of friends and 2 of them said they would buy the 9810 if it had better specs / BB10

given to choice between a Candybar Qwerty, Full touch Slate, or Slider BB10 phone, I would go with the slider. CB did a poll on this and there is still a demand for it.

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Anyways back to topic. I cant wait for RIM to drop the slider. I'm sure the picture above is just the concept. It is not the finished product obviously...So maybe the keyboard will be better. I'm sure hoping it will too.

Berry-the-Black_Trollsbane was being sarcastic in response to the "...that was a 2005 idea and every slider i owned SUCKED" comment above.

I hate people like you.

"If I don't like it, nobody else should have it!"

The epitome of egocentricity and arrogance.

so you hate people who dont like something you do, NICE!

i mean its so ridiculous that people are expressing their opinion on the comment section of an article. What jerks!

No, I hate people that think I should be denied something because they don't want it.

If you don't like or want one, then just don't buy one!

Very slick looking! Thanks for the torture (I guess).

Oh, PUHLEEZE RIM, please please have a trackpad on the phones. I spend a lot of time doing presentations with my PB tethered HDMI. It is so cool to use my phone as a remote, and I *NEED* it to be a one-handed experience in moving that cursor with precision. If I can't move it quickly and accurately it becomes a time wasting embarrassment. (I am on my knees begging here).

I do wonder if part of a conventional capacitative touchscreen could be used as a trackpad. They are getting so sensitive nowadays that they can distinguish the size of the fingerprint.

ummmm why would there be a trackpad on a device where the entire OS is built on gestures? I do the same thing bridging my 9900 an doing presentation with the remote feature. Not once do I use the trackpad as it is too small and requires more swipes then just using the entire touch screen as a track pad.

Maybe you have an older device without the touch screen but I find that if I use the track pad, it takes more swipes and actually hurts my thumb for having to bend it the way I do.

My Opinion but a track pad on BB10 is completely useless

No, no, no! It needs to be a vertical slider-not horizontal! That's what I didn't like about my 9800. The balance felt off. I think vertical would function much better.

Horizontal, not vertical :P
But I do agree with you. I think I would have enjoyed typing on my 9800 more if it was rotated. That's how I always used the touchscreen keyboard too.

The problem with a horizontal slider is that you can't type on one of those with one hand like you can with a vertical slider, a normal qwerty bb or even the all-touch bb10 devices that they demoed so that is a downside to them, not to mention the obvious point that a virtual keyboard tends to be less usable in portrait mode than in landscape mode so on a horizontal slider you would have your two best keyboard options in the same orientation which would be a waste.

"The problem with a horizontal slider is that you can't type on one of those with one hand"

Sure I can!

What I can't do is type one-handed on a vertical because I need the second hand to hold the phone while I peck at those tiny keys.

You guys have officially hit rock bottom! Now, the only thing you Crackheads have to hang your hats on are mock-ups of "imaginary" BB phones?

Wow...I thought that perhaps I've been a bit too harsh on the state of the BB Nation. NO!! I've have not been tough enough on it! If this is what it's come to - It's REALLY over.

Yes, of course because iPhone and Android users don't keep thinking about what their newer phones will look like. CrackBerry just actually makes the mistake of trying to design them over and over.

I really wonder why people love to hate on the internet.

Why visit the crackberry blog if you dont like the crackberry community?

Fairly incredible that you come here and troll instead of sticking to your brand's web pages. There's not enough love in your life buddy. Go to church. You'll feel better about your sorry life.

dude... haven't you been following CrackBerry in the last 6 months? It's just another Dreamberry...

And one more thing: your hating... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!! Not enough Caps bro...

I agree that it is sad that these kinds of mock devices get so much attention here. But, there is no new product so what else is there?


My friend Google was kind enough to bring up this search for me in a mere 0.3 seconds! Sweet!
What you'll find sweeter next time you comment...especially in all CAPs would be that there are a lot more Apple-driven hobbyist than there are BlackBerry blog commentators knocking designs from their own community!

what a work ! congrats.
Now, I must say RIM needs something NEW with a slider.

Some thoughts :

- My first grief with such devices is the (weight) balance point.
- Screen proportions still weird, or is it me ?
- "flat keyboard" ? hum ... I like the "click" when I press a key

Based on this, I tried to do some mock-up, but it was lame (once is enough lol). Still, the idea was :

- Take an alpha like form factor.
- Implement a keyboard OVER the screen.
- When in place (default) you have a bold form factor screen
- When you slide, you have an alpha form factor screen.
- Slided, the keyboard is aligned with screen surface. (Oh ... can you make it 90° rotative for landscape use ?)

So the concept behind this is : normal usage is keyboard, but sometimes you want a bigger screen ... That'll be a serious device, what you think ?
I'd love that.

The clear downside is more potential points of mechanical failure, which is a bad thing and generally counter to the way Rim have been going in their designs e.g like how they have moved from trackwheel to trackball to trackpad.

And that explains my general aversion to sliders. There's just more moving parts, which means there's more to break or wear down...what if you drop it while it's open, etc. Plus, if the keyboard is one of BB's "killer apps," it seems kind of annoying to have to constantly open and close the slider to access it.

[I agree mostly, but I like to push things further :)]

Well, I believe the failure point #1 is connectivity. If the keyboard is "another device part" and do not use physical contacts/wires to communicate with the smartphone ...

For example :
You only retain physical connectivity for charging the (BT ?) keyboard, when over the screen (side band connectors ?). Then, you just have a basic cradle to set ... and could even imagine the keyboard being totally removed from the device, that allows any kind of use, including remote control for presentations; nice ?

This is what I meant by "something new" ...
Kill the slider; welcome the HYBRID ! :D

I kind of like that idea...similar to one the keyboard covers MS is showing off for its Surface tablets, except it would be detachable and the "hinge" would not only connect it to the main phone body, but also draw power from it...or it could be BT. Maybe that is the "best of both worlds"?

with all the nice-looking designs we have seen lately, RIM has to seriously consider crowdsourcing for design and marketing ideas. fan-base is obviously full of really good ones ;)
Rocking my two berries:
Torch 9810 OS and Playbook OS
Twitter: @mr_theend

Manufacture fewer phones to decrease overhead and production cost.
Full touch, and a keyboard touch should be sufficient.

Slider or not the thing that makes the BB keyboards so awesome is that the keys are raised. Don't go flat like Motorola droid or someone else.

Keep the BlackBerry goodness.

All I can say is OMG! This is absolutely beautiful! I'm drooling while I write this! I'm not in love with the keyboard though. I'm hoping it will maintain that certain touch I have come to love for so long!


HUrry up BB10!


Personally, I'm no fan of slider phones. I bought a 9800 when they first came out and gave it to my brother after about 3 months.

Absolutely love it!!

I've always enjoyed my 9810 which gives me the best of both worlds. Large screen and a REAL keyboard. As someone mentioned though, please make it a good tactile keyboard not a flat plain keyboard.

Couldn't agree more on ALL points!!
We have a 9800 and 9810 and they are BOTH great units.

BEST of BOTH worlds: FULL Touch-Screen PLUS FULL Keyboard.

"DONE RIGHT" (Aesthetic & Functional Design, Ergonomics AND Tech-Spec'd), THIS would be THE ONE - the ONLY - device 'needed' to give RIM the best & fastest "shot back."

Most of my friends have "Bolds" (99xx) and I can't stand its tiny screen: "why even bother with a "touch screen" on those ... ?"

The 9800 suffered from - I'll acknowledge - outdated (i.e. slow) hardware & insufficient RAM being overdriven by the O/S, and the tail-end of the "smaller is better" design trend of the mid 2000s.
Compared to the 9800, the 9810 works simply great "out of the box."

And, if they had re/update-designed the Torch at 1.5 - 2 inches taller & proportionately wider, with equally larger keyboard, and supported it with even just "decent" Marketing, it would actually have had a chance!

Still, I installed a Memory Optimizer early-on (WORKS AWESOME!) and also just days ago replaced my 9800's old "Class 4" SDHC with a "Class 10:" speed increase was Instant AND AMAZING!!!
Cheapest, Fastest way to improve 9800 performance!!

As for their weight, the units feel 100% SOLID + incredibly well built, not like the flimsy-feeling Curves and Bolds I'd fear will blow away in a strong wind.
Personally, I LOVE the 9800/10 weight, and if you hold it right (ie. NOT just at the bottom when 'open'), it is PERFECTLY balanced.

I "get" that not everyone likes or wants slider phones, but there is NO other way to get FULL-Screen PLUS Keyboard into "one" device.

PERSONALLY, "I" will ONLY buy a SLIDER, because I hate the small screen size on the "Keyboard" versions AND dislike the "touch-only" functionality.

Nothing wrong with either option for those who "WANT" 1 vs. other - ie. I'm not hating!!! - but "FOR ME" it MUST have BOTH: "FULL Size Touch-Screen AND Full Size Keyboard."

So, instead of "3" devices, why not just make "1" ... ?

there's a place in my pocket for that. Will give away my 9810 to have it. Need the real estate and the keys. Nothing better

They have to hire this guy as TOP designer right now.
His previous - white - device was also much better officially proposed.
Just look at his site, - he is definitely the Expert.

It is always easy to produce mock-ups that people like since you get to ignore all technical issues that companies making real products have to consider and even with that advantage most of his designs have been no better than the real ones.

That's a nice looking concept. A slider would solve the problem of aspect ratio. It would have to be implemented better than the 9800/9810 keyboards which are small and recessed. Quite uncomfortable for typing.

Sweet! It seems to have the shape of the 9900, hopefully it has the width as well. As much as I like my 9810, it is a tad too narrow and the keyboard size suffers because it. Unsure about the angular keyboard, but the trackpad is a huge plus.

Now wouldn't this design be a lot easier to maintain commonality between the 2 devices.. same screen size with the "addition" of a physical keyboard.

Heck you can even get the predictive word gestures on the virtual keyboard having the same size as the touchscreen keyboard version

I love my Torch and I would definitely put a phone like this at the top of my possible-next-phone list. Very elegant looking.

When your ass goes belly up.
Back to saner stuff; I think when RIMpatented the keyboard they intended to make them ribbed or with angular surfaces for a better feel without actually looking.
This device is great but flat is not so user friendly.

You would be free to keep it "closed" ALL the time and just use the touch-screen keyboard ... am I wrong?

The Torch 9800 is the only reason I considered BlackBerry in the first place.

I love the slider form factor and the multitude of input options (touch screen, keyboard, trackpad).

I understand that some people might not like it. I'm not a fan of the full slab or Bold/Curve style phones, but I never said RIM shouldn't make them.

If RIM doesn't offer a slider like this then I won't upgrade to BB10.

Yes. Currently the market failed, withdrawn, unsupported, you name it HP Pre 3 is sufficiently better than the 9810 that I use one as a home phone (bigger screen, higher resolution, slightly better keyboard, faster CPU and a less clunky form factor). A decent BB10 slider will enable me to replace the Pre 3. There may be only a few million of us who really, really want a decent screen size and a keyboard in a convenient form factor, because we (a) type a lot but also (b) read quite long emails a lot, but as currently in spec terms the Pre 3 is the best in the market followed by the 9810, that's a few million potential sales that RIM could roll up.

I absolutely love my slider and couldn't stand it for the two months that I had a touch screen only phone. I kept typing the wrong words and looked like I didn't know how to spell anything. With my Torch, I can type exactly what I mean to. This is why I eagerly await the beautiful BB10 Slider. (And yes, I drive an AWD vehicle, too! LOL)

LOVE IT .... I loved Jon Anastasiadis' qwerty concept phone and was hoping that RIM would go with that design, but NOW I can't decide which one I like best.... can I wait until a slider may be developed or do I go with the qwerty in 2013, decisions decisions... I can't wait, I hope the BB10's come out in January, and if a slider is developed after that, well there is always upgrades right.... Love my BB Curve and Playbook, can't think of another phone I would go to, especially since I've seen a few in action, not as impressive as they are made out to be.

I never liked sliders because of the added lag between actions but if BB10 is snappy enough and the device sexy enough... maybe it warrants a second look.

But unless RIMM is going for a 1-2-3 punch at rollout, I won't wait for it!

even on my admittedly slow 9800, I NEVER ONCE noticed any such "keyboard lag" ...

BUT, there WAS lag in writing camera pictures to the "card" so I just upgraded my Class 4 to a Class 10 & INSTANTLY solved the issue.

Even with my old, slow 9800, I - on the other hand - WILL wait for a BB10 SLIDER.


I didn't mind the necessarily recessed keyboard on the Torch, but it just wasn't wide enough. So go like the Torch, only wider, and taller, much taller, of course. I promise not to gripe about the thickness.

Let's not overlook the fact that the 9800/10 thickness ALSO gave it a much - MUCH! - better Camera with ZOOM and a Flash!! vs. its somewhat thinner, and newer, brothers.

"Thinner" isn't always better - in MANY ways ...

First things first, hardware wise the only thing I've hated about previous sliders (not just RIM's) is the thickness they add for the keyboard. I'd love something like my Gnex, with a slide-out keyboard, but not too much thicker. (I added an extended battery and its pretty much perfect. Stock battery/battery door was a little to thin and hard to hang on to).

That being said, even if the hardware was a 100% win for me, I'd still hold my breath to see what BB10 is like. I'm pretty happy on Android right now (and kinda have to be... Rogers 3yr contract), so once its done RIM will have had lots of time to figure out BB10, and possibly even be on to BB12 in that time.

Looks good, if it becomes a reality I'll read the reviews, and maybe even drool over it

yeah: INSTANT "Device ON" OR "Phone ON" functionality no matter what app you're in, WITHOUT having to screen-back & look for the right icon.

INSTANT "App-Close" OR "Device OFF" function WITHOUT having to screen-back & look for the right icon.

I don't see the "Fail" here.

I have to admit that this does look great. But practically, I'm not sold yet on the new lay out of the keyboard. Guess you'll need to get the feel of it to truly judge whether it's an improvement or not!

I definitely prefer a slider, loved my 9800 and 9810! Not sure the keys on this one would have the blackberry feel though, it might be all show and no go..

Looks too thin to be durable (for me anyways) I need a thicker phone I can actually keep hold of.

While Concept devices are fun, they are not close to logical. not a single on of them has been to this point. They are fun to mess around with in our minds but with all the parts that have to FIT into them, the sizes, thickness alone don't make sense. Sure the technology is getting closer but its not there yet. This slider phone, this thin, with that many moving parts would break unbelievably easy.

As for the Keyboard, lots of people seem to not like it, but RIM does have a patent for it, and if you really look closely, the letters are actually bigger and with a little practice would probably be a joy to type on

I love my Torch.

Make the microtrackpad a minitrackpad, make the screen the same size as the Dev Alpha and I'd definitely shell out the bucks for that phone.

+1 the dev alpha screen must be considered. I really won't like scrolling up and down all the time and if I'm not mistaken RIM said something about the 16:9 aspect and how they're commited to it.

I would love to see a BB vertical slider made. Reminds me of one of the best phones I have ever owned - the HTC Harrier vx6600.

THE PRE 3 AND THE TORCH slider are get hardware and software phones. Alot of people want a keyboard and a vertical slider is a very nice option!

Why is it that people on this website are designing such distinct, appealing products, while RIM keeps releasing phones that look like lazy industrial designs from yesteryear? I like this design a lot. While sliders have usually let me down, this phone would drive me back to BB as long as BB10 had the apps I needed. I'm one of the former users that is hanging onto hope for RIM by a thread. I've no complaints about Android but I still retain great affection for the BlackBerry brand. However, everyone has their limits and BB10 will be it for me if it doesn't live up to expectations.

Very sexy looking but I prefer physical keyboard model.
The slider keyboard tend to be narrower and less raised than its front-keyboard counterpart.


I've said it before and I'll give this man a job as I've loved all of his designs and the the touch concept is awesome and the qwerty looks fantastic too. These would all be models to be proud of and blow the market as everything is starting to get a little bit samey and there is definitely a gap there for something powerful yet quurky.

Ohhhh man ,i better start workin out to be cool . . . . . This device is waay too cool 4me!!!
C'mon bb10 !!!!!

Between the designers of these BB10 phones and the engineers of TAT, I think Blackberry should change its tag line to "Be a Dreamer". :)

I do not like this at all. I am really hoping rim does decide to make a slider but something more along the lines of the blade concept. I would buy a full touch or bold style bb10 over this any day. Now if the slider is done right It will definitely be my "daily driver". That being said I am hoping to buy the full touch and the bold style also. I will just pick which one I want for that day until rim unleashes their beast of a slider into the world.

It looks cool but im not sure about that keyboard. I would much rather see a bold keyboard. I love my 9800 but wish it was a bit wider for they keys with a little more button space. Until I get my hands on the new bb10 phones I think I will be holding out for a slider. I like the full screen and real keys and track pad. Boy I hope they keep the trackpad.

Either this is a great coincidence or you read my comment on your last design about the angular keyboard and trackpad. If it's the latter, I'm flattered. You basically read my mind on how i envisioned the trackpad/keyboard fusion would work out. This actually made my day.

If it's not too much to ask I would love to be credited in the post. This is not a demand, and I'm not taking claim to your design, but I just think it would be awesome if it said something like "inspired by shiftysdad's comment on John's previous full qwerty design." not only would this make me super happy, but I could see it inspiring others to give ideas on what they'd like to see... show them that you're actually taking our feedback into consideration.

Might I add that this is a really nice design? It looks like it would feel like the perfect skipping stone in your hand, the round edges would just feel so natural. I see a lot of people commenting on how the keyboard is flat and needs to be more 3D for better feel and accuracy. I agree, though I understand the limitations and compromises because of it being a slider. But I like how you put a rounded accent on the keys (there the "ribs" would normally be). This complements the rounded design and looks more ergonomic. I'm starting to think that if you used that matte rubber finish on the keys (similar to the back of the playbook) and had the keys hinge on the edge facing up and towards the centre this would give you a feel similar to what we see on the bold line while keeping the keys flat. I presume that dot in the centre top is the speaker, if so that's very unique and the detailed commitment to the rounded design is definitely felt there. Since I don't see them I imagine the mic and usb connector being at the bottom in the middle, similar to how the 9790 is configured, which seems to add to the symmetrical feel of the phone. Keep it up, your designs appear less like an interesting concept and more like a sought-after reality every day.

Of course I read your previous suggestion! I read all the comments. Thank you for bringing that keyboard design to my attention. It was the first thing I thought of when Kevin asked me to dream up a slider.

I believe RIM should keep it to just two versions of BB10 - one with a physical keyboard and one without. Keep it to two !!!

I agree it's not for me, but also realize that many people would think it's absurd that we're even talking about a physical keyboard, let alone whether it's a qwerty-bar or slider form-factor. So why should slider fans be left out?

Well, for starters, beyond the G1 and original Droid, sliders for Android aren't remotely as popular as all-touch models. So, while there is a market for sliders, it just might not be a very profitable one, especially since sliders could be costlier to manufacturer given the additional parts and the mechanical movement.

Another issue is that sliders appeal to "indecisive" users who can't decide whether screen real estate or a physical keyboard is more important. I realize that's a false dichotomy, but with technology, there always are trade-offs. Slider fans might think they're getting the "best of both worlds," but sliders aren't the best at anything. They're not the best all-touch phone because they're thicker, heavier, etc. And they're not the best qwerty-bar phone because the keyboard typically is more cramped, the phone can feel top-heavy, etc.

Most importantly, sliders essentially require a distinct UI/user experience since designers have to consider that every operation can be done with the slider either open or closed. The UI would need be optimized for that form-factor to avoid lag or awkward transitions when going from closed to open and vice-versa. But right now, a third UI/form-factor would be a distraction to RIM, which first needs to focus on its two primary form-factors. If it nails the experience on those, then maybe RIM should work on a slider.

i actually liked the smaller footprint of this mock up. I personally do not like the Droid sized phones that are common now. I don't need the larger size because of my Playbook. I would require the trackpad, love navigating pages without my fat fingers getting in the way.

This seems like a Great concept, but I think it would be too top heavy with how BIG the screeen is. It would be annoying to type because you would be trying to get a grip on the phone while typing. Slider phones aren't very durable either because they are multiple piece phones. A unibody phone is the only way I think a keyboard would fit on a BIGGER screen than what the Torch has. But I think RIM needs to come out with 3 different types of BB10 phones in order to satisfy all the users they have now and draw in other people. Maybe they have something we don't know about, I'm just waiting to see what they come up with..

Kevin, great article. Nevertheless, you're making my future purchasing decision more difficult. Should I go with all touchscreen or wait for the slider? Decisions, decisions.....

Please stop it with the eye candy!

Hey Kevin, I have recently submitted a concept in an email for a BB10 device to (BlackBerry Phoenix HD). I would love to know what you and the rest of the BlackBerry community think about the design. I know that your team receives tons of emails and I'd be happy to send it again if necessary. Thanks!

Where do I swipe my credit card! WOW!! If this is any indication of what's up Blackberry's sleeve Apple and Android better think twice before discounting the berry!!!

Try typing ghost with that design. The keys in the middle are way too close together and would make typing really hard.And after all, that's the No. 1 reason I have a Blackberry... to be able to type.

Nice! But no cigar. It needs the Bold 9900 Keyboard,....and through in a .com button. Also, the real estate for the screen needs to compete with the SGS III and HTC 1X. So RIM, a 4" screen won't cut it,..we're talking 4.5 and up.


Where can I pre-order THIS phone TODAY?

Seriously, I love my Torch 9810... BEST of both worlds...

Now I want THIS phone. NOW!

there are many comments here...
from the picture, i strongly agree with the is not matter for me, i used to reading news everyday, open email and HD screen makes me comfortable.
turning to keyboard design, please re-design it because too weird for me..
hope the battery capacity is more than 3000 mAH and this phone will become the reliable phone in this world..


The design is too basic/standard and not innovative enough. It wouldn't capture many consumer attentions.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Very nice Concept! but I wonder the flat keyboard is easy enough to type with?

But, overall. Great design.... !
We still don't know what's the real surprise for us.
Hurry up with your BB10...
Long Live RIM! Don't make us disappointed :D

It´s like ever before... blaaa blaaa blaaa... One announcement chasing the other... there will be... and... be patient ... and... nothing happens!!

Marketing wise it´s one of the biggest mistakes you can make cause expectations are rising too high and when the device is finally out... YES... reality does not match the expectations.

Since 2 Years RIM is talking, and announcing and showing betas etc. ... STOP talking - Start making!!!

I think you fail to see the totality of the ecosystem RIM has been creating over the past two years. Yes, they have screwed up, but building a revolutionary new platform doesn't happen overnight. They've made past mistakes of releasing products that were not ready. Under new leadership and management those mistakes will not be repeated.
By the way, this thread is supposed to be about a concept design, not a product announcement. Did you actually read the blog? These artists put a lot of work into their creations. Even if you don't like it, they deserve their props.

Yes if the keyboard would swing like the 9900 this would be a very attractive design for myself and I bet for many others as well.

I love my Torch - I will be very disappointed if they don't do a slider. I'm holding out as long as I can before I upgrade.

not another torch slider...... anyone remember the windows htc phone sidesliders? why cant RIM do something like that so that you can use the whole screen. That is a new look on Blackberry's

I truly, sincerely hope the BB10 phones look as refined and sensuous as the concepts Jon Anastasiadis and others have presented. I fear that if the BB10 full touch's appearance is similar to the Dev Alpha then RIM will have a very hard time competing against the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy devices.

I love the Torch form factor. I desperately want a Torch model in BB10.

I also want the touchpad to survive the transition. Nothing beats it for fine text manipulation. (Just for the record, I've tried 4 different companies touch screen text, including BB)

IMHO the Torch family has been pretty much a fail. Time for RIM to give a horizontal slider a try. With their on-screen keyboard tech I think they have the keyboard for vertical touch only use already licked, but for banging out serious emails it would be hard to beat a "full" size horizontal keyboard.

Nice! This looks like the 9810 form-factor concept graduated to the BlackBerry 10 OS, which is exactly what I'm hoping to find.

I am a little concerned about the tactile usability of such a flat-looking keyboard, but I'm also very interested to see something like this find its way out...

I certainly hope there is a slider with the trackpad and, if there is room below the screen for the trackpad, why not other hard buttons that can be personalized to launch favourite apps? Why NOT have a BBM button? Why not a weather or calendar or phone button.

Having to use both hands just to make a phone call seems so.... inefficient.

GAT DAMN!!!!!!! That is beautiful! RIM has one more chance to come out with beautiful phones . . . . . after 11 years of being loyal if BB10 misses the mark it may be tike to just leave. Beautiful design, bravooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I love the slider concept, I can't get use to the idea of using the soft keyboard. However, I currently have the Torch Slider and it screwed up after only 18 months of use. Now I had to tape the slider to keep it from opening. The sliders reliability scares me. I would love to have one though. It looks super COOOL!!

I'm really hoping they move forward with this - it's very slick, and I do like the slider. I have a 9800 and I absolutely love it; I'm due for an upgrade but I'm debating whether to wait for this, or just get the 9810 now. decisions decisions

The Torch was a small keyboard totally horrible experience, this seems look like it has a wide keyboard like the Bold 9900, so I would buy this in a flash or should I say a Slider $$

it looks just like the Torch without the silver boarder :(
keyboard's too small, screens too small
wish they just put it in landscape

rabbitupnorth My Torch is part of me. I absolutely love it. Though I could adapt to other designs, this is the one I love the best. It combines the virtues of a larger screen with a physical keyboard. If the slider design is not in fact in the works, I will face the conundrum: touchscreen or keyboard. I hope it doesn't come to that.

rabbitupnorth My Torch is part of me. I absolutely love it. Though I could adapt to other designs, this is the one I love the best. It combines the virtues of a larger screen with a physical keyboard. If the slider design is not in fact in the works, I will face the conundrum: touchscreen or keyboard. I hope it doesn't come to that.

I prefer the look of the blade!!!! being an owner of the torch i too would love another slider but after looking at this design and the blade i think the blade is a "hotter" looking phone. If there was no choice then i think i would have to suffer and go with the full touch screen but would greatly prefer the blade!!!!

Yes yes yes! I greatly agree. I love my Torch and prefer the slider. And very much prefer the look of the Blade! Nice touch / concept with the slight curve. But will take either one this one in the article or the Blade, as long as it's a slider.

I don't think they will let us down, it just might be a wait for a slider.

I'd greatly love a BB10 phone, and like you if I must I'd go for the Z10.

But honestly, if I can wait out the summer in the hopes to find out they will release a slider I may. My contract is up with AT & T in April. So in theory in I could get a Z10 then but, I'd be kicking myself if they then were to release a slider say end of year 2013 or early 2014 while I'm still contracted.

Oh well...let's hope for some news soon on a slider at least - maybe dreams do come true!

I was going to run out and buy a Z10, because it was on the new platform, but I just can't part with my Torch. For me, and the way I use is the perfect phone and I use it far more than my iPhone when texting, emailing, surfing and listening to music. It does it all...and easily. So until RIM brings out a slider, i'll keep my faithful and very durable Torch thank you very much!

The optical trackball is a must have.. I hope a model like this hits the market with the optical trackpad.. And also it should be as wide as the bold 9900....Also I think, if they are somehow able to accomodate the same keyboard which is there on bold 9900 into this.. It would be EPIC!!!

I hope BB has learned not to sit back and let all the other big players jump ahead. That being said, I hope they also don't start emphasizing the need for too many re-dos a la Apple and Samsung. Aim for quality, and people will stay or even return to a great product.

Tried a Z10, but after my Torch slider it just didn't feel right
However, a Z10 slider - whatever the name - would be a must have dream

What's the bet....BBRY's all new 5'' screen is....a touch slider....I would upgrade my Z10 for that puppy...!!

Make it as slim as possible ow and another tip? Dont make a lot of phones model because it's not about the quantity its about the quality. ;) Max to 4 models and keep upgrading them. That's it.

BB10 Sucks. Blackberry Playbook as lost its ability to Text and use BBM since the Z10 hit the UK market in Feb. Playbook still suffers from no apps at all. No skype No Viber. No Whatsapp. Although the playbook is more than powerful enough to run all 3 at the same time. The makers of Whatsapp Viber and Skype will not make it for this device because they say there is no call for it.. So leaves the PB totally dead. The Font is still SMALL and there is no way of increasing it. The UK is the last to get firmware updates they drag out the release till a new update in other countries is available before we get the old one. Will things in the UK get any better ( Z10 User ) RIM as nothing to do with BB10 for the record.

@ Darren go suck on a lemon! Anyway this Blackberry 10 slider looks doable! The main concern with a slider is reliability, so Unless they find a way to make the slider mechanism reliable they won't do it. But i must say this version looks good. Just wondering if it would be a good idea to have dual functionality so that the slider can work as a Z10, or a Q10 or both (get my point).

Portrait Slider = TeeTs on a Male Hog
Landscape Slider = Makes Perfect Sense

What's next, a car with the steering wheel and pedals facing the trunk?

So much time wasted on repeating the same mistakes.

Ever think people might wanna surf the web and type at the same time? You know,,... LIKE ON A FORUM???

I agree with many of the comments already given. On my website, kidbots dot com/WEBADD, I gave a "wish list " for a new Blackberry, the BB Beta. ( kidbots dotcom/WEBADD/BLACKBERRY_9300_REVIEW/BB_9300_REVIEW.html ) Still needed: multiple SIM slots. My prototype Beta had 9, but there is room on any BB for 12 or 15, under the HUGE battery which should cover the entire back.... In Canada, I have to carry 3 major Canadian cells, Rogers GSM, Bell CDMA, and Telus, since, if you actually go anywhere, there is always only ONE of the 3 towers near you... Then, since the powerful United States cell towers grab your cell phone ( ex. in BC travelling on the Ferry to and from Vancouver Island from Vancouver city, and along the entire QEW highway from Toronto to Niagara Falls ) so the fastest, easiest way to make a call From Canada, to Canada, in Canada, is to just pick up a U.S. cell phone, and make the call. Canadian rates for International Prime Time are so stupid that is it cheaper to just get a U.S. carrier cell phone,and make the call! Also, my favourite cell phone of all the Blackberries, is the 8700 -old, --people even stare!-- which is THICK, big, with big keys. The stupidity of the "Motorola Razor" type of super thin phones is clearly evident everywhere I go- stand in a lineup at a huge multi-theater some time, and look at all the people talking on cell phones - note all the cracked, useless displays! I have two or three technical friends who have full time spare time jobs replacing cracked screens on dozens of thin-phones! ( 2 or 3 a day, every day, in their spare time!)... what a joke. AND, top that off with teeny batteries, short subsequent hours lifetime, and wretched antennas that are too small... cell, Bluetooth, and wireless, etc. -- all bad! ...and they do not "FIT" your hand. The 8700 was ( and I still use a couple) the best "fitting" size I have, - it just "holds" in your hand correctly. My 8820 Blackberries run a close second, with well shaped buttons that help prevent errors, and the size is still "BIG" enough to feel solid and "fit" your hand properly. As soon as you get the "COOL" THIN stuff you get the awkward, fix-the-broken-screen regularly, tiny battery, poor antennas, wretched keys that you cannot tell if you even pressed them, etc. The Slider concept looks really great, if the screen, as others have stated, is really full sized, and the keyboard is, as other people have commented a REAL Blackberry keyboard - not the super thin "new and improved" high-tech-LOOKING" crap that every cell phone manufacturer now tries to pawn off, in the name of "THIN"... yuk. I still have not found a single DEMO Q10 - here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Q10's are now in most carrier outlets, BUT, ONLY FOR SALE. The Z10's have DEMOS in all the stores, but not so with the Q10, so I am still waiting to try one out. It will be, since it has a keyboard, the phone of choice at the moment... One comment below stated mockingly that we BB'ers have nothing else to talk about besides "mock up" cells. .... Multiple SIMS, on ALL frequencies, is NOT idle chat. Whenever I see "WORLD PHONE" advertised, I laugh, since there is no such thing- you can't even get a cell phone that works in Canada, with only 3 major carriers! ( plus WIND in the cities) ! !, I have over 72 Cell Phones, and I still can't keep up- World Phone ?? you must be kidding - people who think they have a "WORLD" phone obviously do not go anywhere!... National Geographic sold a "world Phone" that had multiple SIMS, but even it was severely limited in a "WORLD" sense.... Someday... maybe....

I love my Torch 8010 slider format. The touch keyboard is OK. I use the hard keys as a secondary input. Shortcuts are readily accessible with these keys, along with multiple email deletions. I will wait impatiently.