How's this for a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard?!!

How's this for a BlackBerry 10 Phone w/ Physical Keyboard?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jun 2012 02:13 pm EDT

As we clarified again this week, we know the first BlackBerry 10 phone will be a full touchscreen design with touchscreen keyboard, while the second BlackBerry 10 phone will feature a physical keyboard. Reading through the comments and watching the discussion in the CrackBerry forums, I know *a lot of you* are waiting and dreaming for that second phone - a BlackBerry that combines the amazing keyboard of the Bold 9900 with the QNX platform power of BlackBerry 10.

So to tease and torture and get all of us thinking what that second BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard might look like, our friend John Anastasiadis worked up the beautiful concept design you see above. John notes:

Above is my vision for the next full keyboard BB10 phone. In white just for you, Kevin!

I designed around the 9900 keyboard and kept to the most likely scenario regarding height, width and depth of the device. BlackBerry's have traditionally been organic with soft edges but I believe the new BB10 devices will be more angular with crisp surface transitions. This will allow RIM to break from the past and reinvent the brand with a new aesthetic. Think P'9981 crossed with 9900.

You will notice that the front and side profiles are slightly tapered toward the bottom. This allows the keyboard area to be a comfortable gripping size while maximizing screen size. Also, the black rubberized sides help the user hold and grip the device securely. The reflection of the side view on the back of the device shows how thin it really is.

It's important to note that this concept is an attempt to capture what the next phone will most likely be. A realistic approach in the sense that it could be introduced today.

Thanks for doing this one up in white John... so hawt!! One of the things I think we can definitely expect from a physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 phone is a taller display than we have see on models like the Bold 9900. With BlackBerry 10 you lose the need for the row between the display and keyboard which has the trackpad and menu / back / call buttons, so losing this should open up more room for a taller display (you'll still need to save some empty space for gestures as John did here).

Be sure to click on the image above for a larger version, then drool, then sound off in the comments with your reactions!

Reader comments

How's this for a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard?!!



I like this design. As long as blackberry add the capability to create a brand new document from scracth in the Microsoft word appilcation. And make live video talk Standard when you call someone,but still a option. Make sure it's is a touch screen like the 9900. Also blackberry you guys need adobe flash player standard on the phone, hotspot, elite browsing system, and keep the laser track ball. Thank you

Yeah this is awesome design no doubt,but I do believe that BB10 need a bigger screen considering it's UI (look the video on previous post). And the dimension shall not exceed the 9900 due to mobility issue (considering pocket size) and hand grip.

9930 addict

The design is nice, but NO NO NO... From a developer point of view and overall user consistency, screen ratio is ALL WRONG!

We need to keep the HD format 16:9 or similar ratio. Playbook and Dev Alpha device ratios are pretty much same. The whole front needs to be a SCREEN!

I hope RIM gets it already... It is all about SCREENS!!!

The keyboard version should be a SLIDER like the torch, or feature a flip cover or "ejectable" keyboard. Please NO MORE of these old tiny screen designs.

My VOTE for a TORCH-style BB10 device!!!

Let me agree to this, in case RIM really is listening [they seem to be, nowadays!]

A side slider is the real way to get the best of both worlds.

After the stellar sales performance of the 9800/9810 (NOT!), have you stopped to consider that this might be the reason that RIM is releasing devices (more or less) by popularity? Even being a fan of this phone, even in white, I completely understand the reasoning. I guess you could always opt for a Samsung glide (before those become obsolete as well).

reminds me of the dearly departed Sony Ericsson P1i with UIQ... too bad its now pushin up the 'ol daisies

Nice. If BB10 is going to incorporate the same swipe gestures as the PB OS aren't you going to need more of a boarder around the screen like the playbook?

I'm with Kevin, white FTW!

EDIT: I've got an upgrade now :) question is will I be able to hold out after the full touch devices drop until the keyboard options do?

You don't really need much space for gestures. It's really the one pixel border around the display that's being used to execute gestures (I think that's right... kinda can't remember). Mainly just need the space to make sure it's comfortable to use the gestures intentionallly and not accidentally.

Except for the gesture at the bottom bezel that closes open folders. I like that one a lot. Guessing we'll lose it on a smaller device though.

they need to get something, anything on to the market. instead they are flooding brown countries with curves.

seriously some people. whats the big deal, they ARE brown countries. not white, not black, not yellow, not olive. BROWN. unrepentant racist moron. As someone said, what's the point of associating the color?

You would do well to remember that the people in these countries are the ones RIM is gratefully clinging on to for dear life.

lol, awesome description. I think a design like would help break the BlackBerry's stereotype of being a "stodgy businessman's phone" without blatantly pandering to a youthful demographic.

While this is a great concept, isn't it a fact that the screen resolution needs to match that of the PB / BB10 OS, which we'll see on the first slate phone. Therefore, can a design like this ever actually come to market? Or is there a way they could fix this?

I addressed this in my editorial on Why It Makes More Sense for the first Blackberry 10P Phone to be a full touchscreen.

You're right. The different aspect ratio makes a problem for apps. For apps that don't scale dynamically (games), they could run black bars on the display to hold the app aspect ratio. Or they'll just need to introduce fragmentation and developers will need to do up a different version of the app. Not ideal, but if BB commits to just two main designs (a full touch and keyboard version) it's not *that* bad to support. It is one of the reasons why you'll see this phone come after the full touch one. They'll need the extra time to get the apps done up for it.

That makes sense, thank you.
If I get on well with the virtual keyboard I can see myself going for the full touch right after it's released. Not sure I can wait for a keyboard version!

It would be interesting to toy with keeping a 16:9 aspect ratio by pushing the boundaries of how wide a QWERTY-bar phone could be. The Galaxy Note pushed the limits of how tall a phone could be and has been successful. The Bold 9000 and 9900 are relatively wide--how much wider could we go before it's awkward?

It also would be interesting to see a phone with a non-sliding physical keyboard that's intended to be held in landscape. The challenge with the Galaxy Note and any other touch-slab phone held in landscape is that while that mode is great for things like games and video, the fact that the keyboard consumes the screen makes exclusive use of that mode virtually impossible.

I'd love to see John mock up designs like this even if just to gauge reaction or to challenge our preconceptions about the dimensions a phone "must" be.

This is the kind of thinking that spawns success. The BB10 phys qwerty should be massive. As massive as it can be made. Don't worry about these pocket phone people, let them get an iphone, they will anyway sooner or later. Trendyness inhibits innovation. Blow this market out of the water and make a gigantic comfortable device. I've purchased half a dozen non bb touch phones over the last 2 years. All of them didn't make it past 2 weeks before I was back at my phys qwerty bb. We phys qwerts need a huge device. Make a plug in screen or something that you snap on top of the existing screen that amplifies, magnifies or whatever-ifies the image underneath it..... Think! And don't stop untill you hit the sweet spot

Exactly! The problem is that too many manufacturers feel they need to "respond" to what Apple does. You're not going to out-Apple Apple. Android tablet manufacturers have learned this the hard way and some are leaving the market.

Apple does well on the things it focuses on. But what about the things it doesn't focus on? There are use cases or markets that Apple is not addressing and has no plans to ever address. Those are opportunities. Trendiness is ephemeral: as Motorola, Nokia and now RIM have proven, you can be on top one day and at the bottom the next.

RIM, like other manufacturers, lost sight of who it was and who its customers are. Why would someone buy a BlackBerry over a competitor's phone? Play up those strengths and do them better than anyone else.

I totally agree to this post. Apple is Apple and Android is Android. Rim has their own identity and thats the physical qwerty keyboard.

Thats what was succesful for them.

Rim should only concentrate on 2 devices for bb10.

I dont know why Rim has so many devices in the first place. No point.

Perhaps if the keypad was made into some sort of flip/overlay - that way the screen size would be the same as the non-keyboard version, - and when keyboard in place - it only overlays what would otherwise be a on-screen keyboard....
but then again... flip's are so ...weird..... don't think i would want one...

I would like it to be a bit more rounded in the edges. Makes it more comfortable to hold. Other than that's a sleek looking phone!

+1. i didnt like the porsche design and i hope they are not going to hand that shape down to the newer phones. the bold 9900 is nice, just make the screen a wee bit bigger, at bb10, and a better battery and im off to the store.

With all these amazing designs i expect nothing less than to be impressed by RIM when it launches. I've seen a standard set and expect nothing less.

This one looks awesome and i love the lack of the 4 buttons above the letters.

I don't mind it being ever longer to get an even bigger screen

Hideous, bloody dreadful, shameful. That's how it is for a BB 10 with a keyboard. Let's hope RIM has a bit more taste and heck, a sense of descency/

Take a hint from what you want RIM to have. Having "decency" doesn't include bashing someone's well spent hours creating a design for a BlackBerry smartphone.

Just because I expect a company to have decent judging skills when it comes to their biggest business decisions of the year that can literally make or break them doesn't mean I have to throw in compliments for a hideous looking design I do not like. It's not my problem if they spent hours working on that, and I'm certainly free to like, dislike or "bash" whatever the hell I want on the internet, just as you are free to twist my words in a pathetic protective comment as if whoever did that design is your 5 year old son. Whom for his own sake I hope never comes to exist.

needs a trackpad. a phone with a keyboard that relies on touch input to navigate/edit through text entry is always a huge pain in the ass. plus you will have hoards of trackpad users having to adjust and constantly reaching for the trackpad. maybe its just me, but i personally cant stand when 9900 apps use touch input soley and ignore the trackpad. thats one of the bonuses of having a bb imo, and even though i would never own an all touch screen BB, i really appreciate that they keep the trackpad on those devices.

I agree 100%. I can deal with touch call/end/menu buttons vs physical ones...but I think they definitely need a trackpad. That being said, I LOVE the look of this Bold DreamBerry.

Agreed, I need the Trackpad for single hand navigation and fine navigation, touchscreen suck! even my iPad3 touchscreen being large and having a very fine resolution still is hard to pinpoint items in an excel spreadsheet, my Curve 8330 did a better job!

RIM I truly hope doesn't do away with the trackpad, I actually really dislike software call/end buttons, but they are tolerated.

Agreed. Since I've bought an iPhone 4S I've missed the trackpad of my 9900 so much. Another bonus of the trackpad was it gave us a cursor for web browsing, which allowed us to trigger "on hover" events on websites. Losing the trackpad I think is a huge mistake when it comes to current BlackBerry fans.

Good point. I didn't even notice that it didn't have one until you pointed it out. Definitely needs a trackpad.

Yes, this definitely needs a trackpad. How am I supposed to accurately click on small links on full webpages? It's a huge pain to keep tapping on a link, finding you're pressing others around it. Also, having a cursor on my screen completes my browsing experience. I can hover over icons to activate dropdown menus and copy/paste text far more accurately. Such a findamental tool which I don't like my iPod touch's browser for.


Needs the trackpad. While I agree with getting rid of the call-end/call-send/back/blackberry keys, there is nothing that can beat selecting text on a device like a trackpad.

Editing text on a iPhone, Android, WP7, etc is absolutely painful and time consuming, especially if the text box area doesn't expand like on a webpage or something. They have to somehow keep the trackpad but get rid of the other keys.

I both agree and disagree with you. Personally, I love the trackpad.....but could tolerate something different as long as it was some sort of mechanism to move around the cursor to click on small links, select text, etc. I wonder if something similar to the touch cursor movement of the bridge remote is an option?

That is really nice, but I'm thinking the BB10 with physical keyboard will be the Torch slider form factor, thinking cuz everybody wanting a bigger screen why not go BIG, n it must have the Bold 9900 keyboard. Picture Torch style with 9900 keyboard would be the perfect BB10 i think. But we'll all have to wait n see.

Blackberry FTW!!!!! BB10!!!!!

Agree. Torch too small, 9900 screen too small, go big all around, big and thin, slide out keyboard ya!

I surely hope not, I despise slider phones.... I doubt they'd go that route though, there's a reason the Bold form factor is their flagship

oh im sorry. its a picture. of course im going to criticize the look. its not a real device. should i comment on the os and specs? no cause it is NOT REAL.

Rather than point to such minor details such as the bloody spacebar as it is "NOT" a real device as you clearly mention, why don't you provide a comment that reflects the yes or no to the design concept.

Nobody said you couldn't have an opinion or share that opinion, it is just about how you delivered it. Plus, your comment about the space bar wasn't an opinion on whether or not you like the overall device.

My point was that the artist that rendered the mockup spent some time and effort doing it so a little more compassion could have been used...that's all.

The more I think about it the more likely it seems to me that the first Blackberry 10 device with a physical keyboard will be a slider. It solves the difficult and awkward screen size/aspect ratio problem that a candy bar style phone would create. Would keep it simple, elegant and most of all quicker to deliver to market. I love my 9900 but I'm sure RIM can come up with a sleek and sexy looking slider design. The design mock up that was posted a while back looked amazing.

Not a fan. I prefer the physical call buttons and trackpad - no need to waste screen space with those.

I also prefer the Torch's slide out keyboard as it doesn't get covered in pocket lint and other dust.

Keeping the Torch 9800 form factor would allow RIM to maintain the same screen size and aspect ratio as the full touch BB10 device, making it easier for developers to work across multiple phones.

Good point ts. I agree. But the torch keyboard is too small and the touchscreen keyboard ducks. If they could do a 9900 sized slide out, then I'd take it. I do like the track pad and physical call buttons etc. But I could live without those as long as I have a kickass qwerty physical keyboard as gold as or better than the 9900 and qnx etc then I'm good!

"I prefer the physical call buttons and trackpad - no need to waste screen space with those."

If you prefer these buttons that means you want them there. If they are there then screen space is being wasted for them to be present. I do not think you are making sense.


!! first time I have a negative thing to say. It has to be a slider to keep the huge touchscreen for web and media. The slider is the key. best of both worlds. Good effort, nice ppics, but make it a slider.....pleeeze.......

It's going to almost HAVE to be a slider. The biggest problem with Android and current BB line is too many screen sizes. It makes it a huge PITA to develop for and really hurts overall user experience because the same applies doesn't look the same on 2 different devices.

I do like the design though. It's super clean looking.

Agreed!!!!! Drop a slider. Make it the same size as the all touch but put this keypad on a slider. It will rule the world!!!!

Love it. Love my 9900 but it's still a buggy phone, alot of problems still never resolved. Live my playbook but still needs a little work. I am hoping the blackberry 10 phones will revive rim and keep me a loyal customers (going on 6 years).. But I LOVE the qwerty classic bb keyboards. So I too will probably hold on to my 9900 until a phone like this comes out. I have my playbook for big screen, and both really always with me. The phone above looks like a winner. I just hope it comes out fast enough after the touchscreen keyboard for me to not get antsy and end up with both lol..

It looks way too plain for a BB10 phone. I'm not as excited seeing this as the TK Victory.

Hopefully RIM's real hardware will surprise us with a nice sleek design

Wow! Great concept... Pls Pls RIM shouldn't leave out a front camera PLEASE... We gotta skype & maybe BBM face-to-face!!

Being in the prepaid division, I really hope some of these awesome phones eventually trinkle down to us.

Since we are a Sprint MVNO, We'll only be looking forward to Sprint left overs but...
I'd love to get my hands on something with BB 10 eventually...

*~*Boost Mobile Store Manager*~*

@ Kevin,

If they go with screen at 3.5 inch, and the resolution of the playbook 1024x600, would it not be simple for the apps to size on the bb10 bold? The size at 3.5 inches is half the playbook.

Also, the screen for the bb10 bold has to be bigger than 3.2 inches. This will bring the torch 9800/9810 owners to upgrade. The next bb10 bold if done properly, premium device will bring people back. Also all the people that are hanging on to the old curves, bolds will upgrade

What Thor should do is take the bull shiit headlines we have seen the last couple of days "bb 10, no physical keyboards" and use it when they launch bb10. After showing the" first" bb10 all touch, he should say " wait there is more". Reaches in pocket and says " here is the second, with keyboard". And launch simultaneously both phones.

It looks good but I still prefer this amazing design:

Although I must say I love the trackpad on my 9900. Its amazing and there is literally no substitute for it. Its about 1000x more accurate than using finger gestures on a touch screen. That being said as much as I love my 9900 whenever I use my friends android with a big screen I get super jealous and find myself looking at models online..

Please come out with an amazing bb with a qwerty real soon rimm so I don't get too tempted to ditch to android!

The screen needs to be larger especially for all of the different gestures RIM is planning. The white is nice but they should keep the stainless steel brushed siding that the 9900 has.

It looks nice, although I'm concerned about the aspect ratio. I don't think they can do 16:10 and not have it be ridiculously top heavy. I think a slider is the only thing that'll work.

A slider with a large screen also could be top-heavy when the keyboard is out unless the keyboard is fairly large or heavy enough to compensate the screen size.

I'm historically not a huge fan of sliders because there's more moving parts, they typically are bulkier, and the workflow of constantly slide the keyboard in and out can be annoying. But, I could be convinced otherwise if the right design came along.

What I want to see: same screen-size like the full-touchscreen (BB10), physical keyboard like Bold9900, Trackpad... And I dont want to see wasted space between screen and frame of the device like iPhone 4s... It should be more like Samsung Galaxy sIII... Slider (blade-style) should be the solution... And BLACK is the hetero-noble-pro color with brushed steel... (Please- PLEASE: no Tin-design like Torch9810)

WOW, Kevin this looks truly Damn sexy..... Blackberry10 eagerly waitng .... RIM u can surely bounce with BB10 if u bring such type of Design with BB10,,,

I'm loving the old school shape (7100). If you don't like it cool, but don't complain about all phones just being slabs then.

Looks slick as hell. Reminds me of the keyboard/rest of the phone ratio of the BB 7100t... It looks awesome

What about this idea...

A full screen bb with slide out side keyboard like the droid 4 or htc g2.. Would that just be awesome?!! Or what (although its too much like copying the androids but still itd be worth it)

i still like the one posted by Turkxtreme. the TK Victory. maybe a little thin on the theoretical side but i really like the design aesthetics. simple, elegant, classy and formal all at the same time

I would really MISS the trackpad. For browsing the internet it is far more easy to find the link using the trackpad, than using the touchscreen and perhaps zooming the screen first.
Have the torch 9800 myself, and still using both the touchscreen as the trackpad. I was hoping for an OS10 device with keyboard. But it must be perfect HW wise for me to buy it.

This thing is awesome. I don't see the head phone jack. Hopefully it would be on top and not the side, on the top it easily fits in my shirt pocket.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Sony Ericsson is the first thing that comes to mind. Not a huge fan of the placement of the camera in the middle. However, I am not one that could design something like that on a computer. Excellent drawing.

Edit: My ideal sized BB is my 9930. Considering the new iPhone is reported to be longer, it is now totally out of my wanting. if in fact the new BB with keyboard is going to have a longer screen, I would hope that the phone is not longer. I am not a fan of the size of droids, and due to research from Apple (considering theyre enlarging iphone) a lot of people are. If they keep making phones larger, no components will shrink in size, which means we'll always have larger, heavier, and less pocket-friendly devices. Just like non-repairable Macs are forcing a turn for the worse, larger screens and longer devices will eventually have the same effect -- less for more.

AWESOME!! I would not be surprised if RIM offered John A. a job on their design team with the concept he's created.. I would love this phone NOW!!

They did last year but I never started because the company enacted a hiring freeze and laid off I now get my kicks here at Crackberry!

Hmmmm... interesting design concept, I like the subtly tapered front and side profiles, but while it would have its fans, it would not work for me, I'd rather have something similar to the Blade concept from Pixelcarve which was posted here at CrackBerry back in March, the main reasons being the slider keyboard and the trackpad/menu/call buttons, the former because touch keyboards are not that good for guys like me with average to large hands/fingers, the latter because I prefer to use my BB with my left hand while my right hand is free to do something else.

I have the feeling that RIM will knock the ball out of the park with BB 10, I can't wait to read the reactions of RIM's current detractors in the press/media.

Just amazing, send me one now, also do you know if we are going to have to face camaras, for things like video chat?

Oh c'mon now, only one user: theonecid mentions the TK Victory? (thank you btw) Seriously, like seriously. It was this April, not last! This concept just doesn't have that "WOW" factor and it doesn't stretch the concept too far away from the dullness of the existing BlackBerry mobiles. The dreamberry looks like a nice attempt to over throw the TK Victory reign, lol. I love my TK Victory design!

I totally agree with you! Your design I would buy without blinking. This one is, eh pretty cool I guess. I did mention your design twice I thought!

Yours is leagues above this one to be honest

Hey homeboy, I'm not competing with anyone. This concept is meant to appear realistic and believable with current technology. I could shoot your TK concept down in seconds because it has some serious flaws both in terms of feasibility and usability....but I won't :-)

Is this right, Design77 = John A?
I included the "lol" for the purpose of light banter, not serious! However, the TK Victory is indeed designed for real world, certainly not tomorrow's real world, but year end for the most part. The design itself is not constraint so much to feasibility as it is a concept however it is following design rules! In terms of usability...if you are referring to the smaller lip below the keyboard giving less balance to a typing experience, you would be wrong! I did all the reconnaissance prior to making all decisions. I did like your all touch design for the most part! :)

I like most concepts that play off the Bold 9000/9900 design. The key points that need to be brought over to the next iteration of the Bold series with BB10 is the solid tried, tested and true; physical keyboard, a trackpad (or some other method that mimics a trackpad because no other platform has an easier or faster way of selecting and copying/pasting/selecting text) and it needs a taller screen.

You can do this RIM!!!

I like your concept as well as it gets closer to designs that not only aim for a taller portrait screen, but a wider one as well. It'd be cool to see you toy with some even wider designs an attempt to achieve an "HD" aspect ratio. The Galaxy Note is about 3.25" wide and is wide could we go?

Omfg!!!! Awwwwwwww!!!! O0000000ooooooo!!! WOW!!

Yes! F@*' YES!!!!! Were do I sign?

Launch this at the same time as the all touch and we have a  comeback for sure!!!!  10 FTW!

That is some awesome design there. Hopefully RIM are looking at these design concepts that keep appearing on here as that is a phone I need to own and looks ready to go design wise.

My 9930 will be my smartphone with a physical keyboard. The 9930's keyboard is OK but having a physical keyboard just takes away too much screen area. Web browsing on the 9930 is nearly impossible with the small screen size.

I find it hilarious that people complain about the browsing experience on a Bold, yet it has been the best mobile browser I have used to date. If you have terrible vision, get a PlayBook to pair it with...or get a ginormous Android phone like the Galaxy Note.

Come on Blackberry. Please make a nice phone. I want to switch so badly it's not real. I just don't like iphone and android is such a pain with their fragmentation. I had two blackberries and then switched to galaxy note. It's not a bad phone - fast as hell compared to the blackberry but constantly have problems with the antenna and software. Half year waiting for ICS that is always coming next month. So what is the difference between my blackberry and my note. I would say that speed has been a big difference. If only at least RIM used to put top notch hardware in their phones I would have never switched. I can't belive how long it used to take just to restart my BB.
After all though I do miss my BB and want to get a new one. Come the end of the year I could make myself a nice Christmas present if only their phone is half good as they promise to be.

Please RIM don't disappoint me.

Sorry but, this phone looks like it's from 2 years ago. I mean good rendering and stuff, but if they came out with this design people would think Blackberry is just doing the same old things that aren't working, it just doesn't look advanced or "new" at all, it's just like putting a fancy-er shell on a 9900.

haha. Couldn't stop laughing at this comment. How about the Porsche 911? If something is good it'll sell.

If their first touchscreen BB sets the stage and proves that the OS is solid so many people will line up for BB with physical keyboard it'll be unreal.

You're joking, right? Go take a look at the Droid, the iPhone, and the Galaxy S lines (to name just three). You're an idiot if you think manufacturers don't do that kind of stuff all the time.

While I appreciate how much time and effort it must have taken to create this, it does not seem practical with the new operating system. The screen size really needs to be the same as the touch only version to make a developers happy. To keep those of us who prefer an actual keyboard happy, the keys should be a little larger than the ones on the Torch. I also don't know anyone who enjoys receiving "butt dialed" phone calls, which tends to happen frequently when the keys are exposed. The only way to solve all of this is to build the phone in a similar fashion to the Torch (with stated improvements). That is the phone I would buy. Otherwise, I will just stay with what I currently have. There is no real reason for me to change phones anyway. (I will be eligible, but I can wait for the right model, if it ever comes.)

Yeah that's a cool design, but....

I've got 3 cases and a charging stand for my 9900... I'd be quite happy to have a BB10 phone with the exact same form factor as the current 9900. New designs are all very well, but I'm not a fan of change for change's sake...esp. not if it keeps costing me money.

The virtual keyboard on the first BlackBerry 10 super phone will make you NOT want to wait for one with a keyboard.

Get with it. By the way, the concept phone pictured above is complete garbage. A high school/college kid must have designed it.

If a phone that helps me get things done better, faster, without the distractions is the past, I'll stick with the past. This design is cool, but cool isnt classic. Blackberry already has a classic form, why mess with it.

not crazy that the phone's head looks so much bigger than the body.

am i the only one that thinks the bb curves have better keyboards than the bb bolds?

I like the design but I do question the ability to squeeze BB10 onto a non 16x9 screen. While I don't personally care to see a slider, I would like to see something new. Recall what rim was able to do with the Storm and Storm 2. While it wasn't a mass accepted product, the tech was innovative. I'd like to see a RIM innovated product when it comes to their keyboards BB10 device.

Now this is going to make me wait till next year to see what rim will actually do! Check out that keyboard it's like the 9900 qwerty on steroids!

Industrial designers need to get over the trend of characterizing physical buttons as "evil". When combined with hardware advances, innovative software could help push the limits of what we think physical buttons can do. Imagine a physical keyboard with translucent keys and LED technology underneath. The keyboard could be illuminated in ways that allow the keys to be any color while displaying any character--not just one letter... The BlackBerry Empathy concept employs this approach albeit as more of a mood-lighting effect.

Not bad but I like the previous one from TK Victory. It looks more like what I want to have for a physical keyboard. Thickness of the phone is not very important. Long lasting battery is more important to me. Its the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery, the battery. Having a phone that goes throughout the day without worry makes me happy. I want a 3300 mAH battery vice a thin phone. Thin phones don't feel like a great device if they can't even handle 8 hours or more and with medium or heavy work load. These high end phones don't come cheap and if I'm putting up 500 dollars or more for a phone I wan't my Blackberry to last.

So can anyone tell me how the swipe motions on the virtual keyboard will work on a physical one? Isn't that spiffy new predictive swiping get feature that learns your writing style and predicts your word selection one of the big new features of BB10? How can that work on this phone?

I haven't seen enough of the bb10 to make a justified assessment on navigation and usability especially without a trackpad but if they do intend to leave one out as assumed by the lack of one on the full alpha touch device and playbook they better get it right. The trackpad can be very accurate and precise and can potewntially alienate the users who depend on bb . There's more to it then just a keyboard. On the 9800 I still found the trackpad an important part of the device at least on os6 os7 software.

I'm not to keen on software related buttons especially for calling but like many before it can be tolerated I just having a feeling that the keyboards are going to be less intuitive (playing catch up). I don't really know. Its a shame that on launch of bb10 that a keyboard bb will not be there and that's probably where my cynisism comes from

If RIM decided to sell BB without a keypad, I (and my friends and family) prefer the iPhone.
RIM should seriously think about this.

This concept is ok, but my favourite one is the Blackberry TK Victory, which should be the first Blackberry 10 supersmartphone with hardware keyboard! The Blade is ok too, but nothing can compare the TK Victory!
Oh, I also hate Blackberry in white!
Let's rock n roll this and God bless RIM!

The BB keyboard still keeps me (and my co-workers) returning to BB. The physical and keyboard texture still can not be reproduced by on a screen.

In terms of dimension - I held a Galaxy Note the other day. The unit felt good. I still like to have the ear piece/speaker nearest my ear - with the mouth piece/mic at my mouth.

The Note is the best I've seen/felt thus far - since the days of the portable "call boxes" that were used in the early mobile days.

It appears the new BB10 units will be slightly shorter. Hopefully not too much shorter - leaving room for both the keyboard and an adequate screen size - while giving the feel that one is speaking into a mouth piece, with the ear piece at ear level.

Look forward to the new product.

Good joob on the mock up. But if it DID look like this, I wouldn't want it. Like the back, but the front look like a throw back to the old BlackBerry's with the scroll wheel.

Someone put John on RIM's design team with THIS phone. The phone is straight up SICK!! Keep it in the realistic price range and it WILL be my next phone ... Even in white!

Please send this picture to the CEO of RIM. They need to understand that most people that buys a blackberry wants it with a keyboard.

If I like a phone without a keyboard I can use my iPhone 4S.

The first blackberry 10 needs to be this phone not a screen only phone.

* I have downloaded the original picture in my images because I like it a lot.

Slick looking,however missing the feel of the trackpad,hard buttons with logo-it's like a BB signature.....

Nice work Johnny!

I love the tapered sides, it looks very welcoming to the hands. The overall design is minimalist and slick, which seems to be the style these days. I am a little curious about the aspect ratio of the screen and what this means if it's different from full touch/playbook ratios.

I hate to sound like a self-entitled prick that thinks you can expend your designing skills and time on my requests so I hope i word this in a way that doesn't imply that. I would be intrigued to see you incorporate that "angular keyboard" bb has a patent for into your next design. (except the call/end buttons of course) i think it'd be a cool keyboard design that you could work the entire phone around.

Link to what I'm talking about:

It'd also be interesting to see if you could fit in that oh-so beloved trackpad into the device. Of course, I can't see it fitting in properly if you want the bigger screen. (I see this same problem with the aspect ratio deal)

Hope to see you working on more designs! (and of course working in that job with RIM you almost had.)

Same old keyboard design from bold 9000 in 2008??? It has to be something new. Not because the current one doesn't work perfect but because it has to show the general public this is a totally new blackberry.

It would be cool to have a blackberry symbol that lights up on the back like a macbook apple. Make it silver when the light isn't on like the outside of the 9900 trackpad.

While I'm excited about a BB10 phone with a keyboard, I think this looks too much like some of the cheap "feature" phones on Sprint and stuff. I know it'll be leaps and bounds better, but the look puts me off.

Beautiful design but I agree with the folks that realize how important the trackpad is.

I really wish the users could help build a BB 10 phone. We have some of the most insightful ideas. I love the TK VICTORY although it looked funny without the call, menu, trackpad buttons, but I'm sure I'd get used to it. It was also too thin in my opinion. Basically I would like to see a 99xx but 21mm taller and 5mm wider, slim down the call-menu-track pad buttons down 3mm to provide not only a larger screen but a more powerful processor and an exceptional battery life, oh and let's not forget the auto focus camera. Since I'm at it why not have a second led light, a second convenience key and a second speaker. That completes my BB 10 dream phone.

Great. job on keeping everyone excitement alive!

We should do a poll on who wants a full touch screen vs a physical keyboard, I think more people are looking forward to a physical keyboard.

Hey guys, it was nice to have a BB but now I got an iPhone and really enjoy it more than I did when I had a limited featured smartphone like my BB. If anyone is interested in buying my BB torch 9850. Let me know. I'm in NYC.

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The design is pretty sweet, but I don't think most of us in aruba would go for a phone like that, I know I would that's for sure

Whatever the design, I think them coming out with a touch only phone first, is a major mistake. They need something to separate them from their competition. To come out with a touch phone, all they are going to get are comparisons between the phone, and iPhones, and Androids. While coming out with a physical keyboard phone, they are going to get comparisons to older Blackberry phones! Their hard core business users want to see this phone!

The bold is already a winner, now give us aps to make it a and all that crap, then on top of that, give it the power to run smother and more juice!

From all the speculations and concepts posted lately BB TK2 Victory was the most progressive one. I can judge it by the storm of questions about this "future BB" From my users and their denial of fact that this is somebody's conceptual vision and not the official RIM's design. This one looks nice, 2 thumbs up for the creativity and effort put in design. I will make sure to get feedback from 130 BB abusers in our organization.

A very nice looking phone. My only criticism would be that the squared corner edges would soon lose their paint via abrasion in pockets and purses.

apart from that, it's a winner even though it's photoshopped.

I agree in 100% with rkevwill! Keyboard is what makes BlackBerry unique communication tool for people Who need to communicate for living, single hand speedy typers and don't forget about our beautiful women with long nails for whom keyboard is the only option after old fashion touch screens were removed from the books by the new generation of the capacitive screens.

i have to say it looks sweet, but how about making something like the torch, but with the bold 9900 keyboard. This way you could have the best of both worlds, big touch screen and a physical keyboard for all us who love the a qwerty. would be nice to see a mock up of that.

Looks good, but why can't it be the same shape and style like the full screen BB10 but just that one have keyboard and one do not, so both phones can use the same accessories like case, holster charge and more.

I feel that this is good, but as someone said, looks a bit dated in my very humble opinion.

I've said it once, and will say it again, while designs like this or the TK Victory (which is more modern looking, non-slider), the only design that will impress users who are not already blackberry fans is the Blackberry Blade! It is the most beautiful phone I've ever seen and has universal appeal.

Phone's like this are great if you like the tried and true blackberry design aesthetic with a few tweaks, but the majority of consumers have spoken with their wallets and said they don't want it. For Blackberry to stay alive, they need to grow, and growth requires new customers.

Blackberry Blade is a phone that says "RIM finally innovates again in phone design", "RIM seems to finally Get It", "RIM finally leaves 2009 and not merely joins, but actually surpasses the rest of the mobile phone industry".

I agree the blade concept is probably the best way for RIM to have a keyboard phone to market quicker without fragmenting straight out the gates whilst appeasing those who prefer a hardware keyboard (which is a lot of bb users) whilst moving forward to touch screen technology.

as much as I am a fan of the 9780/9900 form factors, I think the torch slider form factor would be the way to go on launch and its just a shame that only a touch screen device will be available on launch of bb10. I still think its a cop out and a mistake for RIM to not have a device like this.

it's a cop out already with developers designing for a touch only device (through alpha dev device)

Looks really nice.. but seriously the keyboard phone needs to be on a slide so that there will be huge commonality to the full touchscreen version. RIM needs to minimize the models for this higher end phone and that mean same size screens...

Would get this in a heartbeat!
The design is very cool. I like the more squared edges and like the taper. I think that would be needed or else the keyboard part is too wide. If you have the whole thing the size of the keyboard area then the screen is too small.

Looks GREAT but forget the girly WHITE. I would never buy a white phone. This is a cool look but please make it the traditional BLACK please first and then the white can come out for the girls that want Blackberry's lol !!!!!

I like the idea and some parts of the design but really this looks like the Nokia Asha 303.
Its a copy of that phone and this phone isnt really successful on the market as far as I know.
I would rather love to see a new design and a bigger screen.

Nice work and beautiful phone! I can't criticize since I didn't step up and render a design myself, but I think keeping the full touch aspect ratio would give us the best of both worlds and make it easy as possible for developers to concentrate on one design of their apps. Just make it big enough to slide a Bold 9900 keyboard out of it. Keep up the good work torturing us. Lol.

WOW! That looks great! Keep it up! You stay in the stone age while full touch and voice control takes over! Apple has Siri, Samsung has S-Voice, Windows has Audible, RIM has two cups on a string...

Yah, it's so awesome when you have to rely on your phone to make your decisions for you. Hey, they are making cars that practically drive themselves, and everything around you is fully automatic, I mean, god forbid one day something goes wrong you'd be left standing there not knowing what to do when everything around you stops doing everything automatically for you. LOL. No thanks, I'd rather have a physical keyboard because I type just as fast as someone with a touchscreen with autocorrect (actually most of the time faster) and I don't have mistakes or wrong words that autocorrect gets wrong. But I know you guys will rather change your vocabulary to match what your phone has decided for you than just type things out yourself and get it right the first time.

Honestly, I don't care for these voice things. Would you really be in a public place talking to your phone like you think you're on an episode of Star Trek? Personally I think that is tacky as hell. I'll wait until there is actual full AI, something like Jarvis in Iron Man, then I'll be willing to talk to it. But as far as talking to some automated thing, that's like talking to your ATM, or when you call customer service and instead of pressing buttons to select things, they want you to say it. I HATE those more than anything else... There are situations where yelling out commands to your phone is just not really appropriate. So it'll be funny for people who rely on that, they won't even know how to manually launch an app or do anything without having the phone automatically do it for them... I wonder if one day they're forced to use a landline, would they be standing there staring at the phone wondering where the voice command button is?? LOL, that would be freakin' hilarious.

It's pretty cool, but personally I'd still rather have the physical pick-up, hang-up, menu, and back keys and the track pad. My 9900 has a touchscreen but I end up using the track pad a lot more because it's simply more useful and quicker in my opinion in a lot of things.

THIS IS PERFECT!!! Even the color!!!! I would buy this in a heartbeat!!! I mean it depends howbig the icons are on the screen but aside from that, its perfect

Have to disagree on the color. I think this is too much buying into the "white electronic devices are cooler" thing that Apple kind of started up again. I know they're not the first, but they pretty much sparked the craze again. And I don't want to have anything that mimicks anything from that turd company, well, except for the mass appeal to keep RIM afloat... But I'd much rather have like a gray, charcoal, or like a platinum kind of color than white or black...

It looks nice. But I think every BlackBerry device needs to have the other physical buttons which make these devices traditionally "BlackBerry" - the menu button, escape and trackpad. I don't see why the send and end button should be eliminated either. Sure I guess you can just toss these buttons out the window in order to conform to the look and feel of all smartphones out there. But if people wanted a smartphone like every other one out there, they wouldn't buy a BlackBerry.

I agree,
Atleast I buy BB beacuse of it's traditional solid keypad.
if I want touch delight I would get the best one.

Yah, I kind of hate that their first BB10 phone will be all-touch like every other phone out there. Why would you want to blend in with the rest of the sheep?? There's a reason I like Blackberry, and that's because of its awsome physical buttons and their PUSH network so all my incoming emails are instant without my phone needing to actually check for emails through the data network... I like picking up and hanging up calls confidently without having to stare at my phone afterward to make sure the touch registered like I see every one of my friends with a touchscreen phone doing because every once in a while you try to swipe to answer or you press the hangup button on the screen and it wouldn't register the touch and it wouldn't do it right the first time... No need to worry about that with the real buttons, I know when it's pressed because I can feel it click. And there's no way to accidentally press the buttons when I don't want to either...

BlackBerry needs two or three devices to compete on current market

1. should be with a huge HD screen like Samsung Galaxy s III

2. one with keyboard, they can stay with the Bold type, no need for Tour or Curve
but they need a new design, the one posted here resembles pretty much the current Bold

or they can make only one "everything" device with sliding keyboard

IF they make a phone like BB Slate that would be a hit for it combines two main demanded features -- BIG SCREEN and a Keyboard

also, they need to offer great tech specs like High Resolution HD screen, fast CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16/32 GB internal memory, great sound chip, back and front cameras, etc

i like this new Galaxy S III for the specs but it looks like a toy, BlackBerry is made like a gadget and doesn't look cheap and if they can make a loaded device they will for sure regain the market

A slider with huge screen and Bold keyboard, I want both!

To have a large screen on bold form factor, it would be too long. I don't care about the thickness, but if it's too long, it would be hard to balance.

And it has to be scratch proof build material!

just one thing. 9900 keyboard is just excellent, i can not believe it is real! so, just keep the keyboard like it and people won't care about the rest.

I'd be okay with a wider version of my 9930 that would have a 3.5" screen. This concept is neat, but not really what I'm looking for in a new phone

I have to strongly agree with a lot of people here: i loved that "Blade" concept so much. Give me that puppy with as close to 9900 size keyboard and I'm buying now. ;)

I don't know why people are saying they want a bigger phone. I honestly think maybe a Centimeter bigger than the 9900 may be the biggest size I'd want. I mean, I bought a playbook for something bigger - I don't need my phone to be a similar size. I'm worried RIM isn't doing things the right way (ie releasing a touch screen phone first) and more and more people will go to iphone or android. Why get a Blackberry touchscreen when android and iphone have perfected touchscreen devices? Makes no sense to me and clearly a lot of other loyal Blackberry customers that aren't trying to justify every dumb decision RIM makes.

The pointed corners may appeal to some people's sense of style, but they make the device uncomfortable to hold and to store in a pocket. For me, rounded edges are important.

Also, a Blackberry without a track pad *and* the menu and back keys is a show-stopper. If I need to go through several extra steps to do the simplest tasks, I'll just get a Droid or an iPhone instead.

Make a buttonless slab Blackberry for the "me-too" trendy crowd, but give those of us who value productivity a device with all of the functionality of the Bold.

I am going out on a limb here and guessing that you do not own a Playbook. They are flawless in using the gestures.

My question is can the swipe up concept be implemented into a physical keyboard somehow. For instance, perhaps holding the key would insert the word... It would be a shame, I think, to simply layer older technology on top of the newer concept without trying to integrate the two.

I like the desing and my grilfriend say if that's one of the news blackbbery then I want that one instead of the iphone5. She's using an iphone4s.

I like the design, it reminds me of the Porsche Design Bold 9900 with the more angular edges. Although, I prefer a full touch screen with a slide-out keyboard like the Torch 9810 form factor. Whatever happened to the BlackBerry Blade design that came out a while ago, or was that just a rumour? I loved that design so much, I would definitely get it if it came out.